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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Obama’s Clown Show Continues


by Greg Easley, ©2011

Editor's Note: Reprinted with permission of The Post & Email.

Is Obama carrying on a side show rather than revealing his history?

(May 7, 2011) — “Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is.” 1st Corinthians 3:13

After calling Donald Trump a “carnival barker” for having the courage to bring Obama’s eligibility front and center, Obama proceeds to unleash his own combination of medicine show and circus act filled with his re-treaded menagerie of goofy clowns on the American people with all the infantile bluster and magical idiocy of a brain dead mystical Merlin on a self induced Cheech and Chong crack binge.

The news is so full of contradictory sleight of hand ups and downs that I seriously doubt anyone can make heads or tails out of anything we have witnessed the past 10 days. Lies, forgeries, mistakes, disinformation abound across the pages of every media available. Videos and news flashes that proclaim Obama and his clucks as heroes, idiots or liars all day long! I don’t know whether to throw up, yell yippee or move to another country. These people in DC are obviously lost in a cloud of something I never tried and so desperate that they just can’t grasp one ounce of reality for even a moment. Meanwhile our semi-earnest GOP led Congress and minority Senate look like shell shocked combat veterans a half hour after the Battle of The Bulge was over! At the very least those heroic vets knew what was happening and refused to surrender to the enemy. By the way, is Obama going to give up his Peace Prize after becoming a covert killer? Just wondering.

Is there any sanity left in Washington! Where is the leadership! Do we have to rely on Trump to call a “spade a spade”? Where’s Boehner, Cantor and McConnell? What are they waiting for, the “Gang Of Six” led by Chambliss, Crapo and Coburn to knife us in the back with a hidden tax trigger? Are we waiting for the GOP to cave on the Debt Ceiling hike that every economist and stock market analyst with a brain knows DOES NOT and SHOULD NOT be raised ever again. Are we waiting for someone to figure out that Paul Ryan’s courageous plan to solve the debt crisis does not go far enough while the communist led Democrats hold the GOP for ransom with threats of racism or killing grannies all across the nation? What is wrong with these people? Has the Council On Foreign Relations threatened to kill them all if they act against the utter destruction of Our Nation?

Obama lied about his Birth, can’t seem to get his facts straight on “his” killing of the “already dead Bin Laden”, invites former President Bush to join him in NY to collect his coup while insulting the real Geronimo and all his descendants. Fortunately Bush declined to be used by Obama and his clan of clucks. Obama deserves no credit for anything worthy since the day he was born, whenever that was. All Obama has done, with Bernanke and Geithner covering, is accelerate America’s economic demise while spending like a madman untold millions of dollars traveling around the world with his medicine show. The question I have for Obama is: Are you still against water boarding and Gitmo? Pathetic! Osama was already Dead and it is all a Lie (7 part video series).

Wake up America! We are being conned by committed lunatics who can’t even look you in the face and pledge; “I will save The United States or die trying”. No – they want Us dead broke, dead silent, and just plain dead. This most recent clown act is real and deliberate, launched to cloud and re-cloud every valid issue and marginalize anyone that would stand up to expose them. While this latest performance has been pathetically orchestrated by incompetents in a reactive set of blunders to keep the average American confused and to cover up each preceding step along the way, it is even more dangerous than a plan where anyone could actually follow the logic, the steps and the conclusion.

This nauseating display of witchery is bleeding us dry and the GOP seems paralyzed to stop it. Obama just called for a mileage tax, another diversion from the “Gang of Six’s” tax trigger and away from the incontestable fact that Obama is illegal and has no debt plan of his own, except to raise our taxes every way he can in order to pay for his unlimited debit card financed by the Federal Reserve Bank with your depleted fiat dollars and stolen Social Security funds. Record food prices, $7 dollar gas by Christmas, 40% loss of your home values, a crippled 401k by winter, no jobs to pay the rent and no way to make up for the losses in your lifetime. That’s his pledge to America – “Change We Will Bleed You With”!

It is not our fault that our government is broke.

Obama and his highwaymen want us to “give something back” like we are all rich. Only 50% of us pay any income tax while the rest pay nothing or live off our labor for free. I already gave them 35% of my 401k and 30% of my home equity. I give them 10% of my earned and retirement income every year, not with income taxes, but from inflation alone. Now he wants more from us and will take it one way or another – more taxes, more QE and endless wasteful spending.

I have an idea to save America. Why doesn’t Boehner and McConnell set up a meeting with the “Anointed One” and offer him two choices:

His resignation, along with all those complicit commies in DC who covered up his Treason.
These two stellar Republicans will go to their bunkers for safety and expose the whole sham.

Or how about this idea. Instead of forcing us to “pay our fair share” of the debt our government incurred on its own, we seize all the assets of the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and George Soros and pay off our debt and refund the money stolen from our Social Security “accounts”. Sounds like a more righteous solution than what Obama has planned for us. He did it for his Union thugs by giving them a share of GM; he can do the same for us. I want my share of Goldman Sachs and I want my share of George Soros vampired fortune after he is arrested for treason and sedition.

Where is the Tea Party while all this is going on? Why aren’t Americans calling for Obama’s resignation? Where is that Presidential candidate with enough clarity and courage to stop America from being bleed to death by Dr. Omega-commie and his Alpha Cling-on female road gang? What are the States and their governors going to do about any of this? Where is the retired American Army General with enough fire left in his belly to demand that the Council On Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve be shut down and exiled into oblivion. Where is the rest of America’s Donald Trumps? We’ve seen a few courageous conservative women step forward – where are the men?

Its time for a political pole shift, hard right to starboard to get their attention. Time for Americans to demand satisfaction by slapping these silly doofs across the face with the Constitution and exposing them publicly for what they are on the field of honor, which happens to be our homeland. Bullies and cowards who ghost their way throughout the night with nothing but wickedness on their minds and evil in their hearts. America was not made for this. America is a dream for all who will honor and share her promise, not a nightmare for all who would seek to destroy her! What will you do for America today? What will you do when America is no more?

We need to wake up. Canada said NO on Monday to the Liberal takeover of their nation and for good reason. They are horrified at what has happened to us. Their debt is no where near as bad as ours and their housing market did not crash when ours did. They voted NO to a Federal Reserve style bank 50 years ago and they basically voted NO to Obama’s death star, the North American Unionization of Canada and to the new currency that you will see if we lose this battle.

To defeat this tyranny of betrayal that bears down on us with poison and death, We must reclaim the vision passed to us by our Founding Fathers. We must join together, all of us, to save our nation from the poison that attacks our children, our elderly, our veterans, the poison that attacks our history, the poison that attacks our decency. We must put aside our petty differences and our belief in entitlements. We must join together, all of us, to save our nation from the death of our heritages, our traditions, our laws, our dreams, our liberties and our Republican government.

We must join together, all of us, as Americans and unite with Conservative members in Congress and from across the land whose honor is still evident and again demand an alliance of salvation for our nation. We must do this in haste and in earnest or We will all perish. We must stand our posts and demand, “loyalty be present” amongst us, from all with the courage and the soul to join us. Again I ask, what will you do for America today! This is my America . . . the one my father fought for. He died before Obama took office, and I am thankful he did not have to witness the sins of this man who would be king, the man that despises everything we are!

“The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And there is one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission.” John F. Kennedy


Greg Easley is a professional Information Technology Analyst and a devout political conservative concerned about the destiny of The United States of America and the free world. He is a member of the Tea Party and publisher of his own web site The 4th Awakening. The site features his own commentaries and important political news items posted daily. Greg lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Please join him at:

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