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Monday, November 16, 2009

Today I came across the following blog article at the David Stewart website. This is an interesting article that, in part, aticulates the American Grand Jury mission to criminally prosecute Obama.

Next Round of Obama Eligibility Challenges
By George Miller

This web site addresses the Constitution. The subject of this article is the most blatant high-level violation of our Constitution in history.

We have been frustrated in our attempts, to date, to reverse the travesty of justice of an ineligible candidate reaching the White House, as all efforts to act via civil suits have been thwarted, probably illegally, on standing and jurisdictional technicalities. There is still the possibility of initiating another “Quo Warranto” proceeding in D.C. Federal Court. One was done before, but dismissed on a technicality.

There are several other potential routes:

  • 1. Impeachment/removal by Congress.
  • 2. Continuing to publicize research results to undermine Obama/Soetoro legitimacy, reduce his effectiveness and ultimately force a resignation, via pressure from Congressmen and other prominent citizens.
  • 3. Criminal fraud and treason prosecution
  • 4. Reverting to the Declaration of Independenc

    Civil suits

    The civil litigation efforts to date are not totally wasted, because they have resulted in the accumulation of a huge body of damning evidence against Obama/Soetoro, revealing not only ineligibility, but fraud and treason on his part and those of his enablers. I’m not really sure how someone who may not even be a citizen can be convicted of treason, but it’s good to cover all the bases. The accusers have also built more public support for prosecution and gathered a cadre of people to act in concert to help accomplish this, while mapping successful, unsuccessful and future potential courses of action.

    Many people dedicated to Obama’s removal have concluded that criminal prosecution presents a opportunity. The American Grand Jury gathered evidence, deliberated and developed its presentments in October, 2009. There is still the matter of identifying a likely jurisdiction to prosecute in, which does not look as though it will be easy. We don’t know if this could take place in multiple jurisdictions simultaneously, with different charges.


    Some in the Obama/Soetoro Eligibility Movement say that it is absurd to impeach someone who was never legally president anyway. Obama/Soetoro supporters point to legal language that says Congress should deal with an illegal president. Still others say that Quo Warranto or criminal fraud prosecution are appropriate routes.

    Impeachment is probably politically impossible until after the 2010 elections and/or prior access to some of the relevant records currently “sealed,” although it is very possible that documents out in the field will come to light before that. The Kenyan birth certificate (while needing Kenyan confirmation), 39 Social Security numbers and evidence proving both parents weren’t U.S. citizens, are examples of that.

    Publicize Evidence

    The attorneys running civil suits to remove Obama/Soetoro have revealed reams of damning evidence already, which has succeeded in winning over or casting doubts in the minds of millions concerning Obama’s highly questionable eligibility for the presidency, even with an almost total MSM blackout. Recent surveys have revealed between half and 80% of those polled doubting his eligibility, or at least demanding to see some proof to assure themselves. Attorneys such as Orly Taitz fully recognize that the court of public opinion is as important as the legal courts and have put much of their energies into publicizing such damning facts and likely hypothesis about Obama/Soetoro’s (in)eligibility.

    Multiple Congressmen are starting to come forward and talk about the eligibility and birth certificate issues, although it appears that he is ineligible regardless of what his birth certificate, if he has one, says. When they start formal action, this should result in some interesting “fireworks” on the national landscape. Since impeachment looks like a dead letter, until the composition of Congress improves via the 2010 elections, or more “smoking guns” emerge (there may already be multiple smoking guns– with a foreign father, mother not meeting residency requirements to transfer natural born status, an unverified Kenyan birth certificate, no long form U.S. birth certificate in evidence, etc.), Congressmen will likely start with announcements and letters to Obama/Soetoro and other Congressmen, declaring their “concerns” and “requesting” documentation of eligibility.

    Having such doubts expressed by members of the one institution that everyone agrees can remove Obama/Soetoro will have major consequences. Obama/Soetoro’s minions will attempt to dismiss them first, by pointing to a digital image of a “certification” residing on a Liberal web site and/or by calling it a blatant, partisan political ploy. If that doesn’t get any traction, expect more drastic responses, including manufactured “emergencies” to distract attention or excuse sidetracking this, phony counter-demonstrations and even riots, all the way up to declaring martial law on this pretext. This is why some people have hesitated to push the issue. But as Obama/Soetoro’s actions become more and more destructive, the cost/benefit calculations are changing. Conservatives feels that most military and police would NOT support Obama/Soetoro in such a confrontation. Resolute action on their part would contain the scope of Obama/Soetoro’s actions and help ensure a peaceful resolution. The recent statements by Oath Keepers were likely intended as a warning to Obama/Soetero forces and an encouragement to his opponents.

    Initiate Criminal Prosecution

    Affidavit of Process ServeA criminal fraud case would need to be preceded by a Grand Jury indictment. American Grand Jury has laid the groundwork for that to happen. Next would be to line up a likely jurisdiction, get legal support and commence activities. Who knows how this would play out? It probably wouldn’t be boring. Once indictments take place and discovery is authorized, things would get very, very interesting rather soon. Chances are pretty good that this would trigger other interesting actions, to attempt to preempt it or negotiate other courses of action.

    To the left you can see a small image of an Affidavit where American Grand Jury served the Unites States District Count in Florida. The serve was made by Norm Caron just this week. American Grand Jury has effected many serves in the past few months upon Federal and State courts. The Judiciary is waking up to the fact they will be forced to deal with these criminal presentments as the pressure continues to mount. [emphasis in "red" by American Grand Jury]

    Revert to Declaration of Independence

    What this refers to is a possible reversion to conditions in 1776, when all attempts at redress had also failed. If things were going well otherwise in the nation, The Obama/Soetero eligibility challenge might have just gone on as a shadow war for years, but the momentous economic, financial, political and social tragedies occurring and being worsened by his actions simply may not permit this. The almost daily reminders of a White House impostor who does not appear to share our collective vision, love for our unique nation and appears not to be defending our best interests, taking actions typical of a Marxist, is rapidly becoming an outrage to thousands more citizens every day. We’ll develop hypothetical scenarios around this possibility in the future.

  • 2 Responses to “Next Round of Obama Eligibility Challenges”

    1. Barbara Shine Says:

      What would happen if persons refused to pay their income taxes until they see the birth certificate

    2. michaelm Says:

      I am convinced that there is an entity within every county in this country who has the power to compel officeholders to fulfill the duties of their office, no matter what level of government or position a person may have been elected or appointed to fill so long as the location of the officeholder is within a county and his duties primarily are fulfilled within that county. The County Sheriff.

      All employees/appointees, be they local, county, state, or federal officials, who live or work within that county ARE in the jurisdiction of that county’s sheriff. And I believe that this clearly indicates that the sheriff has the right to compel an officeholder/appointee to process or prosecute AGJ Presentments.

      There is a new book out which I think confirms my supposition. It is entitled, “The County Sheriff, America’s Last Hope”. Here is the teaser from Sheriff Mack’s web site (url below):

      “Sheriff Mack’s newest book covers decades of research to prove once and for all that the sheriffs in this country are indeed the ultimate law authority in their respective jurisdictions. The sheriff absolutely has the power and responsibility to defend his citizens against all enemies, including those from our own Federal Government. History, case law, common law and common sense all show clear evidence that the sheriff is the people’s protector in all issues of injustice and is responsible for keeping the peace in all matters. He is the last line of defense for his constituents; he is America’s last hope to regain our forgotten freedom. This short but powerful book is a must read for all citizens, sheriffs, and government officials that we may all work to return America to the constitutional republic she was meant to be. Amazing as it might be, the sheriff can make this happen!”

      To me, that sounds like the sheriff has the power to jail a reluctant DA or even a judge for a couple of days, so long as that DA or judge lives or works within the Sheriff’s county. A day or two in jail just might move some of these officials in a direction more closely focused on the duties of the office they swore to uphold. And just think if these sorts of actions were to be applied all over the U.S.

      It may very well be that Bob or others have tried this approach without success. If that is the case, I believe efforts should be redoubled and perhaps more selectively directed to those counties in which the sheriff was given a copy of the book above and who might therefore be more receptive to AGJ’s efforts.

      Think for a moment. It looks to me like this is just the solution AGJ needs. If I am correct, we might finally see some fireworks!

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