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Friday, January 21, 2011

Who is Obama’s Father?
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by Heidi Gates

Is the paternity of Barack Hussein Obama the key to his downfall?

(Jan. 24, 2011) — As heavily invested as some people are in the myth of Obama’s nativity, there is one thing that they absolutely cannot deny, and that is that “Barack Hussein Obama II” looks absolutely nothing like Barack Hussein Obama, Senior. There is not even a hint of a family resemblance between them. That alone should convince skeptics that something is seriously awry with the myths Obama and his sycophants want us to buy into.

Instead, “Barack Obama” looks like no one so much as Malcolm Little, a/k/a El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, a/k/a Malcolm X. People have been pointing this out for years, and it continues to be repeated because the truth of it is so obvious to anyone who simply looks at the pictures. They share the same eyes, the same chin, the same high forehead, and so on, and so on. This story includes a great picture of Obama morphing into Malcolm X.

But there is another man he resembles, another man who has also been suspected of being his father, and that man is Stanley Armour Dunham. What makes this mysterious and downright inexplicable, if you believe the official Obama narrative, is how these masculine traits could have been passed down two generations, through a daughter/mother.

Stanley Dunham was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, to Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham, Sr., a traveling salesman, and Ruth Lucille Armour, a homemaker and seamstress. In 1926, when he was only eight, young Stanley discovered the dead body of his mother. She had committed suicide. Unable to care for his sons while he was on the road, Ralph Dunham abandoned his family and sent Stanley and his brother to live with their grandparents.

Meanwhile, Malcolm X, née Little, was born on May 19, 1925, not in Chicago or New York City, but in Omaha, Nebraska, a mere afternoon’s drive from the Dunham homestead.

Why is this important? You won’t find much mention of it anymore, but I believe Ruth Dunham’s suicide was the direct result of learning about her husband’s infidelities on the road, and worse yet, that he had recently fathered an illegitimate interracial child out of one of those trysts. Even in his book, “Dreams From My Father,” Obama admitted to his great-grandfather’s “philandering” ways.

Could Malcolm Little be that child? He was born just a year before Ruth’s suicide. There is no birth certificate to confirm the other details of his birth, but the time fits, the location fits, and the facts of Stanley’s young life fit, too. It explains how years later, Stanley would make the connections that would cause him to meet and become friends with Frank Marshall Davis. And more importantly, it explains how and why teenage Ann Dunham would happen to come into contact with the adult Malcolm X during her summer in Chicago in 1960. She was being shown around by her “Uncle Malcolm.” He served as her guide to new experiences, both in public…and in private.

When a pregnant Ann returned to Hawaii, she had a big problem. To even acknowledge her child’s true father would be to condemn him to the stained reputation of being a child of incest, not to mention exposing Malcolm, a prominent national figure, to criminal charges. At 17, Ann was already a leftist, and she did not want to see one of her civil rights heroes destroyed by her own youthful foolishness. Abortion was years away from being a legal option.

So in her first year at college, Ann sought to find a new man she could claim to have fathered her unborn child to spare him the indignity of his true heritage. It so happened that one of the few black students at the University of Honolulu, an exchange student from Kenya, was in her Russian class. She befriended him and, when the time was ripe, explained to him what she wanted him to do. They would have a shotgun wedding, he would pretend to be the father of her baby, and with his only job done, he would be free to go on about his life and leave Hawaii.

This explains every single fact we know about the odd relationship between Ann and Barack Sr.: the sudden and unceremonious wedding and their curious living arrangements, never sharing a home, while Ann continued to live with her parents. There were Barack Sr.’s willingness to marry despite having a wife in Kenya, and Ann’s willingness to knowingly take a husband who was already married as well as Ann’s prompt move to Washington and the missing divorce page. Perhaps most notable of all was Ann’s totally unfazed reaction to her husband’s decision to leave Hawaii and never return, combined with her lack of expectation that he contribute at all to his “son”’s life or welfare. Barack Obama, Sr. was just a means to an end of sparing her son the horrible truth of his origins, and he was nothing more to her.

Why, then, would she need to travel overseas for her son’s birth? A trip to Kenya (if that is indeed where she went) could still benefit her. For starters, it would help to sell the story that Barack Sr. was the father. But more importantly, a summer spent in Kenya would help to hide when the baby was actually born. She couldn’t explain how she got pregnant with Barack’s baby before she started class with him, but she could lie about when the baby was born, and push that date later by a couple of months. She knew this would create problems for her son’s U.S. citizenship, but the alternative was worse.

This may be why no one has been successful in locating a record of his birth in Kenya. They’re all looking at the wrong time. They’re looking at births in August, when they should be looking at July, June, or even May. And who’s to say that Ann would have used the same name there? It would have been all too easy to use the real father’s name on the paperwork. No one would ever think to look for birth records of Barry Little. And they haven’t been.

This also confirms one of Wayne Madsen’s early reports about evidence uncovered about Ann. He reported that there were photos of Ann in July 1961, on the beach and not looking pregnant at all. But having not seen the photos yet, Madsen got some of the details wrong. She’s not pregnant because she’s already given birth. And the beach she’s standing on? Mombasa, a popular travel destination for its beaches.

Ann then returns to Hawaii in early August 1961, and although the federal government may or may not have a record of her returning with a new child (which we cannot see, because those records of hers were supposedly destroyed), the family reports a home birth in Hawaii for that date. So a Certification is issued, and a birth appears in the state’s index data and in the newspaper announcements. And it looks to all the world like “Barack Hussein Obama II” was the son of an African foreign exchange student, born in August 1961.

Malcolm X died in 1965, the same year that Obama Sr. returned to Kenya. The senior Obama returned to Hawaii only once, in 1971, after his “son” returned from Indonesia, and we can only speculate as to what the real purpose of that visit was. To tie up some loose ends of their fraud, perhaps? Or maybe it was just pure extortion.

This could easily be the secret “Obama” is trying to hide by burying his original long-form. The redacted COLB is missing the information that would blow open this fraud, but the long-form will expose it to the world. That is why we must never stop fighting to see it and make it public so his house of cards can start tumbling down.

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