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Friday, July 9, 2010


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  1. Interesting information - seems completely vetted and checked to me...why oh why does our USA media not want to reveal this information and let it speak for itself? If it is true that our present President is not a male person born on US soil..then where does that leave us as a people, publicly known information or not? It appears to me: It leaves us as willing to lie and willing to go about lying, and willing to accept lies, deceit, falsehoods and not getting to bottom of the matter-once and for all..shoving our head in the sand because what? that possibly someone will be offended that some folks want to see the proof...we, the official citizens of the USA, all should be able to see the proof of what the president of these United States of America has to say about this on-going debate. Let's see his he hoping to get so entrenched in the Presidency that no one would want to see him vacate the office of the Presidency, when, whatever the truth is, comes to the light of day? He's been asked and asked and refuses to provide what is essentially the truth of the your birth certificate: the one that'll show where you were born. Your own grandmother & family & Kenyan Officals & ordinary people from Kenya say publicly everyday that you were born there, Kenya! Just show the proof and it's over-one way or another...Many citizens of this fine country, the USA, are waiting for a simple piece of paper and interview w/Mr. Obama's family and the officials that are stating he, indeed, was born in Kenya ... TRUTH .. most of us want the TRUTH to rule the day and our lives...
    It is so much easier to work with TRUTH ... then you don't have to remember the lies and TRY to remember who you told the truth or lie to...Mr. President - please set us straight w/the documents we are asking to see-why would your own grandmother, your brothers and sisters say you were born in Kenya, if you weren't?