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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Revisiting Obama’s Selective Service Registration… Got Deferment!? - Thanks Charles
from The Betrayal by David-Crockett

Birther report

Obama Lying like he always doesby JeanWTPUSA - This article appeared in the Post & Email awhile ago. It pertains to Obama’s mulitiple records of Selective Service registration.
The Selective Service Registration records indicate that Obama received a 1H Classification. Class 1-H means “Registrant is Not Subject to Processing for Induction.”
Typically, registrants are given a 1-A Classification, which mean “Available for unrestricted military”
If Obama received ANY other type of classification other than 1-A, he would have had to applied for it, which means that there is an additional file on him.
If you read about the Selective Service Classifications at this link:
you will see that when someone registers for the Selective Service, in order to get a Classification that is NOT 1-A, the person registering has to request it.
And, that evidence is kept in a separate file.
I really didn’t understand the Selective Service Classifications until I performed some research.

During my research, I came across this “obscure” thread regarding Karl Rove. The thread appeared under a post titled Karl Rove’s special Draft Classification.

The thread, pertaining to Karl Rove’s Classification, indicates that Class 1H NEVER gets drafted. I have yet to find an explanation why. But, essentially, this Classification is a “get out of war free card.”
Again, it is my understanding that in order for Obama to be given this type of classification, he MUST have provided evidence as to WHY he felt that he qualified for a 1H Classification.
Could it be because he said he was MUSLIM? Did the Military make special exceptions for MUSLIMS at that time or was it because he was NOT A US CITIZEN?
Here’s some info about MUSLIMS and the Selective Service. I’m not sure if this pertains to Obama, but it is quite interesting.
In any case, according to the law, Obama was required to register for the Selective Service and he had to present Identification, which he DID NOT. You will see from the form that the “No ID” box is check marked.
Therefore, Obama DID NOT comply with the law, which is as follows:
Proclamation 4771–Registration Under the Military Selective Service Act

Source: The provisions of Proclamation 4771 of July 2, 1980, appear at 45 FR 45247, 3 CFR, 1980 Comp., p. 82, unless otherwise noted.

1-3. Manner of Registration.

1-301. Persons who are required to be registered shall comply with the registration procedures and other rules and regulations prescribed by the Director of Selective Service.

1-302. When reporting for registration each person shall present for inspection reasonable evidence of his identity. After registration, each person shall keep the Selective Service System informed of his current address.

Obama’s lack of ID, as indicated on the Selective Service Registration Form makes me wonder what type of ID Obama had at the time he actually registered for the Selective Service. Did he have a driver’s license? If he did, what documentation, e.g. birth certificate, social security card, etc., did he present to get his Driver’s license? I know my DMV marks down what type of Identification I bring in to verify my identity. Could the DMV be another avenue to obtain information on Obama?
I don’t know whether or not the Selective Service Registration Form is a Forgery. It appears that Obama
registered the date/month/year he was suppose to register. The SS Proclamation outlines the requirements for males born in 1960 and 1961 and it appears that Obama did comply.
However, Obama DID NOT comply with “each person SHALL present for inspection reasonable evidence of his identity.” SHALL means MUST!

Could Obama’s non-compliance make him INELIGIBLE to hold public office (see If this is the case, then the birth certificate and/or dual citizenship may not even matter. Obama would have NEVER been eligible to hold ANY public office.

So the real question is, DID Obama WILLFULLY withhold documentation that would verify his identity?

Whatever the case, the Selective Service MUST have additional written documentation on Obama in a special Selective Service file pertaining to his 1H Classification. Therefore, is it worth a visit to the Local Selective Service Board in Hawaii, or could these files be obtained through an FOIA request?

I just have a “nagging gut feeling” that there is something more to this and no one has bothered to investigate. Looking into it just might yield some valuable information.

For more on Obama’s Selective Service registration, view Debbie Schlussel’s investigative report on this titled; - Did Next Commander-in-Chief Falsify Selective Service Registration? Never Actually Register? Obama’s Draft Registration Raises Serious Questions, HERE.

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