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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Opinion By:
Dwight Kehoe

Kidnapping and Trade swap deal gone bad?

October 24, 2012 TPATH -  Late last evening FOX News broke the amazing story that has proven, beyond a doubt, that Obama and his administration knew immediately that the attack on the US Consulate in Libya was being done by armed and organized terrorists. 

The cable TV shows, thus far, are abuzz with this news but, they are asking the wrong questions.  The speculation is, that they fabricated and lied to  obscure the erroneous declarations of Obama relating to Al Qead's decimation and degradation. Ladies and gentlemen, not a chance.

Here is what we now know:
1. Just two hours into the attack on the consulate Obama and the State Department knew it was under a military style assault.

2. They had real time video being taken by drones.

3. Three brave American heroes fought off the
overwhelmingly superior forces for almost 7 hours before the compound was breached. 

4. Obama never made a move to help them when jets could have been scrambled and been there in in time to possibly scare off the attackers with a strafing run.

5. For five hours after the White House was informed, those men battled to hold the compound while Obama, reportedly went to bed.

6. Earlier in that day, the Ambassador sent emails warning of the impending danger and the White House did nothing to bring assets in to help.

So the question that needs to be asked is, why.  Why would the President allow a 7 hour siege to take place without lifting a finger to help?

Is it possible Obama knew this attack was going to take place and in fact was in cahoots with the fanatics?  It appears now that the only security that was supposed to be there were local Libyans and the three American heroes were  there just by chance.

So we are supposed to believe that Obama refused to send more security, refused to try to save the Ambassador, spent time creating a lie about some goofy video, all to cover up the fact that Al Qeada is still a threat?

There has to be more to it than that. No one, not even Obama would let 4 Americans be slaughtered and burned to death for something so trivial.

So what was it?  Until the State Department comes clean, we are left with the only option and that is to speculate.

So speculate we will.  Suppose Obama had made a deal with, oh let's say a Muslim Brotherhood leader of a Middle East country to allow our Ambassador to be kidnapped and then traded for the Blind Shiek?  Obama could be seen as a hero for getting back the Ambassador and we would be told the Sheik would be imprisoned in that country where he was transferred to.

A nice little boost in the polls just before the election.

Would that not explain why Obama did nothing for 7 hours?  The hired Libyan guards were supposed to flee their post and let the Ambassador be taken?

But three American patriots were there and gave their lives in defense of their country.

Make no mistake, the italicized paragraphs above are just speculation. But until we get one from the White House that makes more sense than hiding the viability of Al Qeada, this and other speculation will continue.

This may grow into the largest scandal ever perpetrated on the America people.  Congress needs to bring every single administration official in to answer questions until we know why 4 Americans were left to die while the President went to bed.

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