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Sunday, October 28, 2012

BELOW 8% ?


October 8, 2012 TPATH

October 8, 2012 TPATH
- In the beginning of this year, Rush Limbaugh predicted the national unemployment number would drop below 8% this October.  All of us who love and admire Rush know he is not a world class economist.  And at the time he predicted this, there were no signs of the economy improving.  Yet, he hit it out of the park.  How did he do that?

He knew that Obama's policies were designed not to improve and grow the middle class or the economy, but to destroy it, and with the compliance of the media, blame Republicans and the free market.

What Rush is an expert on is history and leftist politicians.
Never in American politics has a sitting President been reelected with unemployment 8% or higher.  Who else knows this?  The person posing a "
President of All the People", Obama.

Because the method and means the BLS use to crunch the numbers are kept under tight security, with just a few statistics revealed, they could very well have come up with any number the Obama demanded.  And they did.

Here are some facts that fly in the face of all common sense relating to this bogus report these sycophants hoisted upon the American people this week.

1. How many times during the last 4 years has the monthly unemployment number been adjusted the following month?
  Answer: Over 40 times.

2. How many times was the error in favor of Obama?
  Answer: Just about 100% of the time

3. The two top Labor Statistic people who are charged with putting out the final numbers donated the maximum amount to what candidate?
  Answer: Obama.

4. Economists agree that new jobs for any given month must total between 150,000 to 250,000 just to keep the unemployment rate from dropping.  How many new jobs were created in September?
  Answer: 114,000 (And the rate dropped to under 8%?).

5. What happens to the value of a quotient when the value of the dividend is reduced in relation to the divisor?
 Answer: The value drops ( As in from 8.2 to 7.8).

6. How many people have been removed from the equation calculating the number looking for work (the dividend) since the beginning of this year?
 Answer: 1,400,000 (that's people dropped and not counted).

7. It is a fact proven over and over again and agreed to by economists, that factory orders and production must rise in relationship to rising employment.  How much did that number increase during the period that BLS tells us employment rose?
 Answer:  It did not rise, it fell.

8. Everyone knows that "government jobs" produce no growth in the economy. Conversely, they add to the burden of the taxpayer and every dime of those new salaries has to be paid for, now or in the future, by those actually producing something.  If the government hired, let's say, 600,000 new employees over the last 3 months would that help the unemployment rate drop?
Answer: Ask the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

9. How many new government employees have been hired in the last 3 months?
 Answer: 600,000 (How convenient!)

10. What are are the chances that when the October unemployment statistics are released in November, just after the election, that the 7.2% rate for September will be adjusted to back over 8%?
 Answer: 100%

One more thing to ponder as we move towards November.  It is very easy to elect a Marxist, nearly impossible to vote him out.
Just ask the poor souls down in Venezuela.
Win, lose or draw, Chavez is not going anywhere.

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