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Friday, June 21, 2013

Two American Veterans Plan and Start Freedom Walk From California to Washington D.C.

Saturday, June 1, 2013 17:09
In a remarkable display of patriotism, two American veterans are walking from San Diego, California to Washington D.C. in a fight for freedom and with a plan to bring Americans together beyond party lines.
Jerry C. Oliver, a veteran of Vietnam and Mark T. Lanham, a veteran of the Gulf War, have set off from San Diego, California and have crossed through Arizona on their trek to Washington D.C.
A Mission Statement posted on the their website outlines the reasons for this extraordinary walk across the country:
In the game of life you are either in the bleachers or you are on the playing field. It is not the critic who counts. No, the credit belongs to the American who takes a stand for a cause higher than themselves.
Some may see me as an old man, but I have a voice and I will be heard. At least I am doing something. There is the “Power of 1” and that power is in each of us. Freedom does not trickle down, it rises up, but Washington is just not listening to the People! If we want America to remain to be free then we must act now.
We walk for freedom because we have a voice and Washington is now going to hear our voices. There is a dismantling of the constitution and if we don’t walk then nothing happens. If we do walk then D.C. must take warning that Americans are tired of being ignored. As Thomas Jefferson said, “It is our duty to question our government and public officials”.
Our petitions to the government have been ridiculed and rejected. We have sent letters, made telephone calls, sent e-mails, performed marches and rallies and still the people are scorned by the distant government in D.C. regardless which political party is in power.
The American flag will be carried from San Diego, California to Washington, D.C. in remembrance of all Americans who gave some and some Americans who gave all.
We do not profess any ideology, political party or particular issue by reason we believe Americans should be shaking hands instead of shaking fists and that we need to stop our government from dividing us into small groups. While we may disagree on certain issues there is common ground that we can all unite under. FREEDOM. It’s Solidarity time.
I dare to be brave and I ask you to also to be brave by showing your support for the freedoms that our constitution defends. The time is now to rise to a higher cause than ourselves.
You are asked to join the walk to D.C. and defend your freedoms. We cannot all be a George Washington, but we can all be patriots. You are the Power of 1. We are the masters of our lives not the government. The government is here for our convenience…we are not here for the government’s convenience because we created the government…the government did not create us.
This is a freedom walk. These are historical times so become a part of history. Action speaks louder than words so join me, even for just a mile, in the Support of the U.S. Constitution. Walk with us.
A graphic also posted on their website shows where they have already been and encourages  others to meet them on their way. For list of all planned locations, Click Here.
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