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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Will Illegal Campaign Contributions Bring Down the Obama Machine?


by Sharon Rondeau

Editor's Note: Reprinted with permission of The Post & Email.

The Federal Election Commission was created in 1975 to enforce the Federal Election Campaign Act

(Apr. 18, 2011) — It has been reported that the Federal Election Commission began an investigation into the campaign contributions taken in by Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 over “allegations of improper contributions.”

The FEC website states:

In 1975, Congress created the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to administer and enforce the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) – the statute that governs the financing of federal elections. The duties of the FEC, which is an independent regulatory agency, are to disclose campaign finance information, to enforce the provisions of the law such as the limits and prohibitions on contributions, and to oversee the public funding of Presidential elections.

Complaints can be filed with the FEC here. The initial stages of how enforcement of election law is carried out are described here, and a history of the law passed by Congress and chart of contribution limits are available to the public.

Perkins Coie, the law firm which has defended Obama in numerous lawsuits challenging his eligibility to hold the office of President of the United States, wrote a letter to FEC Chairman Matthew S. Petersen and copied to several others, on January 6, 2010, in which Perkins Coie’s attorney, Brian Svoboda, “elaborated” on testimony given the month before in regard to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee having to do with “get-out-the-vote” activities on behalf of local and state candidates for office.

As early as August 6, 2008, blogger Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs had been investigating questionable donations to the Obama presidential campaign. Geller listed various contributions which had come from a “Gaza refugee camp” instead of Rafah, GA, where it was originally listed.

Even earlier, on August 4, 2008, WorldNetDaily reported that “Palestinian brothers inside the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip are listed in government election filings as having donated $29,521.54 to Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign…Donations of this nature would violate election laws, including prohibitions on receiving contributions from foreigners and guidelines against accepting more than $2,300 from one individual during a single election.”

Author Michael Isikoff, mentioned recently at The Post & Email here and here, reported in 2008 that Obama campaign donors had already raised “red flags” with the FEC because of donations which totaled thousands of dollars but were made in small increments. Isikoff mentioned the Palestinian brothers about whom Geller had written who had contributed $33,000 to the Obama campaign by buying T-shirts in large quantities.

A report from the Center for Responsive Politics on the Obama 2008 campaign states:

Obama’s victory in the general election was aided by his tremendous fundraising success. Since the start of 2007, his campaign relied on bigger donors and smaller donors nearly equally, pulling in successive donations mostly over the Internet. After becoming his party’s nominee, Obama declined public financing and the spending limits that came with it, making him the first major-party candidate since the system was created to reject taxpayers’ money for the general election.

But was Obama even eligible to receive those funds? Questions regarding his constitutional eligibility still remain. Recently real estate entrepreneur Donald Trump has pursued the issue of Obama’s missing long-form birth certificate which the state of Hawaii has recently announced Obama can no longer obtain even if he wanted to. Dr. Alvin Onaka, Registrar at the Hawaii Department of Health, has failed to return two calls from The Post & Email about this apparent sudden change made without legislative approval.

Various citizens and organizations are also accusing Obama of treason against the United States. On March 31, 2011, the group American Citizens for Legal Immigration stated in a press release:

One of America’s largest border enforcement advocacy organizations is calling on supporters to demand that Congress use investigations, prosecutions, impeachments, military tribunals, and treason charges if necessary to bring justice to those who betrayed American citizens by arming drug and illegal alien importing invaders.

On April 14, 2011, Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy accused Eric Holder’s Justice Department of misprision of treason for being aware that “seditious activity” is occurring and taking no action. Last year, Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.), who is a possible contender for president or vice president in 2012, called on Obama to step down due to the “constitutional crisis” he had precipitated, and for a new government to be elected.

Also on April 14, Tom Davis, writing at The Patriot Post, stated:

…is Obama bullet proof?

Not only regarding DOMA had this imposter flouted the law but on numerous others has completely ignored existing law or worse Constitutional Law. His claim to be a Constitutional Scholar exacerbates his offenses to that of High Misdemeanors and in on instance, Treason. That occurred when Obama, rather than send troops to secure Arizona’s borders from incursion by illegal aliens from Mexico, invited foreign entities to join his administration in legal action versus a sovereign Star of the Union, namely Arizona. That treasonous act violated Article IV, Section 4.

Then there is the matter of Obama ordering the U.S. military to drop bombs on Libya, a country ruled by a dictator but which did not threaten nor attack the United States, without Congressional approval.

Last July, the Obama machine filed a lawsuit against the sovereign state of Arizona for passing a law which tightened restrictions on illegal immigration. Alex Jones described Obama’s pursuit of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), begun by the Bush administration, as “a treasonous collaboration with foreign powers.”

Writer JB Williams suggested that Obama and “a growing list of folks” in the areas of the judiciary and law enforcement could be guilty of treason for refusing to allow discovery as to Obama’s background and eligibility for the office of President as evidenced by the Monroe County grand jury’s refusal to review evidence presented by LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who had already filed a complaint of treason against Obama for allowing U.S. Army troops to deploy into Samson, AL on March 10, 2009, in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. Fitzpatrick did not address the eligibility question in his complaint, even though some reporters stated incorrectly that the issue was Obama’s “birth certificate.”

Donald Trump, however, has recently brought out the absence of Obama’s long-form, original birth certificate on the mainstream news networks, having stated, “if he wasn’t born in this country, he shouldn’t be the president of the United States.” The New York Times opined in a piece masquerading as a news story that Trump has made “incendiary statements” about Obama’s past which had “previously been debunked,” but offered no documentation, just as Obama has offered no substantive documentation regarding his birthplace, school records, college education funding, and travels to Pakistan when he was supposedly attending Columbia University.

Last week, some polls showed Trump tied for first place in a hypothetical Republican race, but more recently, the Politico reported that Trump had catapulted to first place.

How many treason complaints against Obama have been filed? How many will it take to launch Congressional hearings? If Obama has been ineligible to hold the office which he occupies, how many appointments, laws and executive orders will have to be undone?

And what happens to all the money he collected?

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