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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bâri′, Barry, Barack
by Martha Trowbridge

Copyright © 2011 Martha Trowbridge. All Rights Reserved.

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

White House Press Corps: may I inquire? Were any of you invited to the birthday party Friday?

If not, don’t feel miffed.

After all, it’s long been a family secret.

Anyway, here’s the scoop: Friday was Bâri′’s birthday.

Bâri′ M. Shabazz - Barack Obama’s identity at birth.

Yes, 28 October was the day, in 1959, in New York City, that the man who presents himself as Barack Hussein Obama was born Bâri′ M. Shabazz.

A baby thrice bestowed with names sacred to Malcolm X: Bâri′, Malik, and Shabazz.

Oh so happily bestowed by his mother, who truly-and-forever loved Malcolm.

It wasn’t just the sacred nature of these names that so delighted his proud parents.

It was what the names signified.

Bâri′ - Muslim name meaning “Of Allah”. According to Islam, God as al-Bâri′ is the creator of all: “al-Bâri′: The Maker, The Producer, The Evolver, The Maker From Nothing … Bâri′ denotes the way the One [my emphasis] works with substances, often creating from existing matter, making and evolving that which is free and clear of any other thing, free and clear of imperfections.”

Note the reference to “The One”, a popular attribution to Barack Obama during the campaign.

Malik / Malachi – Names most sacred to Malcolm. “Lord”, “Master”, ‘Sovereign”, “King” … Malik is Arabic for Malachi [Messenger of God]. In 1952, Malcolm requested permission from The Honorable Elijah Muhammad [his Nation Of Islam spiritual director] to assume the name Malachi Shabazz – approval that was denied him. In spring 1964, after Malcolm left Nation Of Islam, he assumed the identity El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.

Shabazz - Malcolm’s chosen Muslim last name. It’s the Muslim name his wife Betty also chose. The name they bestowed upon all six children.

Among the Malcolm X aliases certified by the F.B.I. are Malachi Shabazz, Malcolm Shabazz and Malik El-Shabazz.

Bâri′, Barry, Barack ….. Sort of has a cadence to it, doesn’t it? Reminds me of the days I studied Greek and Latin. Studied the conjugation of verbs. Bâri′, Barry, Barack. His past [imperfect] tense, his present tense, his future tense.

Bâri′, Barry, Barack: he was, he is, he will be.

So it was for high school Barry. His past collides with his future. Barry, discovering his birth certificate amongst sequestered documents. Discovering his Muslim identity – and the name of his biological father.

And in that discovery, recognizing “I occupied the space where their [his parents’] dreams had been”. A stunning realization.

A future must be created!

Politics, yes, this is the proper path. National politics.

The very same path that daddy Malcolm had his yearning eye upon.

His son would go one better, though. His eye would firmly fix upon The White House!

But wait. Who would elect to The United States Presidency the illegitimate son of a black, Muslim revolutionary? A man who advocated overthrow of The United States Government? Who openly spoke of his hatred of whites?

His past as Bâri′ would never do.

Not to worry! Bâri′ is destined for great things. His genes, his birth names said so. He will create an identity “free and clear” of Malcolm’s political liabilities.

A ‘tweak’ of his name’s second syllable, and voilá! Bâri′ and Barry become “Barack”.

The synthetic ”son” of Malcolm’s African friend, Kenyan exchange student Barack Obama.

The synthetic ”grandson” of Malcolm’s hero.

[For those of you unfamiliar, Barack Obama was the son of Mau Mau Kenyan Revolution Hero, Hussein Onyango Obama. In the early 1950's, Malcolm was publicly singing HOO's praises in Harlem - years before his son, Barack Obama, arrived in America.]

And so, a future was created.

An identity was born: “Barack Obama II” – a.k.a. “Barack Obama Jr. “

Such creative genius! A simple ‘tweak’, and Bâri′ M. Shabazz gets his new identity – and an unencumbered, bright political future!

With a birth narrative boasting exotic, tropical settings, to boot!

But back to young Bâri′, shall we? After all, it is his birthday we’re discussing.

And back to Barry.

How much closer in sound can two names get?

Perhaps you recall Michelle Obama’s statement during the campaign, when asked about Barack’s nickname, Barry? She stated that its origin was a cute Muslim name, anglicized to “Barry”. If you don’t recall her statement, please, don’t waste your time looking for it online. The clip was long ago scrubbed.

Perhaps you recall that at Occidental College – coincident with his grand political plan to fulfill Malcolm’s Dreams – “Barack Obama” insisted that “Barry” be ditched for Barack? A brilliant strategic move indeed. Barry sounds far too close to Bâri′. What if somebody, anybody, from his past, or from the present, or worst of all, in the future, caught on?

But oh, how Truth endures. Thank goodness, amidst all the deceit, the words of half-sister Maya expose it: around the house, she stated, we called him “Bar”.

Bâri′, Barry, Barack ….. Now, who is who, and what is what? “Barack Obama”, we all know. “Barry Soetoro”, ditto. But what do we know of Bâri′ M. Shabazz?

We know this: Bâri′ M. Shabazz was assigned social security number 084-54-5926, issued in New York, in 1974.

[Wait. Wasn't there discussion of an SSN issued earlier than 1977? Sometime around the summer "Barack Obama" was 14? Let's see. Summer 1974 minus October 1959 equals ... yes, that's right, 14. Hmmm.]

But let’s not let “Barack Obama” distract us again. Back to his past [imperfect] tense.

Quite naturally, you may wonder, as did I: whatever happened to sweet baby Bâri′?

I’ve got tragic news to report, on this All Souls Day: in August 1994, at the prime-of-life age of 34, five years younger than was his father Malcolm at his untimely death, Bâri′ M. Shabazz was reported to have died.

From the Social Security Death Index database:

SHABAZZ, B M 28 Oct 1959 Aug 1994 (V) 34 (PE) (none specified) New York 084-54-5926

Hmmm ….. August 1994: Bâri′ M. Shabazz has passed on.

Oh dear. Whatever will become of all those Dreams Bâri′ was conceived to carry forth?

Not to worry. He didn’t really die. His birth identity ‘had’ to die.


Let’s see. 1994. 1994. Oh! That’s right! On 21 August 1994, the Illinois State Senate seat ‘officially’ opened up! Its occupant, Alice Palmer – for whom “Barack Obama” was working – could now set her sights on indicted Mel Reynolds’ Congressional seat.

“Barack Obama” was prepping to step out as a political candidate!!

“Congressman Mel Reynolds, the Democrat convicted of 12 charges, including sex with 16-year-old Beverly Heard and asking her to take pornographic photographs of a 15-year old, was indicted on August 21, 1994.”

What with his prodigious plans, “Barack Obama” certainly couldn’t risk having Bâri′ M. Shabazz walking around, now, could he?!

A simple report was all that was needed.

The SSDI record states that the death information for Bâri′ M. Shabazz was coded “V”.

V signifies: “Verified: Report verified with a family member or someone acting on behalf of a family member.”

The report is not coded “P“.

P signifies: “(Proof): Death Certificate Observed”.

This distinction is critical. Notice of death was made by an informant who did not present verification of his/her reporting, that is, no death certificate was presented with the notification of death.

“SSA receives reports of death from a variety of sources, including friends and relatives of deceased individuals, funeral homes, postal authorities, financial institutions, and Federal and State agencies. Friends, relatives, and funeral homes report about 90 percent of deaths. Postal authorities and financial institutions report another 5 percent of deaths.”

Once in the federal system, the record was flagged as ‘PE’, meaning that an inconsistency exists between what was reported and what was recorded in the government’s files.



And now, since you’ve had the forbearance to read along this far, I offer you comic relief.

The first listed address for Bâri′ M. Shabazz is: guess where?

One street over from Malcolm X’s house!

From baby’s conception in 1959 through shortly before Malcolm’s death in 1965, Malcolm lived just one street over from Bâri′ M. Shabazz’s first address in East Elmhurst, New York.

The first address listed for Bâri′ M. Shabazz is 32-26 98th Street, Apt.1, East Elmhurst, New York.

Malcolm’s 1959 address was 25-46 99th Street, East Elmhurst, New York.

Malcolm and his family resided at 23-11 97th St. East Elmhurst, New York, from July 1960 through February 18, 1965, three days before his death.

BM Shabazz (Bari M Shabazz)

B 10/28/59
D 8/94
SSN 084545926

Street Address City Name on phone Phone #

1 3226 98TH ST APT 1 EAST ELMHURST, NY 11369

2 32 98 EAST ELMHURST, NY 11369








Source: Intellius.

Speaking of addresses, don’t you love poor ‘dead’ Bâri′s Virginia addresses?! Fake military addresses – that’ll fool the snoops, eh! Military addresses clearly ‘created’ by someone who didn’t know diddly about the military.

My, how we’ve digressed! I wonder how the birthday party went. White House Press Corp, please, tell me: Was there a cake? With 52 gleaming candles? In their private quarters, sequestered safely away from The Secret Service, did any of you happen to hear “The Obamas” sing Happy Birthday?

2 November 2011, The Commemoration Of All Souls
Published: November 2, 2011
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