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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Was Obama ever vetted as qualified? Connecticut said "we haven't the right to ask that of a Presidential Candidate!"
In South Carolina, the Democratic Party’s Carol Fowler broad brushed that:

“The South Carolina Democratic Party certifies that each candidate meets, OR WILL MEET BY THE TIME OF THE GENERAL ELECTION, or as otherwise required by law, the qualifications for the office for which he/she has filed.” (emphasis mine -- see page 2 of the pdf, dated August 14, 2008, and received 11:43 AM by the South Carolina Election Commission on August 15, 2008.)

Fowler, it seems to me, went on promises and lies from Democratic Party Leaders and top Obama Campaign handlers, instead of having before her a de facto legal documentation. The "we'll have it for you later" excuse. To me, that either equals fraud or the possible intent to defraud.

Connecticut’s Secretary of State, claimed they had NO right to even ask Obama for verification to prove he was eligible to run!

"As Secretary of the State of Connecticut, I do not have the statutory authority to remove a candidate from the ballot unless that candidate officially withdraws...Likewise, neither the Connecticut General Statutes nor the Constitution of the State of Connecticut authorizes me to investigate a Presidential candidate's eligibility to run for the office of President of the United States." Secretary of State, Susan Bysicwicz (Connecticut).

She further went on to say that Attorney General Richard Blumenthal presented the Connecticut State Supreme Court Justice, Chase T. Rogers, that he made a phone call to Hawaii's Department of Health and was told to the effect, "Yeah, we got A birth certificate on Barack Obama".

When asked if Obama was born there, the answer was to the effect of "Yeah". No details as to where.

The Attorney General never asked if or not Barack was a "Natural Born Citizen", nor inquired to his parents, and if any Treaty with another nation had claim on Barack. How do we know Barack was born in official documentation? No. The heresay of what someone in Connecticut said another person on the phone told him. This is legally inadmissable in the context it was presented as, and the Chief Justice of Connecticut accepted the here-say contrary to the rules of admissability and evidence as the prima facie for what can or cannot throw out a case.

The Court received no photo-copy of the original, and hence, there were NO documents that could be requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

Chief Justice Rogers should be censured for his misconduct, at the very least.

For the Election of 2008, Barack never submitted any crucial proof citizen documents for review, even to the Courts, in order to run for President.

Not one Secretary of State has ever come forth in the Birth Certificate controversy and ever said..."we have seen his Birth Certificate".

Is the Media totally aslep on that? Barack should have submitted his proof to run when he first announced that he would run in 2007, and before he received his Secret Service protection detail.

Never did Barack show proof that he was even qualified under Constitutional Article 2.1.5. as a child born on US soil to two US Citizen parents. He could not then, and he cannot ever do so; because his biological father was never a US Citizen, and he himself tells us this in his own auto-biographical book, published over a decade before his announcement to run for the US Presidency.

In 2008, Obama's Campaign chose to bypass taking Federal Tax Dollars and be non-accountable to the Federal Elections Commission in campaign laws governing the FEC's right of inquiry as to his qualifications to hold the office of the Presidency (in regards to his NBC status or the lack thereof).

The FEC appears to have claimed to have NO AUTHORITY TO ASK, and passed the responsibility of vetting Obama’s “Citizen and Qualification Status” off to the State of Illinois, when it was governed by a Governor whom the State of Illinois itself called corrupt and later saw dismissed.

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