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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Obama Supporter Unknowingly Confirms BC Forgery


by Miki Booth

Editor's Note: Reprinted with permission of the Post & Email.

Image released by the White House on April 27, 2011 purported to be a copy of Obama's long-form birth certificate

(Apr. 27, 2011, Tulsa, OK) —The putative president and his enablers have really gone over the line today, Wednesday April, 27, 2011. It just goes to show there is a culture of fear and desperation in the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. First off today, World Net Daily published a scathing expose of Hawai’i Dept. of Health and their “helter-skelter” handling of requests for long form birth certificates. They have been doing incredible documentary acrobatics changing policy and procedure to fit Obama’s claims. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Oklahoma votes today on SB 91 the presidential certification bill which is expected to pass by a large margin and signed into law by Gov. Mary Fallin. The bill will then automatically become law within 5 days.

The Obama Public Relations machine decided today was the crucial day to release the recently cooked up Certificate of Live Birth betting its unveiling will influence enough members of the Oklahoma House to have second thoughts about the necessity of such a bill.

The scramble was on when minions tasked to look for negative reporting on the internet discovered the WND story by Bob Unruh. More scrambling. Call the players to the war room, things are unraveling. But Trump has moved on. He’s not even talking about the birth certificate anymore, he’s bringing up the school records. What does he know about Occidental? Does he know about Columbia too? Has he talked to tea party leaders about all the violations of the Constitution? With the release today of the newly “cooked” copy of his birth record Obama has brought the wrath of every red-blooded American down on his head. His father was a British subject therefore Obama is not an Article II, Section I constitutionally eligible “natural born citizen.” He has illegally taken our government and surrounded himself with enemies of the Constitution and those cronies decided today was the day to release this particular red herring.

Why now? Why not last year when he could have kept an 18-year decorated Army flight surgeon from going to federal prison for asking to see the document that Obama now flaunts with seeming impunity. Terry Lakin is nearing completion of a 6-month prison term, leaving Leavenworth stripped of his 18-year career, dismissed from the Army and loss of all benefits. The most disgusting aspect of this travesty is the heartless punishment of putting him in prison three days before Christmas, away from his wife and three children. A clear message to anyone that would challenge Obama’s legitimacy.

The unraveling has begun. Today there are big changes in the Intelligence community. New players and musical chairs in the CIA. Create clutter, create confusion, backlog inquiries, and shake everything up to avoid evidence getting shook out.

Bernanke and Geithner are suspect financial manipulators who have done nothing but damage to the U.S. financial system and jealously guard what is actually in the Federal Reserve. Like Obama and his cronies they are unaccountable to the American people. Something big is coming down.

The birth certificate Obama is flaunting is an obvious fake to any of the millions of people who are on to the treacherous actions of Obama’s push to socialism.

It is indeed convenient that Dr. David A. Sinclair, who coincidentally was my OB/GYN who delivered my son, Alan, has passed therefore he cannot attest to the fact of obama’s birth. The forgery looks good on the surface but is fraught with problems. It appears to be manufactured using the Nordyke twin’s samples and they cannot get away with the higher chronological number belying an alleged earlier birth.

Coincidentally, my husband, Fred, was delivered in Kapiolani by the same doctor that delivered the Nordyke twins. It might have been too much fudging to claim the Nordyke’s doctor on the certificate revealed today but it doesn’t really matter since neither doctor delivered Obama according to supporter Barbara Nelson, Obama’s English teacher at Punahou High School and perhaps “the only person left who specifically remembers his birth.”

Nelson stated for The Buffalo News on Tuesday, February 17, 2009, “I may be the only person left who specifically remembers his birth. His parents are gone, his grandmother is gone, the obstetrician who delivered him is gone,” said Nelson, referring to Dr. Rodney T. West, who died in February at the age of 98. Here’s the story: Nelson was having dinner at the Outrigger Canoe Club on Waikiki Beach with Dr. West, the father of her college friend, Jo-Anne. Making conversation, Nelson turned to Dr. West and said: “‘So, tell me something interesting that happened this week,’” she recalls.

His response: “Well, today, Stanley had a baby. Now that’s something to write home about.”

The new mother was Stanley (later referred to by her middle name of Ann) Dunham, and the baby was Barack Hussein Obama.

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