Unthinkable, unimaginable. Unheard of!
Yet oh so verifiable.
With great calculation and malice aforethought, the 2012 United States Elections were ruthlessly stolen from the American people – principally, invisibly!
Sure, there were ineligible voters. Voters who voted multiple times. Ballots destroyed, ballots replaced. Yada yada yada – same old nasty tricks that have occurred for centuries.
But in 2012 [and likely 2008 as well], the main crime scene? The inner workings of the voting machines.
With hacker code in place to ‘flip’ Romney [and other Republican candidates] votes AFTER the screen transaction cleared, their massive vote theft was not only stealth, it was highly effective – for it spewed results that ‘covered up’ the crime.
The code not only stole votes, it digitally altered turnout statistics.
And voter ethnicities.
Making their audacious theft oh-so-explainable. “The Dems ran a better ground game.” “The Republican candidates were lackluster.” And so on and so on.
Once the polls closed, hacker code was quietly, triumphantly removed.
That’s why the 2012 Election Results were so puzzling.
Even my firewood guy, who rarely watches the news, has this figured out.
At this point, from what I have assessed, it is my sense that in the Presidential Election, a good 15-17 million votes were stolen from Governor Romney.
Hard cold evidence may well reveal that this time around, in Truth, “BHOII” barely got 45 million actual votes.
That’s how much crime they needed to effect, to secure an “Obama” ‘win’.
So, rather than demand recounts, demand Forensic Investigation of the voting machines, accompanied by certified CPA Audits of the voters / votes cast.
If you don’t, you’ll miss the BIG crime stats.
Which is the only way we’ll put these creeps exactly where they belong.