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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nothing About Obama Is On The Level
from The Betrayal by David-Crockett

The Obama File
Robert Bauer is the chief of the political law group at Perkins Coie, the Seattle law firm hired by the Obama Campaign to prevent the American public from seeing a wide range of Obama’s records that could prove, or disprove, his eligibility to occupy the Oval Office under the Constitution’s requirement that the president be a “natural born” citizen under Article Two, Section 1 of the Constitution.

Obama continues to stonewall the release his bona fides to the American People. These documents include his long-form birth certificate, his medical records, passport records, as well as other records that may possibly be relevant, such as records regarding Obama’s possible adoption by his Indonesian stepfather or college application and tuition financial aid records which would reveal whether Obama was ever registered as a foreign student. Federal Election Commission records show more than $1,650,000 in payments made by Obama for America to Perkins Coie, while the law firm was representing Obama in various court cases which have sought to obtain Obama’s long-form birth certificate to determine if he is a “natural born” citizen

The FEC allows elected officials to use campaign funds to pay legal fees only if the action/investigations arise as a result of their tenure in office or campaigns, according to Politico.

The following is information was compiled by FReeper Starwise from the official Federal Elections Commission website for disbursements by the Obama campaign to the law firm of Perkins Coie, Obama’s primary law firm in various eligibility suits:

Year-End 2008 Obama for America disbursements to Perkins Coie were: $173,052.52

Amended post-general election Obama for America disbursements to Perkins Coie were: $205,323.00

April 2009 Obama for America quarterly disbursements to Perkins Coie were: $688,316.42

July 2009 Obama for America quarterly disbursements to Perkins Coie were: $270,754.18

October 2009 Obama for America quarterly disbursements to Perkins Coie were: $314,018.06

January 2010 Obama for America quarterly disbursements to Perkins Coie are not yet available.

The official FEC website, to which the Obama and other campaigns must report their financial activity, must be taken by even the most skeptical among us as valid documentation of the reported $1.4 or $1.8, or anything in between, figure that the Obama campaign has illegally spent to hide Barack Obama’s questionable background from the American People.

Now that Bauer is safely tucked away in the White House, where he has the protection of “executive privilege,” Obama has resorted to illegally using Justice Department attorneys to represent him in his ongoing battle to hide his questionable background from the American People.

The use of civil servants to further Obama’s coup d’etat is clearly illegal. Torm Howse, the co-founder, and National Board Director of United Civil Rights Councils of America says the statutory law of the United States Code is extremely clear, even often in multiple ways, that:

a) the Attorney General cannot represent/defend Obama in any challenge that involves a question of his citizenship, for the relevant statutory laws mandate that the AG be on the prosecuting side against Obama, if the AG is involved, at all… In fact, whether intentional or not, Obama and Holder can be hit with “constructive fraud,” at the very least…

b) the AG also *cannot* represent/defend Senators or the Senate body, itself, in these constitutional questions, either… Again, whether intentional or not, you have that “constructive fraud” against the rule of law thing again…

c) there are various statutory standings provided for even “mere” individual Citizens to sue Obama, Congress, etc.

d) Obama’s “Presidential records” are expressly PUBLIC by mandate of simple written law (and, combined with using AG Holder & U.S. Attorneys, i.e., our *taxdollars*, in an expressly-unconstitutional manner, defending Obama in any citizenship issues, then Obama gets to pay back every single red cent of that $1.7+ million spent so far… plus interest and penalties, naturally… plus, getting deported, or imprisoned, or whatever else…).
Howse has detailed and provided the direct links to all of these applicable federal statutes, here.
And if you don’t think Obama, his stooge that’s running the Justice Department, and the Democrats aren’t above perverting the law of the land, just read this — nothing about Obama, his administration and the Democrats is on the level.

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