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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


by Neil Turner

Editor's Note: Reprinted with permission of The Post & Email.

Will Donald Trump continue to call for Obama to open his hidden medical, college, birth and school records?

(Apr. 11, 2011) — Recently Donald Trump has helped to revive and revitalize the oft-asked question: ‘Where’s The Birth Certificate?’

And recently, the Arizona State Assembly has introduced an ‘Eligibility Bill’, requiring that anyone’s name to be placed on the Arizona ballot for President must show proof that they meet the Article II requirements of being a ‘natural born Citizen’. It sounds like a ‘no-brainer’, I know, but believe it or not, there is strong resistance to any State passing any Law that requires strict adherence to the Constitution, especially in this area of fundamental national security – that no one, without absolute and unassailable allegiance to this country, be elected to the Office of President and Commander in Chief.

Mr. Carl Seel, Arizona State Representative, is a co-sponsor of that bill, now coming up for a critical vote in the Arizona State Legislature. He felt that an endorsement by Mr. Trump, considering his recent involvement in the issue, would be a great help in securing its passage. So he contacted Mr. Trump’s office to ask if he (Mr. Trump) might visit Arizona before the vote scheduled sometime in April, 2011, and was himself invited to come to New York for a brief meeting concerning this matter.

Consequently, Mr. Seel, together with several of his constituents who had been pushing for this kind of legislation for the last two years, Mr. Jeff Lichter and Ms. Kelly Townsend, flew to New York and met with Mr. Trump and his attorney, Michael D. Cohen, on Friday, 8 April, 2011.

Some of the results of this ‘very positive and informative’ meeting were presented to over a dozen members of the mainstream media (press and TV) in the lobby right afterward (they were excluded from the meeting), but their failure to report on it should indicate to us not only just how complicit they are in this massive cover-up of the seating of an ineligible person as President, but also how afraid they are that the truth is about to be revealed. Their actions lend new meaning to their most fitting name: ‘Enemedia’.

The Arizona contingent left with a Trump promise to address their issues, his full endorsement of the Arizona eligibility bill, and a ‘homework’ assignment for the ‘contingent’ to get back to him within ten days with a list of the most salient issues concerning the size and depth of the ‘cover-up’ of Obama’s ineligibility.


Mr. Trump has been so inundated by facts and figures from patriots (as well as Obama supporters and ‘cover-up’ artists) from all across the Nation, it has now become non-productive to the cause of ousting the usurper. It has, however, made him – and the Enemedia – aware of the size and depth of the wave of anger engulfing this issue.

First of all, let me assure you that the ‘Arizona contingent’ is now receiving the best of information from the best of the best – to put into a cogent, realistic, and easily understood and absorbable packet to be presented to Mr. Trump within the next 7-10 days. It will be addressing:

* The political imprisonment of LTC Terry Lakin in Leavenworth – for asking the very same question that Mr. Trump has been asking!
* The real Supreme Court adjudicated meaning of ‘natural born Citizen’, and why the posted COLB is meaningless and unacceptable. Also, that being born of a U.S. citizen mother only – does not a ‘natural born Citizen’ make.
* How the two Hawaiian newspaper announcements of Obama/Soetoro’s birth could get posted in 1961 – without him being born in Hawaii;
* The details behind the CT Social Security number he used for his purported Selective Service Registration;
* The how and why of Obama’s forged and fraudulent Selective Service Registration using the stolen CT Social Security number that he now uses;
* The findings of ‘guilty on all counts’ of the C.I.A. COLUMBIA OBAMA Sedition & Treason TRIAL (see, and his failure to attend Columbia University at all (despite recently posted documents showing that he attended for 9 months in 1983 – fraudulent records produced AFTER the Trial held on May 14-18, 2011, in order to obfuscate and confuse);
* The rejection of multiple lawsuits by the judiciary on the grounds that the plaintiffs, like Mr. Trump, have ‘no standing under the Constitution’.

The executive summary for each of these issues, and more, will be backed by a packet of information and references supplied by each of the experts in these matters.

SO WHAT CAN ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ DO? (and what NOT to do)

Since it has been requested by Team Trump that all submissions of facts and figures and theories and solutions concerning these matters please cease and desist, we suggest that the most helpful will be the following:

1. Go to the website and compliment him on his patriotic stand, offer your support if so inclined, and vote in the polls that are there.

2. Tell your friends and contacts that you are most concerned that Mr. Obama/Soetoro has not proven his eligibility for President, nor his authority to issue anything other than unlawful orders as the putative Commander in Chief, and that you would like their support in demanding that proof of eligibility.

3. Tell every unsolicited phone caller that all your time and money is going into the number one issue facing this Nation – not abortion, not taxes, not electing anyone in particular – but to remove the person legally known as Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama) from our White House! e.g. “Please tell (Newt or Michelle or Harry or WHOMever) that I have ($100 or $1,000) to donate to whomever steps up to the plate and demands removal of Mr. Soetoro/Obama for ineligibility – and charges him with TREASON! Please go to for details.”

That’s it for now. Please get busy and do your part to help save our Nation and our Constitution. Time is of the essence. (Help TRUMP to DUMP the CHUMP).

In Liberty.

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