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Sunday, October 30, 2011

“Malcolm X’s Missing Eyeglasses”
Another Cold Case File, Closed:


by Martha Trowbridge, ©2011, blogging at Terrible Truth. Research Copyright © 2011 Martha Trowbridge and Erik Rush. All Rights Reserved.

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

(Oct. 29, 2011) — Mystery meets [Medical] History today, as a cold case is solved.

First, the historical medical marvel.

Barack Obama, who according to official medical reports has 20/20 vision, apparently needs eyeglasses.

Not just any eyeglasses, mind you. And certainly not when he’s in public.

He doesn’t even need them when he’s awake.

Obama needs these eyeglasses when he’s sleeping!

White House Photo

Oh dear, what have we here?

Could it be?

Could Obama be wearing Malcolm X’s eyeglasses - broken left arm and all?

Must be that Obama’s channeling dreams. Channeling Dreams From His Father.

Which leads us to the mystery:

How on earth could Obama get his hands on Malcolm’s eyeglasses?


Maybe, just maybe, mama Stanley Ann got her hands on them, shortly after Malcolm was shot – and eventually passed them on to their son.

For, Truth Be Told, when Malcolm was shot at the Audubon Ballroom, 21 February 1965, as usual, he was wearing his eyeglasses.

Yet when he was wheeled out, his eyeglasses were off.

Then -

No eyeglasses on Malcolm’s body at the wake.

No eyeglasses at the funeral.

Whatever happened to Malcolm X’s eyeglasses?

Now that we have the White House photo, above, it may not be a mystery after all.

Picture the scene of the crime. The audience has fled. Malcolm has just been taken out by the medical emergency crew. His wife and children have been whisked away. And where is Stanley Ann, his long-time lover? Stanley Ann, teenage lover, sitting in that front row to the right. Stanley Ann, jumping up in shock and horror. Stanley Ann, watching the attempts to save Malcolm, watching as the medics work on him, watching as he is wheeled forever away.

What is she feeling?

In her great grief and shock, what is she thinking?

Study the assassination crime scene photo, taken much later, below.

No eyeglasses.

February 1965 Audubon Ballroom Crime Scene Photo by Stanley Wolfson


Malcolm has been wheeled away. Teenage lover Stanley Ann is unable to follow Malcolm to the hospital – what with his wife Betty and the press heading over there. Distraught, she stays behind. How can she bear it? She looks to the stage. Her lover’s jacket lies folded atop the drum riser. His shirt lies on the floor. The chair against which he fell when shot, is tipped on its back.

And there, amidst the hideous chaos, are his eyeglasses. His precious, signature, tragically broken eyeglasses.

Perhaps they too lie on the floor, tossed aside, the left arm snapped as it was torn off by the medics – or inadvertently crushed, in the chaos.

Or perhaps someone has reverently placed them – frame plus broken arm – on the drum riser, next to his jacket.

Most everyone is gone. The stage is deserted.

Stricken with pain, and anger, and grief, Stanley Ann steps up onto the stage. Quickly, she fetches the eyeglasses, along with their broken arm. Hiding them in a pocket or handbag, she hurries away.

Malcolm X’s Missing Eyeglasses Cold Case: solved.

Attorney Mario Apuzzo, when viewing this photo of Obama sleeping on the White House sofa, made a brilliant observation. These eyeglasses could have Malcolm’s DNA.

So you see, it’s all very simple. A quick swab of a Q-tip on the roof of Obama’s mouth … paternity controversy over.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saps, Stool Pigeons And Stanley Ann’s Hair

by Martha Trowbridge, blogging at Terrible Truth Research Copyright © 2011 Martha Trowbridge & Erik Rush. All Rights Reserved.

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

Original post with graphics:

(Oct. 23, 2011) — If David Brooks at The New York Times feels he was taken for a ‘sap’ by Barack Obama, we shudder to think how everyday Americans will feel, once they find out the Truth.

Obama’s Mother And Son photo was falsified to deceive us.

Courtesy, The Obama Campaign

Recognize it? Yes, that’s the same photo as was used on the cover of Janny Scott’s A Singular Woman, her biography of Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother.

It’s the same photo Obama used in his Obamacare television ad.

So what’s the big deal? In a moment, we’ll tell you. For now, all you need to understand is this:

The photo was falsified to deceive us.

Truth is, mama Stanley Ann didn’t have long hair when Barack was young. Until, of course, with photoshop-type tampering, The Obama Campaign made sure we’d think that she did.

Here’s a peek into Truth. All that darkness, making us think we’re seeing long hair, is nothing but graphics illusion:

Another reality-check:

As if the deceit with her hair weren’t insulting enough, in the view below, note the futzing with the corner of her mouth, in order to widen it. See the [pink] added tooth. Look closely, you’ll see her original top lip line, curving down to the last white tooth – and the fake new lip lines, extending past the fake, pointy, pink tooth … And while you’re looking, don’t miss the fake ‘closed’ eyelid applied to her open eye.

Her nose, we’ll leave for another discussion.

Hey, David Brooks: you’re in sap good company.

Now, you may be wondering: why does it matter, whether mama’s hair was short or long? Whether her mouth was narrow or wide? Or why her eyes seem always half-closed, and hidden?

Here’s why: Obama was worried you’d find her in places, at key strategic times, with people he couldn’t let you know about.

People like Malcolm X. Times like the early and mid-1960′s. Places like New York City.

For instance – what if you saw this image? The image of his mother, Stanley Ann, in February 1965, at the wake / funeral of militant black leader, Malcolm X?

What if you recognized her?

Obama sure as heck wouldn’t want you to view the video in which her image resides:

“Eyewitness To The Assassination”

(Please refer to original blog posting for video)

Why not? Because though he claims his mother was thousands of miles away in Hawaii, the fact is, there Stanley Ann was in New York City, February 1965, there, right there, at Malcolm X’s wake and funeral.

So it just may be that Barack Obama’s father isn’t Barack Obama “Sr”, after all.

The Truth lies in the long and short of it. Of Stanley Ann’s Hair, that is.

Take a moment to view the video again. As you do, note Stanley Ann’s “habit of tilting her head to one side” as documented in The Telegraph article:

While you’re watching, see if you can’t recognize Stanley Ann’s boyish-looking appearance, and her weight struggle, as noted by Tribune national correspondent Tim Jones: [,0,6704277.story ] “Boyish-looking, Stanley Ann … didn’t like her nose, she worried about her weight”.

If you need extra confirmation, take a few moments and study these two youthful photos of Stanley Ann, also released by The Obama Campaign.

In the first image, though her eyelids have also been altered [pulled down, with the skin above them highlighted], her lips extended, and her chin sharpened into a point, take note of the basic shape of her face, her nose and her ears. And don’t miss those eyes, those big, dark, penetrating eyes – which, by the way, also have been altered.

Courtesy, The Obama Campaign

The next photo depicts her mouth more accurately – once you get beyond the tampering that’s been done to her lips [and to her eyes, and big-time to her nose]:

Courtesy, The Obama Campaign

Honestly, have you ever seen a girl with two such mismatched eyes?!

Try as The Obama Campaign did to occlude it, Truth will out, won’t it? From the “Eyewitness To The Assassination” video: witness Stanley Ann’s grin:

From the Campaign’s own photo, posted above, excusing the efforts to widen her mouth, here’s that same grin:


Did you ever wonder why The Obama Campaign never issued video footage of his mother? The eyewitness video tells it all: Obama’s mother’s mannerisms and facial tics, as well as the way she moves her mouth, are distinctive, easily recognizable in this Malcolm X funeral footage.

Oh dear. There’s only so much a Campaign can control.

If you’re not yet fed up, and can stand it, study mama’s hairline in official photos. The ‘widow’s peak’ dip on her forehead, to the right of her nose. The idiosyncratic ‘quarter moon’ curve demonstrated in her hairline profile – which by the way can be verified by The Obama Campaign’s official Mother And Son photo, above.

At first, you may not recognize Stanley Ann, with her hair cropped close. Not to worry. After all, The Obama Campaign has spent more than four years convincing us that she had long hair.

Don’t let the image-changers’ drooping her eyelids, or layering false hair, or reshaping her nose and mouth and chin, or casting false shadows or light fool you. The Truth is in her false hair. And in her eyes – her big, dark, penetrating eyes.

Hey, Time magazine: Are “We All Saps” yet?

In closing, think about this: in the “Eyewitness To The Assassination” video, Stanley Ann, standing beside the speaker, is traumatized. Why?

Because her lover, her idol, the father of her son Barack – Malcolm X – had just been assassinated.

Still don’t believe it’s she? You don’t have to take our word for it.

Malcolm X scholar Manning Marable, in his April 2011 biography, states that Malcolm’s “teenage lover” was seated in the front row at the time of the shooting. The eyewitness in the video states that he was in the front row. In this footage, mama Stanley Ann stands comfortably at this man’s side.

To make the story steamier: Marable further states that Malcolm’s “teenage lover” had been having an affair with one of his entourage [guards, assistants, etc.] This speaker could be the man to whom Marable refers.

America is starved for answers, ravenous for Truth. America, where the media is more afraid of printing Truth than they are of printing lies.


And why would Obama hide his origins?

Because having a biological father like Malcolm X – a radical black nationalist – would have impeded Obama’s chance for election.

Still not convinced that’s Stanley Ann at Malcolm’s wake? Then answer this: in family photos for a Presidential Campaign, why would a candidate release tampered images of his mother?

Can you give us one solid reason?

And oh, all ye defenders of darkness – in case you’re thinking of flaunting the Riverhead Books version of the Mother And Son photo – the one with the background tastefully tinted grass-green behind her neck, to hide the Truth about her hair – you needn’t bother. We know all about it.


Editor’s Note: When we asked the writer, Martha Trowbridge, how she knew that the photo of the woman with very short hair and straight nose was Stanley Ann Dunham, she replied:

The photo is a frame from the video that is embedded. It was filmed during the wake ‘ funeral period of Malcolm X.

ALL the photos of Stanley Ann Dunham have been falsified via a Photoshop-type graphics program. It appears that a prototype of her was created, though when I analyzed photos from various years, the consistency was not maintained.

I’m happy to send you samples of this additional analysis. Not only has false long hair been applied to her ‘image’, her eyes have been reduced in size, and her nose, chin and mouth changed.

So of course, the question is – why?

The answer: Obama knows there are images of his mother ‘out there’ in the presence of Malcolm X. So, if he consistently put out an image that disguised her actual appearance, most people would not recognize her.And it’s worked until recently. When you have the time and energy to read through that first post,you will find links to articles describing her actual physical appearance and mannerisms – validating that indeed the girl in the video – and the frame – matches the text describing her. One fact reported was how much she hated her nose!

Even the Obots, reading the Saps post, acknowledged that the photos of her were photoshopped! The only counter they immediately had was: it’s a boy.

And it seems they haven’t had much to say since.

Last week an Obot posted something oppositional to my data. In it s/he referred to the difference in distance between eyes, from nose to mouth, etc. in the images presented by The Obama Campaign, and the video image. I responded, stating that it was interesting that the poster knew EXACTLY what changes had been made to her actual appearance.

And guess what? End of discussion by the Obot.

Saturday, October 22, 2011



by Dianna Cotter, reporting at The Examiner

(Oct. 22, 2011) — Someone was incredibly busy in June 2008 working on an illegal front invisible to the public; searching and altering Supreme Court Cases published at which cite the only case in American history – Minor v. Happersett (1875) – to directly construe Article 2 Section 1′s natural-born citizen clause in determining a citizenship issue as part of its holding and precedent. In this unanimous decision, the Supreme Court defined a “native or natural-born citizen” as a person born in the US to parents who were citizens; a definition which excludes from eligibility both Barack Obama and John McCain.

In June 2008 no one was discussing Minor v. Happersett 88 US 162 (1875) with regard to Obama. In fact, those who were discussing the then Senator’s citizenship status had focused instead on his birth in Hawaii in a attempt to prove the future president was not born in the United States despite publication of the Senator’s short form computer generated Birth Certificate. It would not be until October of 2008 that Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility would be questioned as to his status as a dual citizen at the time of his birth.

The Supreme Court of the United States

Meanwhile, at the “Supreme Court Center” of the influential legal research website, efforts were underway corrupting at least 25 Supreme Court cases by erasing references to the words “Minor V. Happersett” along with references to other relevant cases on the issue along with the insertion of misleading numerical citations. And In two documented cases actual text was removed.

Clearly this was done in these specific cases in order to prevent their being found by internet researchers long before anyone had even begun to look for them, even before Obama would win the Democratic Nomination at the DNC Convention in Denver, Colorado in August ’08. This is premeditation and intent to deceive.

So far, 25 corrupted SCOTUS have been identified, and this number may continue to rise as the scope of the tampering becomes apparent. These cases all relied upon Minor, some specifically referencing its definition of Natural Born Citizen – a definition which makes Obama ineligible to be President as that definition is part of the holding and continuing precedent, issued from the highest court in our nation making it the law of the land, even now.

The most extreme sabotage so far discovered appears to have been done to the landmark decision United States v. Wong Kim Ark which was sabotaged to remove “Minor v. Happersett” three times, along with one reference to “Scott v Sandford”, another to the Slaughterhouse Cases and some accompanying text relevant to the issue. These surgical alterations would alter and shape the national dialogue; leaving a persistent and incorrect interpretation of the meaning of the ‘natural born citizen’ clause. There is no doubt whatsoever that this was the specific intent of those responsible for this illegal editing of American history and law.

As previously mentioned, the specific distinction between Citizen and Natural Born Citizen made in Minor v. Happersett is in the holding of the case, the section which creates the Law, and it is this Law which has been repeatedly cited over the decades since. In order to minimize the importance of Minor, someone at Justia deliberately decided to make these supporting citations as difficult as possible to find.

This has had the desired effect, diluting the importance of Minor v. Happersett in the national dialogue across the blogosphere’s political spectrum ever since. The end result: the one case which defines Natural Born Citizen was reduced to seeming irrelevance, and thus the conversation never got past doorkeepers already in Obama’s camp in the mainstream media.

Of course, a lawyer going into Court would never rely upon anything but an official source for Supreme Court law, but 99.9% of the population have no access to dusty law texts, or expensive legal research services such as Lexis and Westlaw. Those who committed these crimes were well aware of this, and used it to their advantage.

The manipulation at diluted the importance of Minor by killing the citations in Supreme Court cases spanning over 100 years. Since Google most often returns’s version of the case being searched for as the first or second hit, Justia’s version of Supreme Court opinions are most influential in the blogosphere’s forums and comments. Erasing those citations and text on the internet literally erases the importance of Minor and its precedents to millions of Americans otherwise unlikely to ever step into physical Law Library.

This is nothing short of appalling. Justia swapped their tampered versions of the cases for the actual Supreme Court opinions and then pawned them off as if the tampered versions contained the “Full Text” of the Supreme Court’s opinions. Yet Justia CEO Tim Stanley claims that making case law available to the public for free is the mission of Justia. In reality, Justia has been re-inventing our legal history and passing it off as genuine.

Attorney Donofrio’s Full report “ Surgically Removed “Minor v Happersett” from 25 Supreme Court Opinions in run up to ’08 Election”, published today explains that exposure to criminal punishment is a direct result of not just the tampering, but more specifically, as a result of placing text on every tampered page which states, “Full text of case”:

Regardless of who you supported in 2008, or whether you agree with the assertion of Minor’s relevance, every American should be outraged that 25 Supreme Court cases were surgically sabotaged and then passed off to the public as if the tampered versions contained the “Full Text of Case”. This is the very definition of “Orwellian” fascism. It’s propaganda. And there is no place for it in the United States. The sacrifices for truth and justice which created and have sustained this nation are wantonly debased by the subversive deception emanating from servers. – Leo Donofrio Esq.

Clearly, the corruption of Supreme Court Cases was systemic and surgically targeted within, one of the largest and best known legal research sites on the internet. Justia is nothing if not efficient in driving traffic to its site; this is after all their business. Today they partner with Google and have Google Analytics within their site which does two things; it increases Justia’s visibility on Google searches, and it pushes their website to the top of those searches done on legal issues. When specific search terms are erased out of a document, naturally that document will not appear on a search. Anyone searching for the case name “Minor v. Happersett” and “citizenship” would never see the dozens of cases manipulated by

Justia founder Tim Stanley has for years prided himself and his companies on principles of ‘freedom of information’. On June 19th, 2008, Stanley addressed the Legislative Council Committee at the Oregon State Legislature with the following statements:

“Our goal is to provide academic researchers, government officials, attorneys, and the public with advanced features, including full‐text search, annotations by legal professionals, and comparison tools to visualize the differences in the law between the individual states…”


“In the end, we both recognize the importance of providing the public with online access to our nation’s laws because such actions promote understanding, participation in and respect for our democratic institutions and legal system.”

To describe these comments, made at roughly the same time Supreme Court Cases were being scrubbed and deliberately altered at his site as ironic, is an understatement of gross proportions.

Only a person thoroughly educated in the law would know precisely which cases to look for in order to direct the changes to be made to those cases. Furthermore, only someone with access to’s database could physically make these changes from inside the website. This artificially created a near empty result set and the cases which did turn up led those inexperienced in the law, nowhere.

This appears to violate every principle Tim Stanley and have built their business upon.

The manipulations at were initially discovered by Attorney Leo Donofrio on July 1, 2011, when he published his initial report, “ Caught Red Handed Hiding References to Minor v. Happersett In Published US Supreme Court Decisions,”. Upon publication of his original discovery documenting the sabotage of Boyd v. Nebraska, and Pope v. Williams, two Supreme Court cases which cite to Minor v. Happersett as precedent on citizenship, two things happened almost immediately: First, the altered pages were returned to their original versions at Justia within an hour or so of Donofrio’s publication. Second, despite Justia CEO Tim Stanley’s cries for freedom of legal information (and law suits compelling the same), robots have now been placed on the Justia URL’s for the Boyd and Pope cases at, also known as the Waybackmachine. These robots make it impossible to see the tampering as it unfolded in mid-2008… with those cases.

So much for freedom of information.

One can, however, still see the tampering from screenshots taken by Donofrio and are attached to that original report on July 1, 2011 at his blog, Natural Born Citizen, which has been singularly focused on the issue of Presidential eligibility since late 2008.

As Donofrio documents in his article today, when he discovered a third tampered case, instead of rushing to publish it, he contacted a number of other bloggers and reporters to help document the evidence before Justia dispersed their robots to block it. While Donofrio originally only discovered two cases of tampering, somebody at Justia knew where the bones were buried and went about reinstating “Minor v. Happersett” in the at least 25 cases which it had earlier sabotaged. It appears that whoever knew about these additional despoiled cases, must have believed by fixing them before the corruption was exposed no one would ever suspect they too had been altered.

What tipped Donofrio off last week to the extent of Justia’s tampering was the case “Luria v. United States”. This case also firmly supports Minor on citizenship, and he double checked the text to see if it included references to Minor. It did… something he had not noticed upon previous readings of the case at

With his new insight into SCOTUS case tampering, he plugged the URL into the Waybackmachine to see if it had been altered in the past. Bingo. It had. Furthermore there was nothing blocking his ability to see those snapshotted pages, and how they had been altered compared to the original text. The gun wasn’t just smoking, the bullet was still flying.

A brief explanation of the how the Waybackmachine works. It takes snapshots of internet pages. It may not record the day a given webpage changed, but it documents the changes when it does hit that page. Thus a date on the Waybackmachine of April 13, 2004 means this was the date the snapshot was taken, not when the changes were necessarily made. There is no way of knowing precisely when the change occurred as the waybackmachine does not record the precise instant the change is made, it is only sometime later when the Internet archive records it.

The evidence he discovered there, at the time of publication of this article, is still available and shows the same exact same pattern of behavior – deception – that Justia exhibited with the Boyd and Pope cases Donofrio published back in July.

If Justia hasn’t blocked access to the WaybackMachine for their publication of Luria v. US, 231 U.S. 9 (1913) by the time you read this, then it continues to be evident and accessible that on Nov. 4, 2006 the Waybackmachine recorded Justia published the true original opinion issued by the Supreme Court with no tampering evident. Minor v. Happersett is cited on page 22 directly referencing Presidential eligibility as follows:

“Citizenship is membership in a political society, and implies a duty of allegiance on the part of the member and a duty of protection on the part of the society. These are reciprocal obligations, one being a compensation for the other. Under our Constitution, a naturalized citizen stands on an equal footing with the native citizen in all respects, save that of eligibility to the Presidency. Minor v. Happersett, 21 Wall. 162, 165, 22 L. ed. 627; Elk v. Wilkins, 112 U.S. 94, 101, 28 S. L. ed. 643, 645, 5 Sup. Ct. Rep. 41; Osborn v. Bank of United States, 9 Wheat. 738, 827, 6 L. ed. 204, 225.”

The July 6, 2008 Waybackmachine snapshot of Luria v. US is the first snapshot that shows the tampering:

“Citizenship is membership in a political society, and implies a duty of allegiance on the part of the member and a duty of protection on the part of the society. These are reciprocal obligations, one being a compensation for the other. Under our Constitution, a naturalized citizen stands on an equal footing with the native citizen in all respects save that of eligibility to the Presidency. 88 U. S. 165; Elk v. Wilkins, 112 U. S. 94, 112 U. S. 101; 22 U. S. 827.”

Notice that “Minor v. Happersett” has been removed along with the reference to “Osborn v. United States”, another case which causes trouble for Obama (and McCain). All of the WaybackMachine snapshots between July 6, 2008, and April 13, 2010 for this case, show the same tampering. The current, live Justia page for Luria v. US has been un-scrubbed and shows the original Supreme Court text. It is only with an archival resource such as the Waybackmachine that the alterations can be seen.

At publication, insertion of the URL into the Waybackmachine for this page at Justia still reveals the changes made to this page over time. Repeat this entire process with 25 Supreme Court cases and the extent of the tampering becomes evident.

This is disturbing enough, yet there was another subtle and insidious layer of deception. In every single instance of tampering, the numerical citation attached to Minor V. Happersett, has also been altered. (See Donofrio’s blog for a complete break down of this.) Changing these numbers is yet another layer of deception practiced at Justia.

While Donofrio documents in detail what the finer points of law in both versions mean in his article, this publication documents what this reporter has personally witnessed – the tampering of Supreme Court Cases online in the guise of “Full Text of Case”. This article is not the legal opinion of an attorney; it is witness to an event.

It’s important to note that the only way Justia could block all access to previous versions of their publication of cases would require .txt robots to be placed on their entire domain records at the Waybackmachine. If Tim Stanley were to secure from the honest and forthright archiving of the WaybackMachine, he would be an instant pariah in the freedom of information scene of which he is a leader.

Furthermore, if Stanley were to place robots on only the 25 (or more) cases which cite Minor v. Happersett, it would be a de-facto admission of guilt.

It appears that whoever tampered with these cases went back and “fixed” all of them, including 23 Donofrio wasn’t aware of until this week when he conclusively established the sabotage by Justia. For all 25, the pattern is precisely the same. In 2006, the cases at Justia are pristine in the Waybackmachine; word for word from official Supreme Court cases. Then at various points in 2008, the cases are corrupted by removal of the case name “Minor v, Happersett” ( as well as some other case names and text.)

The cases remained corrupted, according to the snapshots of the Waybackmachine in most cases, until late 2010.

Today however, all 25 cases have been painstakingly returned to their official Supreme Court versions; all references to Minor are back, the case and page numbers have been restored, as well as all missing text and references to other cases. Still, the pattern is clearly visible to anyone who takes the time to look at the evidence made available by the Waybackmachine. The sophistication and surgical elegance used to sabotage these cases is astounding, and has been personally witnessed by this reporter.

Every case which has been found to date by Mr. Donofrio has been documented with great attention to all these details. This has been accomplished by downloading the full code of the original un-tainted pages and the corrupted revisions from the Waybackmachine’s date stamped archive, along with screenshots of the pages as they appeared in browsers such as Mozilla Firefox before and after the tampering occurred, and the restored pages.

The volume of data is significant and Mr. Donofrio is in the process of making the entire archive available to the public. The article he has published today contains what he refers to as a “document dump“. It is in reality evidence. The reader is strongly encouraged to view the images which document Justia’s actions. Upon doing so, every member of congress should be notified of the existence of this information. Such usurpation of American history and law cannot be allowed.

Screenshots and links have been sent to several specific media contacts which include the Washington Times, Accuracy In Media, and Free Republic. In the interest of putting this information in front of as many eyes as possible before publication, it has been made freely available since Friday October 18, 2011 in the form of screenshots and saved page code. Should the information presented here be altered on the internet following publication, there will be a significant number of media outlets with knowledge and proof of any further alterations to internet archives.

The penalty associated with violating the “False Writings Statute”, 18 U.S.C. 1018 is jail and a fine for each count. With at least 25 counts if not more, this could mean upwards of 25 years in prison. The manipulation of Supreme Court cases is an offense against all Americans, and the Court itself. If like Fast and Furious this scandal reaches directly to the White House, the ramifications are both dire and catastrophic.

Minor v. Happersett defined the one specific term which Barack Obama could not overcome with “Hope and Change” though he could ‘hope’ someone would ‘change’ the cases which help define the term “Natural Born Citizen.” This case, if it had been sufficiently known to the public and media, and sufficiently documented by supporting citations, might have eliminated the possibility of Obama’s nomination and/or election. Either Obama got lucky in this regard, or the “constitutional law professor” and former editor of the Harvard Law Review had some hand in directing the efforts to erase the very citations in law which define him as a citizen, and at the same time rule him out as a constitutional candidate for President of the United States.

Just as certainly as the corruption at has been documented and archived, more will be revealed. Stay tuned, it is expected that this information will generate some significant updates. They will be reported here as they happen.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Orly Taitz Reports on Hawaii’s Continued Stealth About Obama’s Birth Record


by Sharon Rondeau

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

Dr. and Atty. Orly Taitz of California has filed multiple state and federal actions to discover if Obama is using a fraudulent social security number and forged birth certificate

(Oct. 21, 2011) — On October 12, 2011, Dr. Orly Taitz and Hawaii Assistant Attorney General Jill Nagamine appeared before Judge Rhonda Nishimura in Honolulu Circuit Court following Taitz’s request to inspect the original birth record of Barack Hussein Obama, who is serving as president but may not be constitutionally qualified by Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution and has been accused of social security fraud.

Taitz wished to compare the image Obama had released on April 27, 2011 to the records on file with the Hawaii Department of Health, if they exist, to see if they match.

Nagamine represented Health Director Loretta Fuddy, who had refused to comply with two subpoenas issued for disclosure of the birth record. Taitz stated on her website that she believed there has been a conflict of interest in Nagamine representing the Hawaii Department of Health because Nagamine’s husband had represented Obama’s half-sister in a divorce.

Fox Channel KHON-2 covered the court hearing.

Taitz has stated that a total of 135 newspapers across the country have now published articles touching on the Obama eligibility question.

In the past, Nagamine has refused to corroborate that Obama is a “natural-born American citizen,” a statement made by then-Health Department Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino. Earlier this year, Fukino stated in an interview with MSNBC that Obama’s original birth record was half-typed and half-handwritten, but the appearance of the image Obama released on April 27, 2011 does not match that description.

As an attorney, Taitz had issued a subpoena to Fuddy to produce the document last summer, followed up by a subpoena issued by the U.S. District Court in Honolulu. On the deadline date of August 8, 2011, surrogates for Fuddy presented a letter to Taitz stating that Obama’s original record could not be disclosed due to privacy concerns.

Taitz has argued that Obama has already waived his right to privacy because of his release of an image purported to be a certified copy of his original birth record on April 27, 2011.

Nishimura dismissed the case at the request of the attorney general’s office as shown in a brief video clip (courtesy ObamaReleaseYourRecords), but Taitz stated that the judge’s decision defies a Hawaii statute regarding government documents. Taitz also maintained that numerous experts have deemed the document Obama released in April a forgery. Taitz claimed that the judge’s decision was “totally biased and dumb.”

Taitz had filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, alleging that the social security number which Obama is using was never assigned to him and therefore wished to inspect the Department’s birth records for Obama to determine if identity fraud has been committed. Last month she met with congressional staffers and legal counsel regarding the social security matter, on which The Post & Email reported here.

Obama has two relatives, both found to be illegal aliens in this country, who appear to have been using stolen social security numbers. Judge Royce Lamberth of the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC has stated that the public would not be served by discovering whether or not Obama is using a number fraudulently despite affidavits and statements from private investigators stating that he is.

The U.S. Congress, federal judges, and executive branch have all refused to investigate allegations that the purported long-form birth certificate released by the White House is a forgery. WorldNetDaily has published several reports from various document specialists stating that the document is a fraud, including a two-part series based on the work of Dr. Ron Polland, whom The Post & Email had interviewed regarding his initial evaluation of the April 27, 2011 White House release.

Taitz had requested production of the original document through a subpoena which she issued as an attorney, and later, by a subpoena issued by the U.S. District Court in Honolulu. Director of Health Loretta Fuddy had refused to comply with the subpoenas and was defended by Nagamine.

Dr. Taitz described the events of October 12 as follows:

I filed a case in Hawaii against the Director of Health, Loretta Fuddy, and their registrar, Dr. Alvin Onaka, and I was seeking the original birth certificate for expert inspection in light of the fact that it was provided to the public and in court by the U.S. attorneys. According to experts, it is a forgery. The Department of Health refused to comply. I filed a Freedom of information request according to their state statutes, and when they refused to comply, I filed a case in their circuit court.

We had a hearing on October 12, and what the state was arguing that I could not have access to the original document due to the consideration of privacy. It was very clear that the judge had marching orders to dismiss the case on the same basis. The hearing lasted about an hour, and Fox News Hawaii, Channel 2, was there and positioned a camera at the jury box and recorded the proceeding in full. Channel 8 was there as well. The judge had said only one camera could be in the courtroom.

The state argued “privacy.” When I came to my rebuttal, I stated to the judge, “Mr. Obama has waived his right to privacy because he released the document and privacy is no longer an excuse.”

I arose very early that day, and the first thing I did when I arrived in Hawaii was go to the court to verify the time and place of the hearing. I also went to the law library and made copies of their administrative statutes which are the same as everywhere else in the country. There is a statute under Title 8, Administrative Proceedings, Section 91-10, subsection 2, which states, “Documentary evidence may be received in the form of copies or excerpts if the original is not readily available, provided that upon request, parties should be given an opportunity to compare the copy with the original.” It’s clear. The judge clearly violated the rule pertaining to public proceedings.

The Deputy Attorney General’s husband handled Obama’s sister’s divorce, and there is a conflict of interest right there. Her husband is a private attorney for the Obama family. I wrote to Jill Nagamine previously asking her to confirm those facts and if true, recuse herself.

At that point, Nagamine was grasping at straws and came up with a new excuse, which was just unthinkable. Without citing any specific statutes, she stated that in the state of Hawaii, the rules are such that any verification necessary is answered by a “yes” or “no.”

Taitz stated that judges around the country have become “criminally complicit” in “covering up” for Obama’s ineligibility, “forgery,” and social security fraud. When The Post & Email asked her if she believed that “We the People” can do anything about it, she responded:

Absolutely. We see the Tea Party movement, Occupy Wall Street…I think it’s time to occupy the courts, the Congress, the White House. The people need to demand the removal from the bench of corrupt judges and removal from the Congress of corrupt congressmen. First and foremost, we need to clean up our completely corrupted election system. A foreign company, Dominion, which purchased most of our hardware and software as well as Diebold and Sequoia, controls our elections. We need to go back to elections being managed state by state, within the states, not by a foreign corporation, because there is so much evidence of corruption of the voting software and hardware. We need to go back to paper ballots as they did in Germany. We need people at the precincts counting those ballots. We need people verifying that voter registrations are valid. We have an unprecedented level of corruption in our election system, in our judiciary and our Congress. That’s how we have a complete fraud and a criminal sitting in the White House for the past three years.

We have to stand up to this.

Taitz reported that she plans to file “multiple appeals” in Hawaii and in Washington, DC. She is seeking donations for the “thousands and thousands of dollars” which the actions will necessitate. People so inclined may donate at her website.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Presidential Candidate: The Others Won’t Touch Obama’s Eligibility Question


by Cody Robert Judy, ©2011

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of the Post & Email.

(Oct. 20, 2011) — Dear Fellow Citizen:

The Media spotlight of the GOP Debates and Republican Campaigns for President are sizzling with excitement.

The pendulum key of our National Security and Economy that is given to the President by order of our U.S. Constitution’s demand for a natural born citizen has been forsaken by all of these spotlighted Candidates and their Campaigns except for one.

The Political arena has succumbed to the richness and the feverish pitch which provides the attention and hype the 2012 candidates for President have craved and worked for.

With so much attention going to Obama the past couple of years, the debates have provided the balm for the attention deficit disorder; however, they have also provided you with the clear picture upon which the candidates for President in the GOP stand on Obama’s eligibility.

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign has accomplished just the opposite; and we’d like to inform you of the political paradigm that makes this campaign the most important one when it comes to our current Constitutional Crisis and the A.D.D. of all the Republican Candidates.

Instead of sweeping Obama’s U.S.C. eligibility demand under the carpet in order to bask in the Media’s attention, the very name of Cody’s Presidential Campaign brings to your attention the Constitution and effectively Obama’s eligibility.

Cody is calling now for 1,000 Patriots to contribute $100 dollars to his 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign who will receive a signed and numbered commemoration plaque supporting the eligibility Birther Movement; a noble treasure for your families honor in United States history. Donate:

To understand the work and courage behind Cody’s Eligibility Clarion Call would fill a volume that will be shared by our future generations as pivotal in United States history, however, we don’t have time here, so let’s break it down to bare bones, which you can grasp in a few bullet points.

As candidly and transparently as possible let’s shock you with a revelation; the GOP Candidates cannot legally defend the Constitution’s eligibility requirement from Obama without committing what is termed a hate crime.

In crime and law, hate crimes (also known as bias-motivated crimes) occur when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her perceived membership in a certain social group, usually defined by racial group, religion, sexual orientation, disability, class, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, gender identity, social status or political affiliation. Here’s how Obama has used this to silence the GOP Candidates.

The Republican Nominee Sen. John McCain was born in Panama, which is a foreign nation. He was not born in a military base hospital but in a Panama’s hospital and his citizenship was granted to him 11 months after his birth by an Act of Congress specifically for the Panama Canal Zone in a process we call naturalization, or in other words adopted as a citizen the same as any other immigrant applying from Panama or any other foreign country would be.

In 2008 all of the Republican U.S. Senators, accept Sen. McCain, voted for non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution 511 which announced to the world Sen. John McCain was a ‘natural born citizen’. This was co-sponsored in a Democrat controlled U.S. Senate by then Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama.

Cody Robert Judy was the only Presidential Candidate in the 2008 Class of Presidential Candidates to oppose this legally in the Federal District Court in Nevada prior to Sen. McCain being made the Republican nominee; that law suit also objected to Sen. Barack Obama’s Eligibility as Kenyan Born and to a father who was not a U.S. Citizen and a mother not old enough by law to confer U.S. citizenship.

Cody is calling now for 1,000 Patriots to contribute $100 dollars to his 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign who will receive a signed and numbered commemoration plaque supporting the eligibility Birther Movement; a noble treasure for your families honor in United States history. Donate:

There is no Presidential Candidate no matter how popular or politically experienced that can survive the legal rationale of racism. The media, amenable to slander, aired such claims with ABC’s Whoopi Goldberg, NBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, and CBS News host Bob Schieffer against Donald Trump capable of suing them in court for slander, who also incidentally received a new 65 million dollar contract after bailing out of his toe-dip Presidential run, providing the stage for Barack Obama to release his long form fabrication i.e., birth certificate.

For a Racism or Hate Crime to be justified on a third party, one must first have 2 opposing parties with which to discriminate. In the 2008 Presidential Field, we had Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama both constitutionally unqualified. By giving McCain a pass for being a natural born citizen, albeit unconstitutional, and his being a foreign born naturalized citizen by not 1 but 2 Acts of Congress, the legal assumption would be if you didn’t give Obama the same pass he would have a claim of being treated differently under the exact same laws, justifying a legally abusive verbal ‘hate crime’.

That is right; Cody Robert Judy stands alone on being legally able to bring Obama’s Eligibility up as a grievance to Congress and in his campaign, made possible by his Constitutional Stand against both McCain and Obama. Do you see any reason to support Cody’s Campaign yet?

Now you understand why 3 major media outlets are afraid to let Cody’s Cat out of the bag so-to-speak and why it is so very important for you to support Cody’s U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign for President.

Will you please join Cody Robert Judy’s defense for the Constitution regardless of your party affiliation?

That is our question to you because as American’s we all have the Constitution in common regardless of party affiliation; you can do it with one candidate who has the law on his side, a record to withstand the racist charge, and at the same time is preserving and protecting the United States Constitution as a President should be.

Cody is calling now for 1,000 Patriots to contribute $100 dollars to his 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign who will receive a signed and numbered commemoration plaque supporting the eligibility Birther Movement; a noble treasure for your families honor in United States history. Donate:

While some have used Cody’s not being elected to any office in the past as a claim of his not being qualified, we recall Cody is more Constitutionally qualified than the present occupant of the White House, and Obama’s voting ‘present’ as a Senator certainly didn’t act to qualify him, and by no means is any Governor running prepared either for the vast differences of any particular state compared to the Nation as a whole, but Cody has the record of preserving and protecting the United States Constitution that we want in a President.

We all know that when called upon any one of the candidates with the GOP would likely be honored to serve in Cody’s Cabinet just as Gov. Jon Huntsman served in Obama’s after all we are all concerned about our Country, but to honor our Constitution that unites all of 50 States, don’t you think rewarding a man whose defended the Constitution’s key to our National Defense and Economy makes common sense and more importantly will put Washington, DC on notice that We The People are in fact in charge?

Cody Robert Judy is blowing the Constitution’s Trumpet unlike any other presidential candidate in 2012 and we’re asking you to join him. He is serving you now as you would want a President to be serving the Constitution. Let’s not “hope” for a candidate to serve the Constitution when they get there; let’s elect one who is serving the Constitution now. Please go to and make a donation now.

Cody is calling now for 1,000 Patriots to contribute $100 dollars to his 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign who will receive a signed and numbered commemoration plaque supporting the eligibility Birther Movement; a noble treasure for your families honor in United States history. Donate:


Editor’s Note: The Post & Email does not endorse candidates for any office. Here, we have reproduced Mr. Judy’s address to fellow Americans because of its focus on the Obama eligibility question, which The Post & Email has covered from its inception in late 2009. The solicitation for donations is Mr. Judy’s alone.
Are All of the Obamas Illegal Aliens?


Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

October 20, 2011

The Social Security Administration refuses to release information about the Connecticut social security number Obama is using which many have claimed is fraudulent

Dear fellow American,
There is substantial evidence that practically the entire Obama Family are masters at gaming the system, milking it for whatever it is worth, and engaging in FRAUD whenever necessary. This is a VERY SERIOUS CHARGE. Perhaps you are aware that several lawsuits are currently under way, trying – under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) – to force the Social Security Administration to produce the “original” Application Form, where Barack Obama supposedly applied for the Social Security Number listed on his latest Federal Income Tax Form 1040. These lawsuits are getting nowhere because corrupt Federal Judges are inexplicably refusing to exercise their sworn duty to fairly administer the laws. WHY???
Nearly every member of the US Congress (all 535 members), all 9 members of the US Supreme Court, all members of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff have been notified by Registered US Mail – of compelling evidence – that Obama is a FRAUD - with a nebulous background. Private Investigators have determined the frightening reality that almost 40 Social Security Numbers have been traced to Barack Obama!!! Why would a person need that many SSNs, unless for fraud and corruption – like laundering bribes and payoffs. Why won’t our elected officials at least publicly investigate these serious matters ???
Numerous Complaints of Fraud and Treason have been filed with the FBI and the Justice Department. Why will they not at least Publicly Declare that these numerous charges have been investigated and found Baseless???
The “link” below will take you to the story behind Barack’s “Uncle Roy.” The latest family scandal – Uncle-Gate … which follows Auntie-Gate. He too is an illegal alien in this country from Kenya. He was recently arrested for DUI, after nearly hitting a police car. Turns out he has 2 SSNs, has been Ordered Deported before, but is an “abscounder” – who refuses to leave. The colored words in the Article below are “hot links” to other Sources which back up the accusations.
WHY IS D.C. TERRIFIED TO FACE THE TRUTH??? It looks like we need to replace EVERYBODY there – and Start All Over, again!!! Remember in November 2012.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Republican Leaders are Helping Obama Destroy America


by Lawrence Sellin, ©2011

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States as well as an historian, particularly in naval affairs

(Oct. 18, 2011) — “Political parties exist to secure responsible government and to execute the will of the people. From these great tasks both of the old parties have turned aside. Instead of instruments to promote the general welfare they have become the tools of corrupt interests, which use them impartially to serve their selfish purposes. Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics, is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.”

President Theodore Roosevelt spoke those words in August 1912. They could have easily been spoken today.

Under Barack Obama, the Democrat Party has been transformed into an anti-American and anti-democratic movement funded from international sources, sustained by the ideology of anti-neocolonialism and executed through socialist and dictatorial policies.

Obama indeed embraced the “Dreams from his Father.” In a 1965 paper “Problems Facing Our Socialism” published in the East Africa Journal, his Muslim father, Barack Obama Sr., proposed expanding government control, wealth seizure by the state and the confiscation of foreign owned land, all policies closely resembling those eventually implemented by President Robert Mugabe of totalitarian and moribund country of Zimbabwe.

As Dinesh D’Souza wrote and the Obama-supported Occupy Wall Street mobs are now violently expressing throughout the country:

“From a very young age and through his formative years, Obama learned to see America as a force for global domination and destruction. He came to view America’s military as an instrument of neocolonial occupation. He adopted his father’s position that capitalism and free markets are code words for economic plunder. Obama grew to perceive the rich as an oppressive class, a kind of neocolonial power within America. In his worldview, profits are a measure of how effectively you have ripped off the rest of society, and America’s power in the world is a measure of how selfishly it consumes the globe’s resources and how ruthlessly it bullies and dominates the rest of the planet.”

The rich, according to the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters, Obama and the Democrat Party, aren’t paying their “fair share.” This by itself seems odd given that the top 1% of Americans pay 40% of all federal income taxes; the next 9% of income earners pay another 30%. So the top 10% pays 70% of the taxes.

As D’Souza notes, Obama’s anti-neocolonialism explains his support for the U.S. Export-Import Bank offer of $2 billion in loans and guarantees to Brazil’s state-owned oil company Petrobras to finance exploration in the Santos Basin near Rio de Janeiro–not so the oil ends up in the U.S., but so that the oil can stay in Brazil.

Coincidentally, George Soros invested nearly $1 billion in Petrobras shares for his hedge fund right before the Export-Import Bank announced the loan.

Obama’s philosophy also explains why he supports a $100 million mosque near the site where terrorists in the name of Islam brought down the World Trade Center and his directive to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to improve relations with the Muslim world by finding “a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science and math and engineering.”

It has never been clear who paid for Obama’s Harvard education, but it is possible, if not likely, that the money came from Saudi Arabia.

It was Obama’s friendship with Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour and his sponsorship of Obama as a prospective Harvard law student, however, that probably helped merge Obama’s innate anti-colonialist views with those of an Islamic and black nationalist.

Formerly known as Donald Warden, al-Mansour, an American, was a mentor of Black Panther founders Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in the early 1960s. He changed his name after studying Islam and learning Arabic. He is well known within the black community as a lawyer, an orthodox Muslim, a black nationalist, an author, an international deal-maker, an educator, and an outspoken enemy of Israel. His writings and books are packed with anti-American rhetoric reminiscent of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s disgraced former pastor. Al-Mansour has close ties to Saudi Arabia and is a personal advisor to Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the world’s 19th wealthiest person.

Obama’s and the goals of his anti-American fellow travelers can best be achieved by assaulting the Constitution, fostering alternative legal structures like sharia law, economically weakening America to the point of global impotence and fragmenting America into a politically-correct and multicultural society.

Those goals have been incorporated into the policies of the Democrat Party, a process which continues without any significant opposition from the Republican Party, both of whose members have become the tools of corrupt interests, which use them impartially to serve their selfish purposes.

For over three years the United States has faced its gravest Constitutional crisis since the Civil War and the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.

Yet not a single Republican at the national level has honored his or her oath of office to support and defend the Constitution by calling for an investigation of Obama’s ineligibility for the Presidency or his crimes committed both before and after occupying the Oval Office.

Obama is an illegal President who violates the Constitution and openly flouts the rule of law by forging his birth documents and Selective Service registration and uses a Social Security number not issued to him.

The evidence is overwhelming that Obama released a forged Certificate of Live Birth on April 27, 2011. A digital document expert has now created a forged duplicate of that long-form birth certificate describing the methodology used to deconstruct the White House document for the purpose of reconstructing the forged version and has made deductions about the alleged forger.

Starting in 2008 and continuing today, Obama and the main stream media successfully intimidated the cowardly Republicans by threatening to call them names like “racist” or “birther.”

Now the Republicans are complicit in a cover-up of Obama’s crimes.

Instead of doing the right thing and working to shatter the unholy alliance perpetuating permanent political corruption, the Republican leadership has decided to do what is politically expedient, perform the role of useful idiots and help Barack Obama further damage the United States.

Ambrose Bierce accurately described Washington, D.C. politics in “The Devil’s Dictionary” (1911): as a strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles; the conduct of public affairs for private advantage.

The Democrats are hopelessly corrupt, anti-American and beyond salvation. The Republicans have chosen lust for power and greed over love of country.

Short of revolution against the corrupt politicians, ordinary Americans still have one remaining potent weapon; withhold their votes for Republican candidates who refuse to support and defend the Constitution by not speaking out against Obama’s ineligibility and crimes.

Whether with or without Obama in 2012, if the political leadership continues to subvert the Constitution and disregard the rule of law, national chaos will ensue and armed defense by a citizenry being robbed of its life and liberty by an invisible government will be inevitable.


Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He receives hate mail at
Inside Africa: Near pristine image of Barack Obama’s 1961 baby footprint has surfaced in 2011


by Lucas Daniel Smith, ©2011, blogging at WasObamaBorninKenya

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

(Oct. 19, 2011) — Inside Africa: Near pristine image of Barack Obama’s 1961 baby footprint has surfaced in 2011.

Thirty-two months have passed since I exited Africa with a certified (2009) copy of Barack Obama’s 1961 Coast Province General Hospital (CPGH), Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, Certificate of Birth. Said certificate of birth contains an image of a baby footprint. Said footprint is located in the lower left corner of the certificate. A close-up of the footprint is pictured below:

Observers have questioned the significance of the image found on the 1961 Kenyan hospital certificate of birth. Is the image merely a generic adornment, ornamentation or ‘trimming’ found on all of that particular hospital’s certificates of birth for that era? Or is the footprint that of the child bearing the name Barack Hussein Obama II?

We asked ourselves, ‘Was Kenya using inked prints on other forms of identification in and prior to the year 1961?‘

Answer: YES. (Left Thumb Impression / Right Thumb Impression)

Kenya Pass Book FEB 1 1958 (date format and fingerprints)

We then asked ourselves, ‘Are there other hospital birth certificates which contain only one footprint, as opposed to both feet, issued in or prior to the year 1961?‘

Answer: YES.

Patricia Anne Gillespie / 1950 hospital birth certificate with one footprint / embossed seal

For sometime now I’ve been in fervent pursuit of corroborating certificates of birth issued by the Coast Province General Hospital (CPGH), Mombasa in or around the year 1961. At worst I hoped to ascertain and establish that the footprint is a generic image contained on other same era certificates issued by the said hospital. At best I hoped to demonstrate that the footprint is unique and differs slightly in form from other footprints contained on other same era certificates issued by the said hospital. In either case, I could substantiate and provide evidence to support the fact that the said footprint-birth-certificate is not atypical of other same era certificates issued by the said hospital.

For some months now I have been working a slow and slothful, yet promising, scheme to gain access to colonial/protectorate records issued by the Coast Province General Hospital. A few days ago I received notification from long-time personal contacts (friends) now inside Kenya to the effect that they’d gained access to select birth records at the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya via one of the hospital’s employees.

What I have seen so far has come via webcam chat sessions. I’ve seen what appears to be partial views of a CPGH certificate of birth which is nearly identical to the document that I obtained at the CPGH in 2009. James O.W. Ang’awa is listed as the attending doctor and the birth place of the father is listed as Kanyadhiang Village, Nyanza. The footprint appears identical in shape and size to the footprint on the document that I obtained in 2009. However, unalike the very dark and muddy footprint image contained on the 2009 certified copy, the footprint that I have seen over the webcam is lighter, more pronounced and the lines and wrinkles of the skin are all discernible. Moreover, the paper certificate appears to be light brown, tawny or perhaps beige in color.

I’ve also now been shown partial views of another CPGH certificate of birth which contains the name of a different doctor and a different birth place of father and a different-looking footprint.

I will report again soon.

by Neil Turner

Are the Democrats who propelled Obama through the primaries and to the presidency satisfied with the "hope and change" he promised?

(Oct. 19, 2011) — The IM/UN/IN-ABILITIES of Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah/Bounel:

INELIGIBILITY – he is unable to meet the Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 ELIGIBILITY requirements of the Office of President;
UN-E-VERIFIABILITY – he is unable to pass our Government’s own E-verify program with the SS # he has provided to the Nation;
INABILITY – to speak intelligently without his teleprompters and the words of others placed in front of him;
INSTABILITY – of mind (one has to be out of their mind to think they can commit blatant treason and usurp the Presidency – as a foreign-born Sharia promoting Muslim, and non-natural born non-US Citizen – and get away with it for 2 terms, never mind one);
UN-INTELLIGIBILITY – whenever he speaks without his teleprompters, he is absolutely un-intelligible (uuuuhh; uuuuhh; uuuuhh);
INCREDIBILITY – he has lied so much (it is a ‘high crime’ to lie whenever one speaks under oath of office) that he has no ‘credibility’ – worldwide – whatsoever;
IMPLAUSIBILITY – his responses to any questions about his past and his origins are so implausible as to call for a willful suspension of disbelief – by a nation of complicit Zobama-bies;
UNBELIEVABILITY – it is unbelievable that a ‘Christian’ (and an admitted adult ‘apostate’ of Islam) would bow to Muslim Kings, would cancel the National day of prayer, would host dinners at the White House for Muslims only, would have Muslims (whose political movement goals are the replacement of our Supreme Law with Sharia law) and other domestic terrorists on his staff, and that there would not be a fatwa of death on his head (for his ‘apostasy’) by the Muslim world.

Considering the foregoing, it seems inconceivable that, but for the Conspiracy of Congress, the Supreme Court, the Judiciary, and the complicity of the Media – that this phony, this fraud, this foreign-born, Sharia promoting, usurping Muslim traitor – still sits in our White House spewing his anti-American hate and destruction.

“The Republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who continue to acknowledge a virtual Ghost as their lawful President & Commander in Chief.”

It is UNBELIEVABLE that we can have all these ‘presidential’ debates about how each of them can save this Nation – without addressing the INELIGIBLITY of the usurper, or even the UN-E-VERIFIABILITY of the Social Security number of the person whom they acknowledge – without question – as the leader of the ‘Free World’.

That is why the and the are converging on Washington, D.C. on 11.11.11 with their NATIONAL CALL FOR A UNITED ACTION and their DECLARATION TO RESTORE A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

If you can’t make it to D.C. for this massive show of support for the restoration of our Constitution, then you can at least sign up with your financial and/or moral support.


“With the privilege and honor of knowing of, swearing to, and living under our Constitution,
comes the responsibility and duty of defending, maintaining and adhering to it.”

In Liberty.

Neil B. Turner
Citizens for the Constitution
New Hampshire State Representative Charges Obama with treason!

Open letter to all Members of Congress,

I am formally asking you to bring a commission of treason against Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

We have a President who allows our borders to be violated by illegals of any country while we are at war. He allows them work permits, access to our services and when apprehended by law enforcement refuses to have them jailed or deported. Barack Hussein Obama has crossed the line, and under Article III, Section 3 of our Constitution is guilty of treason by giving aid and comfort to the enemy and attempting to overthrow our government from within.

Now is the time for members of Congress to finally do your Constitutional duty and hold Barack Hussein Obama accountable for his crimes against America. Mr. Obama is a fraudulent president who is selling out America.

It's time Mr. Obama is called accountable for his treasonous actions. I can only hope our members of Congress have the intestinal fortitude to do what needs to be done. It is time to make up your mind "Do you stand with this fraud and treasonous president or with the American people and our Constitution which you swore to protect and defend"?

Thank you,
Harry Accornero 603-387-9708
Representative, Laconia, NH

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Opinion: Hawaii Court Hearing Verifies that White House and Health Department Have the Same Fraudulent Document


by Just Thinking

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

Has the Hawaii Department of Health colluded with Obama to maintain a forgery as an authentic birth record?

(Oct. 17, 2011) —

On January 18, 2011, Hawaii Governor Abercrombie admitted publicly that “a long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate for Barack Obama may not exist within the vital records maintained by the Hawaii Department of Health.”

Then around April 11, 2011, Dr. Fukino said that “she found the original birth record, properly numbered, half typed and half handwritten, and signed by the doctor who delivered Obama, located in the files.”

Then on April 25, 2011, Hawaii Dept of Health Director Fuddy wrote to Obama’s attorney, “Enclosed please find two certified copies of your ORIGINAL Certificate of Live Birth. I have witnessed the copying of the certificate and attest to the authenticity of these copies.” And that same day Governor Abercrombie put out a press release saying that since 2001, it was Hawaii’s policy “to issue and provide only the computer-generated Certifications of Live Birth, and to not produce photocopies of actual records to fulfill requests for certified copies of certificates. Director Fuddy made an exception for President Obama by issuing copies of the ORIGINAL birth certificate.”

Then on April 27, 2011 in the White House press conference, Obama’s White House Counsel Bob Bauer stated that Hawaii officials had copied the long form birth certificate and that counsel had gone to Hawaii to pick it up. Bauer said, “And you’ll see the letter from the director of Health Department that states she oversaw the copy and is attesting to it.” Then Assistant to the President Dan Pfeiffer stated that the two certified copies of the birth certificate had a state seal.

Obama received his official copy of his certified original long form Certificate of Live Birth from Fuddy and posted it on the White House website on April 27, 2011. Surprisingly, it was not half typed and half hand written as Dr. Fukino had stated, and there was no visible state seal.

While many experts have indicated that the birth certificate is a fraud, there are some basic issues in the document that stand out to even the layman. There were some very strange things in Obama’s long-form birth certificate document such as:

the birth certificate number 61- 10641,

BARACK’s name,

Stanley Ann Dunham Obama’s signature,

field descriptor text, etc., which were each split into two different layers of the pdf document.

And there was more problematic fraud in Obama’s birth certificate, as some elements (such as the registrar’s date stamp) are linked elements from another source which were then scaled 24% and rotated -90 degrees.

Then there was also the problem of the misspelled “the” in the registrar’s stamp which was spelled “TXE”.

And there was the nice happy face that the forger drew into the “A” in Alvin’s signature.

In the October 12 court hearing of Taitz v Fuddy, Onaka, Attorney Orly Taitz stated, “I showed them different provisions in their state law, that showed, that as an attorney with a case, where the certified copy is at issue, I am entitled to get verification of the documents…” So Orly was asking the court for verification that the fraudulent birth certificate that Obama released was in fact the same as what Hawaii had on file in their official records. Orly continues, “[Asst Atty General] Nagamine scrambled to come up with something and she came up with the stupidest excuse. She said that the state of HI verifies documents with only two words: yes or no, meaning that the document is yes, in records or no, not in records. And they verified and said yes…”

So now that Nagamine has said that Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate on the White House website is the same as the long-form birth certificate that Hawaii has been hiding in its official records, we now know that Hawaii’s so-called ORIGINAL birth certificate is fraudulent, too. And that means that there is no authentic Hawaiian birth certificate for Obama–or else Obama would have put it on the White House website rather than that fraudulent birth certificate with the smiley face. And Obama’s attorney Bob Bauer also told us that this long-form birth certificate that Dan Pfeiffer put on the White House website was the document that Fuddy had certified as a copy of the ORIGINAL long-form birth certificate in Hawaii’s official records. And when Pfeiffer was asked if Obama would later be holding his own birth certificate, Pfeiffer said, “He will not, and I will not leave it here for him to do so. But it will — the State Department of Health in Hawaii will obviously attest that that is a — what they have on file.”

Why couldn’t Obama hold his own birth certificate? Obviously everyone at the White House knew it was fraudulent and they just didn’t want Obama’s picture taken holding his own fraudulent birth certificate. So if Fuddy and Nagamine attest that Obama’s “original” birth certificate that Hawaii has in its records is the same as the fraudulent copy at the White House, then the State of Hawaii has no authentic long-form birth certificate for Obama. So Hawaii has just proven that Obama was not born in Hawaii. This means that Obama and the entire White House as well as state officials in Hawaii colluded in this identity fraud.

That fits right in with Obama stating that he was born at Queens Medical Center (on Obama’s Organizing For America website and other sources),

and then stating he was born at Kapiolani.

He’s the only person alive who was born at two different hospitals. Did Obama think that if he said he was born in one hospital in the US that was good, but saying that he was born in two hospitals was twice as much proof that he was born in the US?

Even though Fuddy says that Obama was born at Kapiolani, strangely, officials at Kapiolani won’t confirm that. In fact, Hawaii’s senior election official Tim Adams stated, “We called the two hospitals in Honolulu: Queens and Kapi’olani. Neither of them have any records that Barack Obama was born there.”

If Obama wasn’t born at either one of the hospitals that Obama says he was born at, then where did this long-form birth certificate in Hawaii’s “official” records come from? Actually, it was three different hospitals that Obama was born in. In 2009 the Kenyan Ministry of National Heritage honored Kogelo as the “birthplace of President Barack Obama.” And that means that Obama’s grandmother Sarah was telling the truth when she said not once, but twice, that Obama II was born in Kenya.

Monday, October 17, 2011


The Horse is Dead, so Stop Kicking It

by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

"When in the course of human events..."

(Oct. 16, 2011) — So maybe the horse didn’t actually die that fateful January day in 2009, but that’s certainly the day when we took the mortal blow. We’ve been hearing the word “recovery” as if being concerned about how the suntan is somehow related to the femoral artery being severed. Now here it is, three years after the yet-to-be-vetted president took office, and we’re still doing nothing but blowing hot air at one another and expecting something to happen. Well, nothing’s going to happen without some sort of physical involvement, and that’s the bottom line.

One definition of a physical involvement would be to sail my cruiser up the Potomac but, alas, I can’t do that since they’ve sent her to the recycling bin years ago. Another example would be the recall election of every member of Congress who has failed to uphold his Oath of Office. The same goes for each and every judge who has had a hand in keeping the bum Obama in office. But a recall election would require at least a veneer of honesty, which isn’t likely when judges have ruled that we American citizens have “no standing” as to finding out whether any employee of the Federal Government is qualified to collect a government paycheck.

But the above examples of a physical response are more or less reactionary; even the Navy warship is an “idea’ of physical force. Concerns, complaints and obvious consensus of opinion that Obama is not qualified to hold the office of president through e-mails or actual letters sent to elected representatives have been an exercise in futility. Believe me, everyone within the Beltway has known Obama isn’t eligible to hold the office, but the gravy train has been too good to them all to upset the apple cart.

Quite amazing, entertaining and interesting to watch: the complete and utter takeover of a country by circumventing the very laws that make up the essence of the United States and her Constitution. And there is no way it couldn’t have happened without the express approval and participation of both political parties, law enforcement, the Joint Chief of Staff, the Federal Reserve Bank, and our not-to-be-trusted mainstream media.

Untold thousands of well-meaning but naive individuals, thousands of greedy individuals who sold out their country for thirty pieces of silver or for a couple of million (the amount is of no account; it’s the intent that is paramount), and thousands who turned traitor by actively taking a leading role in trashing our Constitution, as our worthless Attorney General did for failing to prosecute “his people” for voter intimidation, all deserve to be fined, undergo loss of pension, loss of liberty, or loss of life if they don’t succeed in destroying America. By crossing the line, they have declared themselves to be immune from previous restraints and are well aware of the consequences of not succeeding in turning over the United States to one governed by Islamic Law, called Sharia.

Voices echoing on deaf ears to millions about the need to be understanding and tolerant will result only in their throats being slit by a régime that worships death while we cherish life. There is no way for America to win her freedoms back unless it is done physically. The enemy will not give up without a fight, and we will not win our country back without one.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Debate is over! He’s not natural born – Part II


by JB Williams, ©2011

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

The Statue of Liberty depicts Lady Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom

(Oct. 9, 2011) — In a World Net Daily expose’ regarding the final word on Obama ineligibility, I discussed the fact that Barack Hussein Obama II became the 44th resident of the people’s White House by way of outright fraud and explained that no matter which definition of natural born citizen one cherry-picks for their own political agenda, Obama cannot pass the test.

The U.S. Senate got the definition of natural born citizen exactly right in Senate Resolution 511 regarding John McCain, but refuses to apply the same definition to Barack Hussein Obama II. That’s because McCain can pass the test and Obama can’t. As a result, some think that he isn’t actually president, but if you look here, you will see him listed as our nation’s 44th. He’s the one at the bottom of the list… according to official records – Obama can and must be impeached.

I also pointed out that this massive fraud could not have been carried out, let alone covered up, by Obama himself. He needed a lot of help and he had a lot of help. I list many of his little helpers in Part I.

Then I ended the piece with a promise to discuss the question – “why” nobody will do anything about it in Part II, and here we are…
Two words – National Security

Most Americans would be shocked to know what all our government is truly capable of in the name of national security. Allowing the greatest election fraud in U.S. history to stand or be swept under the carpet is nothing, compared to many other things the government engages in, all in the interest of national security.

There is a pact in place inside Washington D.C. Even though nearly every D.C. insider knows that Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible for the office he currently holds, they failed to stop it from happening and the people elected him, albeit under false pretenses and with a bit of funny business at the polls.

Once the people voted for him, even though he should have never been allowed to appear on the ballot to begin with, the rest was predictable. Once the crime was committed, involving many of the key leaders of our federal government, only two choices were left.

Admit it, take responsibility for it and reverse it – or – act like it never happened. As politicians can always be counted upon to serve themselves above all others, they simply chose what was behind door number two – it never happened!
A Rock and a Hard Place

To put it lightly, there was no clean way out of the constitutional crisis they had created. Either way they go, national security is at risk.

Remember that in 2008, nobody thought for a moment that the “nobody from nowhere newbie” with a totally blank résumé could ever defeat the most powerful political force in the world at the time, the Clinton War Room, and knock off Hillary in the DNC primaries.

But, he did… He did because his political War Room was even bigger and nastier than the Clintons’.

Obama’s campaign was backed by huge sums of Middle Eastern and International Socialist cash, lots of it. His campaign had nothing to do with job qualifications, but rather “making history” – by intensifying and exploiting racial divides. Not even the Clintons could compete with Obama without being called “racist bigots.”

All other 2008 candidates knew that they could not promise to pull troops out of Iraq or Afghanistan upon taking office, Obama and libertarian Ron Paul being the exceptions. To no surprise to anyone but the kids who support Paul and Obama, we still have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan today, as Obama sets out on his re-election bid. We couldn’t withdrawal and we haven’t, despite the campaign promises. All of the grown-ups knew this in 2008.

Only Obama supporters thought socialism was the solution for the recession that began when Democrats won back control of congress in 2006. Everyone else knew that it was time to invest in free-market capitalism abroad, and that’s what investors are still doing today. Except investors in international power of course, like George Soros, who are still heavily invested in Obama…

So, Obama took the political elite by surprise. Everyone was anticipating a Hillary Clinton campaign in the fall of 2008. The people behind Obama didn’t vet Obama because they knew he wouldn’t vet. Nobody else bothered vetting Obama because nobody thought Obama would ever win the primary.

They had no idea who this man was – who was behind him or that it was a done-deal from day one. They even hand-picked John McCain for him to run against, knowing that McCain couldn’t rally the Republican base and Obama was a lock once Hillary was out of the way.

This is how modern politics is played. Always bet on a sure thing… leave nothing to chance.

Many D.C. insiders were complicit – the rest were caught off guard. None of them wanted to admit what had just happened, or take responsibility for the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. Bet on the sure thing, the ignorance and apathy of the American people, 50% of whom don’t even bother to vote!
Forget the right thing – do the easy thing, nothing!

They needed the press on-board. Most of the American press had been in the pocket of international socialism since the 60s. So that part was easy. Others like FOX News folks had to be bought or blackmailed, or even threatened.

They were told that they would be responsible for all-out civil war if the truth ever came out and the “black man” was removed from office after “making history.”

They would report on riots in the streets and racial violence unlike anything we have seen since the Watts riots, not to mention global humiliation, that the most advanced nation on earth was so easily fooled by a simpleton with no background whatsoever, and a few political cronies who knew how to exploit the average American voter with empty promises of “hope and change.”

There was no way they wanted this laid at their doorstep. The best thing to do was nothing at all…
Then came those damned Birthers

A class of self-appointed investigative reporters who would simply not let it go until they got to the bottom of it all. Who this man was, where he came from, what he really had in store for America and what to do about it… These were questions some simply had to find an answer for, and they did.

Obama’s DNC Certifications FRAUD
His 3rd BC (long form) FRAUD
His childhood records – GONE
His adoption records – GONE
His college records – GONE
His travel records – GONE
His Social Security number(s) – FRAUD
His story – won’t add up
His friends – crooks, thugs and socialists
Even his claim to be a “black man” is false

Yet no matter the mountain of evidence, no court in the land will hear that evidence, no law enforcement agency in the country will arrest him, no intelligence officer who must know the truth, will spill the beans, and Congress, along with the Supreme Court, are simply hoping to let the clock run out on his term and sweep him under the carpet in 2012.
What are they afraid of?

The evil dictatorial nature of the Obama regime leads many to speculate about all sorts of fantastic conspiracy theories behind the Obama disaster. But as is usually the case, the truth is much simpler and even much more obvious.

Once in the trap, it is a calculated risk no matter which escape hatch you try. At the end of the day, the powers-that-be simply miscalculated.

When push came to shove, and a true constitutional crisis was staring them right in the face, they simply chickened out. They decided to let Obama destroy this nation for four years, allowing the people who voted for him to learn their lesson the hard way, and then sweep it all under the carpet in 2012.

But NOT so fast…

I said it was a miscalculation and it was.

1) Article II of the U.S. Constitution has been directly and purposefully violated, among many other sections of that document. It will remain violated until the matter is corrected, not by the next election, but by correcting the situation for all-time, holding all those responsible accountable.

2) They underestimated the damage Obama could do in four short years. We may already be beyond the point of no return.

3) They overlooked the reality that so long as Article II has no meaning, nothing in the Constitution or Bill of Rights has any meaning.

4) And they underestimated at least some Americans, who would not let this be swept under the carpet.

What Now?

A group of American Veterans are calling for resignations and impeachments all over Washington D.C.

In a nationwide Call-to-Action released this week, Veteran Defenders of America is calling for the immediate removal from office of not only Barack Hussein Obama II, but many of the players who made the Obama Crisis possible as well.

Quoting directly from the document –

“An undisclosed number of American Veterans and former service members have come together to prepare and present this Call-to-Action on behalf of the U.S. Constitution, the Republic, the Rule of Law and equal justice for all freedom loving citizens of the United States of America. Acting together as one, via The Veteran Defenders of America, co-sponsored by civilian patriot group The United States Patriots Union, LLC – we issue the following CALL for peaceful disobedience.

We CALL upon every member of federal, state and local government, legislative, judicial, law enforcement and military, who have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitutional Republic from all enemies, foreign and domestic, to act upon those oaths for the stated purpose of restoring the Constitutional Republic.
We CALL upon ALL veterans and veteran organizations in America, who still believe in their oath to protect and defend, to unite with us at once – in this Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic.
We CALL for ALL citizens who still desire freedom and liberty, to stand with us in peaceful protest, and carry our demands to right the wrongs against our nation in the preservation of freedom, liberty, justice and the rule of law.”

This is a NATIONWIDE Call-to-Action!

The document cites numerous violations of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and more than sixty (60) criminal acts by the Obama administration and members of Congress.

The initiative is sponsored and led by The Veteran Defenders of America and co-sponsored by citizen activist group The United States Patriots Union.

The document is very clear in its charges and its objectives. – “No longer will we sit idly by and tolerate the utter destruction of our country, at the hands of anti-American elitists in Washington D.C. who have mistaken the people’s peaceful tolerance for acceptance of their ill-advised behaviors. The time for all good and decent Americans to stand together, in defense of the Constitution, the Republic, freedom and liberty, has arrived. The Rule of Constitutional Law must prevail. We call upon all who have taken an oath to protect and defend, to take appropriate measures now.”

The Veteran Defenders are also calling for “the immediate and unconditional orderly resignation of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and the entire Obama Cabinet,” among others, and a nationwide patriot March on D.C. on November 11, 2011 – Veterans Day, to demand the immediate restoration of our Constitutional Republic.

“We The Veteran Defenders of America and The United States Patriots Union call for a “unified march” from ALL fifty (50) states to Washington D.C. on Friday November 11, 2011, Veterans Day – led by American veterans and former service members with a clear purpose – to demand the immediate restoration of the U.S. Constitution, the removal and prosecution all of the individuals named herein, by voluntary resignation or articles of impeachment, and the end to Sharia Law on American soil. The Veterans March on D.C. Day – In defense of freedom, liberty and justice.”

The exploited kids involved in the Democratic Socialist March on Wall Street are clueless. Coincidentally, the Democratic Socialists are holding their annual convention in D.C. beginning November 11, in the Washington D.C. suburb of Vienna, Va.

Christian Science Monitor asks, Is the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement being hijacked by newcomers? The answer is no, because that so-called protest was run out of the White House from the start, working through former White House staff Van Jones, in cooperation with the left’s labor unions and Canadian Socialists. Labor union thugs aren’t hijacking the movement – they were on-board from the start.

Now that the American veteran community has taken a firm stand, calling on all to keep their oath to protect and defend, and restore our government to lawful leadership, patriots are on the move as they learn about this initiative.

The Democratic Socialists have a clear agenda – but the Veterans have an agenda for America too. It’s freedom!

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic


by JB Williams, Timothy Joseph Harrington, and Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.), ©2011, The United States Patriots Union, LLC

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

(Oct. 5, 2011) — “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” – from the U.S. Declaration of Independence

An undisclosed number of American Veterans and former service members have come together to prepare and present this Call-to-Action on behalf of the U.S. Constitution, the Republic, the Rule of Law and equal justice for all freedom loving citizens of the United States of America. Acting together as one, via The Veteran Defenders of America, co-sponsored by civilian patriot group The Unites States Patriots Union, LLC – we issue the following CALL for peaceful disobedience.

We CALL upon every member of federal, state and local government, legislative, judicial, law enforcement and military, who have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitutional Republic from all enemies, foreign and domestic, to act upon those oaths for the stated purpose of restoring the Constitutional Republic.
We CALL upon ALL veterans and veteran organizations in America, who still believe in their oath to protect and defend, to unite with us at once – in this Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic.
We CALL for ALL citizens who still desire freedom and liberty, to stand with us in peaceful protest, and carry our demands to right the wrongs against our nation in the preservation of freedom, liberty, justice and the rule of law.

This is a NATIONWIDE Call-to-Action!

“We are Facing a Battle That Will Decide our Fate as a Nation!” – Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely (Ret.)

The time to unite and fight for the American way of life has arrived… We did not choose this fight, or this time. The fight has come to us in our time and we will not shrink from our responsibility to protect and defend the United States of America, our Constitutional Republic, and the American way of life. We CALL upon ALL freedom loving Americans to JOIN US in this honorable endeavor. We do so on the following basis…
Abuses and Usurpations

Barack Obama’s once strong approval rating now stands at only 19%. The approval rating of congress is no better. The people have lost all faith in their government…

The demise of our Constitutional Republic has been underway for nearly a hundred years. As the people placidly accepted intolerable offenses against the republic, the states, and the Constitution for decades, the Central power in Washington D.C. grew ever more powerful, ever more abusive, and ever more disconnected from the very people it was formed to represent.

During the last three years, the current administration has committed the most egregious offenses against the people, the states and the Constitution, since the founding of our country and today, they operate as a virtual dictatorship, against the governed, beyond the scope and authority the people granted them in the Constitution and at odds with the will of the vast majority of American citizens.

The actions of the Obama Administration in total, rise to the level of treason against the United States and its people.

The Democratic Socialists of America are currently running Washington D.C. and they recently issued this statement in a Call-to-Action for their millions of members –

“We are the alternative to the tea party conservatives, the Republicans whose only program is to say no, the Democrats who have forgotten what progressive politics really are and the progressives who think that they can stand apart from the left.”

This must not be permitted to stand…

Among other offenses, abuses and usurpations, is the following list of transgressions – (detailed in Appendix A) – altering our constitutional form of government and system of justice without authority…

Violations against Article I of the U.S. Constitution – Congress
Violations against Article II of the U.S. Constitution – The office of President
Violations against Article III of the U.S. Constitution – Judicial Powers
Violations against Article IV of the U.S. Constitution – The State
Violations against Article V of the U.S. Constitution – The Amendment Process
Violations against Article VI of the U.S. Constitution – Oath to the Constitution
Violations against the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights
Violations against the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights
Violations against the 3rd Amendment of the Bill of Rights
Violations against the 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights
Violations against the 5th Amendment of the Bill of Rights
Violations against the 6th Amendment of the Bill of Rights
Violations against the 7th Amendment of the Bill of Rights
Violations against the 8th Amendment of the Bill of Rights
Violations against the 9th Amendment of the Bill of Rights
Violations against the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights
Unlawful use of Military force, here and abroad
Violations of International Treaties and Laws
Numerous violations of the public trust
Misuse of the people’s resources
The bankrupting of the nation, the states and the people
Taxation without representation
Confiscation and Redistribution of the people’s earned assets
Abuse of Judicial power

At this late date, the individually itemized list of abuses and usurpations would require an encyclopedia of unconstitutional offenses to the Republic and there is no evidence to suggest that there remains even one legitimate honest courtroom in the country to which all evidence could be presented.

There is no Article or Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which the current leadership in Washington D.C. has not abused and/or usurped over the last three years.

As a result, the normal courses of action for redress may not be adequate to solve the problem today, as all three branches of the federal government are currently acting as one, all of them beyond the scope and power granted them by the Constitution, against the principles of freedom, liberty and self-governance, and at odds with the vast majority of citizens.

Yet the Constitutional Representative Republic must be restored, no matter the means or the cost.

It is on this foundation that we morally and rightfully call for all good people to rise up, stand together, move to restore the Constitutional Republic, and hold those who have and would stand against the people, fully accountable.

On behalf of the Veterans and former Service Members of America, who fought and died for freedom and liberty here and abroad, and all good and decent American citizens from sea to shining sea, we the people of the United States of America hereby demand the immediate restoration of our Constitutional Republic and an end to the Democratic Socialist abuses and usurpations which have become commonplace in the daily corruption of our governmental offices. As the true American people sit idle, the enemy grows in number and strength.

No longer will we sit idly by and tolerate the utter destruction of our country, at the hands of anti-American elitists in Washington D.C. who have mistaken the people’s peaceful tolerance for acceptance of their ill-advised behaviors. The time for all good and decent Americans to stand together, in defense of the Constitution, the Republic, freedom and liberty, has arrived. The Rule of Constitutional Law must prevail. We call upon all who have taken an oath to protect and defend, to take appropriate measures now.

We the people hereby demand

The immediate and unconditional orderly resignation of Barack Hussein Obama, II
The immediate and unconditional orderly resignation of Joseph R. Biden

In addition to the known fact that the Obama/Biden ticket was advanced by way of fraudulent representations concerning the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama II, under Article II requirements for the office of President, the Obama/Biden has committed countless crimes against the U.S. Constitution, our Republican form of government and the American people while in control of the Executive Branch.

They are not able to do this alone, but with the help and cover of many anti-American players, who have also acted at odds with their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution, our Republic and the people of the United States. As a result, these players must be removed from office and held accountable for their actions as well.

This group includes, but is not limited to the following individuals -

The immediate and unconditional orderly resignation of the entire Obama Cabinet, including but not limited to;

the White House staff and unelected Czars
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner
Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta
Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.
Interior Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar
Acting Commerce Secretary Dr. Rebecca M. Blank
Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
Energy Secretary Steven Chu
Education Secretary Arne Duncan
Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano
EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson
Office of Management & Budget Director Jacob J. Lew
UN Ambassador Susan Rice, the entire Council of Economic Advisers
Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan
Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor
· House Speaker John Boehner
· House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
· Senate Leader Harry Reid
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – all of whom have committed treasonous acts against the people, the states and the U.S. Constitution.

Further, to reinstate the rule of law and the Law of this Land, the U.S. Constitution and our constitutional republic -

In compliance with Article II – Section I of the U.S. Constitution for the Removal of the President from Office, or of his Death, Resignation, or Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office, the Same shall devolve on the Vice President, — the Congress may by Law provide for the Case of Removal, Death, Resignation or Inability, both of the President and Vice President, declaring what Officer shall then act as President, and such Officer shall act accordingly, until the Disability be removed, or a President shall be elected.
That every verifiable member of The Communist Party USA, The Socialist Party USA and The Democratic Socialists of America be immediately publicly identified and removed from office for overtly acting against freedom, liberty and the Constitutional Republic.
That in the event that these individuals refuse to immediately resign in an orderly fashion designed to serve the best interests of the United States, we demand that the 66 members of the people’s House who voted against the recent raising of the nation’s debt ceiling, to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against every member of the Obama administration.
That the seven remaining members of the U.S. Supreme Court place an immediate stay on all Executive and Legislative actions taken under the term of the unconstitutional administration beginning January 20, 2009.
That remaining members of the House and Senate immediately act to name new majority and minority leaders of congress, and work with the U.S. Supreme Court in the assigning of new temporary Executive Branch members, acting on behalf of the people and the will of the American majority until such time that the citizens of the United States can elect their new representatives in 2012.
The immediate and unconditional dissolution of all special interest congressional caucuses, including but not limited to The Progressive Caucus, The Black Caucus. In addition, the immediate closure of any and all congressional committees which have been given unconstitutional powers, including the Debt Committee of twelve just formed. Individuals are elected by the people to represent ALL of the people, not special interest groups.
That each state government immediately act to enforce its 10th Amendment right to protect and defend the people of their state against a tyrannical central power in Washington D.C., by recalling all State Guard troops home to protect the sovereignty and security of their respective citizens, as well as state resources and governments.
That each state government act immediately to cut itself off from federal funding, and take the necessary actions to balance their own state and local budgets immediately.

These are our initial demands and nothing less than complete compliance with each of these demands is acceptable to the people of the United States. These demands have been published for public support and delivered to all members of Congress.

Further, it is our position that the normal constitutional line of succession to the presidency does not apply in this circumstance, due to the widespread complicity by members of congress, regarding both the original fraud that placed this administration in power and the ongoing effort to cover up the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American citizens.

The abuse and usurpation of the U.S. Constitution will not be allowed to stand. It is on this basis that We the People make these demands, in full compliance with the law of this land, the Constitution of the United States of America.

It is our sincere desire to affect these immediate and unconditional changes to the people’s government through peaceful processes, causing a minimum degree of disruption to the vital ongoing business of the people and their representative government.

The individuals named in our demand for immediate and unconditional resignations have acted directly and overtly against the people, the states and the Constitution and they must be held fully accountable for their actions.
Call for the People to ACT Now

We are openly calling for the American people to draw a final line in the sand and take a moral and righteous stand for the Constitutional Republic, the rule of law and the future of freedom and liberty.

The time to be tolerant and silent has passed and the time for serious action has arrived. Only the people can restore the Constitution as the Supreme Law of this Land. We must do it peacefully if at all possible and our Founders provided all the tools necessary for peaceful corrections of a ship set off course by internal enemies.

We are calling for the following specific actions, by every active and former service member and every patriotic citizen, no matter their political stripe…

We call upon all members of the U.S. Military, the U.S. Supreme Court, Federal, State, County, Local Law Enforcement, and all Intelligence agencies, to direct all assets of the people of the United States towards the restoration of the Constitutional Republic and stand with the American citizens in compliance with their oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and the people of the United States.
We call upon ALL American citizens to provide necessary pressure on all law enforcement, judicial, intelligence and military agencies, until those who have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution begin to act upon those oaths.
The current administration has done all it can to whip racial tensions and class warfare into full-blown riots and civil war, including scheduling a “U.S. Day of Rage” for communists, labor union socialists, illegal immigrants, Muslims and blacks across the country. Their “Day of Rage” was scheduled for Constitution Day, September 17, 2011, and although it was a total flop, they will continue to rage against America. It is an open assault on free-market capitalism, waged by modern day Marxists who must be stripped of their entitlement mentality. The LEFT is also planning a “Cairo style occupation of Washington in October, on the ground on Wall Street now and headed towards Washington D.C.” These events are being run by the Obama White House, via a number of left-wing front organizations.
We The Veteran Defenders of America and The United States Patriots Union call for a “unified march” from ALL fifty (50) states to Washington D.C. on Friday November 11, 2011, Veterans Day – led by American veterans and former service members with a clear purpose – to demand the immediate restoration of the U.S. Constitution, the removal and prosecution all of the individuals named herein, by voluntary resignation or articles of impeachment, and the end to Sharia Law on American soil. The Veterans March on D.C. Day – In defense of freedom, liberty and justice.
We call for all Americans who truly do support our troops to march on D.C. with our veterans. We call upon ALL independent truckers, independent contractors, all non-union workers, all independent business owners, agents and investors, all who support free-market capitalism and the right to work, earn and own, to march together with our veterans and former service members on November 11, 2011 – Veterans Day!
To be prepared to act as citizens to protect and preserve the Constitutional Republic, in the event that our public servants, who have sworn an oath to the Constitutional Republic, refuse for any reason, to act upon those oaths.
To act peacefully, but prepared for a violent reaction from our nation’s enemies. To avoid if possible, the RACE WAR being incited by the Obama Administration and the Black and Progressive Caucuses.
Locally, to confront all anti-American infringements upon our Natural Rights with boots on the ground whenever and wherever local, state or federal officials act beyond their scope of authority, or at odds with the Constitutional Rights of the people.
To begin to openly identify and address government corruption at the local, county and state levels, too often found in both governmental and law enforcement offices, also sworn to protect and serve the people of the United States.
To be ready and willing to end the taxation without real representation by refusing to fund the anti-American regime currently in control of Washington D.C., until such time as the taxpayers of this nation are once again properly represented.
To make the necessary provisions to secure and protect your families and neighborhoods in the event of economic instability and social chaos, similar to events already witnessed abroad, by stocking up on cash, food and water supplies, as well as personal protection items.
In the event that the current administration or its thug supporters attempt to use government or civilian force and violence to silence the people, as in the cases of Syria, Libya, Yemen, China’s Tiananmen Square, the Bonus Army of 1932 in the United States, or the UK presently wrestling with black and Muslim violence, the people must be prepared to defend themselves against such tyrannical tactics. We cannot expect that the federal government will act in the best interest of American veterans or citizens.

This CALL FOR ACTION is being issued as a joint initiative, by the leaders and members of The Veteran Defenders of America, The United States Patriots Union. All citizens who want to see the Constitutional Republic restored immediately are encouraged to immediately join one of these unified organizations and become directly engaged in our joint missions to restore America to that shining city on a hill, and beacon of freedom and liberty around the world. We the People are the solution!

Volunteer leaders across the country must join one of these organizations to take part in leading in their local areas. All supporters who do not wish to join these organizations but who do support the initiative can keep up with information concerning the action here.
Foundation for Our United Action

Our Declaration of 1776 establishes the principles upon which The United States of America was founded. On September 17, 1787, our nation’s Founders ratified The United States Constitution, forming a Constitutional Representative Republic as our system of self-governance. From that day forward, the American people are guaranteed a Constitutional Representative Republic of, by and for the people, which was to at all times, operate within the confines of the limited authority provided the government by the people and their respective states.

For decades, our federal government has been operating beyond its constitutional authority, infringing upon the Natural Rights of every American citizen and every American enterprise, until our government has indeed become destructive of the common cause of freedom and liberty.

In its usurpations of the Constitution, it has committed atrocities against the people for which it was designed to protect and serve, until the people are forced to rise up in the name of freedom and liberty, casting off the shackles of soft tyranny and it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
Our United Mission

We are finished with changing America to suit every anti-American whim… This time, the change is coming to Washington D.C.

It is not our intent to separate from any foreign King, nor to abolish or alter our Constitutional Representative Republic, but rather to restore it, as the Supreme law of this land, under which both the government and the governed must live.

Our united mission is to end the march of democratic socialism, which has become the most dangerous modern threat to American peace, prosperity, freedom and liberty and reinstate the republican form of self-governance guaranteed every citizen in the U.S. Constitution.

To accomplish this objective, the people responsible for the usurpation of the Constitution must be immediately removed from office and held fully accountable for their actions, setting an example for future generations, who must also be forever vigilant in the common defense of freedom and liberty.

The long train of abuses and usurpations must be brought to a swift end and the Constitutional Republic must prevail, or the United States of America will soon cease to exist.

Our mission is just – it is moral – it is legal and constitutional and it is necessary…

This is not a call to overthrow our entire institutions of government, or subvert the Law of the Land, but rather to restore those institutions to their honorable constitutional forms. As such, and under their oaths to the Constitution and the people whom they are sworn to protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic, it is incumbent upon every citizen, veteran, soldier, officer and agent to use the tools of the people to protect the people and return our government to a Constitutional Republic of, by and for the people.

Let Freedom Ring! May the Creator, who endowed each of us with certain unalienable rights, among them the right to Life, Liberty and the individual Pursuit of Happiness free from government tyranny, bless this mission of, by and for the people of the United States, and may the Lord let freedom ring in America, once again.

We demand an end to government corruption, an end to despotic leadership in D.C., an end to the current assault on all decent and honest American taxpayers, businesses and honorable public servants of the people.

We demand the peaceful return of the people’s government, and we will remain resolute in the defense of the Constitution and the United States of America until the people can once again, feel secure in their nation and government.



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As a preface to APPENDIX “A”, the following items only scratch the surface. The blatant abrogation of the United States Constitution, trampling the boundaries of law-based authority, deceit, bribery, aiding and abetting our sworn enemies, illegal manipulation of our election process and subverting election laws, and hundreds of other affronts and assaults to our liberties and freedoms, all fall under the category of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

1. Obama is a National Security threat since he definitely has questionable allegiance to the United States, not to mention his refusal to complete and release full, frank and truthful answers as to who he is. Obama has demonstrated a blatant disregard for the public safety and security.

2. Obama and his handlers released an obvious forged birth certificate after release at least two fraudulent COLBs (Certifications of Live Birth). Obama is also using numerous stolen Social Security numbers.

3. Obama and his incompetent advisors have wreaked economic tyranny on the American people, all the while calling for the rest of us to endure economic sacrifice.

4. Obama has destroyed accepted administrative process by creating 32 Czars who only report to him, bypassing the Congress and Cabinet. *

5. In one year, Obama and his minions doubled our national debt, which took 200 years to accumulate.

6. Obama and his Justice Department sided with a foreign government (Mexico) when they sued the State of Arizona in order to force the continuation of illegal immigration. *

7. Obama and his henchmen proposed a 1% tax on all bank transactions (HR4646) to be implemented after the November 2012 elections.

8. Obama signed HB1388 to use $20 million in taxpayer money to immigrate Hamas refugees to USA, and other migration assistance to Palestinian refugees.

9. Obama passed “Dream Act” by Executive Order which aide’s illegal aliens through “prosecutorial discretion” all to garner votes for his election. The Heritage Foundation has provided extensive proof that illegal aliens and immigrants with green cards are committing rampant voter fraud. *

10. Obama’s socialist, radical, dictatorial Moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, for thirty years a major source of energy for America, and which a Federal Court ruled was unconstitutional, continues to prevent drilling, all under the pretense to protect the environment and the fraudulent notion of global warming. He is indifferent to the loss of 10,000 jobs and 87,000 workers destroyed. Perfect excuse to push “Cap and Trade” with environmental regulations, and to push for governmental control of energy industries, i.e. General Motors, banking and healthcare.

11. Obama and his Czars want to tax church contributions and replace charities with government welfare. *

12. This administrations massive expansion of the federal government (350,000 employees) through agencies and Czars, whose goal is to “fundamentally transform America.”

13. Obama’s own Federal Elections Commission documented that he got at least $33.8 million from disallowed foreign contributions, including 520 contributions from interests in Iran, and $30,000 from Hamas-controlled Gaza area. *

14. Obama said, “We must reward our friends and punish our enemies.” 70 individuals who raised $50,000 or more for him “have been rewarded with ambassadorships or high ranking jobs.”

15. Obama and the cabal’s National Security Strategy released in May, allows for the targeted assassination of US citizens including “homegrown terrorists” without due process. *

16. Obama dhimmitude given Ramadan and Iftar dinners in the White House, while he cancels the National Day of Prayer without one word of objection from the Congress.

17. Obama and his Muslim buddies agree and defend a 15 story mosque, bankrolled by terrorist sympathizers and anti-American Muslim groups, to be erected feet from the hallowed ground of the World Trade Center.

18. Obama and his Justice Department’s refusal to support, defend and enforce US law, i.e. Defense of Marriage Act, stating it was unconstitutional, thereby circumventing established law and the rulings of the courts. *

19. Obama and his warmongers attack Libya without any authority from Congress. *

20. ObamaCare ruled unconstitutional and ordered stopped by the Federal Court…it was implemented regardless of the Federal Court. *

21. Congress said Cap and Trade was unconstitutional and refused to pass the same. Obama ordered the EPA to enact the provisions regardless of the Congressional ruling. *

22. Obama’s use of taxpayer money to pay for Democrat propaganda including $15 million for The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act road signs and $18 million for the continually misleading website. *

23. $770 million of taxpayer funds given to Egypt and Cyprus for the restoration of mosques through USAID. *

24. Obama has disgraced the United States by bowing to foreign potentates, while at the same time snubbed our longtime allies, Great Britain and Israel. Obama and his friends have deliberately fostered hate against the Jews and Israel by promoting a Palestinian State.

25. Obama’s Department of Justice refusing to prosecute Black Panthers in Philadelphia caught on tape brandishing weapons in front of a voting site to intimidate voters. Further the stated intentions of political appointees of Obama who said they would ignore voter crimes committed by blacks, Latinos and other minorities. *

26. Obama and his Cabinet intentionally refusing to secure our nation’s borders is in direct violation of Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution. This is an effort to blackmail Republican support for comprehensive immigration reform. They are in essence holding the Border States and residents as political hostages during a time when they live in fear and danger. *

27. Obama and his handlers continually ignore Congress’s constitutional obligation to vet presidential appointees, as none of his 32 Czars was vetted by Congress, and his appointment of the head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services was appointed during Congress recess. *

28. Department of Homeland Security now investigating to determine the political association for those making Freedom of Information Act Requests. If you are a Republican you request will be delayed and even ignored altogether.

29. Obama’s Justice Department refusing to sue sanctuary cities for violating US immigration law. *

30. Obama’s executive order which allows Interpol to operate in the US with no restraints, and without any oversight from Congress, courts, FBI or local law enforcement. *

31. Obama’s administration and Justice Department discourage whistleblowers and prosecute them.

32. Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton’s ongoing effort to create international small arms accords that will subvert the Second Amendment rights of US citizens.

33. Obama and his State Department has failed to treat as an Act of War the takeover of sovereign land belonging to Arizona by the Mexican drug cartel.

34. The State Department used $23 million in taxpayer money to transform Kenya into a constitutionally communist country where freedom of speech is limited and property rights are based on social justice. Don’t forget the Kenyan constitution allows for Sharia Law in some regions, which means women will not have basic human rights. *

35. As part of the auto industry bailout and forced closings, shut down an unbelievable disproportionate number of dealerships in rural areas that did not vote for Obama.

36. Obama’s refusal to have a press conference and answer the difficult questions as is expected by every US President. And as is usual with his total lack of respect for anyone but himself…he is always late for everything.

37. Obama and his minions have downgraded the value of human life with their opposition to his signing “Born Alive Infants Protection Act”; however they lifted the ban on overseas abortion funding using US taxpayer’s money.

38. Obama’s State Department foreign policy continually will do anything to insult our allies, embarrass the United States, all the while elevating and promoting third world Muslim countries. *

39. Obama and his environmentalist henchmen are prohibiting US industries from taking advantage of our own natural resources including coal, oil, uranium and timber. *

40. Despite all the political rhetoric about the historical downgrade of our nation’s credit rating, the devaluation was a mere shadow of the colossal degradation Obama and his socialist cadres have inflicted on our Country since January 20, 2009. More significant than our nation’s credit, our nation’s credibility as a constitutional republic has suffered relentless and ruthless damage and offense. *

41. Obama deployed 1200 National Guard troops to Border States, where they will, under no circumstances, be used to stop the flow of illegal aliens and drug traffickers.

42. Despite a court’s ruling and Congress’s opposition, Obama’s FCC continues to try to gain control over the Internet, by reclassifying internet companies as telecommunications providers, thereby making them subject to FCC regulation. *

43. A slick move no one noticed moving the Census Bureau out of the Commerce Department directly into the White House and under the control and management of Rahm Emmanuel, Chief of Staff.

44. Obama attempts to run this Country with Executive Orders.

45. Under the cover of secrecy and without any input from Congress, state or local officials and current land owners, the Department of the Interior plans to take control of millions of public and private lands in Western states by designating them national monuments.

46. Obama through Eric Holder has handcuffed and taken over the CIA, which has been the most critical, independent information gathering resource safe-guarding our national security. Obama has revealed, ridiculed and condemned CIA interrogation methods which were previously approved by Congress and cleared through the Justice Department. He has demonstrated to our enemies (terrorists) that they need not fear us. *

47. Obama’s known history is replete with symbiotic associations and participation with admitted anti-American radicals, many of which/who advocate the destruction of American imperialism and capitalism, even though violent means. Consider William Ayers, Khalid Al Mansour, Rhashid Khalidi, Jeremiah Wright, Sol Alinsky, James Cone, Mike Klonsky, as well as organizations such as the Weather Underground, STORM, Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Woods Foundation, ACORN, which have all received major tax payer funded support. Obama has never denied or even argued about his nefarious involvement with these people and organizations.

48. At the expense of the American taxpayer to the tune of $6 Billion, Obama and his handlers have established their own Civilian Paramilitary Security Force made up with the likes of SEIU, STORM, ACORN, RUCKUS, The Apollo Project (Soros), AmeriCorps, Color of Change, Drummond Pike/Project and others who choose to remain anonymous. *

49. Loss of free speech to the tune of half a billion dollars of taxpayer money, given to Obama appointee Mark Lloyd “FCC Diversity Officer”, and avowed pro-Chavez radical, ordered by Obama to rein in free speech on the airwaves by reorganizing the FCC and placing a tax equal to annual operating costs on local radio stations, which they either pay or lose their license to a new minority owner. *

50. Historic and unprecedented move by Obama’s cabal to indoctrinate our children in socialist, humanist garbage, sent a video to all schools, and naturally this scheme was promoted by the NEA, with the children taking a pledge, “…to be a servant to our president and to all mankind”, and then they chant over and over “together we can.” He is asking our children to choose him and his agenda, over anything you might teach at home. *

51. Obama’s appointment of Safe Schools Czar, Kevin Jennings, founder of Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, has determined required reading material for our schools which promotes pornography, not to mention homosexuality. This information is so massive, if you type into Google, Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Is Promoting Child Porn in the classroom-Kevin Jennings and the GLSEN Reading List, click on the first site, you can read it for yourself…be prepared to vomit. *

52. Obama protected union interests over those of GM and Chrysler bond holders during bankruptcy proceedings, forcing investors to accept millions in losses, funds which they were legally entitled to. *

53. In a time when Americans are asked to sacrifice, I guess this does not apply to Michelle Obama, since she has 22 personal assistants, which does not include a markup artist and hair stylist, at the cost to the American taxpayer of $6,364,000 for 4 years. These assistants’ sole duties are to facilitate her social life. She must be a lot more incompetent than first thought, since as First Ladies Hillary Clinton only had 3 assistants, Jacqueline Kennedy had 1 assistant, and Laura Bush had 1 assistant.

54. On June 9, 2011, Obama signed Executive Order 13575 establishing the “White House Rural Council” which establishes unchecked federal control into rural America in education, food supply, land use, water use, recreation, property, energy, and the lives of 16% of the US population. No Congressional or local government oversight or input. *

55. Obama’s handler’s establishment of the “Super Committee” is the final nail in our republic’s coffin, and the establishment of a Marxist dictatorship. Congress has always had committees which meet and return to the main body with ideas and suggestions, which is then amended, debated, rewritten, and finally voted on. Not this Super Committee, their determinations are presented to the Congress who are not allowed to discuss debate, modify, rewrite. The Congress is limited to a straight up or down vote. Why is the Congress accepting this infringement on their constitutional duties? *

56. Obama forced British Petroleum to set up $20 billion slush fund supposedly to compensate Gulf coast residents and businesses, and sets up an Obama appointee to administer funds with no judicial or congressional oversight. *

57. Obama’s cabal cancelled 77 oil field development contracts already certified as proper by the Bush administration. This deliberate affront by Obama’s Interior Secretary prevents the extraction of 3 trillion gallons of oil in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and North Dakota, which is more than enough to end our dependence on foreign oil. *

58. Obama signed the Russian-American START treaty which hampers US missile defense development and makes it difficult for us to modernize our rapidly aging nuclear weapons arsenal. It represents unilateral disarmament by the US in return for nothing more than Russian good will. What a joke.

59. Perhaps one of Obama’s most pathetic stunts was his chair of the UN Security Council, never done by a US sitting President. He was in the right place sitting as chair over an organization ruled by tyrants, and showing his true dual loyalties.

60. We need to look at Obama’s character, or in this case, his lack thereof. Obama is a total incognito with zero accomplishments. No experience, no education, no business sense or experience (only 8% of his entire administration has ever held a real job or run a business, other than being on the government dole), no military experience, a dangerous and treacherous narcissist, arrogant, incompetent, no class, serial liar, no humility, juvenile, no dignity, no genuine empathy, his personal narcissism and arrogance veiled by his hollow spoken empathy, quite ignorant, racist, Muslim, bereft of conscience, unable to determine between his fantasy and reality, incapable of genuine caring or concern, artificial, blames everyone else for his failure, and most of all Obama is a puppet, owned by his handlers, who maneuvered and manufactured his pathetic life.

61. Misuse of federal power and money in illegal international gun and drug running, the mis-distribution of taxpayer funds and manipulation of foreign governments, racketeering and smuggling, such as Project Gun Runner, resulting in the murder of U.S. agents.

NOTE: The items herein marked with an (*) at the end of the numbered statement, reflect a deliberate and malicious violation of the duties of the President as cited in Article II, Section 3. Of the United States Constitution, i.e. “…he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed…”.