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Sunday, October 28, 2012


October 5, 2012
By Dwight Kehoe

October 5, 2012 TPATH
- When TPATH makes accusations such as today's headline a "question mark" is sometimes added for the sake of giving the benefit of the doubt.
There is no question mark on this headline.

That is because the evidence presented here is firm, proven and undeniable.  The man sitting in our White House is indeed a liar, a racist and has used his vote as a Senator to deny aide to the victims of Katrina, for the sole purpose of political advantage.

So, by now, most of us have seen the tape of Senator Obama giving a speech to a predominately black crowd in Hampton University when he was Senator Obama.  Some, even Conservative super stars such as Glenn Beck have dismissed this video as, here we go again, "old news" and unimportant.

They have missed the most important aspect of this
very telling and revolting video

Alright so Obama goes into a sing-song, black or southern preacher drawl, while speaking to the crowd even though his only time spent in the south was for a few golf outings. That of course was pandering and blatantly insulting to those gathered to hear him speak.  It showed a phoniness that many politicians have in their DNA.
But this performance was worse than that, much worse.

First a bit about what he said in that speech.  You can see the full video here  if you think it has been long enough since you have eaten last to keep from losing it. 

He told his audience that the US Government, which meant President Bush in particular and white people in general, do not care if blacks were suffering as a result of Katrina and then he referenced a Federal law, the Stafford Act.

This law, which requires states that receive Federal dollars to match small percentages with state funds, so that the US taxpayer would not be required to foot the entire cost.

His statement was race baiting and inflammatory enough, on it's own.

But people, hold on to your hats, that is not the half of it.  

The Stafford act has been waived several times in the case of very devastating disasters.  One case in point was after Florida was hit with several hurricanes.

Glenn Beck and others who think this speech is of no consequence, pay attention here, President Bush asked the Senate to take a vote that would waive the Stafford Act for New Orleans which would allow for the immediate federal aide of over $7 billion to be delivered to New Orleans without them being required to match funding percentages.

The Senate voted on this waiver, it passed but, but read this clearly, Senator Obama voted "NO". 

Then, just 10 days after he voted not to waive the Stafford Act, this lying, race hustler told those at the university,  white people wouldn't help "those in New Orleans", (the implied charge here is because 'those' people are black) when in fact, despite his voting to deny them funds, the money had already been transferred to New Orleans, and Obama knew it.

Ladies and gentlemen, should it not matter what party you belong to in order to be repulsed by this effort, by this man, who was soon to be President, of all the people?  To be engaged in such deceit and intentional divisiveness without being held to account by the so called journalists may well spell the doom of our Republic.

What question should next be asked concerning the motives of a Senator who would vote not to help people in desperate need?  Did he vote no, so he could continue to accuse "white people" and President Bush of racism?  You will have to decide that for yourself.

When his "no vote" failed to stop funds from flowing to New Orleans did he let that stop him from engaging in the ultimate hypocrisy when he stood there, blamed Bush for something that did not happen, even though he did all he could to make it happen?

So, it appears he was willing to let the people in New Orleans suffer and die in order to make political hay and when his vote failed to produce that calamity, he chose to show those he was speaking to just how little he thought of their intelligence by trying to incite hatred with his lies.

If anyone thinks, for even one second, that this man has changed or has the character to lead the greatest country God has ever given mankind, and if you pundits can still look at that video and determine it has no relevance to the man and what he will do if allowed to continue, there may in fact be no hope for our future.

October 5, 2012 TPATH

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