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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Dear Editor:

For more than two years, the American people have sought the production of a common long-form birth certificate and other information which would prove Obama's birth story. What does Abercrombie really know?

(Jan. 13, 2011) — CBS News allowed the following comment to be published on its website following an article about Obama’s visit to Arizona yesterday:

It’s a big leap from running into Obama’s father on campus and knowing details of this birth. Especially since Barack’s father was the first papolo “black” person in the 60 year history of UH Manoa at that time to attend grad school. Hence would have attracted lots of looks and attention on campus, none the less having a pregnant white wife. Neil Abercrombie being a lifelong self promoter and attention seeker would have naturally gravitated to Mr. Obama Sr.

This comment “I was here when he was born” is worthless as you were not present at Mr. Obama’s birth. I doubt also that you can swear under oath that you had ever visited the house Mrs. Obama, your “buddies wife” supposedly lived in on Kalaniana`ole Hwy near Hawai`i Kai.

The two separate birth announcements appearing in the local newspapers, The Honolulu Advertiser and The Honolulu Star-Bulletin, in 1961 needing further clarification. That the two newspapers were operating out of the same building at 605 Kapi`Olani St. That more than likely, the State Dept of Health, in 1961 was not prepared to deal with a birth where validity was in question. The list of babies being printed prior to amending with Barak’s named stricken from the list. The only public and rather flimsy record contemporaneous to the time being offered to the public.

Who were the doctor(s) and nurse(s) at Kapi`Olani that delivered Barack? My ex-wife worked at the hospital and I understand the records at Kapi’Olani are impeccable. Where are the foot prints? What public records exist that can even demonstrate that Mrs. Obama was even at Kapi’Olani on the day of Barack’s birth? Talk at Kapi`Olani, would have been unabashed, the city of Honolulu at the time very racist towards black people. Even up until the early 1990′s, as CEO of a local electrical contracting company was not allowed by my company president to employ black people. A practice that was common place at the time.

The USA and world painting a revisionist history and falsely romantic interpretation and understanding of race issues in Hawai`i. That from post WWII, racism in Honolulu was ramped and far from subtle, stemming from general distrust for non “locals” and in particular, negatively effecting people of white and black accessory arriving from abroad. Public racist statements in the 1980-90′s by Haunani Trask, a tenured professor from the University of Hawai`i openly tolerated as being justifiable. Having once held a Hawai`ian real-estate license in the 1980′s, encountered racism frequently, all a social norm at the time.

How did Barak’s mother get to the campus living so far from Manoa? An acquaintance of mine lived only 1.5 blocks from where Obama’s mother supposedly live on Kalaniana`ole Hwy near Hawai`i Kai. An expensive neighborhood behind Paiko lagoon and odd location for an impoverished mother and supposed UH student to live.

A fianc? of mine, father built the subdivision in Niu Valley, and nieli “nosey” mother would have known in 1961-1962 if a black child lived in the area. A black child not associated with the military. Barack’s birth more than likely the first hapa black/white to be born in the state that year off base, if not the first ever recorded.

In low density Hawai`ian neighborhoods, the birth of a child is as much a neighborhood event as it is family. Curiosity held by the “local” ladies would have been insatiable. All would have made or gave gifts for the new baby, if for no other reason than to see this new born, regionally unique child. I haven’t heard a single story about how someone gave this gift or that gift to the new mom or baby. Who were his local “aunties” that cared for the newborn?

Who were these mystery people in Honolulu whose identities and kindness still have yet to be revealed and openly appreciated by Mr. Obama? Let’s be honest, a real and salacious story of this nature would not have been missed by a local Honolulu production team, Hollywood or the Discovery Channel. Yet to date, nothing of substance, detail and evidence like some sort of immaculate birth. The loudest Obama supporters like Mr. Abercrombie calling for the whole sale dilution of the Presidential vetting process.

Probability being that Mr. Obama is perpetrating the single greatest fraud ever enacted upon this country since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. A product of the people on the mainland knowing little of the unique culture, demographics in Hawai`i and absurd nature of Mr. Obama’s claim backed by unscrupulous and or naive people. The only possible fraud remaining, that Mr. Obama could do at this point, greater in magnitude and scale, would be to try and have a team reenact this supposed birth at Kapi’Olani Medical Center. For to do so would definitely fall under the RICO Act, if not so already.

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