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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Last Chance To Save Our Constitution!

by Alan Bates, MD

It took two centuries for our Founders to finalize our Constitution and Bill of Rights,  the chief objective of which was to limit government involvement in our lives while allowing We the People to fulfill our dreams made possible by natural freedoms endowed upon us by our Divine Creator.    Every point of the Constitution was the subject of great debate until there was near unanimous majority for  the final form which found a happy medium away from the extremes of anarchy and tyranny.   This was accomplished by creation of three branches of government to ensure that no single branch could go unchecked and destroy our precious freedoms.   Over the past two hundred years America has been the beacon of freedom and free enterprise and thereby the majority of inventions ranging from homes to automobiles to electricity to appliances to airplanes and ultimately spacecraft with the ability to place a man on the moon---and the list goes on ad infinitum.  

But now we have a problem:  a treasonous president elected by fools and who is an enemy of our Constitution and the concept of a government subservient to the People ( link 1 below—‘What if’ by Judge Andrew Napolitano).  Barack Obama  and his many socialist, Marxist and communist friends do not believe in government “of the people, by the people and for the people” but rather an all-powerful government which can control every facet of our lives---tyranny.  He talks and dresses to impress the the less educated and particularly immigrants who have no background in American history and how our founding documents set a path for American exceptionalism during the past two hundred plus years.  (for more insight I recommend the book The 5000 Year Leap by Skousen).  His pathological narcissistic personality combined with his schooling in Marxism and communism has led to his sharp focus on weakening a free America until it collapses in ruin.  Why?  That gives him and his minions the maximum opportunity take total control of our lives.  How?  By dividing the People along racial, ethnic and financial lines to create strife so that We the People take our eye off the beacon of Freedom.  Want proof?  Here are four short examples amongst many:

Obama started with Obamacare which is not about affordable health care at all,  but rather about government control of our lives.  Once the government controls healthcare it can control every facet of your life,  such as where and when you can travel, and even whether or not you can live or die.  Obamacare implements a flow chart of hundreds of  bureaucracies which place the patient and physician in the lower right and left hand corners with HHS in the middle of that chart.   The end result is a collapse of the best healthcare system in the world---the comparison stats are there for all to see.

Obama took advantage of his power to violate our constitutional rights and the rule of law by confiscation of ownership rights of bondholders of the auto industry, giving the assets to the Unions who supported him---a shot in the heart of free enterprise. 

Obama and Biden have committed treason against America by purposefully divulging top-secret national security information for their own personal and political gain,  thus resulting in the loss of lives amongst our military and erosion of our nation’s security.  The examples are too numerous to list here.

Obama used hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars without approval of the Congress to accomplish his personal agenda to fund training and weaponizing ‘rebels’ in many of the Islamic countries of the Middle East and Africa,  many of whom are Al-Qaeda (our enemies); and now we see the consequences of his policies as the entire region falls into chaos  and Americans are murdered without intervention by the Obama administration.  The goal?  To place Obama’s  Islamic friends---The Muslim Brotherhood---in charge of Islamic nations no matter the cost to America in dollars and blood.   Did the Congress authorize this?  An emphatic no!  There is no debate at this point that Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist Muslim as so well described by Nonie Darwish in her recent commentary which appeared in The American Thinker (2).  Ms. Darwish grew up in Egypt and lived in  the Middle East for 30 years before coming to America and converting from Islam to Christianity.  She explains that Obama,  as a Muslim,  would not dare issue an order which might result in the deaths of  Muslim attackers (of our CIA personnel) because according to Islamic doctrine,  one Muslim cannot kill another unless it is to defend the name of  Allah.    And then there is ‘Taqiyya’---meaning Muslims may lie to others if it helps them to achieve their long term goal of the global caliphate (of Islam) worldwide.   This is how Islamists have infiltrated the continent of Europe and now more forceful push to instill Sharia law in many of those nations.   Islam idolizes Allah and socialists are atheists;  a  combination of the two is the most dangerous threat to America and the religions of Christianity and Judaism.  Obama is that combination according to Ms. Darwish.   Need more evidence?  He allows members of the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House regularly as finding ways to empower them around the world.   This is what Obama has in store for America---believe it!  

If you want freedom guaranteed by the Constitution and a republic in which the rule of law prevails to protect those freedoms,  it is time to dethrone, indict and try the America-hater in the White House and his unconstitutional Czars and accomplices in high crimes against America.  This election finds America’s very tenets on the ropes.  Should we fail to preserve what many have fought and died for during the past 200 years,  We the People will be  enslaved by an all-powerful tyrannical totalitarian regime.    Is this what we want for ourselves and our children?  



Copyright 11/04/2012 by Gulf1

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