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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama, The Emperor, Has No Clothes We’ve Reached The Tipping Point And His Programs Must Be Stopped

The Steady Drip published

If we had a Winston Churchill in the White House, America would still be in mortal danger and we would have a long, tough fight for survival ahead. We face a threat of Islamic terrorism as dangerous as any of the many threats of our history including that of Nazi Germany, Soviet Communism, Italian Fascism, and Japanese Imperialism. We face economic problems and international competition that call into question our ability to maintain the productive economy necessary to support the military machine needed for survival. We have a failed educational system that will not provide the scientific innovation and educated personnel and other advances necessary to maintain economic viability in the 21st Century. We have a biased, dishonest, and fraudulent mainstream media that misleads and deceives rather than informing and educating the public on the issues of our times.

But we don’t have this best-case scenario in the White House — we have the worst-case scenario. Yes, it’s about time America wakes up to the fact that we have a radical, leftist, socialist politician who still carries the trademark of the corrupt Cook County Chicago political machine from which he came and who has populated the White House with wild radicals and thugs willing to use intimidation and anything else if needed to achieve their goals. The Chicago machine adopts the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals that says the end justifies the mean, i.e., anything goes. On top of that our president is incompetent. At this time of the greatest danger to America, we have another even greater danger: a president not up to the job and not fit for the job.

Someone has to ask the president, “Have you no decency? Have you no character? Have you no honesty? Do your words and your promises mean nothing? Are you willing to justify any means to achieve your ends?” Yes, we are well past the tipping point, and it is time for the obvious conclusion, “The emperor has no clothes.” If we don’t recognize Mr. Obama for what he is by now, we must be clueless and hopeless.

President Barack Hussein Obama has clearly demonstrated he is exactly what many expected and even much worse. For example, right from the beginning, early in the last presidential campaign, I said Mr. Obama was a world-class fraud, phony, faker, fibber, and four-flusher and a radical, liberal, leftist socialist, America-hater to boot. Now, I realize that description may sound strong, but it wasn’t strong enough. Mr. Obama is much worse than that.

Every politician may break campaign promises. But even the most corrupt ones have limits. Mr. Obama has no limits. At the very core of his campaign, he claimed to be the great post-partisan, non-partisan unifier to bring us all together and listen to every side of every issue. He told us a gazillion times there are no Red States and Blue States but only the United States. He claimed a new politics, with openness and transparency in all matters. He was the great courier of hope and change. But that was just campaign rhetoric and even post-election rhetoric. He has demonstrated he is the exact opposite of his basic claims. He is highly partisan, content to shutout, shut up, and ignore Republican ideas and Republican voices. He rejects transparency, and is as secretive and opaque as possible. Other politicians have broken campaign promises, but never on a scale such as this involving the promises most central to their campaigns, and never before so openly and brazenly with so little regard for the citizens who were sold this fraudulent bill of campaign goods.

For proof of Mr. Obama’s breaking all of his core promises, look at what is going on with ObamaCare. Everyone probably remembers his promise, repeated at least eight times, that negotiations on the health-care bill would be televised on C-SPAN and would be streaming on the Internet. Among his statements: “We’re going to do all these negotiations on C-SPAN…We will work on the process publicly … These negotiations will be on C-SPAN.” He constantly explained that putting all negotiations (yes, he said, “all”) on C-SPAN would assure that everyone could see for themselves whether their Congressmen were putting forth arguments on behalf of insurance companies, drug companies, and other special interest groups or making arguments on behalf of most of their constituents. You can hear him make this promise by going to the Internet, where at least eight videos of Mr. Obama making that promise are collected (

The other examples of Mr. Obama’s breaking his promise of transparency and openness in every way can be cited that are just as extreme as the C-SPAN promise. The negotiations to reconcile the Senate and House version of ObamaCare are being carried out behind closed doors in secrecy. Republicans are not even represented.

And his core promise of bipartisanship has also been demonstrated to be a total fraud, which is what Mr. Obama is. He called for bipartisanship and a new politics all during the campaign and continues to do so (apparently in an attempt to silence Dick Cheney and other leading critics of his policies that are making America vulnerable to terrorism). But Mr. Obama’s words and rhetoric have no connection with his actions and programs. Republicans have had no part in drafting the legislation and their ideas and amendments have been ignored. There has been no real attempt to adopt the many sound suggestions and legislative proposals made by Republicans, such as permitting the purchase of health insurance across state lines and doing something to curb malpractice lawsuit abuse. Mr. Obama and the Democratic Congress have been strictly partisan, and haven’t even been willing to adopt a token idea from across the aisle. They do not want one note of dissent and not one baby compromise. They have made it clear that ObamaCare will be jammed down the throat of the American people regardless of their views and regardless of democratic values and traditions. Even a question about the constitutionality of Obamacare was fobbed off by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, as if the reporter asking the question must be deranged for even raising the issue. In fact, there are serious questions about aspects of the ObamaCare proposals.

What is even more outrageous than breaking the most fundamental Obama promises is the attempt to pretend they are not being broken. Obama’s White House actually refuses to explain why these promises are being broken. In fact, they won’t even respond to questions about the C-SPAN promise. When Mr. Obama’s press secretary, Robert Gibbs, was asked about it, he simply ignored the question and did so the next day when the same question was asked. When Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was asked about it, she went into a speech claiming this was the most open and transparent legislative process in memory. Her reply was Orwellian, being the exact opposite of the truth. The Obama team apparently thinks the Americans are totally idiots willing to believe brazen, blatant, bold-faced lies.

This isn’t hope and change. This isn’t politics as usual. This is worse than politics as usual. This is the corrupt Chicago-style machine politics of thugs and intimidators. Recall that Mr. Obama came out of the corrupt Chicago machine and even refused to work with those trying to bring about its reformation. And now we see he has brought the corruption and thuggery of that style of politics to the White House. We not only have that style of politics in control in the White House, but even worse, its agenda is the radical, liberal, leftist, socialist program that runs contrary to American values and the very principles of our Founding Fathers. As we know, right before his election, Mr. Obama said he was going to fundamentally transform America. And that’s what he is doing, but transforming it by destroying its constitutional structure.

He is involved in an unprecedented expansion of government, explosion of spending, national debts and deficits, taxation, and regulation of every aspect of American life. His debt is unsustainable, and his expansion of government is so great that it is going to squeeze out and kill the private sector. That government expansion will also kill American entrepreneurship upon which America’s productivity has always depended. At the same time, it is contracting our liberties. A gargantuan government controls almost everything and that means the private market and the private citizen control almost nothing. His signature legislation on health-care is an attempt to control America and Americans. The Obama agenda is nothing more than the “road to serfdom.”

If that’s not bad enough, this corrupt Chicago-style politician has demonstrated he is incompetent, as this column has documented. (See, for example, “Time for a Change? Obama’s Mistakes Say So,” Jan. 10.) In addition, he seems detached from our major threat of Islamic terrorism. As Charles Krauthammer has pointed out, his initial responses to the Christmas terrorism in Detroit sounded more like a police report than a leader responding to an existential threat to American survival. Mr. Obama spoke of a “suspect” who was an “isolated extremist” who “allegedly” committed certain acts. It took him three days to come up with that initial, pathetically lame response. Only on his fifth attempt did Mr. Obama finally recognize we are at war. But, his earlier responses probably reflected his true views and feeling, and his fifth attempt was probably an act, scripted by his advisors who realized his early statements were turning the public off.

Mr. Obama and the radicals and thugs now entrenched in the White House are bad enough, and are a certain formula for the destruction of America. But making a bad situation worse is the mainstream media, which acts more as an advocate for Mr. Obama and his programs and less like a fair and balanced source of information the public needs to have. Further compounding this lethal formula is a Democratic Party, led by the Obama/Reid/Pelosi triumvirate that is a virtual rubber stamp of any program. And that party has adopted the Obama philosophy based on Rules for Radicals that says the ends justifies the means. In other words, anything goes. That’s why they are content to ignore the public’s views and the traditions and precedents of Congress, and jam through legislation that is not analyzed, debated, or even read. They are immoral, unprincipled zealots that put their agenda above that of the American people, American values, and the American Constitution.

So, it should be past the tipping point. We should be at the point when most Americans can say, “The Emperor has no clothes.” If Americans don’t stop this headlong rush to destroy America, there will soon be no America left to save. Now is the time. The citizens of this greatest nation on earth have to rise up, protest the Obama agenda, and stop it before it succeeds in transforming America into something our Founding Fathers of yesterday and our citizens of today would not even recognize.

We’ve had more than enough of Mr. Obama’s plans. And we have to start acting like we mean it. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country… and to stop Mr. Obama’s plans to destroy America, as we know it.

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