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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Obama and Friends Are Giving the USA Away, Piece by Piece
from The Betrayal by David-Crockett


By Jerry McConnell

So now we see how Obama and Calderon are going to carry out their deal to give all or a great part of the United States to Mexico. The actions of Obama’s forces in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service now claim that the land along the Arizona border with Mexico was closed in October 2006.

That’s news to me; I wonder why it took nearly FOUR years for it to get published for public consumption? That was what reported online on June 16, 2010, only four months shy of four years since the government says it was officially closed. And to make it more ironic, they refer to the area as “Parkland”; can you believe it?

If they have officially closed this 3,500 acre area of prime land covering some 80 miles along the border, including parts of a national wildlife refuge, due to, as they say “human safety concerns,” why are we only hearing about it now? Or is this the preliminary statements to eventually pin the blame on the Bush Administration as Obama does with everything that goes wrong?

Get over it, Barry, at some point you are going to have to admit that you are and have been a total failure for the American people. I also realize that you are most likely being praised by your real leaders, those New World’ers who have financed your entire adult life and made you their figure-head for their plans to totally ruin the infrastructure and finances of this country for a bloodless coup takeover.

But I firmly believe that you and your leaders will not get away with it. Somehow, the true American spirit will surge forth and stop all the takeovers and depose you and expose those shadows behind you.

It is ironic that just days after your meetings with Calderon and his insulting to United States citizens rhetoric and lies that he spewed to a fawning and traitorous Congress who actually gave him a standing ovation when they should have thrown him and you out on your backsides, we get this notice that the border area is closed.

Again: If it was closed in 2006, why are we just hearing about it now?

What is the next bit of news from the southwest corner of what was just recently the United States? Will they give up the corridors the illegal aliens use to break our laws crossing into this country to rob, destroy, pillage, injure and yes, even MURDER American citizens?

The Mexicans have this program to reclaim most, if not all, of the entire southwest up to and including California. It is called “reconquista”. I’m not Spanish qualified, but to me it sounds like “re-conquer”. And it also sounds like it is a warlike action, so I guess we should be prepared for actual warfare in the southwest as the Mexicans are on the march northward.

We had better not look for any assistance from our federal government; the Obama-droids are willing to just shut down bits and pieces of our country so the Mexicans can move in and claim it without interference from us. This my fellow LOYAL countrymen and women is outright collusion with the enemy and treasonous, punishable by death.

If our government is planning to cede bits and pieces of our land to Mexico in accordance with any off-the-cuff, stealth treaties between Obama and Calderone without the full concurrence of the American people, it will result in war. Probably undeclared, but I don’t think we the people will allow it.

And you will notice that I didn’t say without the full concurrence of our Congress because those traitorous liberals who are complicit in any scheme that the Obama cabal of treachery and treason puts forth. This group of “pretend” Americans are in the employ of George Soros and his Bildeberg group of world supremacists. Obama is their local contact person who is doing his utmost to destroy and decimate the United States of America.

If you don’t believe that, just watch the money pour out to all these back-stabbing traitors that eagerly help Obama to destroy the United States, piece by piece and trillion by trillion of our tax dollars along with huge donations from the One World’ers and our corrupt unions. And if our oh-so-gullible voters who insist that Obama is still doing a good job despite the negative results we see each day, get some of those payola dollars, we will see the end of the USA.

Mark my words.

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