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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My letter to Judge Carter: Sir, why are you avoiding Obama’s eligibility case? - By DAVID RACHEL, United States Navy Veteran

American Grand Jury

The Honorable David O. Carter
U. S. District Court
411 W. 4th Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701-4516

RE: Inappropriate Decisions on Obama’s

David RachelDear Judge Carter,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to you as you are known to be one of the most honorable Constitutional Judges in America. It is known that you are an Ex-Marine who fought valiantly for the United States and for your efforts and love for America received the Purple Heart. You have fought and shed blood for this country only to turn your back on it and avoid the question of Obama’s eligibility as he is Not a Natural Born Citizen as the Constitution which you fought for requires him to be. He is a Fraud and a Usurper.

He has thirty-eight or more social security cards, he has falsified his selective service records, he has sealed his college records from Occidental College which shows he came to the school on an Indonesian scholarship. He traveled to Pakistan on an Indonesian Passport as an adult and entered the United States as an Indonesian Student. There is no record of him ever applying for U. S. Citizenship.

He is purposely and methodically destroying the United States of America, the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave and you are turning your back on the issue, an issue that you are one of the few people in America that can actually do something about it. He has not produced a valid Birth Certificate as he was born in the Coast Provincial General Hospital in Kenya. He has not produced a lawful birth certificate, as it would conclusively prove that he is not a Natural born Citizen:

  • 1. Most formidable is the fact that his Father was Kenyan and that precludes him from the Presidency regardless of any production of birth records and no matter where he was born.
  • 2. His Mother was 118 days shy of being able to transfer citizenship to him and there is now proof that she was not physically in the United States or any territories there of in which to be able to transfer citizenship had she met the prerequisite of age, of which she was not of age to make a transfer of citizenship had she been in Hawaii and/or any territory recognized by the United States in order to transfer citizenship. Thus this is a mute point.
  • Judge Carter, if you do not rule on the meritorious facts of this case and allow the documented evidence to be presented to the court, then you are not doing the Constitutional duty that you have sworn to uphold.
    As a result, you will be judged by a higher authority when you leave this earthly life, as God is the Ultimate judge and you will be recognized for letting the United States sink into a God less country by not doing everything within your sworn duty and power to bring forth the facts and evidence and let it be heard in the steps to the removal of Barack Hussein Obama from office.

    Now look to the attorney who is bringing this case before your Court, as she does know what Communism is, as she has lived under the oppression of a Communist Nation and understands why she is fighting to bring a stop to it here in the United States. She is fighting for our freedom from tyranny the only way she can, as you did many years ago when you almost gave up your life for freedom. Now you are turning your back on America when the citizens need you the most.

    I as well as thousands of Americans and service men and women are now under the impression that you let Obama’s lead attorney, Bauer who is a clerk in your office sway you in your thinking and/or leveraged you into making the decisions that you are attempting to impose on this case in your court at this time. There is no lawful reason in disallowing the Discovery that Dr. Taitz filed to not be heard as a matter of law within the structure of court rules of procedure.

    By you circumventing due process, on a properly filed motion actually places you in contempt of the law. I am only reminding you of the essence of this matter in hopes that you will again reconsider the enormity of this case and the president rulings which are contained within your decisions. I know that I am speaking for all Americans and more specifically our service men and women who are being sent into battle for our great nation and taking orders from Obama who they know is a Usurper to the office and not lawfully their commander and chief.

    I am urging you on behalf of all the American people to not be persuaded to skew the facts which have been presented to you to stand firm in accordance with the Constitution of the United States of America and allow this evidence to be heard before the Court and a true and just decision be made. If you do not do what is right in this case and rule according to the facts and the Constitution, then God help you and I pray that you will never have a good nights rest, because you know what you are doing is are last hope of seeing Justice for the American people, and you will be letting this country be taken over by Communism/Muslims and Obama is both.

    You received the Purple Heart for valor, I feel safe in saying that I feel every service man and veteran is wondering how you could turn a blinds eye to our beloved United States of America.


    United States Navy Veteran

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