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Friday, February 17, 2012

Truth, Obliterated: The “Obama Conspiracy Theory” Psychological Assault Weapon
by Martha Trowbridge

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Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

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America, if you've felt assaulted every time you seek the Truth about the personal history of "Barack Obama II", you haven't been over-reacting.

You have been assaulted.

Assaulted by the greatest Psychological Assault Weapon ever levied against Americans.

It's name?

The "Obama Conspiracy Theory" Psychological Assault Weapon.

Its purpose?

To personally demolish you - thereby dis-engaging you from discourse about Obama's personal history - so that whatever "Obama" Truth you're on to, gets obliterated!

The "Obama Conspiracy Theory" Psychological Assault Weapon [OCTPAW] was designed by The Obama Campaign to utterly destroy those who question the "Official Obama Narrative". Since its initial deployment in 2007, this weapon of words has been extremely effective - with ridicule, mocking, shaming, scolding, lying, accusation, word-twisting, confusion creation, threatening and intimidation embedded in its warhead.

It's precision-designed to knock us, full force, back on our heels.

Without our quite knowing what hit us. What was that massive assault on our thoughts, our beliefs, our principles, our feelings? On our very Integrity? Why oh why are we feeling so awful, just for seeking Truth? Do we really want to put ourselves 'out there' again, only to get painfully struck down once more?

Oh, what a weapon!

Like its co-inventors - "Uncle Fred" Newman and The Prince Of Lies - the "Obama Conspiracy Theory" Psychological Assault Weapon is sneaky. It's invisible. In perfect keeping with everything about the "Barack Obama II" synthetic identity, it's thoroughly deceptive.

Designed to facilitate evil, it stinks of righteousness. Crafted to effect subversion of Truth, it claims moral integrity. Dedicated to effect our destruction, it purports to love America and its founding principles.

Why, there's even a website, ready and ever-vigilant, that immediately shoots down on the web any talk of Truth about "Obama". Via posts by "Dr. Conspiracy", and a vigorous, nasty horde of attacker commenter 'identities', Obama Conspiracy Theories thrashes and trashes any person who seeks or states Truth about Obama's personal history.

Notwithstanding the skilled guidance of "Dr. Conspiracy", OCTPAW was The 2008 Obama Campaign's most highly prized weapon.

It's how they managed to defraud America.

It's how they attacked and destroyed all who reasonably questioned the personal history of "Barack Obama II", as presented by him, and his Campaign.

It's how they managed to get him elected, get him 'certified', get him sworn in, keep him in office, and to [thus far] keep him propped up, to secure his re-election.

In one brief sentence, here's how OCTPAW works:

You ask for Truth about the personal history of "Obama",

and immediately,

from multiple sources, simultaneously,

you're assaulted with humiliating accusations

and threats.

In a flash, multiple vicious invisible voices swarm about you, sniping, smacking, tearing at you, accusing you of racism, foolishness, and mental instability, while twisting and distorting your thoughts and words to make them seem preposterous.

You're caught in a vortex of ruthless attack, that spins you round and round, as you try to respond. Spins you so fast, so furiously, you're dizzy.

And totally spent.

Typical cognitive attacks include:

"Oh, so fifty years ago, two people got together to create a child, a name, and documentation, just so that he could destroy America?"

"Do you really believe that a hospital, health department, and newspapers all conspired decades ago to defraud America?"

"Are you accusing The Sitting President's dead parents of criminal fraud?!! Are you accusing him?!!"

That is - there's something REALLY WRONG with your thinking ability, to think there's something wrong with the Official Obama Narrative. A defect which will surely land you in court.

Emotional attacks assail you with charges of mental instability, fringe thinking, weirdo posturing, paranoia, shameful behavior, hate crimes, and more.

Spiritual attacks search out and destroy your sense of decency, morality, and fairness.

Professional attacks tear at your status as a valued professional person.

In every attack, with laugh-out-loud ridiculing intensity, you're insulted and degraded, kicked at, spit upon, and trounced - by a gang of attackers.

What's nastier, all attacks impart the vicious proclamation that by questioning the 'Officlal Narrative' of "Barack Obama II" you are racist.

And stupid, pathetic, ignorant, fringe, hateful, disgusting, laughable, a sicko, a loner, a loser, a flunkie, and an embarrassment to America.

It's not just ridicule that the attackers rely on.

The psychodynamics of aggressive, concerted, group attack play an important role. When OCTPAW strikes, every syllable you utter in reply is swooped down upon, caught up, and carried off in multiple attackers' evil claws; and mockingly bandied about in cyberspace. Setting off bouts of resounding, mocking laughter by voices you 'hear' in comments posted, from faces you cannot see. You don't know where the next attack will come from. You don't know what it will be. You do know this: it is you, versus many. An orchestrated, ruthless, evil-minded many with an evident thrill-of-the-kill mindset.

Aaah, what a perfect weapon OCTPAW was!

But now that The Laser Light Of Truth has shone upon it, their perfect weapon no longer can work like it used to.

And here's the ironic reality, behind the reality:

The Truth lies not far from the assaults!

The "Obama Conspiracy" is no theory.

A dastardly deed of conspiracy was effected.

Though not in the way they present it.

And not by the players hurled at us in their vicious psychological attacks.

The "Obama Conspiracy" was the brainchild of one person.

A person oh-so-close to the man who presents as "Barack Obama II".

Not Jo Ann Newman, the actual identity of "Barack Obama II's" mother.

Nor "Obama's" father, Malcolm X.


The "Obama Conspiracy" was brewed in the brain of "Uncle Fred" Newman.

Who, since the early 1960's, all these decades, worked madly to actualize his cherished vision of America: AMERICA, DEMOLISHED.

Destroyed from the inside out - just as Fred did, over and over, in his radical political activism.

Fred's winning m.o.? Infiltrate, take over, destroy.

Fred Newman not only had motive, he had great opportunity to create the "Obama Conspiracy". As a radical psychologist-therapist, radical playwright, and radical political activist working for the socialist overthrow of America, for decades Fred was 'on the ground', testing and de-bugging what would become the greatest scam in human political history - the creation, marketing, and Presidential Election of A Synthetic Identity!

A Synthetic Identity programmed to enact Fred's Socialist Revolutionary Vision.

At its inception, The "Obama Conspiracy" was principally a conspiracy of synthetic identities, contrived digital images, biographical lies, forged documents, altered records, and false family history, actualized by the man who presents as "Barack Hussein Obama II".

That is:

The original principal conspirators with"Uncle Fred"Newman and Bâri' M. Shabazz [a.k.a. "Barack Obama II"] are objects!

Objects that conspired to establish and support the synthetic identity "Barack Obama II".

Objects Fred Newman could 'trust'.

Now, Master Schemer "Uncle Fred" knew darn well, that his "Barack Obama II" synthetic identity wasn't foolproof.

He knew there was no actual birth record. No actual marriage document for the parents of "Barack Obama II". No actual divorce decree.

He knew that actual school records, actual family photos, an actual ssn application, actual passports, and other typical documentation could not be produced.

He knew that his "Barack Obama II" digital smoke and mirrors would carry him only so far. And that "RACIST" shout-outs would not do the trick forever.

If Fred Newman's Master Scheme were to endure scrutiny, he had to create an automatic, Reaganesque 'Star Wars' defense to infallibly shoot down anyone who spoke up.

And so, America, to protect and preserve Fred's "Barack Obama II" synthetic identity, the "Obama Conspiracy Theory" Psychological Assault Weapon was born!

History will attest: inventing and deploying OCTPAW was nothing short of Genius.

Evil Genius.

Evil Genius à la Fred Newman, Ph.D. - a.k.a. "Obama's" "Uncle Fred".

Now that you know what OCTPAW is, if you can stand it, here's a look inside.

A Prince Of Lies masterpiece, the "Obama Conspiracy Theory" Psychological Assault Weapon is multipronged; and psychologically lethal upon impact.

It's a weapon so dizzying, so masterful, so painfully and throughly destructive - and so impalpable - that when hit by it, we are drawn into a whirlwind vortex of confusion, pain and distress, then blown to bits.

A weapon so precision-crafted, it slays any and all advances toward Truth.

Multi-pronged with emotional, cognitive and spiritual barbs, it targets our deepest sense of positive self-regard, obliterating us - and thereby, our quest for Truth - upon impact.

Eight noxious, painful, humiliating psychological attack-modes simultaneously activate upon impact:

1. Ridiculing your intellect, your personality, your motive, your character, and your professional standing

2. Shaming you as a person and as a citizen; declaration of you as a weirdo; pronouncement of you as intrinsically BAD; identification of the innmerable 'people' who are LAUGHING AT YOU and the many more who WILL laugh at you, if you continue on in your questioning

3. Confusing you with megadose injections of crazy-making doubt - causing you to question both the validity of your information and the validity of your thinking

4. Distracting you, via cognitive-emotional overwhelm - from the topic at hand: TRUTH ABOUT "OBAMA". This attack element is critical to the success of the weapon. The assault is so powerful, so overwhelming, so concerted because it is orchestrated to destroy all of your faculties and senses simultaneously; coercing you, the target, to immediately shift into survival mode; hence you are drawn away from the subject - Truth about "Obama" - to instinctively focus upon stopping your deep, painful psychological wounding

5. Isolating you by declaring that you are ALONE in your position - except for the very few other 'lunatics' who agree with you. The isolating strategy imparts a warning: if you don't cease and desist in your questioning, everyone will think you're hopelessly cracked, a weirdo, crazy, fringe, a wacko, a nut-case, a right-wing extremist, a domestic terrorist, and oh, worst of all, an incurable 'birther' - one who repeatedly has been presented with the truth but stubbornly, without logic, refuses to accept it

6. Scolding you for having questions about the highest elected official in the land. [What are you, a moron - how could he have made it to the top if he were a fraud?!] How dare you question him?! How could you, the nobody that you are, question The Sitting President Of The United States?!!! Such blatant disrespect!!

7. Intimidating you with their FAR SUPERIOR intellectual power, moral position, and political power. And of course, legal and judicial power. You'd better quit right now, while you can. While we're nice enough to let you go, scot-free.

8. [When All Else Fails] THREATENING you with legal action.

America, if we intend to render ineffective their outrageous Attacks Against Truth, there's something fundamental we need to understand.

The "Obama Conspiracy Theory" Psychological Assault Weapon can't be deployed just anywhere.

It only functions in 'virtual' space. That is, on the internet.

It relies on the cyberworld's structure to do its dastardly deed.

With Fred-Newman-Style infiltration of public forums like blogs, chat rooms, discussion groups and newspaper comment areas.

With multiple phony 'identities' possible per attacker - to give the illusion of multiple attackers. And, to afford one attacker the opportunity to converse with himself, as if several people are chiming in, agreeing.

Visit most websites, and talk Truth about "Obama", and a swarm of attackers swoop down upon you. In rapid succession, a different 'person' swarms at you from a different direction, utilizing a different technique, to attack, destroy, and devour you.

In just a few minutes, there's nothing left of you - not even your feathers.

If you recover, and once again brave the multi-pronged, multi-'identity' attacks, back they come at you.

To ensure that you don't return, on and on they attack you, long after you depart, to warn you what will become of you should you dare return.

One particularly effective OCTPAW technique: the evil 'identities' converse with each other, raucously, endlessly mocking you!

Keep in mind that it is highly likely that only one person exists behind multiple attacker 'identities'.

As was Fred's hallmark, stealth is key. Keep in mind that OCTPAW can ONLY WORK when attackers remain invisible. The anonymity afforded to internet attackers provides them protective cover - from identification, and from prosecution.

If you're in doubt as to whether you've been hit by OCTPAW, check around at other websites. Compare the m.o. Compare the tone. Compare the language. The marks of this beast are clear. Detect them, and it is unlikely that an 'ordinary citizen' is the force you are up against.

Take heart, America! All this is soon to be swept in the toxic ash heap of "Obama" History.

The "Obama Conspiracy Theory" Psychological Assault Weapon will not hold us at bay for long!

We now know how it operates.

And we know their strategic secret:

The Obama Campaign War On Truth is successfully waged on one battleground only - the internet.

The 'flash mob' attacks of virtual voices do not emanate from the American People - though this is what they want us to believe.

The onslaught springs from a small number of "Obama" political operatives, working digitally - and invisibly, under fake identities - to continually psychologically assault Truth-seeking Americans.

Just as digital images - fake photos and fake documents - have been the means by which The Obama Campaign succeeded in defrauding the America Electorate, Digital Attacks have been the springboard of their continued Assault On Truth.

America, if you want to turn the evildoers on their heads, here's Step One.

Withdraw your quest for exposing "Obama" from the internet.

Instead, invest your energies in talking with others, in person. At dinner parties. Barbecues. Church gatherings. Go door-to-door, if it suits you.

Share your legitimate concerns the old-fashioned way - by in-person, rational, honest discussion with fellow Americans. Point to the evidence. And to "Obama's" lack thereof.

The first thing you'll notice is how quiet the discussion is.

The next thing you'll notice: these days, in the real world, there's not much resistance. Americans are finally getting that we've been 'had'.

And, in an unexpected way, so is the man who presents himself as "Barack Hussein Obama II".

Bâri' M. Shabazz must see that his narcissist "Uncle Fred" never gave a hoot about what would happen to him, once his cover was blown.

In his monstrous arrogance, and gargantuan callousness, Fred surely assured him that this day would never come.

Boy, was Fred mistaken.

And boy, was he gravely mistaken about something else.

With the activation of weapons, there's fallout.

They who activate weapons can get destroyed in the process.

For all the damage it's done to America, OCTPAW has materially damaged "Obama".

In four years of strikes against determined Truth-Seekers, the assaults have boomeranged their Database Of Deceit, dismantling - and laying bare - their "Obama Narrative" lies.

Exposed forever are the phony "Obama Family" digital images. The altered digital records. The multiple inconsistencies in what they presented as "Obama's" family history. Their heap of synthetic identity invention now lies limp and pathetic, the remains of someone despised.

Blessedly, through the rubble, the underpinning Truth has emerged.

- There is no authentic paper record of a "Barack Hussein Obama II" birth certificate. In Hawaii. Or in any other state.

- There is no authentic record - paper or otherwise - of a name change by Bâri' M. Shabazz - or any interim identity - to "Barack Hussein Obama II".

- There was no "Stanley Ann Dunham".

- There was no "Barack Hussein Obama II" born to "Stanley Ann" and Barack Sr.

America, it's not "Obama's" track record on the economy, or the prospect of an appealing Republican contender, that signals real trouble for The Obama 2012 Campaign.

That spells gloomy doom for the man who presents as "Barack Obama II".

The media, pundits, and campaign workers all have missed what's missing, this time around.


Fred is dead. Gone.

"Uncle Fred" Newman. The schemer, the dreamer, the diabolical mastermind.

The guy who for decades, all through the scam, 'had "Barack's" back'.

The guy who could always invent more evil, to defend and protect what he'd already put in place.

"Barack Obama II" knows: the scam has shattered. And Fred's not here to patch things back together.

These days, "Barack" is not just alone. He's not just lost.

These days, he's [appropriately] scared.

The Truth, Exposed For All To See, is far too terrible.

If you don't believe me, take a good long look at him. Thumb through the photos posted daily, online. Study his troubled face. His worried eyes. His chronically-grimaced mouth.

See what the photojournalists see.

Watch the reactions by Heads Of State. Watch The Secret Service - who seem to be watching him, far more than they watch the crowd.

Watch Michelle, when she thinks the camera's not watching.

I conclude with two questions.

If today at John Wayne Airport, Marine One touched down, and actor John Wayne were there, waiting, what would be his reaction to The Alias President, audaciously enroute to a re-election fundraiser?

Picture "Obama", eyeball to eyeball with The Duke.

Who would you place your bet on? The Duke? Or The Fraud?

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