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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Bizarre 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals
from The Betrayal by David-Crockett

Lame Cherry published

Attorney Mario Apuzzo has been progressing a case based upon the British Nationality Act of 1948 which confirms that B. Hussein Obama is a British subject, and invalidated from being a President of these United States, as the utmost safeguard to America is that only a natural born Citizen may serve in the one office which controls the military of the United States, which can be unleashed on Citizens.

Mr. Appuzo’s case was rejected by a lower court and in appeal to the 3rd US Circuit Court, three judges there dismissed the case as “frivolous”.

In a quote from WND, these three judges in Dolores Sloviter, Maryanne Trump Barry and Thomas Hardiman, came up with thee most bizarre of reasons. (I’m surprised they didn’t cite the Commerce Clause as that is what these treacherous purveyors of usurpation hide behind in everything legal.)

They added that plaintiffs’ injuries are not ‘concrete and particularized’ because they are ‘harms that are suffered by many or all of the American people.’”

Let the above be put into literal historical layman’s terms. These three treacherites, stated that the Nuremberg Trials should not have taken place as Jews had no standing, because the harms of the Nazi regime were suffered by many nationalities and all the Jewish people.
If that is too, Souter, Sotomayor, Ginsburg, Breyer and Kagan international law, let the 3rd’s treachery reach into America.

In that, these treacherites have stated that all the money which amounts to billions in real dollars which the US Government, and Obama just afforded to Hawaiians, that Indians have been awarded in reservations, moneys and payments for the Black Hills, which was not the Sioux’s land in the first place, are null and void, as all Indians have suffered the same harms.
The 3rd’s ruling ends the reservation system, as it was create by the same Obama executive and same Obama legislative.

Taking this a literal step further, these treacherites of Obama, have stated all the money confiscated from cigarette companies was illegal, because too many people suffered from cigarette ailments, and in a current proposition, Barack Hussein Obama extorting 20 billion dollars from British Petroleum had no right, as Obama in tarballing the entire GOP Gulf States spread the slick around too much, as every American there is suffering from the same thing.

To put it mildly, Dolores Sloviter, Maryanne Trump Barry and Thomas Hardiman are idiots of the Obama idiotry.

Can you imagine what Patrick Henry would say in hearing these three treacherites state that it is frivolous to defend the Constitution when the entire Obama thugocracy and seated Obamites are shredding the Constitution and refuse with these three accomplices on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal to follow the Constitution in making Mr. Obama produce a valid birth certificate proving he is natural born in Hawaii or any other American State, by of legal age American parent or parents?

These three judges are not judges in the least, but outlaws.

What injuries in fact would these judges deem suitable? Mark Levin suffering from high blood pressure and coughing a lung up daily, because Obama is in the process of ruining Mr. Levin’s ability to make a living in silencing him?

Does it need to be physical harm or can it be mental anguish?

Just what are the parameters of these judges rules? Is Obama having US Soldiers murdered in Afghanistan in his traitorous rules of engagement allowing them to be shot by terrorists anguish enough or are too many Soldiers dying so that is not valid, any more than now all Americans are endangered by Obama’s Faisal Fizzlers.
Does it have to be one person, three people, what is the cut off point of injury that gives one standing?
Does it only apply to black people while white people are threatened by Obama predators from voting?
Does Rod Blagojevich and his family qualify in the personal issue of Mr. Obama initiating the crime Mr. Blagojevich is on trial for, or is it as that fraud judge ruled in nothing about Obama can appear in court as Mr. Blagojevich has no right to a fair trial in America while Obama rules as tyrant and the courts is ruling as despots.

The Obama courts are insane as he is. If it is Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, he is the criminal for being just one man. When it is Mario Apuzzo, well then Mr. Apuzzo is too many people, so the court makes him a criminal in threatening court costs.

Why is it that in all the court filings Mr. Obama is making with Mr. Holder against Americans, that the courts never threaten in dismissing Obama and Holder’s cases them personally to pay for their “frivolous” cases against Arizona or the working people of the GOP Gulf Coast?

Amazing isn’t it eh, when the tyrant in thief is in charge, and the entire body politic of whores is doing Obama’s bidding in the brothel he has made of the virgin bride of America’s sacred Constitutional bed, that everything like Obama is like O.J. Simpson, until the tides of time changed and God’s Justice was found in Nevada Courts.

Mr. Obama has initiated a revolution in America by assaulting her, bankrupting her and changing the courts of justice to kangaroo courts where Holder holds mock trials in justice not done. Revolution is a two way street as the British taskmasters found out after brutalizing Americans with whip and the hangman’s noose.
Today’s Americans made criminals by Obama mandates and courts, will tomorrow be the hearings dispensing American Justice not only on the regime, but the Vichy which betrayed a nation and collaborated with a usurper.

The United States Courts are fraud. They are Fitzgerald puppets of the regime and hide high crimes against America in “standing” and “commerce”.

Some note that America is in a monetary situation mirroring the Great Depression exactly. No one has noted that America is in a judicial situation mirroring 1775 with Americans criminalized by the tyrant’s courts.

It is now frivolous to defend the Constitution and uphold American Law, and when an entire American People suffers under tyranny, well they have no right to Declare Independence from that tyranny as far too many people are being harmed.

When the courts are no longer just, the courts are just legalized criminals in robes.
~Lame Cherry

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