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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Let Us Engage the Real Enemy – Please!


by Neil Sankey, ©2011

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

If the above image is a forgery, is it because Obama's identity and parentage are different from what has been presented to the public?

(Dec. 28, 2011) — I have just re-read an article from Mario Apuzzo’s blog dated Wednesday May 12, 2010:

The Nonsense Published by Our Nation’s Editors Regarding Obama’s Eligibility to be President

This was a very informative and comprehensive discussion of the whole natural born Citizen issue and the differing viewpoints relative to it. It is yet another outstanding example of how citizens, ordinary people, can, and have, become enmeshed by this frustrating and exasperating situation. Interestingly, it leads almost instantly to conflict amongst ourselves.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg; there is much, much more to be said, and countless books will be written in the forthcoming years detailing over and over the extremes to which these ordinary people felt compelled to continue their endless fight to overcome overwhelming complacency, stand up and fight.

Reading articles such as these leaves me feeling only one all-encompassing emotion:


Yes, overwhelming shame that our great country has not, cannot and, and seemingly will not rise to defeat this evil which engulfs us.

Patriots, believers, Constitutionalists, theorists, researchers and writers, we can do no more. NOT that I would ever suggest for a moment giving up. But, we have done, collectively, all that could ever reasonably be expected of any people to engender and initiate a full and complete investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators of this enormous fraud. We have done ENOUGH; it should be happening NOW!.

Yes, I am deeply ASHAMED of the spineless, self-centered politicians particularly, and ashamed of the Judges, both of the Supreme Court and all of the other Judges in this enormous land. So far, not one of these “so-called” Civic Leaders has the intestinal fortitude to emerge from their pampered cocoons to realize that we, the Country, is in dire distress and action is immediately required!

One must also be ashamed, regretfully, at the Law Enforcement organizations within this country. Their Oaths are plain; they are, without exception, sworn to protect US, “WE THE PEOPLE,” not the ruling regime. To date they have not stepped up to this task, with one or two very welcome exceptions; maybe there is just a shred of hope!.

I am ashamed of the real “Democrats” if they still exist. Where are the true Citizens in the Democrat Party, and why are they not complaining loudly from the rooftops that their party has been infiltrated and taken over by the Islamo-Marxists?

“Islamo-Marxists?” they say, “Oh, no, you can’t say that!” Conservative Presidential Candidate Governor Romney (allegedly a “Conservative”) won’t even use the term “Socialist,” let alone “Marxist!” Now, how on this God’s Earth are we going to solve this problem when our “own people” don’t have the guts to call it what it really is! Was it not Malcolm X himself at the Hajj who realized the true impact and power to be had by the association of Marxism and Islam? Or dare we not mention that?

Which takes me to another point which seems to be confusing some, including “Birthers” and “Tea Partiers” alike. For some time, I have espoused the opinion that Malcolm X may, in some way, be involved in the ancestry of our current White House Occupant. Recent brilliant narrative by the renowned author Martha Trowbridge has taken us all by storm. Her story-line, so far, is strongly suggestive of the urgent need for a new look at the parentage of “The One” and especially offers a basis for his extreme views.

“It contradicts everything we have fought for,” some have said!

NO, IT DOES NOT; think about it!

After all we have done so far, I have never seen one scrap of hard definitive proof of the original “Dunham” story. It could well be a story that has been created, or a “Re-invention,” as Malcolm would have called it.

What does exist has either been proven to be forgeries (Birth Certificates) or could easily be forgeries. Most every photograph has been altered or retouched. Indeed, one little-known fact is the photograph on a beach, cited time and again, allegedly showing Stanley Ann Dunham in a bikini, which is generally used to display the fact that she was not pregnant, and is in fact a photograph of none other than Barbara BUSH in her younger days!. The original may be seen in the Reagan Library!

This is deception, folks! This is Marxism at its best.

” The issue is not the issue!”

“The end is what you want; the means is how you get it.”

It does not matter; it is all FRAUD.

“So, if he was born in New York to Jo Ann Newman and Malcolm X, that would make him a Natural Born Citizen, right?”

It does not matter; it is all FRAUD.


Yes, it is frustrating; it leads to arguments amongst ourselves since we always seem to want to viciously attack everyone else’s ideas!

I am sure that we are all so tired of the endless fighting and bickering amongst ourselves on the various blogs, our adversaries are defeating us before we start.

I would call on you all to STOP IT, put it aside. Yes, all of you: bloggers and others who have these petty arguments on the internet, open for all our adversaries to see. STOP, put aside all your EGOs for once, because the people you are fighting are not your real enemies.

READ Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and USE IT AGAINST THEM!

Go to David Horowitz’s bookstore and read some of those; they are cheap enough!

There is a man in the White House who will not properly identify himself, and WE SIMPLY DO NOT KNOW WHO OUR “PRESIDENT” IS.

It is no small wonder that they don’t want voters to identify themselves at the polls!

So, America, as you relax this Christmas week, you may safely assume that we have a total fraud in the office of President with his Malcolm X, Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, Marxist-Leninist-influenced finger on the nuclear trigger. He is in charge of your military and calling all the shots, taking away your freedoms, rights and demanding yet another Trillion to waste on paybacks to his buddies!

Is that OK with you, America?


Is it not high time we all put aside our differences, real or imagined, and band together to defeat this scourge with one voice?

Monday, December 12, 2011

What if OPOVV is Not the Next POTUS?


by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Editor's Note: See my Reply at the bottom of this article.

Should the Federal Reserve, a private corporation with foreign ties, have control of our currency and economy?

(Dec. 11, 2011) — Good question. Let’s talk turkey for a couple of minutes. The chances that America will choose a President in 2012 who will stop this downward spiral into oblivion, an unrecognizable America, are so remote as to be nonsensical. That’s right, a Dark Horse who has made it as plain as the day is long that he will not take one red cent in campaign contributions from any source whatsoever to run for President won’t be elected because most of Americans don’t get it and never will. Okay, they elected Obama, but that’s not the point. These people are so far gone to the Dark Side that they’d elect Obama for a second term, presumably so he could enact Sharia Law as the law of the land.

“Necks First! Jobs Second!” should be the campaign slogan for all of the candidates. That’s right, why waste time talking about jobs and healthcare when the chances are that you may not be around to see any of it anyway? We are at war with Islam, a Totalitarian system of government that wants America so bad they can taste it. Deport each and every Muslim from the United States, including American citizens who want to play traitor. Give them a choice: leave or prison, because being a Muslim is tantamount to being a traitor: you either support the Constitution or you’re out of here. And if anyone has a problem with that, you’re more than welcome to move: it’s what we call freedom.

The word “illegal” has lost its punch; I say we put the punch back in. How? It’s really very simple: deport each and every illegal immigrant. Oh, you say the children are in high school but the parents are illegal, what then? Wax in your ear? It’s doable so let’s do it. If the parents don’t respect American law, I wouldn’t hold my breath to give out future citizenship awards to their illegal offspring.

Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank by not renewing its charter, which ends December 2013. Get the dollar backed by a physical entity; a dollar being equal to a carrot is worth more than a dollar equal to an empty promise.

Render every law that the imposter Obama signed null and void along with every rule and regulation enacted under the illegal Obama regime. Abolish the Department of Homeland Security. Introduce a flat sales tax of 10% and abolish the IRS and all of its deferments and shelters, forever ancient history.

And that’s for starters, that is, if we want our country back and our safety improved.

And speaking of safety, stop this “revolving door” so-called system of justice we have in America. The escalating drug violence can be attributed to America’s insatiable appetite to fill up the empty hours of the empty lives of people whose food on the table is not dependent on their total mental commitment. Those who ingest the drugs are contributing to the downfall of the Empire of Freedom by diverting resources that would otherwise be available to target other illegal activity; money, time and effort wasted pursuing the transportation and distribution of illegal substances could be spent on educating people on the advantages of education, the belief being that a knowledgeable citizen is more valuable to the welfare of the general good than a complete loser, because irrespective of how much money is thrown at a problem, it’s all for nothing if those on the receiving end don’t receive the help.

Johnny can’t read; hell, Johnny can’t even speak proper English, can’t diagram a sentence, and most likely doesn’t have, and never will have, a high school diploma.

Is it Johnny’s fault that he was raised on Gangsta Rap lyrics, that he was passed from grade to grade without ever learning to read? Oh, Johnny can read, but he was never taught the reason to gain knowledge from a book. Yes, at some point Johnny has to put two and two together, or you know what? We’ll have on our hands millions of losers like the character in Richard Wright’s Native Son and we’ll end up with an uneducated voter electing someone like Obama. Wait, it’s already been done, which just goes to show you that the whole education system DOESN”T WORK.

I’d fix it, and the best and fastest way to at least get it started is a high school diploma and a driver’s license, in English.

Look, fixing the mistakes of the past may not be easy or popular, but if we don’t do it and do it NOW, we’ll have nobody to blame but ourselves when the green flag of Islam is raised over the White House.

Editor's Reply:
Right on, OPOVV..
However, What if OPOVV IS the Next POTUS?

is POSSIBLE to God, if we but turn it over to Him in faith… trusting, believing.

God has ALWAYS used the improbable, unpredictable and impossible ones that were willing to yield to Him in obedience. ie: Moses, David, Daniel, John, Peter, etc.

What does God want YOU to do? Maybe, just maybe, be the next POTUS.
Are YOU willing to allow Him to lead you… one step at a time?
If so, I am addressing the next POTUS.
… With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. (Matt 19:26b)
Direct Message to Obama


by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Esquire Representation Declaration signed and notarized on December 5, 2011 by presidential candidate Tom MacLeran

(Dec. 6, 2011) — A couple of months ago, I challenged you, the de facto illegal Muslim immigrant con artist masquerading as the President of the United States, to an open debate, and I stated that you could have your administration with you to kibitz, if needed. I wasn’t even afforded a “Sorry, not today” response. Alright, I’m a big boy, my feelings weren’t hurt, but I still want you out of my future house. That’s right, I’m going to send you packing.

This One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet is stepping up to the plate; actually, ALL FIFTY OF THEM, and I, along with a few others, most notably Orly Taitz, Esq, are going to be your worst nightmare. This is not a threat: I never waste my time with threats, never have, never will. If I say it, consider it done. You’re going down, and I’m the one who’s going to do it. I am a qualified-eligible-United States natural born Citizen-Honorably discharged Vietnam Veteran with Good Conduct-candidate for President in 2012-Natural Born part Native American Indian and a Patriot and you, Barry Soetoro, or whatever you’re calling yourself today, are nothing but an embarrassment. You’re in my country, and I want you outta here.


Editor’s Note: The text of the Declaration reads:

I, Thomas G. MacLeran, am a registered candidate with the Federal Elections Commission in the Republican Party, September 27, 2011 — FEC CANDIDATE ID NUMBER P20003463 — running against Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and others, in the primaries and caucuses.

I am attesting that I am joining Attorney Orly Taitz in her complaints in all 50 states of the union, challenging the eligibility of Barack Obama by the demands set forth in the U.S.C. United States Ballot as a qualified candidate.

I further attest to those reading this: With Obama’s own released Long Form Birth Certificate showing his father to be a citizen of Kenya, East Africa at the time of Obama’s birth that Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen of the United States of America, according to the precedent of U.S.C. Art II Sect. I Clause 5 and the United States Supreme Court Law in Minor v. Happersett confirming those born to “citizens” “within the United States” were never in doubt of being a “Natural Born Citizen”.

I would like to be represented by Attorney Taitz in the State of California and pro hac vice in 49 other states if the law will allow pro hac vice representation. I expressly would like to be represented by Orly Taitz before Judge Rhonda Nishimura in Hawaii and Judge Michael Malihi in Georgia, as well as other judges to be signed in other states. In case pro hac vice is not granted, I wish to be a co-plaintiff with Attorney Taitz and I state that this action does not impede my filing any other claim if the representation of the declaration is not satisfied.

I declare under penalty of perjury, that the above is true and correct.

I am aware that Attorney Taitz is licensed in the State of California, and admitted to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 3rd Circuit and the Supreme Court of the United States. I am aware that she is not licensed in other states and I expressly waive all liability claims against Attorney Taitz and any and all entities affiliated with her, arising out of the representation of me.

Thomas G. MacLeran
Members of Congress Cower or Collaborate, As Obama Prepares his Race and Class War
by Lawrence Sellin, ©2011

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

Obama's supporters claim that his alleged birth in Hawaii is enough to make him a "natural born Citizen," but scholars such as Dr. Herb Titus invoking "natural law" claim that his foreign father precludes it

(Dec. 12, 2011) — Win or lose, chaos is at the core of Obama’s 2012 campaign strategy.

The Constitution and the American way of life are already under intense assault by enemies of the republic. The signs of degeneration are out there in plain sight.

The Obama Administration has spent the United States treasury to the brink of national bankruptcy, which has set the stage for the desired social unrest.

The Occupy War Street movement was just a test of Obama’s chaos strategy. The weakness demonstrated by politicians nationwide has only encouraged future, larger and more violent confrontations to support the Obama agenda either to transform America by force or, if that fails, destroy her.

Expect Occupy Flash Mobs to increase attacks on businesses and Obama opponents.

Watch for the number of premeditated racial incidents to increase.

To shape the outcome, the Obama campaign will continue to solicit international pressure directed at American election procedures and voters.

Obama will encourage open borders to flood the country with illegal immigrants to sow disorder and intimidate potential Republican voters.

Spearheaded by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder, the Obama Administration is promoting policies that could make criticism of Islam a crime in the United States and erode our First Amendment rights.

Martial law could be an option under consideration.

The Senate’s 2012 National Defense Authorization Act would allow the military to detain American citizens indefinitely without trial.

Coincidentally, the U.S. Army is aggressively recruiting Internment/Resettlement Specialists (31E), who are primarily responsible for day-to-day operations in a military confinement and correctional facility or detention and internment facility.

Meanwhile, Obama and his Congressional allies continue to weaken our national defense.

Defying standard procedures to recover or destroy it, Obama allowed the Iranians to capture the technologically advanced RQ-170 drone.

Obama’s appalling decision permits America’s enemies to reverse-engineer the stealth spy drone, unlocking the aircraft’s structural and software secrets and undermining national security.

That outcome may not be terribly surprising because George Soros, Obama’s puppet master, funds the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), a powerful Iranian government lobbying group in Washington, D.C. The NIAC chief, Trita Parsi, has been described as”an intellectually dishonest regime apologist and an unofficial and unregistered lobbyist for the Iranian regime.”

To further undermine the American military readiness, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), along with 91 other senators, approved the 926-page Defense Department authorization bill that included a provision to repeal the military’s ban on sodomy and bestiality.

When future historians study the sunset of the American republic, they will shake their heads in disbelief, knowing that Obama could have been removed from office at any time, if only members of Congress had not been stupid, corrupt or cowardly.

Obama is not a natural born citizen and he has never been eligible for the office of President. See the explanation here and here.

In addition, Obama has forged his birth documents and Selective Service registration and uses a Social Security number not issued to him.

Unfortunately, Republican leaders have decided to maintain a protective shield of silence and dispense disinformation about Obama’s Constitutionally illegal Presidency and his crimes in order to hide their own complicity in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.

The chaos is coming and those disgraceful politicians will have blood on their traitorous hands.


Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He receives email at

Friday, November 25, 2011

Jo Ann Newman: Far From Dead, Far From Gone


by Martha Trowbridge, ©2011, blogging at Terrible Truth

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

This work is protected by United States Copyright Law. PLEASE REFER TO THE REPRINT/QUOTATION POLICY LINK HERE

(Nov. 25, 2011) — Last week, I saw an image that made me very sad.

It was the Visitors Book at Canberra, The Australian War Memorial.

The page’s dedication was inscribed:

The Honorable Barack Obama

President Of The United States Of America

As I studied his face in photos of the event, I wondered whether, as President “Barack Obama” inscribed it on 17 November 2011, he had the same thought I did: Some day soon this page will be torn from the book, and burned in disgrace.

He knows as well as we do: there is no honor in deceit.

Like presenting a synthetic mother, and synthetic photos of that mother – in slavitude – yes, slavitude – to his desperate determination to win The United States Presidency.

Like feeding fake after fake story to America’s media, counting on their good-hearted nature to print whatever he hands them.

Like despicably claiming his mother is dead – to keep her far from prying eyes.

For, America, the Truth is: the Mother of “Barack Obama’ is far from dead, far from obese, and far from ‘folksy’.

She’s been far from Indonesia, too.

All these years, The Mother of America’s “President” has been here, in America, working hard to support her treasured social causes.

She’s honored and respected.

She’s lovely, industrious, competent, and oh so committed to carrying on her lifelong shared vision with her beloved, Malcolm X: an America in which African Americans share generously in all the opportunities and rewards America has to offer.

Because I’m praying that her son will step forth and do the right thing, I am – for the moment – withholding her current identifying information.

The last thing I want to do is invade her life. She’s been through too much already.

Think about it.

She’s been shut out, silenced, ‘killed off’. She’s been represented by unflattering images. Her actual, lovely image has been distorted to grotesque.

She’s been lied about, used, and bandied to suit The Obama Campaign purposes.

She’s even been obscured from posterity, in video and stills, when on that horrific February day at the Audubon Ballroom, she kneeled, and lay over Malcolm, as he lay dying.

All this, for her treasured son.

The son she shared with her beloved, Malcolm X. The son upon whose tiny body they pinned their dreams for a fairer America.

As I contemplate this exceptional woman’s life, I wonder how many of those around her share her secret.

I wonder what they must think about all that she’s had to sacrifice, all these years, living incognito - in order that her mule headed son advance his career, his way.

Jo Ann Newman, living, clearly living, for years and years, though her son has pronounced her dead.

How hard it must have been for her – cause or no cause – to sacrifice personal recognition – for decades. For most of her adult life, really. Jo Ann Newman, in these demanding decades of women’s lib, ever-living through the lives of those she loved, placing her own life behind theirs.

For, since they met in the 1950′s, for the sake of Malcolm’s reputation, Jo Ann sacrificed public recognition of her role as his lover and mother of his child.

And since the early 1990′s, because “Barack Obama” deemed her a huge political liability, Jo Ann has been unable to publicly associate with her and Malcolm’s son.

It takes strength of character to make such great sacrifices.

Yet, isn’t that “true love”? The kind of love that puts the needs of your beloved ahead of your own?

Have you ever thought about this, Barack? That despite what you may feel, your mother truly loves you?

Barack: I entreat you, step into The Light.

Thousands of us will greet you in sincere, prayerful support of your decision to do the right thing.

We’ll applaud your step into Integrity in a way you’ve never before been applauded.

I promise you, Barack: the applause will be your sweetest ever – for it will be applause you earn honestly.

We know it won’t be easy. We also know it will be hugely relieving.

New, powerful, enduring pages could be inscribed in history:

The Honorable Barack Obama

The First World Leader To Make Things Right

As for you, dear Unsung Heroine Jo Ann Newman: please, reach out to your son. Just like you did with Malcolm, be strong for him. Guide him to the freeing power of Truth.

Now, more than ever, your son needs you.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stan The Sham, And True Love
by Martha Trowbridge

Copyright © 2011 Martha Trowbridge. All Rights Reserved.

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

This work is protected by United States Copyright Law. PLEASE REFER TO THE REPRINT/QUOTATION POLICY LINK ABOVE.

Today, Terrible Truth escorts you through the actual ‘Obama Birth Narrative’.

Don your hard hat and safety goggles. Pack plenty of aspirin. Once the lies start flying, it’s going to be rough going.

For the Truth is: there is no such person as Stanley Ann Dunham.

“Stanley Ann Dunham” was invented to hide the girl that “Barack Obama” judged America would never accept as the mother of a President. A 1950′s girl whose behavior, politics, and lifestyle wouldn’t find much approval, even today.

“Obama’s” real birth narrative isn’t set in an exotic American outpost. It’s got nothing to do with a corn-bred girl from Kansas, transplanted to Seattle, then once again uprooted, to be set in the soil of Hawaii.

It’s got nothing to do with a bigamous Kenyan, or college classmates engaging in sexual relations. No hasty marriage happened, in Hawaii or anywhere, once baby Bâri′ was conceived.

“Obama’s” real birth narrative runs like this:

Once upon a time, in the late 1950’s, a teenage girl from the Bronx – who was bright, rebellious and willful – fell head-over-heels for a charismatic, handsome, older man.

Her name was Jo Ann Newman.

It’s as simple as that.

However, she was white. He was black. She was single. He was married. She was a teenage ‘infidel’ ‘townie’. He was a Muslim Minister.

It’s as complicated as all this.

Despite her intelligence, teenage Jo Ann Newman was understandably naïve. She likely didn’t comprehend what she was getting herself into.

Unhappy in marriage, thirty-something Malcolm X was flattered by young Jo Ann’s devotion. He likely didn’t anticipate the far-reaching consequences of their sexual relationship.

He surely would not have predicted that half a century later, America would be engaged in digging up details about the son born of his relations with young Jo Ann.

But life has a way of yielding the unpredictable.

Especially when the energy invested is considerable – like Jo Ann’s investment in Malcolm.

If you want to get to the Truth, ask anyone who knew Malcolm back then. Were Manning Marable with us still, now that her name is no longer a secret, you might even get it from him.

Back then, Jo Ann was no secret. Everywhere she could, youthful Jo Ann Newman tagged alongside Malcolm. Not one speech or gathering could she bear to miss. New York or elsewhere, whenever, wherever possible, Jo Ann followed Malcolm. You might even say that during those years, Jo Ann Newman lived through him. Most times, when Malcolm was speaking, out in the crowd, there was Jo Ann. The stars in her eyes, the pride in her heart, the hope in her soul, tried as he might to resist, proved irresistible to Malcolm. Steady when he was fickle, dependable when he strayed, buoyant when he was down, Jo Ann was totally devoted to Malcolm and his cause – especially when he himself doubted. From the moment they met, til the moment he died, and eternally beyond, always, Jo Ann Newman was there for Malcolm X Shabazz. Cheering him on. Bolstering him up. Admiring, encouraging, and most of all, loving him – without conditions or expectations.

Malcolm was Jo Ann’s forever-and-ever-true-love – even when she tried to prove to herself he wasn’t.

From their interactions sprang an ‘improbable love’, as often characterized by their son Bâri′. A dynamic, idolizing – idolized, once-in-a-million-lifetimes love.

Because their relationship brought to birth “Barack Obama”, Jo Ann’s and Malcolm’s love will forever be framed as legendary. An un-erasable theme in the Malcolm X saga; painful to many, understandably, yet an integral part of who Malcolm the man was – often contradictory, often perplexing, oh so public yet oh so private.

I’ll leave to another post Jo Ann Newman’s close biological relationship to another American legend: radical activist Fred [Frederick] “Delano” Newman, who died this past July. Ditto, her ties with Sanford Newman of Project Vote. Enough is enough for one sitting.

Today, let’s keep our focus upon Jo Ann. How pained she was by Malcolm’s tragic death.

And what she wrote about it.

Jo Ann Newman’s Tribute To A Black Man was published less than one month after Malcolm’s assassination, on 20 March 1965 in New York’s Amsterdam News, a prominent black weekly newspaper.

It is here, America, for history to directly witness in her heartfelt words, that Jo Ann Newman boldly and openly memorialized her love for and devotion to the father of Bâri′ M. Shabazz [a.k.a. Barack Obama] – Malcolm X Shabazz.

Tribute To A Black Man was duly recorded in the F.B.I. files on Malcolm X.

The F.B.I., since 1953, ever-trailing Malcolm X.

The F.B.I., surely aware of Jo Ann Newman’s romantic relationship with Malcolm X.

Aware – and mindful – enough of their involvement, to add to their Malcolm X Files the eulogy Jo Ann published one month after Malcolm’s assassination.

Tribute To A Black Man is not only one of the few ’boutique’ newspaper articles included in the F.B.I.’s Malcolm X post-assassination files, it is the only personal testament written by a woman that the F.B.I. recorded.

Recall, in this blog’s foundational post “Saps, Stool Pigeons And Stanley Ann’s Hair” [] that Malcolm’s teenage lover was seated in the front row at the time of his assassination.

Could Jo Ann Newman be one of the names redacted in Malcolm’s F.B.I. files, as someone questioned?

Could she be the female who, within days of his death, provided the F.B.I. with details about upcoming events in honor of Malcolm – including the “TRIBUTE” scheduled before his funeral?

Recall, as well, that Malcolm X’s eyeglasses – missing at the scene of his assassination – seem to have re-surfaced on the nose of “Barack Obama”. []

Is it any wonder that the F.B.I. had their eye on Little Miss Jo Ann Newman?

Are we to now wonder whether, when vetting Presidential Candidate “Obama”, the F.B.I. was complicit in his family-of-origin coverup – or worse, unaware of his lineage?

In Tribute To A Black Man, a note to the readers appears atop Jo Ann’s text.

“Editor’s Note: Miss Jo Ann Newman works in the Classified Advertising Department of the New York Amsterdam News.

But she asked for – and was granted permission – to write her own story of Malcolm X’s funeral.

This is her story:

Tribute To A Black Man By Jo Ann Newman”

Source: FBI: Malcolm Little – Malcolm X – New York File 32 of 41, page 27-28.

Now, how on earth does young Miss Jo Ann Newman, a lowly clerk in the Classified Advertising Department, merit such journalistic prominence?


Consider this: from that very same edition of the newspaper – 20 March 1965 – immediately following her Tribute, on page 39 we find this declaration:

“No one knew Malcolm X better than the Amsterdam News staff. Of that staff, no one knew Malcolm X better than Jim Booker.” Real Malcolm X / As Jimmy Booker Knew Him FBI: Malcolm Little – Malcolm X – New York File 32 of 41, page 29.

Jimmy Booker: Executive Editor, The New York Amsterdam News.

Jimmy Booker: close associate to Percy Sutton, Malcolm X’s lawyer.

“Jimmy Booker’s Amsterdam News columns were must read destinations for the African-American weekly faithful. “

Ask yourself this: how did lowly Miss Jo Ann rate positioning of her Tribute AHEAD of famed Jimmy Booker?

And why oh why is Jo Ann Newman associated with The New York Amsterdam News, in the first place?

Here’s why: who better to employ Jo Ann Newman than the black weekly paper, The New York Amsterdam News? Jo Ann Newman, ever-trotting-after-her-true-love-Malcolm X? Malcolm X, Hero to The New York Amsterdam News. Jo Ann Newman, the mother of Malcolm’s son – his promising male heir, he who will be bearer of Malcolm’s legacy.

So …….

Who better than The New York Amsterdam News, after Malcolm’s assassination, to give Jo Ann Newman, mother of Malcolm’s heir – Bâri′ M. Shabazz – a platform from which to profess her undying love?

At her Tribute’s outset, Jo Ann paints Malcolm thus: “The threshold of Life. A fallen angel.”

Immediately, she sets herself in contradistinction to Malcolm.

Malcolm, she states, is “A family man, A Black man, A Man, A leader.”

“I am what I am, so be it” she states in comparison.

Which can only mean, she is: An unwed mother, A White woman, a Woman, a follower.

Hmmm. Sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it? Sounds like the mother of the man who presents himself as “Barack Obama”.

With each line, Jo Ann’s obvious prominence in the life of Malcolm X emerges.

“It is Saturday, Feb, 27, 1965. Faith Temple Church of God in Christ. I am standing in the pulpit, set aside for the newspapers, and all media’s of our great news services [my emphasis].”

Now, how could little Miss Newman, classified advertising clerk at the Amsterdam News, be standing alongside the national media – unless …. ?

Unless she has a rightful place there. A family-type-relationship place. In her Tribute, Jo Ann’s words relay the odd position she occupies: like Betty Shabazz, she is a grieving widow; but one who, for propriety’s sake, must go unrecognized.

For Jo Ann Newman, the political abruptly veers into the personal:

“I am watching history in the making. I am watching the world’s leaders from all fields arrive. We are here together. Yet, why then am I alone? My thoughts entirely of a Black man, who has been struck down, his body lies below me.”

An obvious sexualized reference. Is it conscious or unconscious on her part? Does she want us to know, via her words, that she and he were lovers?

It seems that she did – she continues with sexual images:

“The crowd is swelling, the silence, the silence. Why is it so silent? Why is it so calm. Am I still alive? Yes I felt the pain from the pinch I gave my arm. Below me lies a a Man, a black man, an Afro American.”

Oh, how the past can foreshadow the future! Is it in her description of Malcolm’s funeral, that their son Bâri′ becomes obsessed with media companionship?

“It is now 10:00 a.m., Ossie Davis is before the microphone, the silence has fallen upon the multitude again. The click of the cameras, the hum of the the TV cameras, and yet the silence.”

Swooping back to her stillness /silence metaphor, Jo Ann cries out in anguish. The prospect of Malcolm’s message dying with Malcolm is unbearable. In great emotional pain, she demands that someone carry forth Malcolm’s dreams:

“A man, a leader, a black man, his voice is still. His ideas stilled. How much will be remembered of what he has taught his followers?” As she draws near the end of her Tribute, she shines the light on Ossie Davis, declaring Malcolm X “Our Own Black Shining Prince.” In Jo Ann’s literary reference, she passes that oh so tall order on to Malcolm’s heir – to their son Bâri′ M. Shabazz, who became known to the world as Barack Obama.

What ensued has become our American history. For Malcolm’s sake, Jo Ann has seen to it.

As you study Malcolm’s funeral memoir by Miss Jo Ann Newman of The New York Amsterdam News Classified Advertising Department, do you wonder, as did I: how ever does she know so much about Muslim tradition? How can she cite the “man of tall stature in the brown flowing robes”, and describe “the Islamic service. Imam Al Hajj Heshaans Jaaber recites four Takbeers.”

And how is no-one-special classified advertising clerk Jo Ann privy to knowing who sent what in honor of Malcolm X – referring to “many, many telegrams and letters sent from all over the world”?

How does a classified advertising clerk know the identities of the prominent people attending the funeral so intimately, that she fluidly cites them? “Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, James Farmer, John Lewis, Bayard Rustin, Dick Gregory, Ralph Cooper.”

How can she handily identify the “Los Angeles NAACP, Chester Civil Rights Council, National Urban League, African Natl Council, Freedom Fighters of Ohio, Michigan Committee of Freedom Now, The Moors Of Haiti, Ambassador of Lagos, and many many more” as funeral attendees?

How does she know them – by name, by purpose?

How, indeed?

“Malcolm X Shabazz,” tenderly, she addresses him, in the beyond. “You have not fallen in vain. Your ideas, your ideals, your morals will be continued [my emphasis].”

Jo Ann is a girl with a plan.

She’s a girl who will put to work her traits of persistence, rebelliousness, and loyalty to Malcolm and his cause, to ensure that their son is vaulted from ‘nowhere’ to The White House.

“A heavy heart, a silent pen, my tribute to a history-making BLACK MAN” she says, in her Tribute’s conclusion. “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. A SALAAM ALEIKUM” – which, notably, were among Malcolm’s X’s last words to his faithful.

‘THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE” are your mother’s words of admonition, Bâri′ M. Shabazz.

Bâri′ M. Shabazz, a.k.a. “Barack Obama”.

Bâri′ M. Shabazz: you of no faith in America. America, who now must sadly discover: your mother “Stan” is a Sham.

For, Jo Ann Newman’s son did not believe that we would accept his mother, exactly as she was.

He didn’t believe we’d ever accept him either, born with a “double whammy’ of illegitmacy, and bi-racial genes.

And yet, he just had to carry forth the Dreams From His Father!

For, as you can see from her Tribute to Malcolm, the dreams are his mother’s, too.

What to do, Bâri′? How to do it?

Imagine…..Young man Bâri′, teeming with ambition, sits back. He takes a few puffs to quiet his head. Seeking guidance, he tunes into the psyche of his long-gone, genius father. His father, his mentor, his idol – savvy Malcolm X, the man who from his teens sported scores of handy aliases.

In time, his father’s spirit speaks.

“Reinvent!” Malcolm’s melodious, power-filled voice urges his eager son. ”Reinvent your lineage!”

And so, Bâri′ invents a midwestern mother, bred from good Protestant stock. That’s what America wants, does it not, in its President? A boy born of a “nice” midwestern girl? A Christian girl, to boot!

“Now find yourself a father,” Malcolm’s spirit directs him. “A father to give you what I could not – legitimacy.”

And so, Bâri′ invents a father, using his real father’s friend – Barack Obama from Kenya. A father who meets “Stanley Ann”, ingenue college freshman, in an exotic – though American! – setting.

A father who – as America loves – does the right thing, and marries his pregnant mother.

“One last masterful touch, my son,” says Malcolm. “Alter the records. The state and federal census records, to invent a geneaology. It’s a cinch these days, when everything is digital!”

So, Bâri′ busily works to make his synthetic family real “in the system”, to mislead all who research his “family-of-origin”.

Timing is everything, isn’t it, Bâri′?! Do what you need, to get to be Harvard Law Review Editor! Get that book contract before you graduate! Morph the book’s theme from a commentary on race relations in America – as stipulated in your book contract – into an “autobiography” panhandling your synthetic “family of origin”.

Put your “family” out there far enough ahead of your political entrée, and your story will become familiar!

Eventually, with enough ‘reporters’ regurgitating what you feed them, your family fabrication will ring ‘true’.

In your clever calculations, Bâri′, you made one foolish omission:

The power of Truth to out lies.

As for Jo Ann Newman, one of a zillion dark-haired, big-eyed New York girls from the fifties – hey, thought her smarty-pants, big-shot, Ivy League son, who ever would remember her?

What’s more, even if they do, enshrined in her brand new identity, who could recognize her – what with all the digital smoke and mirrors her son applied to her face? To her eyes. Her nose. Her chin. Her hair. Her cheeks. Who?

Who, huh?

You’d be surprised, Bâri′. You’d be surprised.

Writer’s Note:

America, I communicate this information with great grief – and ask that, as you discover the Truth, you receive it with compassion.

It’s not that I countenance or condone what’s been done. Far from it. I’m outraged. Hurt. Horrified.

Most importantly, I feel thoroughly betrayed by America’s media – who willfully abandoned their solemn responsibility to verify the data presented by The Obama Campaign.

But if we as a country are to come through this intact, we must rise to our moral high calling. Hateful accusations and vengeful behavior will only worsen our situation – and accomplish nothing constructive.

Please, pray for Barack Obama.
Published: November 15, 2011
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why Was the Criminal Record of Bari Shabazz Altered Nine Years After His Alleged Death…


by Sharon Rondeau

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

First page of incident report involving Bari Shabazz in Hawaii in 1982 which was amended to "nolle prosequi" in 2003, 21 years after his alleged death

(Nov. 9, 2011) — In a posting dated November 7, 2011, Atty. Mario Apuzzo reported that the criminal record of a Bari Shabazz, who apparently failed to appear in court following a car accident in Hawaii in 1982, was changed 21 years later to indicate that the charge of driving without a valid license would not be prosecuted and that the judgment had been “satisfied.”

Shabazz’s death is reported to have been recorded in the Social Security Administration’s database as having occurred in August 1994. Why would a prosecutor in Hawaii ask a judge to expunge a criminal record of someone who had been deceased for more than two decades? How could its validity have been contested so many years after the event which it chronicled?

It appears another change was made in 2005 to the record indicating that there was no money owed to the court in the form of fines or fees.

What motivation would a prosecutor have to raise the issue 21 years after the fact? How could a judge have even prosecuted a deceased man?

But was Shabazz dead, or simply renamed? Is Bari Shabazz’s middle initial “M”?

The Terrible Truth blog contends that Bari M. Shabazz is the original identity of Barack Hussein Obama II, that he is a fugitive from justice, and that he was born in New York City on October 28, 1959. Author Martha Trowbridge states that Shabazz’s father was Malcolm X, the black civil rights leader who had initially preached that white men were “blue-eyed devils.”

If Shabazz became Obama, was the Hawaii bench warrant nullified in 2003 because Obama planned to run for the U.S. Senate from the state of Illinois in 2004? Was Obama fearful that someone could unravel a secret past?

And was the additional altering of the record in 2005 made in preparation for Obama’s run for the White House rumored as early as 2006?
Were the alterations made just in case someone perceived a connection between Shabazz and Obama?

Is there a connection?

Are there connections among Barack Obama Sr., Malcolm X, Nikita Kruschev and Fidel Castro?

Malcolm X had been known as “Detroit Red” during his youth. Did the clothing worn by the Obama family on Election Night 2008 signify a connection to that nickname? Malcolm admitted to using various identities, including “Shabazz.”

Malcolm X visited Elijah Muhammad, founder of the Nation of Islam, in Chicago after his release from prison in 1952, and Muhammad became Malcolm’s mentor. Today, Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam and rejuvenator of the Fruit of Islam, the security wing of the NOI, lives in Obama’s Chicago neighborhood. There is a connection among Farrakhan, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Obama. Farrakhan and Wright had traveled to visit the recently-assassinated Muomaar Qaddafi of Libya in 1984. Following Qaddafi’s death, early indications were that the rebels could institute Sharia law as the foundation of an interim government.

Why did Obama choose that neighborhood to raise his young family?

Could this be why Obama has never released his school records, medical records, or any verifiable documentation about himself? Does it explain why the two images he has released as “birth certificates” were immediately labeled forgeries? Would it explain why Obama’s social security number was issued from a state in which he never resided, worked or attended school?

How did Obama accomplish election to public office without at least a certified copy of his original birth certificate? How was he deemed to be eligible for the offices he sought and free of a criminal past?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio pledged to investigate Obama’s background and recently stated that he has information which would be a “shock” to the American people. Will that shock come from the revelation of identity theft, election fraud, and a criminal past on the part of the putative president who had touted the message of “hope and change” so loudly during the 2008 presidential campaign?

Is there really no such person as Barack Hussein Obama II?
Were members of the Kenyan Parliament lying when they asserted that Obama was born in their country rather than the United States? Were the African newspapers incorrect when they stated that Obama had been born in Kenya?

What about the document which Lucas Smith stated he obtained from the Coast Provincial Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya which bears the name “Barack Hussein Obama II?” Copies of the document, along with personalized letters, were mailed during the summer of 2010 to every member of the 111th Congress, yet they all state that Obama was born in Hawaii. What proof exists that he was? The hospital which Obama has identified as “the place of my birth” refuses to discuss it.

How can a person without a past become the President of the United States and command its military forces?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is Putative President Barack Hussein Obama II Really Bari Shabazz, Fugitive from Justice For 21 Years Following An Auto Accident in Honolulu County, Hawaii on March 12, 1982?

By Mario Apuzzo
November 7, 2011

Editor's Note" Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

On November 2, 2011, I published an article entitled and asking the question, “Is Barack Hussein Obama II Really Bâri′ M. Shabazz, Born October 28, 1959 in New York City? ”, accessed at The basis of the question that I asked came from a November 2, 2011 breaking story published by Martha Trowbridge entitled, “Bâri′, Barry, Barack, accessed at In her article, Ms. Trowbridge’s contends that putative President Barack Hussein Obama II’s real name is Bâri′ M. Shabazz and that his date of birth is October 28, 1959, and his social security number is 084-54-5926. She says he was born in New York City. She adds that he was born with the name Bâri′ M. Shabazz. She also says that to be able to enter the political world, Bâri′ M. Shabazz had to change his birth identity and take on a new one which became Barack Hussein Obama II.

Ms. Trowbridge says: “We know this: Bâri′ M. Shabazz was assigned social security number 084-54-5926, issued in New York, in 1974.”

Ms. Trowbridge has found that the Social Security Death Index shows: “SHABAZZ, B M 28 Oct 1959 Aug 1994 (V) 34 (PE) (none specified) New York 084-54-5926.” From this, one would think that Bâri′ died in August 1994. But no, Ms. Trowbridge informs that only his identity was made “dead.” The real person continued to live and that person became “Barack Hussein Obama II.” Note how she explains that the “death” of Bâri′ was only reported by someone (“V” or “Verified”) and that the person did not present any valid death certificate (“P” or “Proof).

What’s more Ms. Trowbridge explains that “[o]nce in the federal system, the [death] record was flagged as ‘PE’, meaning that an inconsistency exists between what was reported and what was recorded in the government’s files.”

Finally, and the most shocking part of her report is that Ms. Trowbridge contends that Bâri′ M. Shabazz is the biological son of Malcolm X. Hence, if Barack Hussein Obama II is the same person as Bâri′ M. Shabazz, that would make putative President Obama the biological son of Malcolm X.

On November 4, 2011, an anonymous source emailed me something very interesting. To substantiate the content of the email, the writer directed me to go to a web site of the Judiciary for the State of Hawaii and to do a search of cases that have been disposed of by that State’s traffic courts. The anonymous source had done just that and so the person provided me with the information which that traffic court shows on its web site.

I did go to the Hawaii traffic court’s web site which is called eCourt Kokua and I was eventually able to confirm the information that the anonymous source sent me. Access to the court’s web set may be gained by going to;jsessionid=FDFF513AA90109AC4375A7CBE7C8AF36. Once at the site, click “Agree” to the terms and conditions. Then click, “Search for case details by case ID or citation number.” Once there, enter at the prompt, Case ID or Citation Number(*): 1193041MO and hit Search.” The following report appears:

What do these reports say and what questions does they raise? The Case ID is 1193041 MO. The name of the case is State v. Bari Shabazz which was a non-jury case. The case is characterized as a “Traffic Crime,” with a “REPORT number W50100.” The offense occurred on March 12, 1982. The charging police officer is Duane Masayuki Espinueva. The event is characterized as an “Accident Major.” The charge was driving without a valid driver’s license. The case was first filed on Tuesday, March 16, 1982, in the First Circuit, located at Kane’Ohe Division. I checked and this court is located at
45-939 Pookela Street, Kaneohe, HI 96744
. The case was continued to April 5, 1982.

The record also shows that Bari Shabazz was supposed to be arraigned and enter a plea on April 5, 1982, at 8:30 a.m., in Kane’ohe Traffic Court, Courtroom B, at the Kane’ohe Division. The case was continued to May 5, 1982.

On May 5, 1982, at 8:00 a.m., Bari Shabazz was supposed to again be arraigned and enter his plea in the same court room. He apparently did not appear and so the court issued a bench warrant on May 5, 1982, bearing number “BWO 050582.” It appears as though the court set bail at $25.00. The record also shows the entry of “HONDA,” maybe meaning that Bari Shabazz was driving a Honda or that the prosecutor’s name was “HONDA.” The next entry is for May 5, 1982, at 8:30 a.m. The court ordered the “AP” (maybe meaning accused person) to show proof of “NEW YORK DRIVER’S LICENSE.”

The report then shows that the prosecutor on April 9, 2003, filed an ex parte motion to recall the bench warrant and announced on the record “nolle prosequi.” This is a Latin phrase which is formally entered into a court record which means that the prosecutor in a criminal case “will no further prosecute” the case. The motion was listed as “NP [nolle prosequi] 040903.” So, the charge was dismissed upon the prosecutor’s ex parte “Nolle Prosequi” motion made on April 9, 2003. “Ex parte” means that only one side made the application which in this case was the prosecutor.

The final entry was for October 30, 2005, at 8:00 a.m., when the court noted that a $-0- balance was owed, but said “Pls check.”

This information raises the following questions:

1. Is the Bari Shabazz named in this traffic court report the same person Ms. Trowbridge calls “Bâri′ M. Shabazz” in her report and who is listed as “B M Shabazz” in the Social Security Death Index? If it is the same person, then that puts New Yorker Bâri′ M. Shabazz in Honolulu County, Hawaii, on March 12, 1982. Using a date of birth of October 28, 1959, this would have made Bâri′ M. Shabazz 22 years old at the time that he had this major automobile accident in Honolulu County.

2. The accident is characterized as a major accident. Chances are that Bari Shabazz and/or any passenger was taken to a local hospital in Honolulu County due to his/their injuries. If Bari Shabazz suffered any major injuries or laceration, the physical signs of those injuries and/or lacerations could still be present somewhere on his body if he is still alive.

3. Bari Shabazz was charged with driving without a driver’s license. The court ordered him to show proof of his New York driver’s license. Hence, Bari Shabazz must have told the charging police officer or the court that he did have a driver’s license and that it was one issued by the State of New York. Hence, Bari Shabazz must have been a resident of the State of New York. Note that Ms. Trowbridge said that Bâri′ M. Shabazz was born in New York City. Also, what was Bari Shabazz doing driving in Hawaii with what should have been a New York driver’s license? Was he now living in Hawaii? Was he there on vacation? Was he there visiting family or friends? Was he going to school there?

4. On April 9, 2003, the prosecutor filed a motion to recall the bench warrant, to terminate prosecution, and close the case. Why would this case come to the attention of some local prosecutor 21 years following the initial violation of March 12, 1982? A local prosecutor does not just go looking for cases that are 21 years old and file motions to dismiss those cases. Someone must have asked that local prosecutor to dismiss the case so that the arrest warrant was cleared from the court’s and nation’s computer system.

5. Ms. Trowbridge shows that Bâri′ M. Shabazz, according to the Social Security Death Index, died in August 1994. If Bâri′ M. Shabazz is the same person as is listed in this Hawaii auto accident as Bari Shabazz, why would someone care to recall his arrest warrant on April 9, 2003 or almost 9 years after his death? Surely, it could not be Bâri′ M. Shabazz who was interested since he had been dead since 1994. On the other hand, if he was not dead he would be interested.

6. On October 30, 2005, or 23 years following the date of the accident of March 12, 1982, the court again re-visits the case of Bari Shabazz, noting that he did not owe the court any money but to “Pls. check.” Why would the court again concern itself with this case on that date, especially if Bari Shabazz was dead since 1994?

7. So, is the Bari Shabazz named in this Hawaii traffic court report the same person Ms. Trowbridge calls “Bâri′ M. Shabazz” in her report and who is listed as “B M Shabazz” in the Social Security Death Index? That question surely merits an investigation. If he is, then that puts the New-York-born Bâri′ M. Shabazz in Honolulu County, Hawaii, the alleged birth place and once place of residence of putative President, Barack Hussein Obama II. Given what Ms. Trowbridge has concluded in her report, that is a circumstantial piece of evidence that is surely worth investigating. What also supports Ms. Trowbridge’s position that Bâri′ M. Shabazz really did not die in August 1994 and that he is still alive as Barack Hussein Obama II is that the traffic court in Hawaii was still acting on the Bari Shabazz traffic case 9 and 11 years after the alleged death in August 1994 of Bâri′ M. Shabazz. What needs to be investigated is why the local prosecutor and court took those actions so many years after the traffic accident and at whose behest.

8. Finally, when there is an auto accident, the police do a detailed accident report. That report includes the name, addresses, date of birth, and social security number of the person involved in the accident who is charged for that accident. The driver’s license number is also included if that license is produced or otherwise verified. A physical description of the defendant is also included. The make of auto, including the year made and VIN number are also included, along with statements of witnesses. There could be a photograph of the defendant in the police record. A thorough investigation of this matter would surely include searching the police record in Honolulu County for this report so that this information may be examined and evaluated.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
November 7, 2011

Copyright © 2011
Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
All Rights Reserved
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nesting or Red-Rooster-ing, It’s Memory Lane For Obama


by Martha Trowbridge, ©2011, blogging at Terrible Truth

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

(Nov. 5, 2011) — If you want to peek down Obama’s two fondest Memory Lanes, don’t look to Hawaii.

Look to Chicago, to his ‘nest’. And to Harlem, to his choice of Red Rooster Restaurant for his March 2011 DNC fundraiser.

Nesting or Red-Rooster-ing, Obama’s Memory Lanes are saturated with memories of Malcolm X.

To paraphrase a popular axiom, our nest is where our heart is. For Obama, since 2005, his nest is 5046 South Greenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL.

Though the structure is indeed stunning, 5046 South Greenwood means a lot more to Barack Obama than just grand architecture.

It’s the closest he could possibly come, to surrounding himself with memories of his beloved lost father, Malcolm X. How?

In two fundamental ways: architecture and environs.

Architecturally speaking, 5046 South Greenwood Avenue, Chicago IL is a grandiose version of the home Malcolm and his family occupied until the week before Malcolm’s death.

Obama Residence, 5046 South Greenwood Avenue, Chicago

Malcolm X Residence, 23-11 97th Street, East Elmhurst, New York

Photo taken after 14 February 1965 firebombing

Both homes are brick with a center entrance and central front dormer. Both sport a hip roof. Twin windows flank the front door. Above the front, on the second level, are two adjacent windows.

White painted window frames and sills adorn the houses.

Twin pines stand in the front yard – at both homes, the one to the right is fuller, healthier, than the one to the left.

Both homes feature a wrought iron fence.

The land to the left of both structures is wider than the land to the right; with an alley-like walkway strip to the right of the structures.

And that’s not all. The architectural style of Obama’s home is Georgian Revival. Malcolm’s father Earley [Obama’s biological grandfather] is from Reynolds, Georgia. So are Earley’s two sisters, with whom Malcolm lived in Boston in the early forties, following his mother’s institutionalization.

If style and looks are not enough to make Obama feel close to his long lost father, how about this?

His home’s environs connect Obama with the happiest years of Malcolm’s life.

Obama’s home at 5046 South Greenwood Avenue, Chicago is just a stroll away from 5335 South Greenwood Avenue, Chicago, home and headquarters of Malcolm’s spiritual advisor, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

5335 South Greenwood Avenue, Chicago was also, for years, the site of the annual Nation of Islam Saviour’s Day Convention – an event much cherished by Malcolm.

Oh, the memories! Malcolm, devotedly sitting at the feet of his idol, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, studying the Muslim faith, doing his best to impress Elijah with his talent, dedication, and promise.

Oh, the memories! Malcolm happily working at creating and publishing Mr. Muhammad Speaks, there, right there, at 5335 South Greenwood Avenue, Chicago, the national headquarters of Nation Of Islam. Malcolm, a high school dropout, living the American Dream.

Oh, the memories! Malcolm, enthusiastically coming from and going to NOI Headquarters from Harlem, from any and all of the many cities to which he traveled, on behalf of NOI. Malcolm, touted by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad as NOI’s National Spokesman. [Obama’s Dad, a national figure!] Malcolm, for many years, regarded as Elijah’s favorite ‘son’ – so much so that reportedly Elijah’s sons envied Malcolm’s relationship with their father.

What memories. What family ties. What professional roots. What a place for Obama to nest. To rest his weary head.

And when Obama’s not resting, Malcolm’s history is mere moments away! By car, what with the one way traffic, it’s only .56 miles from Obama’s house to Elijah’s former home / NOI headquarters / NOI Mosque No.2.

But, as the crow flies, or the foot treads – it’s only a block and a half! A lovely stroll, at any time of year.

Perhaps, during his frequent visits to Chicago, Malcolm strolled or drove by 5046 South Greenwood? Perhaps he admired the stately home, noting its similarities with his modest East Elmhurst home.

Perhaps Malcolm mentioned 5046 South Greenwood Avenue, in conversation or in writing? To Stanley Ann, perhaps?

Perhaps it was Malcolm’s dream house.

Do you think Obama chose Chicago – or this home – lightly?

Obama’s nesting choice is not the only indicator of ‘where he comes from’ – and who he yearns for. Consider this sample page from his Power Place Playbook: his choice of fundraising venue at Harlem’s Red Rooster Restaurant, 29 March 2011.

It’s classic Obama, ever in search of connectivity with his father.

Because we’ve got so many Malcolm memories around Red Rooster to explore, let’s not spend much time on the date of the Harlem fundraiser. How important can it be, that on 29 March 1964, at Harlem’s Audubon Ballroom, Malcolm first delivered perhaps his most famous speech – “The Ballot Or The Bullet”??

It can’t be that important, can it? Let’s focus on the restaurant.

Courtesy, Phillie Casablanca

Red Rooster is sited at 310 Lenox Avenue – that is, at 310 Malcolm X Boulevard – between 125th and 126th Street.

If you didn’t know about his bio-psycho-emotional ties to Malcolm X, you couldn’t know how warm-and-goosey this neighborhood feels to a man like Barack.

But once you do, you’ll know how right at home he feels there. And why he chose Red Rooster.

It’s not just that its chef was the guy Obama called in to cater his first State Dinner in 2009.

It’s the ‘hood’, man. Malcolm’s ‘hood’.

Why else would New York City rename this major thoroughfare in Malcolm’s honor?

But enough digressing. We must get back to Red Rooster! After all, Obama’s heading up a power-packed DNC fundraiser luncheon. Who wants to miss it? So let’s imagine that day. Imagine yourself seated there. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a window seat.

If so, you’ll be able to see the famous corner of 125th and Lenox, where, in April 1957, “police intervened in a scuffle between a man and woman at 125th Street and Lenox Avenue” That night, Minister Malcolm stepped into power in the white world, by stepping in to successfully defend the rights of Brother Johnson Hinton [a member of Malcolm's Mosque] in a case of police brutality.

[We all remember Obama’s famous declaration about the Cambridge Police, now don’t we? He doesn’t know the facts, but he does know that “the police acted stupidly”.]

Stretch your neck to look a bit farther down Lenox, you’ll access another, earlier lesson in Malcolm X’s history. It’s Malcolm’s old hangout! The Paradise Bar at Lenox Lounge, 288 Lenox Avenue, between 124th and 125th. Packed with memories of Malcolm, it’s where “he hangs out and begins running numbers” prior to his arrest and imprisonment.

But we must return to the luncheon, mustn’t we? Back to the restaurant. Cross 125th again, and mind your manners. You mustn’t be distracted by scenes from movies, like that powerful scene in Spike Lee’s Malcolm X. Forget about Malcolm and his followers, triumphantly marching from the police station to the hospital after Malcolm secured the release of Brother Johnson Hinton. Forget it was filmed on West 125th Street – right by the Apollo Theater! Apollo Theater, 253 West 125th Street, Malcolm’s frequent podium. The site of so much historical ‘family’ achievment for Obama. Apollo Theater – purchased after Malcolm’s death and revitalized by Malcolm’s loyal lawyer, Percy Sutton.

Honestly, with all this excitement, how could you – or Obama – eat a bite?

Good thing you didn’t follow your fancy along 125th. You’d never hear a word at the luncheon! You wouldn’t even have time to nibble the sumptuous food. For enroute to the Apollo Theater, at the corner of 125th and 7th Avenue [the next cross street over from Lenox], stands the Hotel Theresa – now the Theresa Towers.

Known as The Waldorf of Harlem, Hotel Theresa was Malcolm’s favorite hotel – so much so that it was the site of Malcolm’s headquarters for his Muslim Mosque, Inc. and Organization of African American Unity, once he split with Nation Of Islam. It’s also the hotel where Malcolm facilitated accommodations for Fidel Castro and his entourage when, in September 1960, they came to New York City to attend The United Nations General Assembly.

How downright historical!

And we all know how Obama feels about ‘historical’.

But let’s not let Obama’s obsession with ‘making history’ distract us.

Oh dear, with all our sight-seeing, the luncheon is over.

It’s 2 PM already! Obama is off to attend to the rest of his [public] New York agenda. A stop at The American Museum Of Natural History, where Malcolm “tentatively enjoys a first date with [his future wife] Betty Shabazz”

Then on to The United Nations: Malcolm X’s High Court. The body to whose attention Malcolm passionately believed America’s racial injustices should be brought forth – and punished.

Only the driver and Secret Service know what Obama emoted that fine March 2011 day. Did Malcolm’s son weep tears of joy, as he cruised that sweeping avenue – Lenox Avenue when Malcolm cruised it, which now bears his name as well? From his stately limo, did Obama drink in the sights and sounds, imagining his father behind a wheel, or striding along a sidewalk, or standing on a corner, rousingly speaking to crowds?

Enroute or after lunch, did The Presidential Entourage cruise past Marcus Garvey Memorial Park, just one block over from Red Rooster? Obama’s paternal grandparents, Earl and Louise Little, met and fell in love at a Garvey event.

Did they dare cruise by the site of much glory – and such tragedy – for Malcolm: the Audubon Ballroom?

Malcolm, Malcolm, everywhere! Making it oh so easy for Barack to connect with his beloved, long lost father.

A day doesn’t get any better than this, does it, for the son who carries forth Dreams From His Father? What stirrings, what self-pride Obama must have felt, driven along the streets of New York City, protected, esteemed, pampered, in great pomp and circumstance.

“Hey, Dad,” I hear Obama silently say, from deep in the belly of The Beast. “Are you proud of me yet?”

Once you understand where Barack Obama really comes from, Truth is, he is the most transparent President in American History. In his behavior, The Boy Who Would Be Wanted [And Loved And Valued] by his father is tragically transparent.


For those of you who are literary buffs – as is Obama – don’t miss the symbolic power of the restaurant name!

Red: socialism; communism; Malcolm’s call to bloody revolution by blacks in America

Rooster: an evocative echoing of another of Malcolm’s ever-living statements: “It’s a case of the chickens coming home to roost.” This public statement on President John F. Kennedy’s assassination cost him his cherished professional position in Nation Of Islam.
Have Public Records on Bari M. Shabazz Been Altered in the Last Three Days?


by Sharon Rondeau

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

East Elmhurst is located in the borough of Queens, NY. Malcolm X reportedly lived there from 1959-1965, when he was assassinated.

(Nov. 5, 2011) —Recently The Post & Email published a “Blog of the Day” entry which posited that the black activist known as “Malcolm X” is the biological father of the man known as Barack Hussein Obama II. We followed up with our own research to promote additional probing by members of the public.

Today The Post & Email was contacted by a reader who communicated the following:

After reading the Martha Trowbridge article about Bari M. Shabazz today, I placed an order to the Social Security Admin for a certified copy of Bari Shabazz’s SS-5 form (application for SSN). Application Name: eFOIA Requests, and my Transaction Date is Nov 4, 2011 7:33:49 PM.

I am instructed by the SSA that unless unusual or exceptional circumstances are present, I should receive a response within 20 business days. I will scan the documents when I receive them, and send you copies by e-mail. The documents should include a certified statement from SSA, the SS-5 form, and a numident, which is a computer printout showing the CYD (Cycle date, the date the SSN record was established or corrected).

The SS-5 form should have the following information:

SSN, Name to be used in work or business, full name given at birth, date of birth, place of birth, age, sex, color or race, father’s full name, mother’s maiden name, if applicant ever before applied for social security, railroad or tax account number, mailing address, the date of application, phone number, signature, and the RFN number (an 11-digit record control number).

Trowbridge had reported in her article that “Barí M. Shabazz” had been reported deceased in August 1994. Barack Hussein Obama II officially entered the world of politics in 1996. He was active as a “community organizer” after graduating from Harvard Law School.

During his lifetime, Malcolm X was known by several different names. Born Malcolm Little, he changed his last name to an “X” to signify the last name which had been allegedly “stolen” while his forefathers were kept in slavery. Obama has been known as Barack Hussein Obama II; Barack Hussein Obama Jr.; Barry Soetoro, and possibly Bari M. Shabazz. Other possible aliases include Harrison J. Bounel and Barak Mounir Ubayd. Obama’s life story and parentage have been “called into question.”

Malcolm X converted to Islam while in prison for burglary. Considered “intelligent and articulate” as well as “eloquent,” he became a national spokesman for the Nation of Islam organization, which promoted black nationalism combined with “traditional Islam.”

At one time, Malcolm had wanted to become a lawyer. Obama became a lawyer but “voluntarily retired” his license during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Malcolm X had described the assassination of John F. Kennedy as “the chickens coming home to roost,” a phrase also uttered by Barack Hussein Obama’s pastor of 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright during the 2008 presidential campaign. Wright preached Black Liberation Theology at the Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC) until his retirement in 2008, the same year as the presidential election. Malcolm X was “silenced” by Nation of Islam leader, Elijah Mohammad following his comments on Kennedy. Malcolm X believed that Kennedy had not kept his promises to the black community on which he had campaigned and that he had “paid off” black leaders “so that they are silent.”

It is reported that Malcolm X’s “politics” became more important than his religion. He was considered a “charismatic and powerful speaker.” If Obama is Malcolm’s son, did he wish to “complete what his father had started in the political world,” beginning in 1994?

At approximately 3:30 p.m. EDT on November 5, 2011, The Post & Email was provided with information stating that “public records” pertaining to Bari M. Shabazz have been altered to show that he is still alive and living in East Elmhurst, NY, rather than dead, as recently reported in Trowbridge’s post.

Will the reader who sent the FOIA request receive correct and unaltered information? Will he or she be told that the person possessing that social security number is still alive and therefore the information cannot be released?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bâri′, Barry, Barack
by Martha Trowbridge

Copyright © 2011 Martha Trowbridge. All Rights Reserved.

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

White House Press Corps: may I inquire? Were any of you invited to the birthday party Friday?

If not, don’t feel miffed.

After all, it’s long been a family secret.

Anyway, here’s the scoop: Friday was Bâri′’s birthday.

Bâri′ M. Shabazz - Barack Obama’s identity at birth.

Yes, 28 October was the day, in 1959, in New York City, that the man who presents himself as Barack Hussein Obama was born Bâri′ M. Shabazz.

A baby thrice bestowed with names sacred to Malcolm X: Bâri′, Malik, and Shabazz.

Oh so happily bestowed by his mother, who truly-and-forever loved Malcolm.

It wasn’t just the sacred nature of these names that so delighted his proud parents.

It was what the names signified.

Bâri′ - Muslim name meaning “Of Allah”. According to Islam, God as al-Bâri′ is the creator of all: “al-Bâri′: The Maker, The Producer, The Evolver, The Maker From Nothing … Bâri′ denotes the way the One [my emphasis] works with substances, often creating from existing matter, making and evolving that which is free and clear of any other thing, free and clear of imperfections.”

Note the reference to “The One”, a popular attribution to Barack Obama during the campaign.

Malik / Malachi – Names most sacred to Malcolm. “Lord”, “Master”, ‘Sovereign”, “King” … Malik is Arabic for Malachi [Messenger of God]. In 1952, Malcolm requested permission from The Honorable Elijah Muhammad [his Nation Of Islam spiritual director] to assume the name Malachi Shabazz – approval that was denied him. In spring 1964, after Malcolm left Nation Of Islam, he assumed the identity El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.

Shabazz - Malcolm’s chosen Muslim last name. It’s the Muslim name his wife Betty also chose. The name they bestowed upon all six children.

Among the Malcolm X aliases certified by the F.B.I. are Malachi Shabazz, Malcolm Shabazz and Malik El-Shabazz.

Bâri′, Barry, Barack ….. Sort of has a cadence to it, doesn’t it? Reminds me of the days I studied Greek and Latin. Studied the conjugation of verbs. Bâri′, Barry, Barack. His past [imperfect] tense, his present tense, his future tense.

Bâri′, Barry, Barack: he was, he is, he will be.

So it was for high school Barry. His past collides with his future. Barry, discovering his birth certificate amongst sequestered documents. Discovering his Muslim identity – and the name of his biological father.

And in that discovery, recognizing “I occupied the space where their [his parents’] dreams had been”. A stunning realization.

A future must be created!

Politics, yes, this is the proper path. National politics.

The very same path that daddy Malcolm had his yearning eye upon.

His son would go one better, though. His eye would firmly fix upon The White House!

But wait. Who would elect to The United States Presidency the illegitimate son of a black, Muslim revolutionary? A man who advocated overthrow of The United States Government? Who openly spoke of his hatred of whites?

His past as Bâri′ would never do.

Not to worry! Bâri′ is destined for great things. His genes, his birth names said so. He will create an identity “free and clear” of Malcolm’s political liabilities.

A ‘tweak’ of his name’s second syllable, and voilá! Bâri′ and Barry become “Barack”.

The synthetic ”son” of Malcolm’s African friend, Kenyan exchange student Barack Obama.

The synthetic ”grandson” of Malcolm’s hero.

[For those of you unfamiliar, Barack Obama was the son of Mau Mau Kenyan Revolution Hero, Hussein Onyango Obama. In the early 1950's, Malcolm was publicly singing HOO's praises in Harlem - years before his son, Barack Obama, arrived in America.]

And so, a future was created.

An identity was born: “Barack Obama II” – a.k.a. “Barack Obama Jr. “

Such creative genius! A simple ‘tweak’, and Bâri′ M. Shabazz gets his new identity – and an unencumbered, bright political future!

With a birth narrative boasting exotic, tropical settings, to boot!

But back to young Bâri′, shall we? After all, it is his birthday we’re discussing.

And back to Barry.

How much closer in sound can two names get?

Perhaps you recall Michelle Obama’s statement during the campaign, when asked about Barack’s nickname, Barry? She stated that its origin was a cute Muslim name, anglicized to “Barry”. If you don’t recall her statement, please, don’t waste your time looking for it online. The clip was long ago scrubbed.

Perhaps you recall that at Occidental College – coincident with his grand political plan to fulfill Malcolm’s Dreams – “Barack Obama” insisted that “Barry” be ditched for Barack? A brilliant strategic move indeed. Barry sounds far too close to Bâri′. What if somebody, anybody, from his past, or from the present, or worst of all, in the future, caught on?

But oh, how Truth endures. Thank goodness, amidst all the deceit, the words of half-sister Maya expose it: around the house, she stated, we called him “Bar”.

Bâri′, Barry, Barack ….. Now, who is who, and what is what? “Barack Obama”, we all know. “Barry Soetoro”, ditto. But what do we know of Bâri′ M. Shabazz?

We know this: Bâri′ M. Shabazz was assigned social security number 084-54-5926, issued in New York, in 1974.

[Wait. Wasn't there discussion of an SSN issued earlier than 1977? Sometime around the summer "Barack Obama" was 14? Let's see. Summer 1974 minus October 1959 equals ... yes, that's right, 14. Hmmm.]

But let’s not let “Barack Obama” distract us again. Back to his past [imperfect] tense.

Quite naturally, you may wonder, as did I: whatever happened to sweet baby Bâri′?

I’ve got tragic news to report, on this All Souls Day: in August 1994, at the prime-of-life age of 34, five years younger than was his father Malcolm at his untimely death, Bâri′ M. Shabazz was reported to have died.

From the Social Security Death Index database:

SHABAZZ, B M 28 Oct 1959 Aug 1994 (V) 34 (PE) (none specified) New York 084-54-5926

Hmmm ….. August 1994: Bâri′ M. Shabazz has passed on.

Oh dear. Whatever will become of all those Dreams Bâri′ was conceived to carry forth?

Not to worry. He didn’t really die. His birth identity ‘had’ to die.


Let’s see. 1994. 1994. Oh! That’s right! On 21 August 1994, the Illinois State Senate seat ‘officially’ opened up! Its occupant, Alice Palmer – for whom “Barack Obama” was working – could now set her sights on indicted Mel Reynolds’ Congressional seat.

“Barack Obama” was prepping to step out as a political candidate!!

“Congressman Mel Reynolds, the Democrat convicted of 12 charges, including sex with 16-year-old Beverly Heard and asking her to take pornographic photographs of a 15-year old, was indicted on August 21, 1994.”

What with his prodigious plans, “Barack Obama” certainly couldn’t risk having Bâri′ M. Shabazz walking around, now, could he?!

A simple report was all that was needed.

The SSDI record states that the death information for Bâri′ M. Shabazz was coded “V”.

V signifies: “Verified: Report verified with a family member or someone acting on behalf of a family member.”

The report is not coded “P“.

P signifies: “(Proof): Death Certificate Observed”.

This distinction is critical. Notice of death was made by an informant who did not present verification of his/her reporting, that is, no death certificate was presented with the notification of death.

“SSA receives reports of death from a variety of sources, including friends and relatives of deceased individuals, funeral homes, postal authorities, financial institutions, and Federal and State agencies. Friends, relatives, and funeral homes report about 90 percent of deaths. Postal authorities and financial institutions report another 5 percent of deaths.”

Once in the federal system, the record was flagged as ‘PE’, meaning that an inconsistency exists between what was reported and what was recorded in the government’s files.



And now, since you’ve had the forbearance to read along this far, I offer you comic relief.

The first listed address for Bâri′ M. Shabazz is: guess where?

One street over from Malcolm X’s house!

From baby’s conception in 1959 through shortly before Malcolm’s death in 1965, Malcolm lived just one street over from Bâri′ M. Shabazz’s first address in East Elmhurst, New York.

The first address listed for Bâri′ M. Shabazz is 32-26 98th Street, Apt.1, East Elmhurst, New York.

Malcolm’s 1959 address was 25-46 99th Street, East Elmhurst, New York.

Malcolm and his family resided at 23-11 97th St. East Elmhurst, New York, from July 1960 through February 18, 1965, three days before his death.

BM Shabazz (Bari M Shabazz)

B 10/28/59
D 8/94
SSN 084545926

Street Address City Name on phone Phone #

1 3226 98TH ST APT 1 EAST ELMHURST, NY 11369

2 32 98 EAST ELMHURST, NY 11369








Source: Intellius.

Speaking of addresses, don’t you love poor ‘dead’ Bâri′s Virginia addresses?! Fake military addresses – that’ll fool the snoops, eh! Military addresses clearly ‘created’ by someone who didn’t know diddly about the military.

My, how we’ve digressed! I wonder how the birthday party went. White House Press Corp, please, tell me: Was there a cake? With 52 gleaming candles? In their private quarters, sequestered safely away from The Secret Service, did any of you happen to hear “The Obamas” sing Happy Birthday?

2 November 2011, The Commemoration Of All Souls
Published: November 2, 2011
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

“Malcolm X’s Missing Eyeglasses”
Another Cold Case File, Closed:


by Martha Trowbridge, ©2011, blogging at Terrible Truth. Research Copyright © 2011 Martha Trowbridge and Erik Rush. All Rights Reserved.

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

(Oct. 29, 2011) — Mystery meets [Medical] History today, as a cold case is solved.

First, the historical medical marvel.

Barack Obama, who according to official medical reports has 20/20 vision, apparently needs eyeglasses.

Not just any eyeglasses, mind you. And certainly not when he’s in public.

He doesn’t even need them when he’s awake.

Obama needs these eyeglasses when he’s sleeping!

White House Photo

Oh dear, what have we here?

Could it be?

Could Obama be wearing Malcolm X’s eyeglasses - broken left arm and all?

Must be that Obama’s channeling dreams. Channeling Dreams From His Father.

Which leads us to the mystery:

How on earth could Obama get his hands on Malcolm’s eyeglasses?


Maybe, just maybe, mama Stanley Ann got her hands on them, shortly after Malcolm was shot – and eventually passed them on to their son.

For, Truth Be Told, when Malcolm was shot at the Audubon Ballroom, 21 February 1965, as usual, he was wearing his eyeglasses.

Yet when he was wheeled out, his eyeglasses were off.

Then -

No eyeglasses on Malcolm’s body at the wake.

No eyeglasses at the funeral.

Whatever happened to Malcolm X’s eyeglasses?

Now that we have the White House photo, above, it may not be a mystery after all.

Picture the scene of the crime. The audience has fled. Malcolm has just been taken out by the medical emergency crew. His wife and children have been whisked away. And where is Stanley Ann, his long-time lover? Stanley Ann, teenage lover, sitting in that front row to the right. Stanley Ann, jumping up in shock and horror. Stanley Ann, watching the attempts to save Malcolm, watching as the medics work on him, watching as he is wheeled forever away.

What is she feeling?

In her great grief and shock, what is she thinking?

Study the assassination crime scene photo, taken much later, below.

No eyeglasses.

February 1965 Audubon Ballroom Crime Scene Photo by Stanley Wolfson


Malcolm has been wheeled away. Teenage lover Stanley Ann is unable to follow Malcolm to the hospital – what with his wife Betty and the press heading over there. Distraught, she stays behind. How can she bear it? She looks to the stage. Her lover’s jacket lies folded atop the drum riser. His shirt lies on the floor. The chair against which he fell when shot, is tipped on its back.

And there, amidst the hideous chaos, are his eyeglasses. His precious, signature, tragically broken eyeglasses.

Perhaps they too lie on the floor, tossed aside, the left arm snapped as it was torn off by the medics – or inadvertently crushed, in the chaos.

Or perhaps someone has reverently placed them – frame plus broken arm – on the drum riser, next to his jacket.

Most everyone is gone. The stage is deserted.

Stricken with pain, and anger, and grief, Stanley Ann steps up onto the stage. Quickly, she fetches the eyeglasses, along with their broken arm. Hiding them in a pocket or handbag, she hurries away.

Malcolm X’s Missing Eyeglasses Cold Case: solved.

Attorney Mario Apuzzo, when viewing this photo of Obama sleeping on the White House sofa, made a brilliant observation. These eyeglasses could have Malcolm’s DNA.

So you see, it’s all very simple. A quick swab of a Q-tip on the roof of Obama’s mouth … paternity controversy over.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saps, Stool Pigeons And Stanley Ann’s Hair

by Martha Trowbridge, blogging at Terrible Truth Research Copyright © 2011 Martha Trowbridge & Erik Rush. All Rights Reserved.

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

Original post with graphics:

(Oct. 23, 2011) — If David Brooks at The New York Times feels he was taken for a ‘sap’ by Barack Obama, we shudder to think how everyday Americans will feel, once they find out the Truth.

Obama’s Mother And Son photo was falsified to deceive us.

Courtesy, The Obama Campaign

Recognize it? Yes, that’s the same photo as was used on the cover of Janny Scott’s A Singular Woman, her biography of Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother.

It’s the same photo Obama used in his Obamacare television ad.

So what’s the big deal? In a moment, we’ll tell you. For now, all you need to understand is this:

The photo was falsified to deceive us.

Truth is, mama Stanley Ann didn’t have long hair when Barack was young. Until, of course, with photoshop-type tampering, The Obama Campaign made sure we’d think that she did.

Here’s a peek into Truth. All that darkness, making us think we’re seeing long hair, is nothing but graphics illusion:

Another reality-check:

As if the deceit with her hair weren’t insulting enough, in the view below, note the futzing with the corner of her mouth, in order to widen it. See the [pink] added tooth. Look closely, you’ll see her original top lip line, curving down to the last white tooth – and the fake new lip lines, extending past the fake, pointy, pink tooth … And while you’re looking, don’t miss the fake ‘closed’ eyelid applied to her open eye.

Her nose, we’ll leave for another discussion.

Hey, David Brooks: you’re in sap good company.

Now, you may be wondering: why does it matter, whether mama’s hair was short or long? Whether her mouth was narrow or wide? Or why her eyes seem always half-closed, and hidden?

Here’s why: Obama was worried you’d find her in places, at key strategic times, with people he couldn’t let you know about.

People like Malcolm X. Times like the early and mid-1960′s. Places like New York City.

For instance – what if you saw this image? The image of his mother, Stanley Ann, in February 1965, at the wake / funeral of militant black leader, Malcolm X?

What if you recognized her?

Obama sure as heck wouldn’t want you to view the video in which her image resides:

“Eyewitness To The Assassination”

(Please refer to original blog posting for video)

Why not? Because though he claims his mother was thousands of miles away in Hawaii, the fact is, there Stanley Ann was in New York City, February 1965, there, right there, at Malcolm X’s wake and funeral.

So it just may be that Barack Obama’s father isn’t Barack Obama “Sr”, after all.

The Truth lies in the long and short of it. Of Stanley Ann’s Hair, that is.

Take a moment to view the video again. As you do, note Stanley Ann’s “habit of tilting her head to one side” as documented in The Telegraph article:

While you’re watching, see if you can’t recognize Stanley Ann’s boyish-looking appearance, and her weight struggle, as noted by Tribune national correspondent Tim Jones: [,0,6704277.story ] “Boyish-looking, Stanley Ann … didn’t like her nose, she worried about her weight”.

If you need extra confirmation, take a few moments and study these two youthful photos of Stanley Ann, also released by The Obama Campaign.

In the first image, though her eyelids have also been altered [pulled down, with the skin above them highlighted], her lips extended, and her chin sharpened into a point, take note of the basic shape of her face, her nose and her ears. And don’t miss those eyes, those big, dark, penetrating eyes – which, by the way, also have been altered.

Courtesy, The Obama Campaign

The next photo depicts her mouth more accurately – once you get beyond the tampering that’s been done to her lips [and to her eyes, and big-time to her nose]:

Courtesy, The Obama Campaign

Honestly, have you ever seen a girl with two such mismatched eyes?!

Try as The Obama Campaign did to occlude it, Truth will out, won’t it? From the “Eyewitness To The Assassination” video: witness Stanley Ann’s grin:

From the Campaign’s own photo, posted above, excusing the efforts to widen her mouth, here’s that same grin:


Did you ever wonder why The Obama Campaign never issued video footage of his mother? The eyewitness video tells it all: Obama’s mother’s mannerisms and facial tics, as well as the way she moves her mouth, are distinctive, easily recognizable in this Malcolm X funeral footage.

Oh dear. There’s only so much a Campaign can control.

If you’re not yet fed up, and can stand it, study mama’s hairline in official photos. The ‘widow’s peak’ dip on her forehead, to the right of her nose. The idiosyncratic ‘quarter moon’ curve demonstrated in her hairline profile – which by the way can be verified by The Obama Campaign’s official Mother And Son photo, above.

At first, you may not recognize Stanley Ann, with her hair cropped close. Not to worry. After all, The Obama Campaign has spent more than four years convincing us that she had long hair.

Don’t let the image-changers’ drooping her eyelids, or layering false hair, or reshaping her nose and mouth and chin, or casting false shadows or light fool you. The Truth is in her false hair. And in her eyes – her big, dark, penetrating eyes.

Hey, Time magazine: Are “We All Saps” yet?

In closing, think about this: in the “Eyewitness To The Assassination” video, Stanley Ann, standing beside the speaker, is traumatized. Why?

Because her lover, her idol, the father of her son Barack – Malcolm X – had just been assassinated.

Still don’t believe it’s she? You don’t have to take our word for it.

Malcolm X scholar Manning Marable, in his April 2011 biography, states that Malcolm’s “teenage lover” was seated in the front row at the time of the shooting. The eyewitness in the video states that he was in the front row. In this footage, mama Stanley Ann stands comfortably at this man’s side.

To make the story steamier: Marable further states that Malcolm’s “teenage lover” had been having an affair with one of his entourage [guards, assistants, etc.] This speaker could be the man to whom Marable refers.

America is starved for answers, ravenous for Truth. America, where the media is more afraid of printing Truth than they are of printing lies.


And why would Obama hide his origins?

Because having a biological father like Malcolm X – a radical black nationalist – would have impeded Obama’s chance for election.

Still not convinced that’s Stanley Ann at Malcolm’s wake? Then answer this: in family photos for a Presidential Campaign, why would a candidate release tampered images of his mother?

Can you give us one solid reason?

And oh, all ye defenders of darkness – in case you’re thinking of flaunting the Riverhead Books version of the Mother And Son photo – the one with the background tastefully tinted grass-green behind her neck, to hide the Truth about her hair – you needn’t bother. We know all about it.


Editor’s Note: When we asked the writer, Martha Trowbridge, how she knew that the photo of the woman with very short hair and straight nose was Stanley Ann Dunham, she replied:

The photo is a frame from the video that is embedded. It was filmed during the wake ‘ funeral period of Malcolm X.

ALL the photos of Stanley Ann Dunham have been falsified via a Photoshop-type graphics program. It appears that a prototype of her was created, though when I analyzed photos from various years, the consistency was not maintained.

I’m happy to send you samples of this additional analysis. Not only has false long hair been applied to her ‘image’, her eyes have been reduced in size, and her nose, chin and mouth changed.

So of course, the question is – why?

The answer: Obama knows there are images of his mother ‘out there’ in the presence of Malcolm X. So, if he consistently put out an image that disguised her actual appearance, most people would not recognize her.And it’s worked until recently. When you have the time and energy to read through that first post,you will find links to articles describing her actual physical appearance and mannerisms – validating that indeed the girl in the video – and the frame – matches the text describing her. One fact reported was how much she hated her nose!

Even the Obots, reading the Saps post, acknowledged that the photos of her were photoshopped! The only counter they immediately had was: it’s a boy.

And it seems they haven’t had much to say since.

Last week an Obot posted something oppositional to my data. In it s/he referred to the difference in distance between eyes, from nose to mouth, etc. in the images presented by The Obama Campaign, and the video image. I responded, stating that it was interesting that the poster knew EXACTLY what changes had been made to her actual appearance.

And guess what? End of discussion by the Obot.