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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It is now a fact that Obama is not a “natural born Citizen” - By Dan Smith
from The Betrayal by David-Crockett

Dan Smith wrote the following excellent comment on this site

It is now a fact that Obama is not a “natural born Citizen”. Obama admits he was born a British subject of Kenya, which makes him “ineligible” to be President under Article II, section 1, clause 5. Obama father was never a u.s. citizen. In fact, Obama’s allegiance by law is to the British Empire forever.

Then Dan Smiththe fact he became a Indonesian citizen when he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro. Obama is the phony in chief. Why else would the other Military “cases” be dis-missed due to “change” of orders. It was to avoid “DISCOVERY”.

No one in the Military has been guilty of anything since Obama took Office. All “order’s” by the Military are subject to Chain-of-Command. In this case, it is Colonel Roberts who issued unlawful commands, and will be most likely be charged with conspiracy and treason for aiding a “usurper”. These are very interesting statutes cited at 8 USC 1481. (Indonesia) ALSO: MISPRISION OF TREASON 2383 to 2386—-000-.html ANOTHER IS: MISPRISION OF FELONY FYI: 18 U.S.C. 4 imposes a legal obligation to report all Federal Felonies to an officer in the Judicial, Civil or Military authorities of the United States (Federal Government): (Failure to do so is another Federal Felony!) I did not make these Laws up, Congress did. There are many more that apply.

Nowhere in Our Constitution allows anyone except a “natural born Citizen” to be President. The 14 th Amendment only addresses qualifications for Congressmen and Senators, NOT PRESIDENT. The 14 th Amendment also only addresses “citizens” (small cap c), wheras the Articles address Citizens with a (Capital C) as there were two classes of citizens at that time.

Big Difference. If “one” studies Our Constitution you would know. The 14 th Amendment only allows for any child born on u.s. soil to be a (native) “citizen”, which is only a “citizen”, unless the child is born to two “natural” (biological) Parents who are u.s. citizens at the time of the childs birth. see 1101 natural parent. If the “simple” meaning of “all persons born on u.s. soil” as stated in the 14 th Amendment is a “citizen”, then that would allow for “any” child born here to be President, even if Fidel Castro had a girlfriend who he impreganated and sent to the u.s. to have the child born here. He could claim that child as being a Cuban citizen, who would be under Castro’s Allegiance and dual- citizenship. The sooner Our Citizens realize that Obama is a puppet of a NWO the faster we can put him in jail as a common crimminal who presented false identification. No Impeachment needed as he never met the qualification clause to begin with.

The real “criminals” are those that conspired with him and failed to meet their solemn Oath to protect Our Constitution. This is no joke my friends, regardless if you support Obama or Not, he is not Constitutionally “eligible” to be President who works for We the People. If you really enjoy the future “taxes” then so be it. I don’t have any kids to worry about, but I do worry about others whose Parents are too busy “working” to pay for all this crap of free healthcare, and bogus cap & trade. Ooops, I left out illegal Aliens. My mistake. Let me remind you that under “International Laws” , Obama can be subject to any Laws provided by the British, Kenya, and Indonesia Countries whether Obama denounced them or not. British Law states that any British subject (now citizen) is their “citizen” forever….regardless of any other Law. The United States has no power to take away another Country’s right’s to their citizens.

IF England passed a Law that any of their “citizens” (which includes Obama) were to be drafted into their Military to fight in a War, then Obama would have to go, regardless if he was our President or not. You might laugh at this, but its true under International Law which We adhere to. Think about, then decide who Obama really is! If any of You have Legal verified proof that Obama is a “natural born Citizen” under Article II, section 1, clause 5, I will help You collect over $25 Million Dollars in Rewards being offered by several individuals in the United States (and Abroad) for a small commision. Colonel Gordon R. Roberts, Colonel Peter M. MeHughs will most likely be charged with unlawful orders under their “usurper” Commander-in-Chief Obama, who has failed to present “any” Legal verifiable evidence of even being a u.s. citizen other than a “forged” COLB (certifiication of live birth) which allows “foreign” citizens.under Hawaii State Statutes, not Federal. (Since when does a single Sovereign State of 1959 rule over the other States and Federal???)

In my opinion, LTC Lakin will prevail, unless dooped by corrupt Judges who will be charged accordingly, and later on…… The American People will eventually realize who Obama really is, and his conspiritors. This is only just starting.

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