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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stan The Sham, And True Love
by Martha Trowbridge

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Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

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Today, Terrible Truth escorts you through the actual ‘Obama Birth Narrative’.

Don your hard hat and safety goggles. Pack plenty of aspirin. Once the lies start flying, it’s going to be rough going.

For the Truth is: there is no such person as Stanley Ann Dunham.

“Stanley Ann Dunham” was invented to hide the girl that “Barack Obama” judged America would never accept as the mother of a President. A 1950′s girl whose behavior, politics, and lifestyle wouldn’t find much approval, even today.

“Obama’s” real birth narrative isn’t set in an exotic American outpost. It’s got nothing to do with a corn-bred girl from Kansas, transplanted to Seattle, then once again uprooted, to be set in the soil of Hawaii.

It’s got nothing to do with a bigamous Kenyan, or college classmates engaging in sexual relations. No hasty marriage happened, in Hawaii or anywhere, once baby Bâri′ was conceived.

“Obama’s” real birth narrative runs like this:

Once upon a time, in the late 1950’s, a teenage girl from the Bronx – who was bright, rebellious and willful – fell head-over-heels for a charismatic, handsome, older man.

Her name was Jo Ann Newman.

It’s as simple as that.

However, she was white. He was black. She was single. He was married. She was a teenage ‘infidel’ ‘townie’. He was a Muslim Minister.

It’s as complicated as all this.

Despite her intelligence, teenage Jo Ann Newman was understandably naïve. She likely didn’t comprehend what she was getting herself into.

Unhappy in marriage, thirty-something Malcolm X was flattered by young Jo Ann’s devotion. He likely didn’t anticipate the far-reaching consequences of their sexual relationship.

He surely would not have predicted that half a century later, America would be engaged in digging up details about the son born of his relations with young Jo Ann.

But life has a way of yielding the unpredictable.

Especially when the energy invested is considerable – like Jo Ann’s investment in Malcolm.

If you want to get to the Truth, ask anyone who knew Malcolm back then. Were Manning Marable with us still, now that her name is no longer a secret, you might even get it from him.

Back then, Jo Ann was no secret. Everywhere she could, youthful Jo Ann Newman tagged alongside Malcolm. Not one speech or gathering could she bear to miss. New York or elsewhere, whenever, wherever possible, Jo Ann followed Malcolm. You might even say that during those years, Jo Ann Newman lived through him. Most times, when Malcolm was speaking, out in the crowd, there was Jo Ann. The stars in her eyes, the pride in her heart, the hope in her soul, tried as he might to resist, proved irresistible to Malcolm. Steady when he was fickle, dependable when he strayed, buoyant when he was down, Jo Ann was totally devoted to Malcolm and his cause – especially when he himself doubted. From the moment they met, til the moment he died, and eternally beyond, always, Jo Ann Newman was there for Malcolm X Shabazz. Cheering him on. Bolstering him up. Admiring, encouraging, and most of all, loving him – without conditions or expectations.

Malcolm was Jo Ann’s forever-and-ever-true-love – even when she tried to prove to herself he wasn’t.

From their interactions sprang an ‘improbable love’, as often characterized by their son Bâri′. A dynamic, idolizing – idolized, once-in-a-million-lifetimes love.

Because their relationship brought to birth “Barack Obama”, Jo Ann’s and Malcolm’s love will forever be framed as legendary. An un-erasable theme in the Malcolm X saga; painful to many, understandably, yet an integral part of who Malcolm the man was – often contradictory, often perplexing, oh so public yet oh so private.

I’ll leave to another post Jo Ann Newman’s close biological relationship to another American legend: radical activist Fred [Frederick] “Delano” Newman, who died this past July. Ditto, her ties with Sanford Newman of Project Vote. Enough is enough for one sitting.

Today, let’s keep our focus upon Jo Ann. How pained she was by Malcolm’s tragic death.

And what she wrote about it.

Jo Ann Newman’s Tribute To A Black Man was published less than one month after Malcolm’s assassination, on 20 March 1965 in New York’s Amsterdam News, a prominent black weekly newspaper.

It is here, America, for history to directly witness in her heartfelt words, that Jo Ann Newman boldly and openly memorialized her love for and devotion to the father of Bâri′ M. Shabazz [a.k.a. Barack Obama] – Malcolm X Shabazz.

Tribute To A Black Man was duly recorded in the F.B.I. files on Malcolm X.

The F.B.I., since 1953, ever-trailing Malcolm X.

The F.B.I., surely aware of Jo Ann Newman’s romantic relationship with Malcolm X.

Aware – and mindful – enough of their involvement, to add to their Malcolm X Files the eulogy Jo Ann published one month after Malcolm’s assassination.

Tribute To A Black Man is not only one of the few ’boutique’ newspaper articles included in the F.B.I.’s Malcolm X post-assassination files, it is the only personal testament written by a woman that the F.B.I. recorded.

Recall, in this blog’s foundational post “Saps, Stool Pigeons And Stanley Ann’s Hair” [] that Malcolm’s teenage lover was seated in the front row at the time of his assassination.

Could Jo Ann Newman be one of the names redacted in Malcolm’s F.B.I. files, as someone questioned?

Could she be the female who, within days of his death, provided the F.B.I. with details about upcoming events in honor of Malcolm – including the “TRIBUTE” scheduled before his funeral?

Recall, as well, that Malcolm X’s eyeglasses – missing at the scene of his assassination – seem to have re-surfaced on the nose of “Barack Obama”. []

Is it any wonder that the F.B.I. had their eye on Little Miss Jo Ann Newman?

Are we to now wonder whether, when vetting Presidential Candidate “Obama”, the F.B.I. was complicit in his family-of-origin coverup – or worse, unaware of his lineage?

In Tribute To A Black Man, a note to the readers appears atop Jo Ann’s text.

“Editor’s Note: Miss Jo Ann Newman works in the Classified Advertising Department of the New York Amsterdam News.

But she asked for – and was granted permission – to write her own story of Malcolm X’s funeral.

This is her story:

Tribute To A Black Man By Jo Ann Newman”

Source: FBI: Malcolm Little – Malcolm X – New York File 32 of 41, page 27-28.

Now, how on earth does young Miss Jo Ann Newman, a lowly clerk in the Classified Advertising Department, merit such journalistic prominence?


Consider this: from that very same edition of the newspaper – 20 March 1965 – immediately following her Tribute, on page 39 we find this declaration:

“No one knew Malcolm X better than the Amsterdam News staff. Of that staff, no one knew Malcolm X better than Jim Booker.” Real Malcolm X / As Jimmy Booker Knew Him FBI: Malcolm Little – Malcolm X – New York File 32 of 41, page 29.

Jimmy Booker: Executive Editor, The New York Amsterdam News.

Jimmy Booker: close associate to Percy Sutton, Malcolm X’s lawyer.

“Jimmy Booker’s Amsterdam News columns were must read destinations for the African-American weekly faithful. “

Ask yourself this: how did lowly Miss Jo Ann rate positioning of her Tribute AHEAD of famed Jimmy Booker?

And why oh why is Jo Ann Newman associated with The New York Amsterdam News, in the first place?

Here’s why: who better to employ Jo Ann Newman than the black weekly paper, The New York Amsterdam News? Jo Ann Newman, ever-trotting-after-her-true-love-Malcolm X? Malcolm X, Hero to The New York Amsterdam News. Jo Ann Newman, the mother of Malcolm’s son – his promising male heir, he who will be bearer of Malcolm’s legacy.

So …….

Who better than The New York Amsterdam News, after Malcolm’s assassination, to give Jo Ann Newman, mother of Malcolm’s heir – Bâri′ M. Shabazz – a platform from which to profess her undying love?

At her Tribute’s outset, Jo Ann paints Malcolm thus: “The threshold of Life. A fallen angel.”

Immediately, she sets herself in contradistinction to Malcolm.

Malcolm, she states, is “A family man, A Black man, A Man, A leader.”

“I am what I am, so be it” she states in comparison.

Which can only mean, she is: An unwed mother, A White woman, a Woman, a follower.

Hmmm. Sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it? Sounds like the mother of the man who presents himself as “Barack Obama”.

With each line, Jo Ann’s obvious prominence in the life of Malcolm X emerges.

“It is Saturday, Feb, 27, 1965. Faith Temple Church of God in Christ. I am standing in the pulpit, set aside for the newspapers, and all media’s of our great news services [my emphasis].”

Now, how could little Miss Newman, classified advertising clerk at the Amsterdam News, be standing alongside the national media – unless …. ?

Unless she has a rightful place there. A family-type-relationship place. In her Tribute, Jo Ann’s words relay the odd position she occupies: like Betty Shabazz, she is a grieving widow; but one who, for propriety’s sake, must go unrecognized.

For Jo Ann Newman, the political abruptly veers into the personal:

“I am watching history in the making. I am watching the world’s leaders from all fields arrive. We are here together. Yet, why then am I alone? My thoughts entirely of a Black man, who has been struck down, his body lies below me.”

An obvious sexualized reference. Is it conscious or unconscious on her part? Does she want us to know, via her words, that she and he were lovers?

It seems that she did – she continues with sexual images:

“The crowd is swelling, the silence, the silence. Why is it so silent? Why is it so calm. Am I still alive? Yes I felt the pain from the pinch I gave my arm. Below me lies a a Man, a black man, an Afro American.”

Oh, how the past can foreshadow the future! Is it in her description of Malcolm’s funeral, that their son Bâri′ becomes obsessed with media companionship?

“It is now 10:00 a.m., Ossie Davis is before the microphone, the silence has fallen upon the multitude again. The click of the cameras, the hum of the the TV cameras, and yet the silence.”

Swooping back to her stillness /silence metaphor, Jo Ann cries out in anguish. The prospect of Malcolm’s message dying with Malcolm is unbearable. In great emotional pain, she demands that someone carry forth Malcolm’s dreams:

“A man, a leader, a black man, his voice is still. His ideas stilled. How much will be remembered of what he has taught his followers?” As she draws near the end of her Tribute, she shines the light on Ossie Davis, declaring Malcolm X “Our Own Black Shining Prince.” In Jo Ann’s literary reference, she passes that oh so tall order on to Malcolm’s heir – to their son Bâri′ M. Shabazz, who became known to the world as Barack Obama.

What ensued has become our American history. For Malcolm’s sake, Jo Ann has seen to it.

As you study Malcolm’s funeral memoir by Miss Jo Ann Newman of The New York Amsterdam News Classified Advertising Department, do you wonder, as did I: how ever does she know so much about Muslim tradition? How can she cite the “man of tall stature in the brown flowing robes”, and describe “the Islamic service. Imam Al Hajj Heshaans Jaaber recites four Takbeers.”

And how is no-one-special classified advertising clerk Jo Ann privy to knowing who sent what in honor of Malcolm X – referring to “many, many telegrams and letters sent from all over the world”?

How does a classified advertising clerk know the identities of the prominent people attending the funeral so intimately, that she fluidly cites them? “Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, James Farmer, John Lewis, Bayard Rustin, Dick Gregory, Ralph Cooper.”

How can she handily identify the “Los Angeles NAACP, Chester Civil Rights Council, National Urban League, African Natl Council, Freedom Fighters of Ohio, Michigan Committee of Freedom Now, The Moors Of Haiti, Ambassador of Lagos, and many many more” as funeral attendees?

How does she know them – by name, by purpose?

How, indeed?

“Malcolm X Shabazz,” tenderly, she addresses him, in the beyond. “You have not fallen in vain. Your ideas, your ideals, your morals will be continued [my emphasis].”

Jo Ann is a girl with a plan.

She’s a girl who will put to work her traits of persistence, rebelliousness, and loyalty to Malcolm and his cause, to ensure that their son is vaulted from ‘nowhere’ to The White House.

“A heavy heart, a silent pen, my tribute to a history-making BLACK MAN” she says, in her Tribute’s conclusion. “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. A SALAAM ALEIKUM” – which, notably, were among Malcolm’s X’s last words to his faithful.

‘THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE” are your mother’s words of admonition, Bâri′ M. Shabazz.

Bâri′ M. Shabazz, a.k.a. “Barack Obama”.

Bâri′ M. Shabazz: you of no faith in America. America, who now must sadly discover: your mother “Stan” is a Sham.

For, Jo Ann Newman’s son did not believe that we would accept his mother, exactly as she was.

He didn’t believe we’d ever accept him either, born with a “double whammy’ of illegitmacy, and bi-racial genes.

And yet, he just had to carry forth the Dreams From His Father!

For, as you can see from her Tribute to Malcolm, the dreams are his mother’s, too.

What to do, Bâri′? How to do it?

Imagine…..Young man Bâri′, teeming with ambition, sits back. He takes a few puffs to quiet his head. Seeking guidance, he tunes into the psyche of his long-gone, genius father. His father, his mentor, his idol – savvy Malcolm X, the man who from his teens sported scores of handy aliases.

In time, his father’s spirit speaks.

“Reinvent!” Malcolm’s melodious, power-filled voice urges his eager son. ”Reinvent your lineage!”

And so, Bâri′ invents a midwestern mother, bred from good Protestant stock. That’s what America wants, does it not, in its President? A boy born of a “nice” midwestern girl? A Christian girl, to boot!

“Now find yourself a father,” Malcolm’s spirit directs him. “A father to give you what I could not – legitimacy.”

And so, Bâri′ invents a father, using his real father’s friend – Barack Obama from Kenya. A father who meets “Stanley Ann”, ingenue college freshman, in an exotic – though American! – setting.

A father who – as America loves – does the right thing, and marries his pregnant mother.

“One last masterful touch, my son,” says Malcolm. “Alter the records. The state and federal census records, to invent a geneaology. It’s a cinch these days, when everything is digital!”

So, Bâri′ busily works to make his synthetic family real “in the system”, to mislead all who research his “family-of-origin”.

Timing is everything, isn’t it, Bâri′?! Do what you need, to get to be Harvard Law Review Editor! Get that book contract before you graduate! Morph the book’s theme from a commentary on race relations in America – as stipulated in your book contract – into an “autobiography” panhandling your synthetic “family of origin”.

Put your “family” out there far enough ahead of your political entrée, and your story will become familiar!

Eventually, with enough ‘reporters’ regurgitating what you feed them, your family fabrication will ring ‘true’.

In your clever calculations, Bâri′, you made one foolish omission:

The power of Truth to out lies.

As for Jo Ann Newman, one of a zillion dark-haired, big-eyed New York girls from the fifties – hey, thought her smarty-pants, big-shot, Ivy League son, who ever would remember her?

What’s more, even if they do, enshrined in her brand new identity, who could recognize her – what with all the digital smoke and mirrors her son applied to her face? To her eyes. Her nose. Her chin. Her hair. Her cheeks. Who?

Who, huh?

You’d be surprised, Bâri′. You’d be surprised.

Writer’s Note:

America, I communicate this information with great grief – and ask that, as you discover the Truth, you receive it with compassion.

It’s not that I countenance or condone what’s been done. Far from it. I’m outraged. Hurt. Horrified.

Most importantly, I feel thoroughly betrayed by America’s media – who willfully abandoned their solemn responsibility to verify the data presented by The Obama Campaign.

But if we as a country are to come through this intact, we must rise to our moral high calling. Hateful accusations and vengeful behavior will only worsen our situation – and accomplish nothing constructive.

Please, pray for Barack Obama.
Published: November 15, 2011
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