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Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Homeland Security - Security For Whom?"
By Ron Ewart, President of the
National Association of Rural Landowners
and creator of the
Devoted to the noble goal of getting Americans to think LIKE Americans and acting FOR America.
© Copyright Sunday, March 24, 2013 - All Rights Reserved
EDITOR'S NOTE: Re-posted with direct permission of Ron EWART.

NOTE: We will be devoting this and future columns to why government has become the enemy of the people, by highlighting government agencies, their history and their actions, with the goal of getting more Americans to take on their government by uniting as Americans for America.

The U. S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) came into being shortly after the attack of September 11, 2001 on the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC, under the Homeland Security Act of 2002.  (  The new DHS combined 22 agencies under one presidential cabinet level bureaucracy.  You can find what agencies became part of DHS at this link:  The department's stated mission is to protect the "homeland" from terrorist attacks, except in the process DHS, with the help of their private partner and radical left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, have labeled American patriots, conservatives and returning vets as domestic terrorists. 
About the same time, the Congress and President Bush passed the Patriot Act in a knee-jerk reaction to the 9/11 attack without regard to constitutional violations.  What next ..... drone surveillance or assassination of American citizens in America, warrantless arrests under the NDAA, National ID cards, RFID identity chips implanted under the skin, or just outright confiscation (stealing) of our bank deposits, IRA's and 401K's, Cyprus style?  Sure, these are stretches, but what or who will stop government if they decide to do it?
Unfortunately, when you give a government agency power without a lot of oversight, they exercise that power way beyond the limits of their charter, because that is the nature of government.  All cabinet level departments have done this over the last several decades, only under Obama it has increased.  Even state and local bureaucracies take on this arrogant, "we-are-the-masters" posture.  They think they own us.  They have become little tin Gods who yell at us,"... obey the law or else!"  Some brave Americans resist, but today over half the American people think government does own us and they don't care because they are getting "free stuff".  How easily they have surrendered their freedom.
In any event, we were very curious as to why DHS purchased about 1,600,000,000 rounds of ammunition (much of it the deadly hollow-points) and 7,000 fully automatic assault rifles?  DHS is not part of the military so why would they be stockpiling such huge quantities of ammunition and weapons, enough ammunition to pump five bullets into each American, man, woman and child?  As we mentioned in a previous column, on January 31, 2013 we filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with DHS asking them to produce documents for three specific questions.  We also requested a fee waiver under the provisions of 5 USC S 552 4(A)(iii).  You can view our FOIA request in PDF format HERE.  We requested documents regarding:
1.    Who (name and title) at DHS approved the purchases of ammunition and assault rifles?
2.    What agencies were designated to receive the ammunition and rifles?
3.    Where did the money come from to make the purchases and who in the Congress authorized the purchases?
Sounds simple enough doesn't it?  It is anything but simple when it comes to government.  We received a long letter from DHS a couple of weeks later telling us the fee waiver was approved and we could expect the documents in about 30 working days.  Then, just the other day we received another letter from DHS saying that they had funneled our FOIA request out to eight (8) different agencies under DHS and on the same day we received letters from two of those agencies denying our fee waiver.  We were incensed by this side-step maneuver by DHS and fired off a certified letter to Secretary Janet Napolitano indicating our displeasure with their decision and a few other well-chosen words.  We sent a copy of the letter to U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder at the U. S. Department of Justice as well.  
Our letter fully explains how we felt about their attempts to divert attention away from DHS for the purchases.  Readers are welcome to share it, if they deem it appropriate.  In fact, we encourage them to share it.  Our readers might even consider sharing their thoughts with Madame Secretary Napolitano.  
Our letter to Napolitano expresses our view as well as the views of millions of other freedom-loving Americans about how we are arrogantly treated by government, at all levels.  Unfortunately, government will continue to be arrogant and abusive if we don't challenge them, en masse.  They have the "guns" and the "bullets" that they just bought with our money.  Nevertheless, we're challenging them at our own risk, as we know that they are monitoring our website daily!  Will you challenge them?  Or, are you going to just watch from the shadows and let others take the risks and fight the fight and hope you don't get noticed?  There is a name for that.
The following letter is just one way we are challenging them peacefully.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Freedom Of Information Act”
March 18, 2013
Secretary Janet Napolitano
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Washington, D.C. 20528

cc:      Eric Neuschaefer, FOIA Program Specialist, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Washington, D.C. 20528
          Attorney General Eric Holder, U. S. Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC 20530-0001

                                                                        Re:       Ammunition and AR-15 Acquisitions, et al
                                                                                    FOIA Request Number 2013 HQFO-00426

Dear Madame Secretary Napolitano:

We filed a formal written Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) under 5 USC S 552, by first-class letter dated January 30, 2013, to the agency over which you have jurisdiction, the U. S. Department of Homeland Security, (DHS) regarding the acquisition by DHS of over 1 billions rounds of ammunition (much of it hollow-point ammunition) and at least 7,000 fully automatic AR-15 assault rifles.  On February 19, 2013 we received a long first-class letter from one Eric Neuschaefer, DHS FOIA Program Specialist, indicating how he, Mr. Neuschaefer, would handle our request.  We responded with a first-class letter dated February 20, 2013, narrowing our request to a few specific documents at his suggestion.

To our absolute amazement, surprise and disgust, we received a first-class letter from Mr. Neuschaefer dated March 4, 2013 that he had funneled our request out to eight (8) different agencies that fall under the jurisdiction of DHS.  On the same day we received two responses from DHS agencies.

Secretary Napolitano, our request was significantly specific.  We wanted to know:

1.               Who (that is a real live person with a name and title) approved the said purchases at DHS?
2.               What federal agencies were designated to receive the ammunition and assault rifles?
3.               Where did the money come from to make the purchases?

Three (3) documents should pretty well answer our request, not a thousand documents from eight (8) different agencies, subject to FOIA fees.

The whole country knows that DHS signed the purchase orders for the ammunition and assault rifles.  The purchase order for the ammunition and assault rifles originated in the offices of DHS not eight (8) different agencies under DHS.  Therefore, DHS knows (the person) who approved the purchase.  They know where the ammunition and assault rifles are supposed to be distributed and they know where the money came from to make the purchases.

To funnel our FOIA request off to eight (8) different agencies is a blatant attempt to obfuscate DHS’s complicity in the purchase.  It is also an attempt to make our request much more complicated than it has to be.  It’s the old “document blitz” model used by way-too-many attorneys to run their opponent out of money.  The decision by Mr. Neuschaefer to funnel our request out to eight (8) different agencies will also cost the government more money to respond to our request, when DHS is quite capable of responding with little time and little expense. 

We requested a waiver of fees under 5 USC 552 4(A)(iii), which was conditionally granted in Mr. Neuschaefer’s February 20, 2013 response to our original request, as long as it was less than 100 documents.  In the now three responses from the eight (8) agencies, (we’ve only received two so far) they are denying our fee waiver.  Consequently this action by DHS also forces us to pay FOIA fees to eight (8) different agencies, when it is absolutely clear that DHS is wholly responsible for the purchases and it is absolutely clear that our fee waiver request is 100% valid under 5 USC 552 4(A)(iii).

Mr. Neuschaefer’s decision to funnel our FOIA request out to eight (8) different agencies is an all-too-frequently used government attempt to “snow” the so-called ignorant population.  For all we know, you personally, directed Mr. Neuschaefer to make that decision to re-direct responsibility away from DHS and cover up an overt act by DHS.  For all we know, you approved those purchases.  This is what government does when it doesn’t want its negligent, or criminal acts known to the public, you know, like Benghazi and Fast and Furious.  It is these kinds of actions by government that is why millions of Americans don’t trust it anymore.

DHS has had ample opportunity, under the time requirements of federal law, to answer our FOIA request, but has failed to do so.  If we have not received a response to our very simple FOIA request from DHS by April 1, 2013, we will consult with a national legal firm on our options to obtain the information we have requested that, by federal law, DHS is obligated to provide.  Or, we will file our own case in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Washington.  Either way, it will just cost the government a great deal more money than if they had just responded appropriately to our request. 

The government demands that the people obey the law, or suffer the consequences.  We are demanding that the government obey the law ….. or suffer the legal consequences.  The buck stops with you Madame Secretary.

You might be saying to yourself right now, how dare this ignoramus challenge our authority and our processes.  Well Madame Secretary this is still America.  It isn’t communist Russia, Mao’s China, or Hitler’s Germany.  Americans still have rights under the law and the government is obligated, under the U. S. Constitution, to protect and defend those rights, that is if they are true to their oath.  Otherwise, government is just an abusive, arrogant tyrant.


cc:  copies of this letter have been sent to major newspapers, radio, TV and cable news networks and other interested parties. .

We are under no illusions that we could even get an answer to our FOIA request from DHS since they won't even tell the Congress what they are doing.  (See  But we can't just sit back and do nothing.

If you care about the survival of a free America, please join with us at the "Parallax Prophecies Institute" to bring the citizens of this great country back to being united Americans who fearlessly turn on their enemies when threatened, foreign or domestic, instead of being divided, weak, spineless Americans who are locked in the yoke of enslavement, pulling the royal cart of government.  Join with us as free Americans peacefully, against a government that has become the enemy of the people.  Remember!  If you fear government, they win and you are but a slave.

Next week the Parallax Prophecies column will take up the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), another in-your-face enemy of the people and freedom.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sitting on a Fence

By Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC, Retired

Just about everyone sees the need to fix our government, as it is not in our control at all at the present. We have a vast assemblage of problems, accumulated over decades of government ruling government, with no concern for “The People, and what our intents are.  The problem seems to be a vast gulf between those ready to do something about our problem, and those who believe we can fix things without heavy handed action.

Colonel Pappas speaks of the story of “how to cook a frog”, Dr. Wallace provides a sound, studious look at economics, Dr. Bates shows us the clear, unquestionably deliberate acts by which this criminal president has assumed rule as dictator, with no response from the central government, not even responsive to any demands of citizens.

I am castigated regularly for being “too brazen” or “over the top”, but I have my own place in this conversation, one which has bearing on how we choose what to do.  I began my career as a mechanic at less than a year old, it is my nature.  By the time I was about twelve, I found it routine for other mechanics to come to me when diagnosis was necessary, I realized eventually, one technician in five has the capability of “troubleshooting”.

The primary reason we have activists, ready for change, and we have the cautious, hoping they believe and are right, we can change our ways and fix things, and those who see the merits of both positions but don’t know which side to turn to is because most people are not accustomed to finding out why something broke, and only a small portion of society knows how to do so.

I stand on the notion we have reached the point we have to confront our unresponsive servants directly; demand they fall in line, before we replace them with “servants” not self-styled “leaders”.  I see society as little different than a radial engine, with thousands of parts all which must fit and work together for the engine to run right, to its full capacity.  I’m not just the mechanic who can take it apart, measure everything, order the parts and rebuild it, but my skills are troubleshooting, analysis, making the big choice; tune and adjust, or tear down and rebuild.  Our government problem is not one of adjustment, but everything out of line and failing. The government doesn’t even look like its picture today.

No one wants to go to war except they expect to gain something of substantial value out of doing so.  Those who understand the nature of evil and man’s proclivities, more easily accept war is a necessity at some point.  Those accustomed to fixing everything with committees always find the idea of “stopping the whole thing, and tearing down the main engine” horrendously fearful, and will argue against as long as there is no absolute, unassailable proof it must be done.

For our society to survive, “We, The People”, must decide who best describes our condition, and act on that decision.  No one but “Us” has everything at stake.  Much as I hate to say it, I hear the master rod bearing knocking, and that means if we don’t ground the bird, pull the engine, and do a complete rebuild, within a couple of flight hours, that engine is going to disassemble its self, violently, scattering parts across the sky, and our Airplane of State is going to plummet like a thousand bricks, ten thousand bits of mortar.

Our constitution is perhaps the most carefully assembled form of government ever attempted, and its extraordinary success due to its singular form.  Since that first couple of decades, every idea anyone has had, has been tacked on, and we now have “a one pound federal government with five pounds of socialism, communism, bureaucracy, fascism and out and out totalitarian dictatorship” added, hooked to ever open corner or loose end.

With one part legal and five parts completely unconstitutional, we can’t do anything less than tear it all down, and start with our original form, and expect to accomplish anything other than “kick the can an ever shorter distance”.  A bare glance tells this truth; a casual inspection proves the glance correct.  The only reason against starting from scratch is the notion we lay at risk the whole time we are at a halt, and rebuilding.  Aren’t five to one odds sufficiently equal to any risk we face at this stage?

Proof That Obama Is Stark Raving Mad

March 21, 2013 by

Our government-run public education system is very bad — so bad that generations of Americans educated in public schools don’t recognize idiots, economic illiterates, Ponzi schemes, frauds or Marxists when they see them. So I’m going to educate the masses with very simple examples that even a sixth-grader can understand.

Let’s compare America to your household. That makes it very simple and easy to understand.
Let’s say you make $50,000 per year, and you owe $250,000 in debt. You’re in deep trouble, right? One way or another, you are headed for bankruptcy court in the future.

Then you receive a credit line in the mail for $250,000. Are you rich? Of course not. That new credit line or credit card is not “income.” It’s a loan — to be paid back at high interest rates. You didn’t just gain $250,000. You just added $250,000 to your debt. You still make $50,000, but instead of owing $250,000 in debt, you now owe $500,000. You think you’re “saved.” Actually, you’re twice as broke as before. Insanity.

That’s exactly what Barack Obama is doing to the U.S. economy. He added $6 trillion in debt in only four years to “save” us from a terrible economy. Well, he didn’t save anyone. He just put all of us into much deeper debt. This debt will destroy the lives of our children and grandchildren. And the economy isn’t even better. It’s in shambles. If interest rates go up in the future, the entire U.S. economy will be destroyed by the debt
But there is one part of the economy thriving: the stock market. That keeps going up because Obama has guaranteed the richest fat cats on Wall Street profits by the billions — from you! Yes, you’re paying for the richest people on Wall Street to get rich. Obama is stealing $85 billion per month from the taxpayers — mostly the middle class — to buy bonds that no one else wants and to buy mortgages that no one else wants, which automatically makes the stock market go up. That $85 billion per month that the Fed is printing goes straight to the bottom line of the biggest companies publicly traded on Wall Street. They get rich. Their CEOs get rich. Their shareholders get rich. The banks and hedge funds get rich. And you’re stuck with the bill.
Once again, those trillions of dollars printed by the Fed to make the stock market go up so Obama can act like the economy is getting better are not riches; they are debt. They are loans that need to be paid back by you, your children and grandchildren. Insanity.

Even worse, can you imagine if the $250,000 credit line that came in the mail to “save” you, was issued by you? That’s exactly what’s happening under Obama. We are so broke, so indebted, so insolvent that no one wants to buy our bonds anymore. That’s why the United States, Europe and Japan buy 60 percent to 90 percent of their own bonds. Do you understand what this means? That’s like your being so broke, so in debt, that you lend yourself the money to pay the bills you can’t afford.
Can you imagine if you owned a bank and gave yourself a $250,000 loan that no one else would give you because you are unqualified to handle more debt? You’d be destroying your own future, plus your own bank. You didn’t “save” yourself or your bank. You killed two birds with one loan. Insanity.

How about Obama’s claim that he “saved” the auto industry. Once again, it’s a combination of pure fraud and pure delusion. He didn’t actually “save” anyone. He just grabbed about $100 billion from the taxpayers — that’s you — to redistribute to auto unions so their members could continue to get their obscene unsustainable pensions and then kick back $100 million or so to Obama’s Presidential campaign. It’s called “pay for play.” It’s fraud, and someone should go to prison.
And, of course, we now know that the loss to taxpayers is at least $25 billion and maybe much more. So whom did Obama “save?” I could save any industry in the country by stealing $25 billion from taxpayers and handing it to that industry. But the reality is: You’re out $25 billion, folks. That’s more debt for your kids. They’ll be paying the interest on that debt decades from now, and they didn’t even get a lousy car out of the deal. Insanity.

What if your creditors agreed to a deal to restructure your debt, and they offered you the following deal: You owe us $250,000 and you can’t pay it back, so we’ll raise it to $500,000 and we’ll all agree things look better. Well that’s the “fiscal cliff” deal folks. To solve a debt crisis, we added $4 trillion to the spending and debt, and the President and Congress declared it a victory. Insanity.

What if things got so bad that you finally agreed to cut spending to save your personal economy? So you cut $10 per week to try to repay your $250,000 debt. Well, that’s the sequester, folks. We cut a measly $80 billion out of a $3.5 trillion budget, with more than $16 trillion in debt. We accomplished nothing. Insanity.

What if you were out of work for two years, and you got so discouraged that you decided to stop looking for a job and spend the rest of your life living off food stamps and disability; but because you’re not looking for a job anymore, you no longer consider yourself unemployed? That’s exactly how Obama can claim the unemployment rate is “improving.” Insanity.

Finally, here’s the most bizarre example of all. You are broke. Out of money. You can’t pay your bills. You still owe $250,000. Collection agencies are calling day and night. But you love the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt so much that you still write them a check for $25,000. That’s what Obama just did with your taxpayer money. Insanity.

I hope it’s all clear now. The U.S. economy is now best described as a combination of debt, fraud and delusion. And the CEO who runs it, President Barack Obama, is absolutely stark raving mad.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Obama Gives CIA Full Access To Your Bank Account!

Thursday, March 14, 2013 5:21

If it's not bad enough that America has quickly become a 'police state' that the old Soviet Union would have been proud of, we learn now that it gets worse. Barack Obama has taken the liberty of granting the CIA FULL ACCESS to YOUR bank account in the name of fighting terror. What comes next? CIA living in your bedroom? That's right, they're already there, in your cell phones and your Digital HD TV's. From the Economic Crisis Blog:

Story just hit the wires. All in the name of terrorism. Exclusive story from Reuters details Obama’s next move in fighting terror and destroying your civil liberties.—

Obama Draws Up Plans To Grant Spy Agencies Complete Access To Financial Data On Every American

The Obama administration is drawing up plans to give all U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens and others who bank in the country, according to a Treasury Department document seen by Reuters.

The proposed plan represents a major step by U.S. intelligence agencies to spot and track down terrorist networks and crime syndicates by bringing together financial databanks, criminal records and military intelligence. The plan, which legal experts say is permissible under U.S. law, is nonetheless likely to trigger intense criticism from privacy advocates.

In a time of tremendous financial struggle for the entire country, do we really want THESE guys to have such access to your money and financial records? If I had anything to say about it, every one of the 'alphabet soup' groups would be immediately disbanded.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sequester Cuts Scam: “An Oldie But a Goodie”

The situation in our nation today takes me back many years to the early days of a sit-com called “The Beverly Hillbillies”.  I remember the Clampetts hooking up with “Honest John” Shafer, played by long time comedian Phil Silvers.  “Honest John” sold them every monuBeverley HillBilliesment in Washington, D C (De Cesspool). Those “dumb ole’ Clampetts” just kept giving “Honest John” Shafer checks made out to “C.A.S.H.”  If you grew up with the Clampetts, Milburn Drysdale, and Jane Hathaway you will understand.  Congress and the ruling elite are “Honest John” Shafer and We the People are the Clampetts.  We are being conned by experts who make it their lifelong career to scam us into giving them everything we have while thinking they are taking care of us and “looking out for our best interests”.
Senator Tom Coburn (R-Ok) has come out with what he calls “Back in Black: A Deficit Reduction Plan”.  In this plan Coburn points out numerous places where millions of our tax dollars are wasted.  But who else in Congress has looked at his plan?  What leadership, in either party, has paid one second of attention to it?  They ignore it because Coburn’s plan will actually benefit the “Clampetts” to the detriment of “Honest John Shafer”!!Tom Coburn
This is our problem, America.  We have a plan to cut $9 trillion dollars without cutting back on anything that is necessary for life in America to improve.  We sit here and watch Obama, then Boehner, then Reid, then McConnell, then Pelosi, then the usual Idiot Corp of the government bureaucracy stroll out to tell We the People how much we are going to suffer.  They are even worried about the Island of Guam tipping over.  Oh, wait, that was last time.  This time Maxine Waters said we were going to lose 170 million of the 140 million jobs currently in the United States.  Again I quote the Aflac duck:” HUH?????????”
So, I am wondering why, when Sen. Coburn has this long list of waste items that can be cut, that none of these cuts ever get made?  Why doesn’t either political party make even the most minor of efforts to remove this wasteful spending?  Why is it that every time we come to this point, as we do on a regular basis, it is always the same things being cut, always the things that are going to cause the most pain to the lives of We the People?  Why are we giving billions of dollars to Egypt in the form of Abrams tanks and F-16 Falcon fighter/bombers?  Why are we giving arms and money to the Syrian ”rebels”, actually Al Qaeda, when that money could stop the closure of airports, daycare centers, free medical clinics, etc.?  Compassion for the poor??
And, what about the billions being given to the United Nations?  What about the foreign aid to Saudi Arabia?  Saudi Arabia???? Don’t they make trillions every year selling us oil at preposterous rates????  These things can’t be cut but we can cut money going to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, soldiers and sailors serving their nation in far off lands?  Come on America, don’t tell me you still buy this crap from these party oriented confidence men!!!!
Ladies and Gentlemen of America, you are being conned by people who only care about themselves; their power, their prestige, and how they are going to continue to rule us.  Our nation is being bled dry; financially, morally, and Constitutionally by people in both political parties who care nothing about We the People, the Constitution, and the future of our Republic.
Barack Obama continues to fly around the nation at great expense.  Nothing is too grand for “der leader”!!!  No one in Congress, Il Duce Obamaother than Rand Paul and Tom Coburn, has cut any money out of their office budgets to turn back to We the People.  No one in “leadership” has done anything to actually lead by example.  Michelle Obama sticks her nose into anything and everything like she is royalty.  We daily hear all the horror stories about how America is going to suffer; yet we spend $1.4 BILLION per year to keep “The Jeffersons” in the White House, not to mention their numerous Five-Star resort vacation trips and separate planes for the family dog!!!  Don’t tell me we can’t cut expenses without hurting the citizens!!!
Sen. Coburn has the answers to many of our problems right there in his “black book” but no one in the leadership of either political party will allow any of it to come up for consideration.  Why does this go on if they are as concerned as they all say they are about the well-being of American citizens?  Well, I guess the political class does have an answer, more government; more of what caused the problems in the first place.
This is a Republican Party problem; this is a Democrat Party problem; this is a political opportunism problem.  Political opportunists in both parties are pitting We the People against one another.  The political ruling class has joined foDemomcrat Logorces to frighten and intimidate citizens into acquiescing to their agenda of continued tighter control of our lives.
I wrote a few days ago about the need for a political party to represent the 67% of We the People who identify as TErepublican logoA Party conservatives.  Neither political party has shown any desire to actually fix the problems our nation faces.  It is more about pointing fingers and placing blame so nothing ever gets fixed.  There are good people in Washington but they are outnumbered terribly.  They need us as much as we need them.  We are a team!!!
There is a light at the end of the tunnel still.   I am proud of and encouraged by my fellow Americans who are stepping up now. The sheriffs and police chiefs who have pledged to refuse to disarm citizens are a breath of freedom. We need a wholesale change of perspective, to one based on The Constitution.  I see it beginning at the county level with these sheriffs and their constituents.  We can take this unity to Washington if we will band together in mutual protection, and support those people in Congress who will speak out for us.  This is a call to action for YOU. Contact your Senator, your Congressman, and demand they get on board with this.
I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor his work and not let it die from neglect.
Bob Russell
Claremore, Oklahoma
March 8, 2013

A Country Anesthetized

by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

March 11, 2013

We have entered the era of American dictatorship. First there’s Obama’s circumvention of the Constitution and law by issuing Executive Orders to implement provisions of law that had not been enacted by the Congress, then there’s Mayor Bloomberg dictating what New Yorkers can drink, and how much. Petty? Hardly, it’s an indication of the direction that so called liberals, who of course know better than ordinary Americans, what is good for them.  In Obama’s case it would be to buy Hispanic votes and in Bloomberg’s case it is because he is a complete loony tune democrat.

It is amazing to watch the current administration with its squad of mini-czars, that is “special assistants” to the President who in his own words are chosen because they are likeminded as himself. That frees Obama to do campaign work and know that the nation is left in the hands of those who think and act like he would/does. Of course he must delegate the authority for them to do so, but the interesting part is that none of them requires confirmation by the Senate.

If one were President who really didn’t want the job of governing, rather preferred to take advantage of the lavish lifestyle available such as golfing, vacationing and making speeches away from Washington his would be a fulfilling avocation. In Obama’s case living large at taxpayer expense is the right thing to do because it spreads the wealth around he “won.”  So, by winning it’s okay to close the White House to visitors because of Sequestration, but we can’t give up a round of golf the expense of which would keep the White House open for weeks. Or, we wouldn’t consider not visiting Tiger Woods for a week of golf at huge taxpayer expense that would have kept it open for a year. After all those are different pots of money and it’s going to be spent anyway.

Then there’s the pesky little matter of how the Department of Homeland Security is behaving with its purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of ammo and scoffing up and refurbuishing retrograded war equipment. Does Napolitano know something that low information voters are not aware…that would be preparation for and introduction of Obama’s “civilian national security force” described in a speech on July 2nd 2008: "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." And, Mr. Obama what would be your national security objectives? And why the need for it to be as powerful and well funded as the military? It is beyond comprehension that the media, including Fox News has not examined this in detail.

As an interested and somewhat attentive observer, it is obvious that Mr. Obama is up to no good…he knows that he cannot have an extended term in office through the normal means of the political process and if he is going to continue to “completely transform” America and the world he will need more time. The way to gain that is to have the forces in place so that at an opportune moment to no let a “good crisis go to waste,” Obama and his bootlicking surrogates in the media would move quickly and with force to set aside the rule of law, albeit “only temporarily” to facilitate continued implementation of his “transformation” agenda.

Watching this come to pass is like the frog in a pot of water where the temperature is gradually increased. The frog doesn’t notice and is cooked without realizing what happened. As one who generally is not given to alarm, the confluence of these events it all too familiar to anyone who pays attention both to current events and history; and it scares me for my country. Am I afraid of socialism…no, if that’s the path that informed Americans want…but to do it in a way that is inimical to the American way…perhaps the thuggish Chicago way, but not the American way, raises a certain rebellion in me that is uncomfortable and real.

We can no longer trust our political leaders to do what is right, with the likes of Senator McCain badmouthing genuine patriots as “wacko” and attempting to drown out legitimate debate and political activity. I’ve always been suspect of him, even as I supported him for his candidacy…but as the lesser of evil not because he ever was a conservative…he’s not and has fully revealed himself in his attacks on Senator Rand Paul.

When America turns its back on its allies, neglects an attack on the United States and proclaims, “What difference does it make?” It is obvious that American traditional leadership has indeed changed, and it’s time to change it back.

Thanks for losing America Mitt! You bought your way then you quit the fight, you have brought shame on the Romney name in perpetuity…and freedom loving Americans will equate your name to a perverted act; America got “Romneyed!”

Semper Fidelis and Peace

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Does Being An American Mean Anything Anymore?"
Excerpts from a speech by Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
We are helping to spread freedom and liberty around the globe.
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"My God!  How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!"  ~ Thomas Jefferson

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to be here tonight to share with you some of my thoughts on whether being an American has any meaning anymore.  As I look out over this audience, what is visible to me are men, women and children with different faces, different body sizes, different genders and different clothes.  What I cannot see are your strongly held beliefs, your daily habits, or how you get along with those around you, at home, at work, or at play.  I have no idea how well you did in school in your early years, how your parents treated you, who your friends were, who you were attracted to, what you liked to do, or who you liked or didn't like.   In fact, it is none of my business to know these things."
"However, human nature being what it is, I can make educated judgments about such things because I know a little bit about human nature, not as a psychologist or as a psychiatrist, but as an observant individual of average intellect, having lived for 75 years.  I can say with certainty that there has been some strife and adversity in your life.  You have had to meet challenges, either individually, or as a family, or as a group.  Much of that adversity comes because of your strongly held beliefs that aren't necessarily compatible with those you deal with on a daily basis.  We all know that siblings fight and we all know that parents get to be referees, or benevolent dictators, which ever works the best."
"We all know that husbands and wives fight over major things and more often, minor things.  After being married for 50 years, my wife still gets after me because I won't put my dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  I rinse them though."
"Human beings, like all creatures, are generally selfish.  They want what they want and they want to get what they want, no matter whom or what is in the way, because that describes being a living creature.   Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your perspective, there are all kinds of things or people in your way.   This isn't rocket science.  It is generally known by just about everyone, either consciously, or intuitively.  Which leads me to my little black box theory."
"Several years ago and based on knowledge, experience and observations, I developed a theory about mental processes, biases and deep-seated beliefs of the general population.  I called this theory, the "Little Black Box" theory.  Some of you may have heard me talk or write about it before.  This theory applies across the board to almost everything we believe in and everything we do in our lives.  It is inescapable and what is in the "Little Black Box" determines, to a large degree, how our lives will turn out.  It determines our thoughts, religious beliefs, sexual proclivities, our fears, our strengths, our weaknesses, our successes or failures and even our political persuasions.  The content of the "Little Black Box" and thus a person's point of reference, begins to fill up at a very early age and the person is not aware, nor do they have any control of what is going into it, because it is determined by their early environment, along with a dash of their biological parent's genetics and how they are treated by their parents and the siblings with which they live."   
"People behave in direct proportion to the content of the "Little Black Box" and in most cases they are not aware that they are behaving in this manner.  To them it is perfectly normal.  In fact, what is in the "Little Black Box" defines who they are early on in their lives ..... that is, according to my "Little Black Box" theory.  Changes to the content of the "Little Black Box" rarely occur throughout a person's lifetime.  When they do occur, it is almost always the result of some revelation, a violent act or accident, overpowering new information, (true or false) or an epiphany."
"The theory is especially applicable to how people believe and act in the area of religious faith.  The same is true for political leanings and biases.  It is intuitive then to say that, if you are born into a Democrat family, you will most likely remain a Democrat for the rest of your life, without any regard to the substance of what is meant by being a Democrat.   It is equally true for Republicans, or independents.  I call it blind party affiliation by virtue of a person's early environment."
"If you are born into a poor family, you are likely to remain poor.  If you are born into a wealthy and privileged family, you are quite likely to follow the path of wealth and privilege.  There are many exceptions of course."
"For this reason, people are very selective about what they listen to, watch and read.  They virtually always listen to, watch and read about issues that are compatible and aligned with what is in their "Little Black Box".   They analyze everything they see, hear and read in the context of their "Little Black Box".  It is not a choice they make consciously.  It is pre-determined and pre-programmed for them long before the age of consent.  No matter how convincing an argument you make to another person, they will almost always yield to what is in their "Little Black Box" before all else, even if it defies principle, logic, reason and/or even common sense."
"At his point you are asking yourself, OK, what has this got to do with whether being an American has any meaning?  It has everything to do with it because it explains why we have differences.   In general, it explains why we as a country are so divided and why being an American takes a back seat to what divides us.  It is those very differences and divisions that are causing the problems we face in America today.  But it is equally true that if we are divided, those that govern us will also be divided.  A divided government is a recipe for disaster, as has been playing out before our very eyes over the last 50 years.  However, it is equally true that a united government could also lead to disaster if those that are united in government stray away from the principles of what makes us Americans."
"However, ladies and gentlemen, as I look out over this audience tonight it may not be readily apparent to everyone, but we do have one very important thing in common.  We are all Americans in spite of our divisions, at least I hope that everyone in this audience is an American.  We were born on free soil.  We are endowed with certain unalienable rights.  Some call those rights our gift from God.  Still others call them natural rights that inure to the benefit of all living creatures that government cannot take away.  We are all Americans and that does mean something.  Let that sink in for a minute."
"You did not create you.  In the beginning you had no control over the mechanisms that formed the shape of your body, the characteristics of your personality or your mind, or the capabilities that were granted to your body and mind by virtue of genetics and life with or without your parents.  But no matter what anyone tells you, you were not created to serve others, unless it is your choice to do so.  In fact, you were created to express who you are as an individual.  You were created to serve yourself and those you love, or care about, not by force but by free choice.  Anything else is tyranny."
"You are unique, a snowflake, one of a kind and no other person can be like you now, in the past, or in the future.  It is your individual uniqueness that is your value.  It is what you express or achieve as a person, that is your mark, your legacy and your reason for being here.  No other person, group of persons, or a government has the right to take that from you.  You are not a pawn you are sovereign under the supreme law of nature.  You are free to choose good or evil.  If you choose good over evil there will be rewards.  If however, you choose evil, there will be a price to pay."
"This great land called America is as unique as you are.   It is one of a kind, exceptional, a snowflake, when America is compared to other cultures or nations.  Its unique form of government allows individuals to fully express who they are.  Under our Constitutional Republic an individual can be just about anything they want to be, provided they have the necessary drive, the ambition and the work ethic.  A free America provides opportunities that can't be found in hardly any other country, even today."
"But because of our divisions we have taken our eyes off of the ball.  Instead of keeping our eyes on the lookout for our ever-present enemies, foreign or domestic, we fight amongst each other over the "spoils" of government and ignore the axiom that says a government left unto itself will morph into a dictatorship.  We are being conned and lied to by the current government for evil purposes, on a whole range of issues that have a direct affect on our freedom." 
"There is a story that is told often to prove some kind of a point that tells of a neighbor who has heard sounds of a heated argument in the house next door.  Afraid that bodily harm might come to one of the occupants, the neighbor calls the police.  Two squad cars pull up to the house of the warring spouses and four officers approach the front door.  All of a sudden two windows open up on the house and two guns are pointed at the officers.  One of the officers asks, 'Hey what's going on in there?'  One of the spouses responds with, 'Can't a husband and wife have a little fight now and then without the police poking their nose into our business?'"
"On September 11, 2001 a radical, foreign ideology violently poked its nose into America's business and 3,000 Americans died in the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC.  Suddenly, united Americans were the ones poking the guns out the window at the enemy and we went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  For a few months after 9/11 we were Americans again, but alas, it didn't last."
"Today our real enemy does not confront us from foreign shores, although the threat lingers on the horizon.  Our real enemy is that which divides us and makes us cast aside the political foundation that preserves our liberty and protects our freedom.  "The Parallax Prophecies" predicts that if Americans do not set aside their differences and come together, America has no chance to continue as a free nation.  We will become like so many other third-world countries where the people are more interested in getting something for free from government, no matter who has to pay for it.  We will have let our government convince us that we are but helpless victims and need mother government to take care of us, instead of being proud, self-reliant, responsible, free and sovereign Americans.  And one thing is for sure.  If we are divided as a nation, we will not be able to effectively confront the determined foreign enemies that are approaching our shores from the East and from the West."
"It does mean something to be an American because in America, it is the natural, unalienable, God-given rights of the individual that sets us apart from all other nations on earth.  It is the combined power of individual Americans that have freed over a billion people from brutal dictators and despots.  It is the combined power of individual Americans that have created America's unprecedented military might.  It is the combined power of individual Americans that grow the food that feeds our nation and a good portion of the people in other countries.  It is the combined power of free and generous individual Americans that have opened their wallets and their hearts to the people of other nations who have suffered the indignities, the injuries, the disease and death from natural disasters around the world.  It is the combined power of individual Americans working alone or with others, that have created the highest standard of living anywhere on the planet.  It is the combined power of individual Americans that have developed the technologies and medical break throughs that have not only made our own lives healthier and easier, but have saved countless millions in developing countries.  It is the combined power of individual Americans that have created the greatest wealth the world has ever known and from that wealth we have been able to fund all of the great things that we do as free Americans and as a nation."
"America has nothing to apologize for and every American has every reason to be proud for being part of and contributing to the land of free individuals with unalienable rights and the home of the brave who put their lives on the line to preserve that freedom and those unalienable rights."
There are two kinds of people in America, those that want something from government and those that want to be left alone by government to live out their lives in freedom.  It is this difference that divides us.  Those with the most votes determine the direction of America, either for the benefit of a free America, or the establishment of an enslaved America.  If we are divided as a people and as a nation and will not unite on the principles that made us free, enslavement can be our only future."
"Yes, it does mean something to be an American, but it won't mean anything if we remain divided.
If we want to save America from destroying itself from within, we had better start thinking AS Americans and acting LIKE Americans.  Only then can we be victorious over the twin, corrupt evils of power and money, in the hands of men and women who have no honor, either foreign or domestic." 

NOTE 1: If you want the author to give an inspirational speech to your group on healing the divisions between us, click HERE.
NOTE 2: We will soon be launching the Parallax Prophecies website at, home of the Parallax Prophecies Institute.  The Institute's mission is to start the process of healing those issues that divide us so that we can become united Americans again and regain our pride, our power, our creativity, our unmatched productivity, our exceptional generosity and restore our freedom.  Our anticipated launch date is March 17, 2013.