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Monday, December 12, 2011

What if OPOVV is Not the Next POTUS?


by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Editor's Note: See my Reply at the bottom of this article.

Should the Federal Reserve, a private corporation with foreign ties, have control of our currency and economy?

(Dec. 11, 2011) — Good question. Let’s talk turkey for a couple of minutes. The chances that America will choose a President in 2012 who will stop this downward spiral into oblivion, an unrecognizable America, are so remote as to be nonsensical. That’s right, a Dark Horse who has made it as plain as the day is long that he will not take one red cent in campaign contributions from any source whatsoever to run for President won’t be elected because most of Americans don’t get it and never will. Okay, they elected Obama, but that’s not the point. These people are so far gone to the Dark Side that they’d elect Obama for a second term, presumably so he could enact Sharia Law as the law of the land.

“Necks First! Jobs Second!” should be the campaign slogan for all of the candidates. That’s right, why waste time talking about jobs and healthcare when the chances are that you may not be around to see any of it anyway? We are at war with Islam, a Totalitarian system of government that wants America so bad they can taste it. Deport each and every Muslim from the United States, including American citizens who want to play traitor. Give them a choice: leave or prison, because being a Muslim is tantamount to being a traitor: you either support the Constitution or you’re out of here. And if anyone has a problem with that, you’re more than welcome to move: it’s what we call freedom.

The word “illegal” has lost its punch; I say we put the punch back in. How? It’s really very simple: deport each and every illegal immigrant. Oh, you say the children are in high school but the parents are illegal, what then? Wax in your ear? It’s doable so let’s do it. If the parents don’t respect American law, I wouldn’t hold my breath to give out future citizenship awards to their illegal offspring.

Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank by not renewing its charter, which ends December 2013. Get the dollar backed by a physical entity; a dollar being equal to a carrot is worth more than a dollar equal to an empty promise.

Render every law that the imposter Obama signed null and void along with every rule and regulation enacted under the illegal Obama regime. Abolish the Department of Homeland Security. Introduce a flat sales tax of 10% and abolish the IRS and all of its deferments and shelters, forever ancient history.

And that’s for starters, that is, if we want our country back and our safety improved.

And speaking of safety, stop this “revolving door” so-called system of justice we have in America. The escalating drug violence can be attributed to America’s insatiable appetite to fill up the empty hours of the empty lives of people whose food on the table is not dependent on their total mental commitment. Those who ingest the drugs are contributing to the downfall of the Empire of Freedom by diverting resources that would otherwise be available to target other illegal activity; money, time and effort wasted pursuing the transportation and distribution of illegal substances could be spent on educating people on the advantages of education, the belief being that a knowledgeable citizen is more valuable to the welfare of the general good than a complete loser, because irrespective of how much money is thrown at a problem, it’s all for nothing if those on the receiving end don’t receive the help.

Johnny can’t read; hell, Johnny can’t even speak proper English, can’t diagram a sentence, and most likely doesn’t have, and never will have, a high school diploma.

Is it Johnny’s fault that he was raised on Gangsta Rap lyrics, that he was passed from grade to grade without ever learning to read? Oh, Johnny can read, but he was never taught the reason to gain knowledge from a book. Yes, at some point Johnny has to put two and two together, or you know what? We’ll have on our hands millions of losers like the character in Richard Wright’s Native Son and we’ll end up with an uneducated voter electing someone like Obama. Wait, it’s already been done, which just goes to show you that the whole education system DOESN”T WORK.

I’d fix it, and the best and fastest way to at least get it started is a high school diploma and a driver’s license, in English.

Look, fixing the mistakes of the past may not be easy or popular, but if we don’t do it and do it NOW, we’ll have nobody to blame but ourselves when the green flag of Islam is raised over the White House.

Editor's Reply:
Right on, OPOVV..
However, What if OPOVV IS the Next POTUS?

is POSSIBLE to God, if we but turn it over to Him in faith… trusting, believing.

God has ALWAYS used the improbable, unpredictable and impossible ones that were willing to yield to Him in obedience. ie: Moses, David, Daniel, John, Peter, etc.

What does God want YOU to do? Maybe, just maybe, be the next POTUS.
Are YOU willing to allow Him to lead you… one step at a time?
If so, I am addressing the next POTUS.
… With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. (Matt 19:26b)

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