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Friday, May 13, 2011

Update: Even High School Students Declare Obama’s Birth Certificate a Forgery!


by Sharon Rondeau

Editor's Note: Reprinted with permission of The Post & Email.

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(May 12, 2011) —[Editor's Note: The report which forms the basis for this article contains profanity not normally utilized as source material by The Post & Email in keeping with our stated policies. However, due to the significance of the findings outlined in the report and the ramifications, The Post & Email deemed it acceptable in this case.]

The San Diego Reader is reporting that several students attending a school named High Tech High has declared the long-form birth certificate image released by the White House on April 27 “a Photoshop job, and not even a particularly careful one.”

The school which the students attended had been expecting Obama to speak at its commencement, according to the report. After analyzing the image, however, the chairperson of the commencement event stated, “now we have to disinvite America’s first black president and maybe get him kicked out of office, too.” The student then suggested that Donald Trump “fill in.” The chairperson’s position result from what he described as “Our commitment to ethics really sets us apart at High Tech High.”

The students who declared Obama’s document a forgery likened the situation to that of former CBS anchor Dan Rather during the 2004 presidential election campaign, when “the fallout was enough to take down Rather, and the whole mess probably helped Bush win in ’04.” Forged documents were at the heart of the “Killian controversy” which ended Rather’s 43-year career at CBS.

One of the technical students stated that after confirming the image a forgery, they “did a little followup work” and found a child born in “the same hospital” on with a death certificate dated August 5, 1961. As the student described it, the date of birth of the child, Herbert Harrison O’Brien, was given as August 4, 1961 on the death certificate, but there was no birth certificate bearing his name. Obama’s purported birth date at Kapiolani Medical Center was August 4, 1961.

There has been speculation that the birth certificate of a deceased person was used to manufacture any documentation Obama might produce.

One television station’s website has already removed its coverage of the release of Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate.

According to Obama, he always had a copy, or the original, of his birth certificate, but he refused to release it to the public until April 27, 2011. In June 2008, an image appeared at The Daily KOS purported to be Obama’s “birth certificate,” but the April release proved that the earlier image had been a short-form “Certification” which did not contain all the details of the birth such as the name of the hospital, the doctor who delivered him, the height, weight, and official registrar’s stamp.

Other websites such as and Politifact insisted that the 2008 short-form image was Obama’s official Hawaii birth certificate even though a completed request form from Obama was never located. Politifact published the “long-form” which the White House put out on April 27, as did The Daily KOS, stating that Obama’s release of it to the public was “nothing short of brilliant.”

Politifact has periodically insisted that the controversy about Obama’s birth in Hawaii is over while continuing to post updates on the ongoing questions. The website was a Pulitzer prize winner in 2009. The writer of the Politifact articles, Amy Hollyfield, has been identified by Dr. Ron Polland as an operative working to disseminate the Obama 2008 Certification of Live Birth to The Daily KOS, Politifact, and the Obama campaign to be passed off as an authentic document.

Is Amy Hollyfield guilty of manufacturing, distributing or misrepresenting a forged document to the American people with the intent to defraud and deceive? And what about her employer, the St. Petersburg Times?

What will these organizations say now that it appears that the birth certificate of a child born on August 4, 1961 at Kapiolani Medical Center was used to create a birth record for Obama to attempt to prove that he was born in the United States so that he could continue his ruse of eligibility to occupy the White House? Are they guilty of forgery themselves? Did they invent the narrative which accompanied their reports to the public which insisted that Obama had been “Born in the U.S.A.?”

What did they know, and when did they know it?

Was there a conspiracy among the media, the Hawaii Department of Health, Hawaii elected officials, Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the lower courts to propel an ineligible, foreign-born domestic enemy into the office of president? Why did it happen? Was it intended to erode America’s sovereignty and standing in the world through foreign influence? Was it to carry out the plans of the New World Order to create a one-world government, aided by a foreigner with no allegiance to the United States?

If Obama has lied in order to ascend to the presidency illegitimately, what will happen now? Will all of the executive orders, bills he has signed, and appointments he has made be declared null and void?

What about Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, who will be returning to his home and family on Saturday, May 14, after spending five months in Ft. Leavenworth for refusing to obey orders because he questioned Obama’s legitimacy? What if Lakin was right?

Does the U.S. Congress have the same “commitment to ethics” which characterizes the students at High Tech High? When will the hearings begin? When will Obama and all of his criminal conspirators face justice for what they have done to the American people?

On January 12, 2010, Mr. John Charlton, The Post & Email’s founder, predicted that an Orange Revolution would “break out in the United States by July 2011 seeking the ousting of Barack Hussein Obama from power and sweeping his Democrat supporters in the federal government into prison.”

What did Mr. Charlton know, and how did he know it?


Update, May 13, 2011: From reader Neil Turner:

RE: High Tech High of San Diego discovers that Obama is a fraud.

This is the High School that wanted to interview those ‘racist Minutemen’ several years ago; I met two ‘reporter-esses’ at Bobby’s Restaurant for an interview to inform them that was not what we were about – it was about upholding the laws and the sovereignty of our Nation. If I remember correctly, they were a very liberal institution, but their report was as fair and balanced as one could expect from the brainwashed liberals among us.

What poetic justice it would be if they do make a major contribution to exposing the Fraud of the Centuries, AND subsequently disinvite the usurper as their commencement speaker in June, 2011 (to be replaced by Donald Trump!?!?).

It would deprive us of a great opportunity for a major sign-waving IMPEACH the IMPOSTER protest, but if it speeds up the removal of the Illegal Alien from our White House, then so be it.

Poetic justice indeed.


The website for High Tech High School in San Diego is here.

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