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Monday, October 17, 2011


The Horse is Dead, so Stop Kicking It

by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Editor's Note: Re-posted with permission of The Post & Email.

"When in the course of human events..."

(Oct. 16, 2011) — So maybe the horse didn’t actually die that fateful January day in 2009, but that’s certainly the day when we took the mortal blow. We’ve been hearing the word “recovery” as if being concerned about how the suntan is somehow related to the femoral artery being severed. Now here it is, three years after the yet-to-be-vetted president took office, and we’re still doing nothing but blowing hot air at one another and expecting something to happen. Well, nothing’s going to happen without some sort of physical involvement, and that’s the bottom line.

One definition of a physical involvement would be to sail my cruiser up the Potomac but, alas, I can’t do that since they’ve sent her to the recycling bin years ago. Another example would be the recall election of every member of Congress who has failed to uphold his Oath of Office. The same goes for each and every judge who has had a hand in keeping the bum Obama in office. But a recall election would require at least a veneer of honesty, which isn’t likely when judges have ruled that we American citizens have “no standing” as to finding out whether any employee of the Federal Government is qualified to collect a government paycheck.

But the above examples of a physical response are more or less reactionary; even the Navy warship is an “idea’ of physical force. Concerns, complaints and obvious consensus of opinion that Obama is not qualified to hold the office of president through e-mails or actual letters sent to elected representatives have been an exercise in futility. Believe me, everyone within the Beltway has known Obama isn’t eligible to hold the office, but the gravy train has been too good to them all to upset the apple cart.

Quite amazing, entertaining and interesting to watch: the complete and utter takeover of a country by circumventing the very laws that make up the essence of the United States and her Constitution. And there is no way it couldn’t have happened without the express approval and participation of both political parties, law enforcement, the Joint Chief of Staff, the Federal Reserve Bank, and our not-to-be-trusted mainstream media.

Untold thousands of well-meaning but naive individuals, thousands of greedy individuals who sold out their country for thirty pieces of silver or for a couple of million (the amount is of no account; it’s the intent that is paramount), and thousands who turned traitor by actively taking a leading role in trashing our Constitution, as our worthless Attorney General did for failing to prosecute “his people” for voter intimidation, all deserve to be fined, undergo loss of pension, loss of liberty, or loss of life if they don’t succeed in destroying America. By crossing the line, they have declared themselves to be immune from previous restraints and are well aware of the consequences of not succeeding in turning over the United States to one governed by Islamic Law, called Sharia.

Voices echoing on deaf ears to millions about the need to be understanding and tolerant will result only in their throats being slit by a régime that worships death while we cherish life. There is no way for America to win her freedoms back unless it is done physically. The enemy will not give up without a fight, and we will not win our country back without one.

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