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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How the United States Actually Uses False Flags to Terrorize Its Own Citizens and the World!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 9:17
I love the smell of napalm in the morning. How the United States Uses False Flags to Terrorize Its Own Citizens and the World!
False flags operations are when somebody pretends to be somebody else in order to start wars. The purpose is to start trouble between other countries, and frighten the people into believing in the necessity for a war. Aside from the potential for monetary gain, the logic here is simple: a frightened people are easily to manipulate. And the purpose is likewise simple: a frightened people are an enslaved people.
An English sailing vessel enters a French harbor with the French flag flying. The English are flying French flag, so the French think the ship is friendly, so they don’t blow it out of the water. The English then raise the Flag of Norway, blow everything up, and sail out of the harbor. The French now go to war with Norway.
false flag operation Is this a false flag intended to enslave the American people?

Do you understand how it works? You pretend to be somebody else, deliver a blindside attack, run away, and let your victim get in a fight with whoever you pretended to be. And, in a full on false flag operation, you would get various people all frightened and riled up so they would fight for you.
Pretty nasty.
And, it is pretty common throughout history.

In Germany in the early thirties a young fellow name of Hitler is the likely suspect in the burning of the Reichstag building. He blamed the communists, and while everybody was angry at the commies, he rose to power. Perfect false flag.

In the early 1950s the United States executed a false flag operation in Iran. In conjunction with the British, the United States Central Intelligence Agency used politics, propaganda, and agreements with tribal leaders to create a coupe that resulted in the United States replacing Iranian oil companies with United States oil companies. This is a matter of declassified record, should you wish to search the CIA archives.

In the 1960s the United States Department of Defense almost conducted a false flag operation called ‘Operation Northwoods.’ The plans were to hijack or shoot down passenger or military places, burn crops, sink ships (filled with Cuban refugees!), and thus create a war with Cuba. The attacks would involve Cuban infiltrators and airplanes disguised as Cuban MIGs, and acts of terror on American soil. The only reason this operation didn’t get off the ground was because a young fellow name of John F. Kennedy said no to it. The complete plans were uncovered during investigation into Kennedy’s assassination by the Assassination Records Review Board in the mid 90s.

Also in the sixties is the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident. The United States claimed it was under attack in the Gulf of Tonkin. No proof was ever had, but the result was 10 years of war in Viet Nam with thousands of lives lost. And the real winners here were the people who made war materials, who lent money (can you spell Bankster?) and otherwise profited.
Coming into modern times, we have some downright startling revelations concerning False Flag Operations.

To pay a quick trip to Russia, that country actually bombed itself so as to go to war with Chechnya.

In 1993 the Federal Bureau of Investigation infiltrated a cell of terrorists who wanted to blow up the trade center. In an absolute stunner, the FBI apparently had the ability to replace the explosives with fake explosives, but didn’t do so!

Then there is the False Flag of 9/11. There are videos showing–proving–that the buildings went down because of planned demolition. These videos include a rather stunning look at one of the minor buildings suddenly collapsing and going down exactly like a building would go down if a demolition company took it down.

And there are records of the CIA actually letting Osama Bin Laden escape from Afghanistan into Pakistan–when they could have caught him–after 9/11. Thus letting him be a living purpose for the war making somebody so much money.

And, an interesting tidbit this writer had not heard of before doing his research on this article: the only instances of anthrax attacks were against key politicians…right before the patriot act came up for a vote!

These events are all False Flag operations, or, at the very least, dire occurrence being taken advantage of as if they were false flag operations.
The point of this article is simple: to educate people as to what a false flag is, and how it is used to rile up the population, therefore making them prone to war, and eventual enslavement.
And, make no mistake, the purpose of a false flag is exactly as stated: to rile up the population, to make them go to war, to exhaust and confuse them, and to enslave them.
Consider: 9/11 happened, and laws were passed which abrogated the constitution…and the people were happy!
Darn! We’re fighting the enemy! And they come together in camaraderie, had common purpose, and cheerfully gave up their rights.

Consider the words of Adolf Hitler. “The art of leadership… consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention.”
These are the words of the man who likely burned the Reichstag, and then killed millions of people, and they describe a False Flag operation, and they describe events that if they are not outright false flag operations, are at least being taken advantage of as if they were false flags.
We are talking about the Boston Bomber as as excuse to exercise military might on the streets of America, which is blatantly in opposition to the Constitution.
We are talking about the media advertising illegal wars around the globe, that the banksters may get rich.

We are talking about hurricane Katrina, which has resulted in a whole city being uprooted and not being allowed back to their homes, and somebody in New Orleans is getting rich.
And, we are talking about the next staged event, the one that will put soldiers on the streets to enforce martial law, fill the FEMA camps, and put aside, once and for all, the Constitution for the United States.

In closing let me point out something. in the 1950s Israel attempted a false flag operation. They planted bombs in Egypt in US diplomatic facilities. But Israel was found out, and the scandal that resulted brought down the government.

Here is the thing…a government involved in false flag tactics doesn’t want to be found out. They want to go ahead and pat themselves on the back even as they shunt the constitution and enact slavery.

But finding the government out is the key…and it is the way to stop them…and it is the way to let the world know that the United States chooses freedom over tyranny!
So when the IRS is found cheating for political gain…when NSA is found to be spying on all of us…when politicians line up to attack somebody who reveals the existence of the NSA spying game…when events happen that rile you up and make you want to fight somebody, remember what a false flag is, and become the voice of reason.

It is the voice of reason that the bad guys fear most of all. For the voice of reason undoes their attempts to sow chaos and war, and illuminates evil people for what they are. It is the voice of reason that must hold sway in the coming days that we would survive these times, and that our children may run free.

This has been a page concerning false flag operations.
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