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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NBC Nightly News’ Williams Grills Obama on Birth Certificate, Religious Affiliation Polls

NBC Nightly News’ Williams Grills Obama
on Birth Certificate,
Religious Affiliation Polls

Written by Mary McHugh
Tuesday, 31 August 2010 09:40

NBC’s Nightly News last Sunday, August 29, featured an interview in New Orleans on the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, between reporter Brian Williams and President Barack Obama. After bringing up Katrina, the BP Gulf oil spill, the economy, and the New York City mosque at Ground Zero, Williams finally asked the President about the lingering questions concerning his birthplace and his religion.

Williams: Mr. President, you’re an American-born Christian.

Obama: Mm-hmm.

Williams: And yet increasing, and now significant numbers of Americans in polls — upwards of a fifth of respondents — are claiming you are neither. A fifth of the people just about, believe you are a Muslim….

Obama: (Interrupting) … those two things — American-born and Muslim are not the same. So … but I understand your point.

Williams: — either or the latter. And the most recent number is the latter. This has to be troubling to you. This is, of course, all new territory for an American President.

Obama: Well, look — the, ah, the facts are the facts….

The President then went on to carefully not revisit any of those citizenship or religious facts. He stated instead that these issues have been a problem throughout his political life, and that he had dealt with them first during his run for the U.S. Senate. “And yet,” he said to Williams, “we ended up winning that senate seat in Illinois because I trusted in the American people’s capacity to get beyond all this nonsense….” What he terms “this nonsense” is nevertheless impacting the perception that Americans have of him.

The polls in question included a CBS poll from last April indicating that 30 percent of those associating themselves with the Tea Party, and 20 percent of those polled who do not, believe that Barack Obama was born in another country and is not a U.S. citizen. The non-partisan Pew Research Center’s poll, conducted before the New York City mosque controversy, found that nearly one in five people, or 18 percent, believed that Obama was Muslim. In March of 2009, only 11 percent thought so, and only 34 percent believed he was a Christian. In addition, a CNN poll taken just this July 16–21 of 1,018 adults, including 335 Democrats and 285 Republicans (with a 3-percentage-point margin of error) revealed that 6 out of 10 polled were uncertain that Barack Obama was born in the U.S.

During the course of Sunday night’s interview, Mr. Obama went on under William’s continued questioning to vary the same theme regarding his birth certificate and religion: “And so I will always put my money on the American people and I’m not going to be worrying too much about whatever rumors are floating on out there. If I spend all my time chasing after that, then I wouldn’t get much done.”

And again: “Well … Brian, I would say that I can’t spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead. It is what … the facts are the facts. And so it’s not something that I can, I think, spend all my time worrying about and I don’t think the American people want me to spend all my time worrying about it.”

Maybe Barack Obama does not want to worry about these issues, but his reference to Americans not wanting him to spend his time worrying about them did not sit well, made as it was in the face of his (minimum) 45 rounds of golf played since becoming President, and his recent sixth vacation in eight months during a time of war, recession, and joblessness.

The fact is that these issues are not going away quietly with interviews such as these, and with sites such as World Net Daily sponsoring birth certificate billboards and running a 3-part series on the matter by actor Chuck Norris. Neither does YouTube help, with several video references (sample, below), especially to the President’s association with the country of Kenya. Barack Obama tries to continue blasé about his facts and this controversy, but the polls indicate that more Americans are beginning to wonder.

Photo: President Barack Obama greets members of the audience as he arrives to speak at Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans on Aug. 29, 2010, on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina: AP Images
Obama's "Inherited Deficit"

The Washington Post babbled again today about Obama inheriting a huge deficit from Bush. Amazingly enough,...... a lot of people swallow this nonsense. So once more, a short civics lesson.
Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress, and the party that controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democratic Party. They controlled the budget process for FY 2008 and FY 2009, as well as FY 2010 and FY 2011. In that first year, they had to contend with George Bush, which caused them to compromise on spending, when Bush somewhat belatedly got tough on spending increases.
For FY 2009 though, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid bypassed George Bush entirely, passing continuing resolutions to keep government running until Barack Obama could take office. At that time, they passed a massive omnibus spending bill to complete the FY 2009 budgets.
And where was Barack Obama during this time? He was a member of that very Congress that passed all of these massive spending bills, and he signed the omnibus bill as President to complete FY 2009. Let's remember what the deficits looked like during that period: (below)

If the Democrats inherited any deficit, it was the FY 2007 deficit, the last of the Republican budgets. That deficit was the lowest in five years, and the fourth straight decline in deficit spending. After that, Democrats in Congress took control of spending, and that includes Barack Obama, who voted for the budgets. If Obama inherited anything, he inherited it from himself.

In a nutshell, what Obama is saying is I inherited a deficit that I voted for and then I voted to expand that deficit four-fold since January 20th.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Obama should be Impeached!

aBy Jeffrey T. Kuhner

The Washington Times

5:58 p.m., Thursday, July 22, 2010

President Obama has engaged in numerous high crimes and misdemeanors.
The Democratic majority in Congress is in peril as Americans reject his agenda.
Yet more must be done: Mr. Obama should be Impeached!

He is slowly - piece by painful piece - erecting a socialist dictatorship.
We are not there - yet. But he is putting America on that dangerous path.
He is undermining our constitutional system of checks and balances;
subverting democratic procedures and the rule of law;
presiding over a corrupt, gangster regime;
and assaulting the very pillars of traditional capitalism.
Like Venezuela's leftist strongman, Hugo Chavez,
Mr. Obama is bent on imposing a revolution from above
- one that is polarizing America along racial, political and ideological lines.
Mr. Obama is the most divisive president since Richard Nixon.
His policies are Balkanizing the country. It's time for him to go...

He has abused his office and violated his oath to uphold the Constitution.
His health care overhaul was rammed through Congress.
It was - and remains - opposed by a majority of the people.
It could only be passed through bribery and political intimidation.
The Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback,
the $5 billion Medicaid set-aside for Florida Sen. Bill Nelson
- taxpayer money was used as a virtual slush fund to buy swing votes.
Moreover, the law is blatantly unconstitutional:
The federal government does not have the right
to coerce every citizen to purchase a good or service.
This is not in the Constitution,
and it represents an unprecedented expansion of power.

Yet Obamacare's most pernicious aspect is its federal funding of abortion.
Pro-lifers are now compelled to have their tax dollars used
to subsidize insurance plans that allow for the murder of unborn children.
This is more than state-sanctioned infanticide.
It violates the conscience rights of religious citizens.
Traditionalists - evangelicals, Catholics, Baptists, Muslims, Orthodox Jews
- have been made complicit in an abomination
that goes against their deepest religious values.
As the law is implemented (as in Pennsylvania)
the consequences of the abortion provisions will become increasingly apparent.
The result will be a cultural civil war.
Pro-lifers will become deeply alienated from society;
among many, a secession of the heart is taking place.

Mr. Obama is waging a frontal assault on property rights.
The BP oil spill is a case in point.
BP clearly is responsible for the spill
and its massive economic and environmental damage to the Gulf.
There is a legal process for claims to be adjudicated,
but Mr. Obama has behaved more like Mr. Chavez or Russia's Vladimir Putin.
He has bullied BP into setting up a $20 billion compensation fund
administered by an Obama appointee.
In other words, the assets of a private company
are to be raided to serve a political agenda.
Billions will be dispensed arbitrarily in compensation to oil-spill victims
- much of it to Democratic constituents.
This is cronyism and creeping authoritarianism.

Mr. Obama's multicultural socialism seeks to eradicate traditional America.
He has created a command-and-control health care system.
He has essentially nationalized the big banks, the financial sector,
the automakers and the student loan industry.
He next wants to pass "cap-and-trade,"
which would bring industry and manufacturing under the heel of big government.
The state is intervening in every aspect of American life
- beyond its constitutionally delegated bounds.
Under Mr. Obama, the Constitution has become a meaningless scrap of paper.

To provide the shock troops for his socialist takeover,
Mr. Obama calls for "comprehensive immigration reform"
- granting amnesty to 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens.
This would forge a permanent Democratic electoral majority.
It would sound the death knell for our national sovereignty.
Amnesty rewards lawlessness and criminal behavior;
it signifies the surrender of our porous southern border
to a massive illegal invasion.
It means the death of American nationhood.
We will no longer be a country, but the colony of a global socialist empire.

Rather than defending our homeland,
Mr. Obama's Justice Department has sued Arizona for its immigration law.
He is siding with criminals against his fellow Americans.
His actions desecrate his constitutional oath
to protect U.S. citizens from enemies foreign and domestic.
He is thus encouraging more illegal immigration
as Washington refuses to protect our borders.
Mr. Obama's decision on this case is treasonous.

As president, he is supposed to respect the rule of law.
Instead, his administration has dropped charges of voter intimidation
against members of the New Black Panther Party.
This was done even though their menacing behavior was caught on tape:
men in military garb brandishing clubs and threatening whites at a polling site.
A Justice Department lawyer intimately involved in the case,
J. Christian Adams, resigned in protest.
Mr. Adams says that under Mr. Obama, there is a new policy:
Cases involving black defendants and white victims
- no matter how much they cry for justice
- are not to be prosecuted.
This is more than institutionalized racism.
It is an abrogation of civil rights laws.
The Justice Department's behavior is illegal.
It poses a direct threat to the integrity of our democracy
and the sanctity of our electoral process.

Corruption in the administration is rampant.
Washington no longer has a government;
rather, it has a gangster regime.
The Chicago way has become the Washington way.
Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is a political hit man.
He is an amoral, ruthless operator.
It was Mr. Emanuel who reached out to Rep. Joe Sestak, Pennsylvania Democrat,
offering a high-ranking job in the hopes of persuading Mr. Sestak
to pull out of the primary against Sen. Arlen Specter.
It was Mr. Emanuel who offered another government position to Andrew Romanoff
to do the same in the Colorado Democratic Senate primary.
And it was Mr. Emanuel
- as the trial of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has revealed
- who acted as the go-between to try to have Valerie Jarrett
parachuted into Mr. Obama's former Senate seat.
The only question was: What did Mr. Blagojevich want in exchange ?

This is not simply sleazy Chicago machine politics.
It is the systematic breaking of the law - bribery,
attempt to interfere (and manipulate) elections
using taxpayer-funded jobs, influence peddling and abuse of power.

The common misperception on the right is that Mr. Obama is another Jimmy Carter:
an incompetent liberal whose presidency is being reduced to rubble
under the onslaught of repeated failures.
The very opposite, however, is true.
He is the most consequential president in our lifetime,
transforming America into something our Founding Fathers
would find not only unrecognizable, but repugnant.
Like all radical revolutionaries, he is consumed by the pursuit of power
- attaining it, wielding it and maximizing it.
Mr. Obama's fledgling thug state must be stopped.

If Republicans win back Congress in November,
they should - and likely will - launch formal investigations
into this criminal, scandal-ridden administration.
Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican and ranking member
of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee,
has promised as much.
Mr. Obama has betrayed the American people.
Impeachment is the only answer. This usurper must fall.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at The Washington Times
and president of the Edmund Burke Institute, a Washington think tank.
He is the host of "The Kuhner Show" on WTNT 570-AM
( from 5 to 7 p.m.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lies on top of lies on top of lies
Posted: August 09, 2010
1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

I guess it's no wonder there's so much confusion about this issue of Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility for office.
There's been a series of lies told by public officials.
But they are more than lies. In many cases, they are lies on top of lies – lies that conflict with other lies.
Then my esteemed colleagues in the news media selectively cull from those lies as proof positive that anyone who questions where Obama was born, who his parents were and why we haven't seen his birth certificate or any evidence of his constitutional eligibility is stark raving bonkers.

Superficially, it is a story about a decorated Army colonel and physician who is facing a court martial for asserting his right to know whether the commander in chief is constitutionally eligible to order him deployed to Afghanistan.
It's the background of the story where the lies, half-truths, selective quotations and almost surreal distortions are specifically designed to portray Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin as some kind of flake.
Let's examine these argumentative assertions by CNN because they form the basis for most of the media's misrepresentation of this ongoing controversy.
CNN reports: "Two newspapers in Honolulu, Hawaii, published announcements of Obama's birth there in August, 1961."
I'm still shocked by the fact that so many press outlets, media pundits and otherwise certifiably skeptical news people accept newspaper birth announcements as the equivalent of a birth certificate. I would like any of them to try using newspaper birth announcements as a substitute for a birth certificate in any venue that requires the original document. I'll save you the trouble. It won't work. The newspaper birth announcements only provide some corroborating evidence that a certification of live birth was likely generated by the Hawaii health department. And even the certification of live birth is not a legitimate substitute for an original long-form birth certificate – nor should it be – to get a driver's license, a passport or to enroll in Little League sports. There are just too many ways to generate such a document without documented, eyewitness accounts of the actual birth.
CNN reports: "The Republican governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle, has recently certified Obama's birth certificate as legitimate."
For CNN to accept this alleged certification, some off-the-cuff comments on a radio program reported by only one news organization at the time – WND – the network would have to know that Lingle's words conflict both with her own previous statements and with demonstrable facts.
CNN then selectively quotes from Lingle's radio appearance: "I had my health director, who is a physician by background, go personally view the birth certificate in the birth records of the Department of Health. The president was in fact born at Kapi'olani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. And that's just a fact. It's been established he was born here. I can understand why people want to make certain that the constitutional requirement of being a natural-born American citizen ... but the question has been asked and answered. And I think just we should all move on now."
I can certainly appreciate that Lingle wants to move on. If I were her and had handled this matter so unprofessionally and unskillfully, I would want to move on, too.
Did Lingle say she saw the birth certificate? No.
(Column continues below)

Did Lingle assert that the certification of live birth released by Barack Obama's campaign is authentic and a copy released by the state of Hawaii? No.
Did CNN note how Lingle's statement on the radio conflicted with the news release from the Hawaii Department of Health? No.
Did CNN wonder how Lingle could assert as fact the hospital in which Obama was born when no Hawaii official, not even her health director, has ever hinted at such a suggestion? No.
And why did CNN selectively edit Lingle's comments on that radio show?
Here's what she actually said, with the italics reflecting words strategically removed from the statement by CNN: "This issue kept coming up so much in the campaign, and again I think it's one of those issues that is simply a distraction from the more critical issues that are facing the country. So I had my health director, who is a physician by background, go personally view the birth certificate in the birth records of the Department of Health, and we issued a news release at that time saying that the president was, in fact, born at Kapi'olani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. And that's just a fact and yet people continue to call up and e-mail and want to make it an issue and I think it's again a horrible distraction for the country by those people who continue this."
The demonstrable lie is that the state of Hawaii has never issued any news release stating that Obama was born in Kapi'olani Hospital. Even Kapi'olani refuses to confirm he was born there.
It seems to me the "horrible distraction for the country" is being caused by lying, deceiving public officials who trip themselves up with conflicting statements while actively concealing the very documents that should put this matter to rest – if they are not indeed misrepresenting them entirely. After all, if it's illegal for Lingle to release the birth certificate, is it not illegal for her to talk about it, excerpt what is supposedly on it while insisting it's none of our business? Has she seen it or hasn't she? How does she know he was born in Kapi'olani? Who told her?
I don't know about you, but I don't trust politicians and bureaucrats. Recent polls suggest I am not alone in this respect.
CNN even misrepresents those polls: "Despite the evidence, roughly a quarter of Americans remains skeptical, including Lakin and other so-called 'birthers.'"
A quarter?
Not even close to the truth.
Every public opinion survey taken recently on this subject shows significantly more than 50 percent of Americans are now skeptical of Obama's birth story. According to CNN's own poll released last week, only 42 percent believe Obama's story.
It's no wonder.
How could anyone with half a brain be expected to swallow the ever-changing lies of the public officials at the center of this controversy and their dutiful scribes in the media establishment?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010
Some of Stanley Ann (Dunham) Obama Soetoro's Passport Application Records Are Released due to Strunk FOIA Filing
Some of Stanley Ann (Dunham) Obama Soetoro's
Passport Application Records Are Released due to Strunk FOIA Filing

Passport file analysis, comments, and more new questions

Posted By: CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Posted: 31 Jul 2010 - Last Update: 01 Aug 2010 11 p.m.

Some Stanley Ann Dunham passport file documents are finally released after over a year and a half of Mr. Christopher Earl Strunk requesting and then suing to get the information released in the Strunk vs Dept of State FOIA case. This information should have been been released long ago per his initial FOIA request filed back in Oct 2008. But as with everything with Mr. Obama and his early life, the cover up is maintained as long as possible and then when the files are released things that should be there are missing. It required a federal lawsuit to even get them to release even these documents.

The passport services official says in the cover letter that the some earlier passport application records noted in subsequent filings could not be found. Any possible 1960/1961 passport application paper work information that has been postulated by researchers studying Obama's early life narrative is missing from this released information. The link to any earlier passport application filed in the early 60s would have been shown in the passport application filed in 1965. But conveniently, the 1965 passport application paper work for a known passport issued on July 19, 1965 is missing. How convenient that key pieces of information about Obama and his family's early life always turns up missing! This reminds me of the missing page in the Stanley Ann (Dunham) Obama 1964 divorce file.

Why I believe the July 19, 1965 issued passport was issued pursuant to a passport renewal application filed in 1965 for a prior passport that was expiring and that it was not the first passport that Stanley Ann Dunham had. The issue date in July 19, 1965 is four months after her marriage to Lolo Soetoro on March 15, 1965. If she had applied for her first passport in the late spring or early summer of 1965 she would have had to legally apply for it in her married name, Stanley Ann Soetoro. The July 19, 1965 issued passport was not in her married name since she had to AMEND it in 1967 and show her marriage license to get her married name put on her passport at that time. That is what the 1967 document states. And secondly, I believe it was a passport renewal application in 1965, because Obama's family in Kenya says Stanley Ann (Dunham) Obama was there when Obama was born and government officials in Kenya state Obama was born there. Stanley Ann would have needed a passport in 1961 to get to Kenya and back to the USA. Since the 1965 passport was not in her 2nd marriage name when it was issued 4 months after her marriage to Lolo Soetoro, it is obvious to me she simply renewed her previously issued circa early 1961 original passport which was in either her maiden name or in the name of her first marriage name of Stanley Ann Obama, if issued after Feb 1961 when she is said to have married Barack Hussein Obama Sr.

The copies of documents in what was released per the FOIA request are numbered but not in chronological order. This makes reading the file and the flow of events over time more difficult unless one prints out the file and rearranges the docs in chronological order, which I did.

There is a document numbered P3 which is an application for amendment of her existing passport. This amendment request was apparently done in 1967 (per a handwritten clerk's name and date note on it since the date is not filled in below Stanley Ann's signature on the form). This handwritten annotated note and date was apparently done by a clerk seeing a marriage license in order to process the request to amend a passport issued on July 19, 1965. But the copy of that 1965 passport application is not provided in this FOIA request. The passport officials say it could not be found. Why? That 1965 passport was issued several months after she married Lolo Soetoro. She filed the amendment apparently in 1967 allegedly to have it reflect her married name due to her name change after marrying Lolo Soetoro at Molokai Hawaii on March 15, 1965 per page marked P3 of the released documents. Thus the conveniently missing application records for this 1965 passport implies to me that that there was something indicated in it that the powers to be did not want the public to see, i.e., that she had a passport prior to 1965 and the 1965 records indicated it was a Renewal application. So someone made the 1965 application records disappear. The carefully worded cover letter with the FOIA release implies to me that earlier years records have been purged by someone at sometime for some reason since they could not find a record that should be there based on records they did find. Was the 1965 passport issued done per a renewal request for a prior issued passport? As to the implication in the cover letter that early year data may have been cleaned out due to some records retention cut off date. I don't buy that. Since passport records are filed in files by name and not in boxes or files by year, this does not make sense. I was under the impression that passport records kept and filed by name were kept virtually forever. That wording sounded to me like bureaucratic obfuscation. It sounds to me like HI officials (or whoever controls them) are now instructing the U.S. Passport Office how to obfuscate and parse sentences in cover letters to allow them to not provide what one asks for and yet not be lying. In my opinion, there was probably a passport issued to Stanley Ann (whatever name she used to get it) prior to 1965. The 1965 passport application record pointed to that. So someone made the 1965 application records disappear.

Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro-Passport Application File-Strunk v Dept of State-FOIA Release-FINAL-7-29-10. This file indicates via the 1967 passport amendment application (document marked P3) that Stanley Ann (Dunham) Obama had a passport for certain issued to her 1965 and she was applying to amend it. Thus she had one for sure in 1965. Since her originally issued passport was good for up to 5 years, that means if the 1965 issued passport was a reissue of a passport to replace the original one that she had, but which was expiring, then she likely got her first passport possibly as early as late 1960 or early 1961.

How does all this fit the narrative to explain the information coming out of Africa and Kenya that Obama was born there? Why would she need a passport at age 18? She would not need it to have a baby in Hawaii or to go to college in Seattle Washington and back and forth to home in Hawaii. What was the real reason this pregnant 18 year old teenager got a passport in late 1960 or early in 1961? I believe it was likely to be able to travel to Kenya to have the baby over there where it was her intent to leave the baby there to be raised by the paternal family in Kenya. She was to then return to re-start her life as a young teenager going to college in Seattle Washington. And then when Stanley Ann did not follow the plan because maternal instincts kicked in and she returned to college in Seattle WITH the new baby, grandma Dunham had to take action and filed the fraudulent action in Hawaii to falsely register the baby as born at home there in Hawaii, with no witnesses, to get her newborn grandson U.S. Citizenship ... because it was very easy to do this in Hawaii in 1961. Listen to the Bill Cunningham Radio Show for how it was likely done:

Also in this passport applications file is revealed the exact date of Stanley Ann's marriage (two different exact dates and locations?) to Lolo Soetoro. But as is typical for everything with this family, nothing is consistent. In the 1967 amendment filing marked P3 she says she married Lolo Soetoro on March 15, 1965 in Molokai Hawaii. But in a later passport renewal application marked P5 filed in 1981 she states she married him on March 5, 1964 in Maui, Hawaii. Which is true? Either way, said marriage dates could have allowed for Obama to have been legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro in Hawaii at age 5 or under, given either of these marriage dates. And in addition, his falsified birth records in Hawaii, fraudulently created by grandma Dunham in 1961, could have been amended to show the new legal name of Barry Soetoro. Obama was mentioned as a son over age 18 in the Soetoro 1980 Divorce file as a dependent of Lolo Soetoro and still receiving financial aid from Lolo Soetoro to attend college. And then later in life as an adult Obama could have amended his vital record in Hawaii again and changed his name back to Barack Hussein Obama II when at that time in his life that name suited him. Obama is a life narrative chameleon. He changes names and citizenship at will during his life to suit his current needs and plans.

Also on document P1 signed in 1968, the second page of that document, she wrote in the block named "Amend to Include (Exclude) Children" the name of her son Barack Hussein Obama and then right below it a weird name or phrase spelled and in parenthesis as (Soebarkah). This entry then has 5 diagonal line strike-through lines across the entry. Another mysterious new tidbit and question as to the meaning of that entry to research.

When the original and complete birth records file for Obama in Hawaii going back to and including Aug 1961, and all subsequent amendments are released, it will likely be very damning to Obama's self created nativity narrative and other stories of his early life. Children legally adopted at age 5 and under have their new citizenship governed by the international Hague Convention Treaty on adopting children. The United States is a signatory to that treaty. That is another likely reason why Obama alludes to his being age 6 when those Indonesian records are discussed in regards to when his step-father "adopted" him and saying that the adoption occurred in Indonesia. I think that story is more false direction and misinformation type data put out by Obama and his handlers to throw one off the true trail.

See the records that have been released per the Strunk FOIA request and court order at:

Posted by:

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Lead Plaintiff
Kerchner et al v Obama & Congress et al
Please visit this website and help the cause if you can:

P.S. Also released via another FOIA request were the U.S. records of her second husband Lolo Seotoro (parts of this file have been redacted/blacked out). This file contains a very poor quality copy of the March 1965 marriage license of Stanley Ann (Dunham) Obama to Lolo Soetoro, her 2nd husband, and Obama's step-father in Indonesia.

P.P.S. Close reading of the marriage license of Stanley Ann (Dunham) Obama to Lolo Soetoro in March 1965 reveals that they were married in the state of Hawaii in Molokai in the county of Maui on the 15th of March, 1965.

P.P.P.S. See this link sent to me about passport records retention:

02 Aug 2010: An interesting observation to note about that new name for Barack Hussein Obama found written on the 2nd page of document numbered P1 is that the first three letters of that name Soebarkah, i.e., 'Soe' are also the first three letters of Lolo Soetoro's last name, i.e., 'Soe'. Lolo Soetore allegedly legally adopted Barack and changed Barack's name to Barry Soetoro after Lolo married Obama's mother Stanley Ann (Dunham) Obama on 15 March 1965 in Hawaii. Where and exactly when did the legal adoption and name change occur, in Hawaii under U.S. law or in Indonesian under their laws, no one knows for certain at this point? More questions to answer about the mystery man in the Oval Office.
Posted by cfkerchner at 1:13 PM
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Guy4013 said...

I believe there is a court order by a CA judge to have released the Dunham's records. The DHS has refused to release the records even under a Court order.

One question is: Was Dunham really in Hawaii in 1961?

It's very convenient that the 1960-1964 records are somehow missing and there is not an answer to where Dunham was in 1960-1961.
July 31, 2010 2:41 PM
Guy4013 said...

As an additional comment on my previous comment:

The Ca case is Allen v Soetoro now on appeal in 9th Circuit.

The government appears unwilling to release the ordered records.
July 31, 2010 2:45 PM
jayjay said...

It's really no wonder that the government doesn't want to release ANYTHING about anyone in the family since what HAS been releases certainly establishes that the entire bunch are nothing but a bunch of serial liars and perjurers.

Barry's mama lies in her passport paperwork (the parts that ARE available). She states in her '65passpoet application that she married Soetoro March 15, 1965 on Moloki and in her '81 application she says they were married March 5, 1964. Whoa, Nellie!!

Nothing like a few "little fibs" to liven up your life story, right??? Guess Narry learned that from his family alongs with Communism/Muslim teachings?

And that's just from casual inspection. Good find.
July 31, 2010 3:48 PM
jayjay said...

Moreover - why would mama even NEED a passport prior to 1965 whern she married Soetoro and moved to Indonesia??? After all - presumably according to all the Obama-protectors - she stayed in HI through 61 and later until 65 when she left for Indonsesia. The fact that there WAS an earlier passport would mean she went somewhere out of the US pre 65. Now WHERE might that have been???

The fact that the passport has evaporated is even more odd ... and suspicious. They are ALL a bunch of scofflaws and frauds more than happy to break the law at the drop of a hat because they all hated the US.

And note that on returning to the US from Indonesia she had to file for an "exception". Was this because she then had Indonesian citizenship or dual citizenship???
July 31, 2010 4:51 PM
jayjay said...

Barry would have been less than 6 years old based upon the passport statements when taken to Indonesia in that mom and new-poppa were "married" (if any) when he was taken to Jakarta - even with the latest marriage date of the two.

That would I believe make him Indonesian and a Muslim as well. Would Barry/his mom/his grandparents/etc. lie??? Yep - sure would.
July 31, 2010 6:12 PM
Joe said...

Someone whose name begins with a D needs to request their passport records from 1960-61 asap.

Perhaps the officials who signed these are still around.

Why is the first app signed on Aug. 13th 1968?

I think this is all Allen will get. If he wants to get the rest, he may have to allege that the State Dept. is lying about not having the first record. It just doesn't make sense.

It shouldn't take a year and 9 months to get records that are allowed to be given under the law.
July 31, 2010 8:07 PM
Robert said...

While it is easy to get caught up in all of the intrigue prevalent via revelations such as this it is critical for everyone to acknowledge that the burden of proof remains upon Mr. Obama.

Mr. Obama's lack of documentation only bolsters the claim that he is not a natural born citizen and has not qualified for the office of the president.
July 31, 2010 9:15 PM
John Smith said...

The text of the Constitution excludes Obama from eligibility. We know he was born British no matter where in the universe he was born, because his father was a British Kenyan.

The Constitution created the presidency, and tests the president's exclusive loyalty to it twice: in the oath of office requirement and in the natural born citizen requirement. Both require exclusive allegiance to the government of the Constitution, NOT just simply to the country.

Perhaps natural born Citizens of the United States must be born in the United States, but not all people born in the United States are natural born Citizens of the Untied States.

Perhaps natural born Citizens of the United States must be citizens of the United States from the moment of birth, but not all people who are citizens of the United States from the moment of birth are natural born Citizens of the United States.

Americans have been fooled into believing that a natural born Citizen is one who is born exclusively in the United States or who is a US citizen from birth. But there are many people born in the US whom the Constitution found a reason to excuse from the NBC requirement, namely those who were citizens of the US at the time of the adoption of the Constitution. Why would the Constitution find a reason to excuse them from having to be NBC if they were already NBC? The reason is that they were not born in the exclusive jurisdiction of the government established by the Constitution. That is, they were born in the US under the government of the Articles of Confederation and perpetual Union.

There were no natural born Citizens of the United States for the purposes of eligibility to the presidency, as described by the Constitution, until after the adoption of the Constitution because said natural born Citizen must not share birth-related allegiance, jurisdiction, loyalty, or animosity to any other GOVERNMENT.

NBC is government-focused, not country-focused. The text of the Constitution itself, in solo, supports this theory and excludes Obama, without reliance on the opinion of others.
July 31, 2010 9:46 PM
cfkerchner said...

A tipster just sent me this. They said that in this linked to government regulation that passport files and records must be retained for 100 years. Here is the link so we all can read it together. If so, then that FOIA letter misstated the law on records retention for passport files. Possibly someone sanitized Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro's passport file via a "break in" like was done to Obama's file that subsequently resulted in someone involved with that passport-gate caper being shot and that crime never solved. Maybe that contract worker got to Stanly Ann's file and did the dirty deed of sanitizing it of early damaging records before he attempted to crack into Obama's file.

CDR Kerchner (Ret)
July 31, 2010 10:34 PM
bdwilcox said...

I love you guys as I love Orly Taitz (and Leo Donofrio when he was in the game) for putting it all on the line for your country. You're doing a great service to this nation and to its citizens for the work you're currently engaged in.

But I feel you're all chasing ghosts. You keep trying to put together the pieces of a puzzle that never existed. This guy's past is a narrative that's been written by many people; this is why you keep coming upon these discrepancies like you're finding now.

Before you can speculate on the ins and outs of Obama's history, you need to answer the most fundamental question: Is Stanley Dunham actually Obama's mother? Everything about this specter's past is a carefully manufactured lie, why not his mother as well?

You said: Obama is a life narrative chameleon. He changes names and citizenship at will during his life to suit his current needs and plans.
This isn't an answer so much as a question. That question is: Is it Obama that keeps changing narratives or is it someone changing it for him, and if so, who? That is the real question.
July 31, 2010 11:23 PM
No-Bot said...

P1, dated 1968, says Dunham Obama Soetoro was "Now Residing At: Djakarta, Indonesia."

P2, dated 1972, says Dunham Obama Soetoro's PROPOSED LENGTH OF STAY in Indonesia was INDEFINITE.

On the back side of P5 (script p. 11 of 14), it says:


Two years contract with Ford Foundation from January 1981 - December 1982."

Barry Soetoro traveled to Pakistan (and probably Indonesia) in 1982.

Dunham Obama Soetoro filed the Soetoro divorce complaint IN HAWAII on August 20, 1980. The divorce was GRANTED on August 28, 1980.

The divorce complaint does not mention the date or location of the alleged marriage.

P6 says Dunham Obama Soetoro was still in Indonesia in 1986, four years after the Ford Foundation jig was up. So far, we have Dunham Obama Soetoro, an alleged U.S. citizen, living in Indonesia from, at least, 1968 to, at least, 1986.

On P1, dated 1968, and on P2, dated 1972, Dunham Obama Soetoro says to contact Stanley Armour Dunham, not Lolo Soetoro, in case of emergency. In fact, Lolo was a no-show.

One document (waiver) is signed by Leonard Soon, Immigration Officer. I located him in public data bases.

Alfred Harding IV, Foreign Service Officer, signed P4 of the document, died in 2006.

While there are divorce records for Dunham Obama Soetoro, no one has a located publicly available marriage license(s).
July 31, 2010 11:26 PM
Robert said...

"The established retention period for electronic records in PRISM is presently 100 years..."

The 100 years applies to electronic records retention. The passport records could have been paper records at the time they were allegedly destroyed.

The National Archives states on its website: "Passport applications can be an excellent source of genealogical information, especially about foreign-born individuals. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has passport applications from Oct. 1795-Mar. 1925; the U.S. Department of State has passport applications from Apr. 1925 to the present."

If Ann's passport records were destroyed, then how do you explain the National Archives stating, "the U.S. Department of State has passport applications from Apr. 1925 to the present."
July 31, 2010 11:31 PM
No-Bot said...
This post has been removed by the author.
July 31, 2010 11:33 PM
Robert said...

One more thing: states:

"Passport Records for Issuances 1925 – Present
Requesting Your Own Record
Passport Services maintains United States passport records for passports issued from 1925 to the present."

It doesn't sound like such records have ever been destroyed.
July 31, 2010 11:35 PM
No-Bot said...
This post has been removed by the author.
July 31, 2010 11:37 PM
No-Bot said...
This post has been removed by the author.
July 31, 2010 11:43 PM
Joe said...

Heck for that matter,
where is her marriage certificate with Barack sr. ?

Why would that be secret? Why would that be withheld when both have passed?
August 1, 2010 12:04 AM
No-Bot said...

The Washington Post article (link above) says Harding served in Indonesia during the period Dunham Obama Soetoro traveled there:

Mr. Harding also served in Hong Kong and Indonesia in the 1960s and 1970s. From 1972 to 1975, he was based in Washington and helped establish cultural links between China and the United States. He was the State Department's Freedom of Information officer from 1977 until his retirement in 1979.

Harding signed P4 in 1976, a period that is unaccounted for in this obit.
August 1, 2010 12:05 AM
No-Bot said...
This post has been removed by the author.
August 1, 2010 12:59 AM
Michael-Is-Great said...

When on earth are you going to be allowed by the Judicial System to get the proofs needed to prove that Obama is nothing less than a fraudulent president of the USA who was simply not eligible under the Constitution of the USA?

This "no standing" story is a little bit too easy to throw at those who put cases in court. When this travesty of justice is going to last once and for all?
August 1, 2010 2:18 AM
avodlp said...

Wasn't Stanley Ann D. in Beirut, Lebanon circa 1953-54; attending the Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour?
August 1, 2010 2:29 AM
A pen said...

I think I discovered why archived originals can't be located. From NARA; Does NARA lend original documents for research?

NARA does not lend original documents for research use.

Originating Federal agencies or successors in function; courts; and the President, Vice President, former Presidents or Vice Presidents or donors, or their designated representative may request loans of their own original holdings for the conduct of official business.

There will be a record showing who applied to remove those originals though. I suspect the collection of documents with evidence of who Obama/ Soetoro really is have been removed under the guise of permanent relocation in a presidential museum where they can be hidden permanently from public view by the curator.
August 1, 2010 6:42 AM
A pen said...

The reason for the "amended to include/ exclude children" entry was because the child was on the prior passport. Also in 1978 Carter signed Pub.L. 95-432 which supposedly prospectively removed retention requirements of certain parents whose children were born abroad and in Obamas' case it might apply. I was however under the impression that congress shall make no law ex post facto, which this public law appears to be.

All taken together this man is a problem of the highest order since he has somehow come to be where he is by miraculously entering every crack and crevice in law. Is it luck or was this path researched and planned simply to obfuscate his true origin and purpose?
August 1, 2010 8:56 AM
Born912 said...

Two issues: 1 this FOIA release comes just a week before Ken Allen’s next FOIA court action Aug 5th. Coincidence? 2.The passport data was likely scanned and saved in electronic format sometime in the past 10 years. If so it had to be purged from the database and from the backup copies. DBAs loathe purging data of selected records, and such purging leaves a trail that another DBA could find. Typically purging from the backup tapes never happens as it is too much trouble to find and load the tape backup (kept off site), purge and create new tapes sans a selected record. I would expect the entire tape to be missing for that section of data. Something to consider.
August 1, 2010 10:32 AM
Joe said...

I was able to get the record of, a child born abroad in 1971, in 2005.

I guess Barry is not the only one with a document problem, it appears to run in the family.

What are the chances of the government loosing 2 marriage certificates and 1 divorce record of one woman.
August 1, 2010 10:39 AM
Joe said...

Marriage and divorce records are required in life for certain things along the way.

Sorry, Barack, but I don't think your mom ever married your father. I realize that must be embarrassing as a President but it also makes you the product of our new unwed society.
August 1, 2010 10:46 AM
No-Bot said...
This post has been removed by the author.
August 1, 2010 1:21 PM
Robert said...

We are currently at great risk of losing our constitutional republic through blatant disregard for the rule of law. If so, we won't be the first.

We must learn and teach the lessons of history.

Please review the following link and pass on as you wish.
August 1, 2010 2:44 PM
Let us move forward said...

Note that Stanley Ann never includes Obama in her name in these passport filings, not even in the other names known by. In her correspondence with the Immigration official John F. O'Shea, pleading hardship to keep Lolo in the United States based on her mental anguish, Barry is referred to only as her son by a previous marriage; she never offers Obama as the name of her former husband.

In the document P1 on the second page, Barack Hussein Obama is written under Include (Exclude) Children and then crossed out. Note the hand in which his name is written and compare it to the hand on page 1. The latter is Stanley Ann's hand, nearly child like printing in form and the bottom edges of the Cap letters in the open box are not aligned. Indefinite is misspelled as "indefinate" (a spelling which is overwritten in a later document). The former hand (the "son's name") is very precise and even. It is written in all Caps, first letter larger, where her name entries were Caps first letter, other letters small. The "sons name" appears to have been written by someone else. The question is who and when. Might want to compare the printing to a current sample of Mr. Obama's.

Being denied the 1965 passport application, we cannot confirm that Stanley Ann's son by a previous marriage was called Barack Hussein Obama in 1965. This name was not used on his Indonesian school record.

P.S. I will use this post to confirm that I can still post here. I will send this information to Allen.
August 2, 2010 1:10 PM
cfkerchner said...

To 8x8:

To contact Mario Apuzzo send him email at this address with the proper @ symbol in of the [at] and spaces. Put something germane in the subject line:

apuzzo [at]

To contact me, use the Contact button at:
August 2, 2010 1:55 PM
cfkerchner said...

Hi all,

Re. by CDR Kerchner (Ret)

and ...

Re. by Dr. Corsi

I noticed in the article by Dr. Corsi he has spelled the new name found for Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) as 'Saebarkah'. In my blog post I pointed out that it looked like 'Soebarkah' to me. I just looked at it again under a magnifying glass and it is clearly spelled to me as 'Soebarkah' with an 'o' and is definitely not an 'a' after the S.

If researchers are going to look for this new BHO name in Indonesian and other records, they will have to spell it right or at least both ways if there is some dispute as to the way it should be spelled in Indonesia. But on the second page of document numbered P1, the name with the strike out lines through it, that name looks clearly spelled to me as 'Soebarkah'.

An interesting observation to note is that the first three letters 'Soe' are also the first three letters of Lolo Soetoro's last name, i.e., 'Soe'.

Please check the file yourself and if you all agree it's an 'o' and not an 'a', please correct people on the net as to the correct spelling as observed in that passport records document.

We all know that the Soetoro name has been spelled many ways in Stanley Ann's and Barry's (aka Steve's) life. So beware of that too. She may have spelled Soebarkah different ways in other places.

Here is where the file can be found so you can view the name yourself. Print it out for easier study.

Feel free to cut and paste this and pass it along to other sites.

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
August 2, 2010 6:25 PM
cfkerchner said...

Editor's note: This was posted by Bob Strauss in another thread. I am cross posting it here into the Dunham passport FOIA release thread FYI.

Pete // August 2, 2010 at 7:53 am

>>>Georgetown posted:<<<

Everything about the 'child' that doesn't say he was a US citizen by birth has been redacted. Some of the documents are illegible. The portions concerning Barry Obama that have been redacted, I'm sure were very important. That means they took the time to hide evidence.

August 2, 2010 7:32 PM
jayjay said...

Another thing that seems odd is the place of marriage of Stanley & Lolo (if any) ... you almost always have to assume the "if any" modifier with anything Obama & relativess or hangers-on due to their untruthfulness on almost everything as dictated by their current needs.

The island of Molokai is in the county of Maui and, in fact is the island where Father Damien ministered to the lepers at the colony there on the north shore. This colony was segregated by law with access highly restricted until 1969. It seems exceedingly strange that Stanley & Lolo would choose to be married on this island since aside from the isolated leper colony there are very few towns of any size.

My belief?? I think that this "marriage" is as likely as the "marriage" (on Maui - presumably the island rather than the county) of Stanley & Barack Sr ... meaning that there was none unless documentart proof can be found. It would certainly fit the "who needs to follow laws" lifes of these folks.
August 3, 2010 9:02 AM
don said...

The name "Soebarkah" in parentheses seems like an after-thought by the mother. It doesn't fit in the box. She probably included it because it's a renewal application and she wanted the person processing the application to know it's the same child she listed on her earlier application from 1965. In other words, in the earlier application which is conveniently missing, he is probably listed with the Soebarkah surname. If that's the case, that would suggest the possibility that his real birth certificate might be listed under Soebarkah in whatever country he was truly born in.
August 3, 2010 10:10 PM

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Posted by David Crockett at August 2, 2010 12:48 PM

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Constitutional Crisis
from The Betrayal by David-Crockett

The Post & Email

by drkate, ©2010

(Aug. 1, 2010) — For the first time in its history, the United States government has knowingly allowed a constitutionally-ineligible individual to break into and occupy the White House. All the branches of government have been involved, along with the media: the legislative branch by failing to do its constitutional duty; the judicial branch by thwarting any attempt to have the facts heard; the Executive branch by using taxpayer funds and the color of authority to defend the usurpation.

The media, in collaboration with private unelected officials and elected officials, have ensured a blackout of news and information on this most fundamental matter to the American public. The State governments also obliged the usurpation with a collective failure to ensure the integrity of the 2008 election. In 2008, all Americans were disenfranchised as a result of this dereliction of duty, in certain cases with malice aforethought.

The natural born citizen clause of Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 was written with the national security interests of the United States as its focus. In order to ensure that the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces was loyal ONLY to the United States, the natural born citizen clause requires the President to be born on United States soil, to two citizen parents; have 14 years residency in the United States, and be 35 years of age. Mr. Obama fails the threshold test of being born to two U.S. citizen parents, as his father was a British National and Kenyan.

America in distress

The violation of this particular clause of the Constitution, above all others, arguably is the most serious ever in United States history, for it has allowed the invasion of the White House and our armed forces by a foreign power. This should alarm every American. Nothing the federal government does at this point has authority of law inasmuch as its titular head is illegally occupying the White House. We are extremely vulnerable to attack, blackmail, and extortion as a result of this egregious dereliction of duty. Congress’ duty to investigate the usurpation, and to have prevented it, is not a ministerial duty, it is an obligation. An on-going one. They all know, and now cannot evade their responsibility.

The Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution reserve to the states and the people powers not enumerated to the government; and the Declaration of Independence requires that to be true to liberty, forms of government in contradiction to it must be altered or abolished. If the current federal government will not protect the states and the people, it is our duty to create a federal government that can.

Americans across the country are uniting September 7-9 to draw attention to the constitutional crisis we are in because of the illegal, and treasonous, usurpation of the Presidency.
The Mission in September

Faced with this stark reality, many patriots have called for specific action in Washington, and across the Nation, to alert the public to:

* The fundamental ineligibility of Barack Obama for the Presidency,
* The heroes in the military who are upholding their oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic;
* The massive evidence of ineligibility, election fraud, and media complicity
* The responsibility of the Congress, Judiciary, and the Executive in allowing this usurpation and their obligation to investigate and take action to safeguard the United States immediately
* The danger that America faces with an ineligible Commander in Chief
* What we want Congress, the Executive and Judiciary to do

Specific Events (tentative):

* Monday, September 6, 8:30 pm. Candlelight vigil and opening ceremony TBA
* Tuesday, Sept. 7, 11:30 am. Walter Reed Memorial Hospital. Honoring Constitutional heroes
* Wednesday, Sept. 8, 8:30 am. Capitol Steps; House and Senate Office Buildings. Specific meetings with Republicans; public script and literature hand out, signage at key office buildings
* Thursday, Sept. 9, 8:30 am. Justice Department demonstration; White House, Supreme Court

We also intend to honor the heroes amongst us, including Reverend Manning and the Constitutional attorneys and clients who have brought forth action to remove the usurper.

We intend to convey our seriousness through our signage, discussions, literature, behavior, and singularity of message. And this is an on-going, rolling, velvet revolution. We encourage all Patriotic Americans to demonstrate their concern with similar actions across the country.

For more information, please see:

* The Silver Bullet
* The President’s Disability under the 25th Amendment
* Stop them Cold: The Usurpathon
* Calling All Patriots: Stop the Treason Campaign
* Dr Kate’s Platoon Takes the Hill

Please see drkatesview for regular updates on the project.

If you would like to participate in the planning, the event itself, similar state actions, or other ideas, please drop me an email at


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