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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Corruption in America is Killing Her…and Us


by Anonymous

(Feb. 6, 2012) — One can only suffer so much degradation at the hands of evildoers, that, backed into the proverbial corner, they lash back. I am now at that point. The evil my family has been dealing with through the corrupt court system, the watching of a beloved, yet helpless family member literally be snuffed from existence by the very guardians of her person for money, fighting on as every attempt to do the right thing the right way is thrown back at you with so much corruption and dishonesty, that you finally feel that perhaps the “right way” can no longer be the best way……….that is the crossroad at which I now stand.

Evil in America has been insidiously attacking every moral fiber of our society for a VERY long time. The perpetrators finally reached their pinnacle with the 2008 election. Everything they had crawled through the gutter to achieve was now within their grasp, and the roaches finally crawled from the woodwork to claim their prize, namely, the complete overthrow of America. They no longer have to hide. Their work is completed. Agenda 21, the UN Small Arms Treaty, the appointment of Muslim judges to major courts by the likes of would-be “conservative” heroes like Chris Christie. Oh, sure, there are still gems to be added to their crowning glory, but that is fast being carried out by all who now corrupt the halls of government.

The ABC agencies have spread their evil into the deepest strongholds, permeated our guarded secrets and turned them against America’s citizens. Criminals cross our borders with reckless abandon, and Christian followers are labeled “enemies and traitors.” Tax cheats hold our highest offices, and little people are forced from their jobs, their homes, from all that gives them dignity.

Is there actually anyone out there willing to tell me this can be reversed with a single corrupt election? The machines are rigged, the ability to stop foreign influence was destroyed when BO was allowed to accept funding from across the globe, much of it coming from our mortal enemies. Our allies, on the other hand, have suffered similar insults and assaults as those heaped upon this nation’s members. I stand by my email from the other night. The time has come. To shut one’s eyes after the Malihi fiasco is to just prolong the inevitable. Mexico has been allowed to sue a sovereign American State standing partner with our very own “government.” Our national sovereignty is slowly but surely being handed over to foreign entities……Libya, anyone?

From the get-go, those in D.C. KNEW the evil of BO and company. His work for Raila’s election after Raila signed an agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood. The turning off of EVERY security step on his machines so as to accept funds from many in the Middle East trying to “buy” the American Presidency. The refusal on the part of “his” AG to prosecute the New Black Panthers. Do I need to go on? You are the choir………those of us here already know all the sordid details. We have all watched, and prayed, as “R’s” tried to convince us they were NOT part of the evil……..RIIIIIIGHT, thank you, Crybaby Boehner.

What I think I find most disheartening is so many of those I consider “My Patriots” trying to decide which of the remaining “four” is the lesser evil. They are ALL “EVIL.” I have prayed that the work on the net by Patriots would spur IMMENSE support for Patriots like John Dummett, Tim Cox with goooh, and a handful of others who have tried to break the chains of “party hack” status and take back America as that which our Founding Fathers so desired, “citizen legislators.” Too many here just will NOT believe that we could once again have such a mighty show of force for someone not huddled under the mantle of a “D” or an “R.”

“If you run an outsider, BO is back in,” is the response. Are there REALLY that many who disbelieve after all we have done here in the last four years? “YES!” Mitt, Newt, Rick or Ron are none of them going to save America. IMHO, anyone who has worked here low these many months and does not understand that is doomed to watch musloids remove the last vestiges of Liberty from us. BO will once again pay for our Presidency with Middle Eastern money. Whoever wins the “R” backing will only be afforded his “turn” to run. I believe that person has already been chosen by the “R” elites, and it will be Mitt. But that matters little, because based on Malihi, BO WILL serve a second term…….for LIFE!

It is time for watering the Tree of Liberty. The price of that Liberty is eternal vigilance, and we let our guard down. Now the only way, I believe, to set things straight, is to start where our Founders started, and once again BEG GOD to give us the strength and courage to risk our lives, our fortunes, and our Sacred Honor. It’s a mighty price, but it sure beats the alternative.

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