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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

by John Charlton

The usurpation of the presidency of the United States, the greatest national tragedy and crisis to befall our Nation since the Civil War, is only going to have a solution if the eligibility movement does more.

But first we have to break out addition to the Courts.

Valiant citizens and attorneys have gone to court dozens of times; dozens of times the Courts have refused to hear the case on merits.

The courts no longer believe that its their duty to save the republic. Let the lawyers who still struggle there have our support, but let us not wait for victory there where it is so uncertain.

The Republican and Democratic machines certainly are not going to listen to us, as they are the co-conspirators in the crime.

If we have had 1 small success it is in getting 80% of the American people to known something of the issue, and 50% of the Republicans to be concerned that the Obama might be born overseas.

But that is not the same of imparting to our fellow citizens the absolute conviction of the truth: that Obama is ineligible and therefore a usurper, and hence no law he signs, no appointment he makes, nothing he says or does has more value than Mickey Mouse. (I ask pardon of all the Mickey Mouse fans out there).

I propose, therefore a publicity campaign, and not in Washington, D.C.. Each patriot groups needs to explain, teach, instruct, the average citizen in the facts and history of our Nation, its Constitution, and the objective requirements for the presidency.

Let’s not get carried away with anything else, or concede to Obama victory.

Nor let us think that the victories of Republicans yesterday was some how significant: since the political machines won every race; the third-party candidates lost.

There were no Article II patriot candidates.

If we want the nation to go to pot, we need only do nothing.

And unless we pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor, we shall not save the Nation by an unequal sacrifice.

We are in a great struggle of will and principle: of liberty and constitutional principles against tyranny and Marxist principles. It must be a struggle that consumes us, for righteousness sake, since we stand on the ground of Justice and Eternal Truth looks down upon us and blesses us in this struggle.

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