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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Crisis Creators
from The Betrayal by David-Crockett

The Obama File

The American electorate has watched in amazement for a year as Obama has created unprecedented havoc and outrage throughout the nation.

And yet, the actual result of 2009’s non-stop crises has been not just the dramatic transfer of wealth and power away from citizens and small businesses and into the hands of government, but also the beginnings of a profound transformation of America’s economic and governmental system.

Is it possible that Obama is intentionally creating crises for the purpose of converting America into a full-fledged socialist state? To many, such a conclusion sounds like an absurd conspiracy theory, but for those knowledgeable about the modern history of the radical left, creating crises is simply how things get done.

Indeed, in one of its most powerful issues ever, the January 2010 edition of Whistleblower magazine — titled “The Crisis Creators” — documents conclusively that the Obama administration’s primary modus operandi of governance is the transformation of America through wreaking havoc. Following the classic radical-left strategy of the manufactured crisis, Obama and Congress are creating crises in every area of life and policy.

They’re wreaking havoc throughout America’s capitalist, free-enterprise system by taking over major industries like banking, auto and healthcare. And by multiplying the national debt so astronomically that the only mathematically possible way to pay it off is with the printing press, which translates directly into the “grand theft” of Americans’ hard-earned wealth through major inflation.

But it not just the economy. They’re wreaking havoc also on America’s national security, prosecuting U.S. soldiers for being too rough on terrorists, but rewarding confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed with a civilian trial in New York City and affording him all the powerful legal rights of an American citizen. And by badmouthing and apologizing for America overseas and bowing before Muslim kings, while scandalously snubbing leaders of America’s few remaining allies like the U.K. and Israel.

They’re creating crises in the nation’s energy policy by stubbornly adhering to the controversial and now utterly discredited “global warming” theory and pursuing economically catastrophic legislation like “cap and trade.” They’re creating havoc in education by putting radical homosexual activist Kevin Jennings, notorious for sexually corrupting children, in charge of the safety of the nation’s public schools.

In every area imaginable, as “The Crisis Creators” documents, Obama is busily engaged in undermining and destroying the nation’s key institutions — or as Obama himself euphemistically put it a few days before being elected president, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

“For the last year,” says Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, “we’ve had it relentlessly hammered into our heads that America will self-destruct economically if we don’t solve our cataclysmic healthcare crisis. But in reality, there is no healthcare crisis. We have the best medical services delivery system in world history. What about the poor and uninsured? In America, you can be an escaped-convict-illegal-alien-child-rapist, but if you get hurt and go to a public hospital, you will by law be taken care of, completely and totally, whether you can pay for it or not. That’s not a broken system; that’s the most magnificent system in the world.”

“Of course, the government could easily create a simple safety net to help the small percentage of Americans who don’t have health insurance,” added Kupelian. “But they’ve never been interested in that. They’re interested only in creating the illusion of a systemic and fatal healthcare crisis as a means of forcing socialism down free Americans’ throats.

“And that’s just one example. Manufacturing crises to force ‘change’ is how the radical left has operated for decades, and now that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are in power, fake crises and their terrible ’solutions’ dominate life in America.”

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