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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Usurpathon goes to D.C. to stop the treason
from The Betrayal by David-Crockett

The Post & Email

by Sharon Rondeau

During the summer of 1787, delegates from the states debated how much power the federal government was to be granted(Sept. 2, 2010) — Dr. Kate holds a Bachelor’s degree from Smith College in geology and a doctorate in hydrology from the University of Arizona. She has worked in the field of Indian water rights for the last 30 years. A professional resource manager with substantial legal training, Dr. Kate describes the laws governing Indian water rights as “very complex.” Her role has been to find solutions to water resource problems for Native Americans.

When we asked her if she was an attorney, Dr. Kate told us, “It is just as much of a surprise to me that I could end up on this end and having people think that I’m a lawyer. No, I’m not; I’m just extremely concerned about our country. Fortunately, my training has required me to do a lot of writing. Because I’ve had to have some legal background, at least I know where to look on certain things.”

Dr. Kate maintains an active blog on constitutional topics focused on the Obama eligibility issue and is a regular host on Revolution Radio. She became active in writing on constitutional principles shortly after the question of Obama’s eligibility arose in June 2008 and was a frequent guest writer for the TexasDarlin blog.

She has now organized a “Usurpathon” campaign which involves a trip to Washington, DC next week with other patriots to deliver a letter to Congress demanding that the eligibility question be resolved. Her four-day sojourn will include other patriotic activities as well.

It came as a surprise to The Post & Email when Dr. Kate said during the interview, “I’m a naturalized citizen. I was born in Mexico and my father was a Mexican citizen, and I knew at age 6 that I couldn’t be president because of those two factors: not only my birth in Mexico, but also because of my father. I knew from age 6, and I never gave it another thought until two years ago when I saw that Obama was a dual citizen. And I thought, “How is he going to serve?”

Dr. Kate was most gracious in giving The Post & Email this exclusive interview.

SHARON: Thank you for making this time available for The Post & Email prior to the upcoming Usurpathon. What are the dates, and do you have an itinerary planned for each day?

DR. KATE: The whole event is September 6-9. On September 6 we start at the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Wall, and there, Pastor James David Manning will be joining us to bless the effort and bring in some of his own ideas. There will be a candlelight vigil that begins at 8:00 on Monday night.

We probably will stay as long as we possibly can; part of the effort is to acknowledge all of our soldiers and veterans who have fought and died for our country. I believe if these men and women were alive today, they would be extremely concerned about the state of our Constitution and where we are, so we wanted to start there.

On Tuesday, September 7, we begin at Walter Reed Army Medical Center on the Georgia Street side at 11:30 a.m., and that is a rally in support of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin. He is one of our heroes as far as people standing up and acting on their beliefs, and we are presently trying to arrange an interview with Col. Lakin primarily to air on Revolution Radio or to do an article about it. As you can understand, it’s a little bit difficult because he basically has to say nothing in order to have his case go forward. So we hope to have an interview, and if not, his assistant has committed to doing a tape for us, so we will get that out.

SHARON: Is that Margaret Hemenway?

DR. KATE: Yes. She’s terrific. She was on Revolution Radio a little while ago, so this will work. We are outraged that he’s being held in the Psychiatric ward of Walter Reed.

SHARON: Is he still working or has he been admitted to the Psychiatric ward?

DR. KATE: I think he was admitted and held there, and I understand from speaking with Margaret yesterday that he is working. So whether they allow him to go home or require him to work and then stay there, I think it’s outrageous. We will find out what the story is and his status.

SHARON: I did not know this.

DR. KATE: I am outraged. He’s one of our heroes. What would all these people be doing who are now dead, those who took the oath, those who swore to protect the Constitution? Those voices can’t be heard anymore. We hope to magnify those voices in everything we do. So Tuesday is a real day of celebration of heroes. We have a hero in Commander Kerchner, for example, as well. We have a hero in Commander Fitzpatrick. Our military heroes are standing. We have a hero in General Vallely. So we would like to acknowledge and thank all of those military heroes, and in a lot of ways, I want so much for our military to help us with this usurpation.

I know a lot of people would be nervous about the military helping us, but this is a shoutout: We know you are the heroes, and we need your help. When you look at this situation, it is extraordinarily dangerous. We could move as millions and then what would happen? Would the government turn its forces against the people? This is a very tightrope time right now. I do believe that we are being punched in the face every day, trying to get us to react. I do believe Americans see that. So we’re treading carefully, but at this point, we can’t mince any words. These are our heroes; they are heroes for many reasons, but one of those reasons is that they are standing up to the usurpation that has occurred.

SHARON: I have often wondered why more military are not overtly questioning Obama and his eligibility, particularly because Obama has brought it up himself on at least two occasions. But so far, Admiral Mullen and the other top military officers haven’t done or said anything. Do you have any thoughts on why they haven’t come forward?

DR. KATE: Like our government, I think the military has been infiltrated. I believe right now, there are probably plenty of people who are concerned, but they don’t know whom to trust in this effort. I think that’s part of it. Also, I believe the military supervisors are just not allowing any of their soldiers to do any independent thinking. I don’t know for sure what’s going on. I also know that this false promise of removing troops from Iraq and then sending them to Afghanistan…our military can’t help us right now because they’re all overseas, and I do think that is a strategy by design. Because what are we left with? In many cases, we’re left with crooked cops or security forces that are going to do anything Obama and his minions tell them to do.

I’ve just put up a new page on my blog called “Government Intimidation.” You can’t believe the numbers of YouTubes that are coming in about all the thugs that are beating up regular Americans for standing up. So I am extremely concerned. I don’t know what we’re going to do. I don’t know how long Americans can keep their powder dry, but I do know that there’s a daily effort to enrage us right now.

SHARON: Do you think that this is being done intentionally?

DR. KATE: Yes. The United States just filed another lawsuit against Arizona yesterday. So there’s that, and the other lawsuit, and the insulting of Americans constantly. Yes, I do believe there is a method here and it’s designed to basically blow us up. I think you had an article at The Post & Email about that, a big fat lie being posed.

SHARON: Yes, by Miki Booth.

DR. KATE: So it’s really true. They’re trying everything they possibly can to insult and enrage Americans, and if they can do that, then they can bring in their troops and so forth. What about the idea, for example, of bringing in Mexican troops to patrol Staten Island to supposedly prevent racist attacks on Hispanics? What is that about? That’s not only a violation of our laws and our sovereignty, but it’s designed to enrage. So we are not pulling any punches; we know that that’s happening, and part of our signage is going to show that.

So after we finish with Terry Lakin, we head right over to the Supreme Court steps where every night we’ll be doing a vigil. We’ll be there with signage and speakers. It’s just us, so we don’t have any big names except Rev. Manning who will be coming to join us. So that will be Tuesday.

On Wednesday, we start out at the Supreme Court again with a vigil, asking them about their oath. The signage is going to be very specific. It is our gathering; it’s not necessarily to attract speakers and so forth. We are bringing attention to the eligibility issue. Glenn Beck’s rally was terrific, but nothing about eligibility was said.

The 9-12 march is going to be terrific, but nothing about eligibility will be said. So this is just our small effort to make sure they don’t forget.

Wednesday afternoon is what I consider our “big day.” We start out at the Capitol, and in the afternoon, it will be the steps of the White House. During the evening, we’ll be doing the Supreme Court vigil again. We will have banners, signs; we’re calling out the usurpation right away. We probably will have a lot of Commander Kerchner’s advertisements on posters, and we won’t be pulling any punches.

Obama is a dual citizen. The only thing we know is that he’s British, Kenyan and Indonesian. We have no idea if he’s an American. When you turn the tables on this thing with the birth certificate, which I believe has been an enormous distraction within the eligibility effort, the only reason we need to see the birth certificate is to ascertain whether or not he’s American. We have no idea right now whether he is or not. I think that’s a good “switcheroo,” if you will, because that’s the only way he can prove he’s an American. Almost everybody knows that he has the Kenyan father and the Indonesian stepfather, but they don’t understand that he has not proved that he’s an American.

SHARON: When I interviewed Margaret Hemenway back in April, she told me that several congressional staffers had admitted to her that there is no evidence that he is even an American citizen, let alone “natural born.”

DR. KATE: That’s right, and it’s outrageous. So we’ll stand outside the White House and let them know that the usurpation cannot stand. Just to finish up, on Thursday, we will start out at the Justice Department because of Holder and everything else — using our tax dollars to defend illegals — and we would like to include the State Department, but it’s just too much. We will then finish up at the Supreme Court.

SHARON: Did you have to obtain permits to do any of these things?

DR. KATE: Yes, I obtained permits from the five jurisdictional agencies that we have to deal with, and that has taken quite a bit of time. We had thought first that maybe we wouldn’t do that, and that maybe we’d have the Oathkeepers come, but we didn’t want any opportunity for harassment or to move us along, so the general rule of thumb that we heard is that if a group has any more than three people, you should give them the courtesy of a permit. So we are all permitted. We’re not a big organization, so the permit is in my name (laughs).

So that’s the logistical schedule. In between, we have many, many things to do. I have just finished a letter to an as-yet unnamed congressman. Our strategy with regard to the Hill and Congress, and this is the surprise — is that we start focusing on Nancy Pelosi. They think that we’re coming to protest Obama, which of course we are, but basically, the election fraud that preceded his ability to get on the ballot and “elected” is just as important. My own personal view is either you pull the string that wraps up Obama or you pull the string that wraps up Pelosi. Either one, and the whole house of cards begins to come down. So we are trying to get meetings with the congressmen themselves, but we’re likely to only be able to meet with chiefs of staff. There is a letter which I will publish after we have done this which is quite severe and says, “Do your duty; investigate this.” So we have all the information on Pelosi’s fraud and the statement that I made earlier. In writing to the unnamed congressman, we said that the birth certificate has been a distraction because we know of these other things, but in the letter I again mentioned that the only reason we need to see the birth certificate now is to ascertain whether or not he’s an American.

So this puts them on the spot. I’d love to copy that letter to Nancy Pelosi. I had thought about what we could do to serve notice of Misprision of Felony even to the Sergeant-at-Arms in the House, but I have run out of time to really plan that strategy. However, I think it’s necessary. I think at some point we’re going to have to deliver these notices to the Sergeant-at-Arms. What I’d really like to see, frankly, is the Sergeant-at-Arms shut down the House and keep everybody in there until we get this thing straightened out.

SHARON: Does he have the authority to do that as far as you know?

DR. KATE: As Sergeant-at-Arms, yes, for illegal behavior. And this is misprision of felony. This is outright treason. This is outright criminal actions. At this point, all of the Congress, by their silence, is involved. I personally would favor shutting down the whole thing with those people inside and have them get their lawyers, but essentially, straighten this thing out. I could also accept it if it was at the State of the Union address. We don’t know where we’re going to be, but right now, I honestly feel that they need to deal with this or we are so out-of-luck. Revolution could happen; a bloody rebellion could happen. Our constitution gave us the tools so we wouldn’t have to do that again, but they’re baiting us. At this point, OK, fine. We’re going to bring it to your door, too.

So we’re just an advance team here. It’s worth it to focus on eligibility, although even last night I had a discussion on BlogTalkRadio with people who just refuse to believe that this is an issue and that it’s moot. Here’s where the problem becomes: everyone says, “Do you think the country is going to impeach the first black president ever?” and I have to say, “Are we about political correctness or are we about the rule of law?” The idea of race has been used as a masterful strategy to shut us up. Even the strongest patriots may not see this as an issue and will say, “He’s our president now.” But I say, “No, he isn’t.”

At this point, with everything that’s been written and looked at, and the history of the Constitution, I do see this as the silver bullet. I really do see it as the tool to regain our country. I realize that Obama is a tool of the New World Order, but we must start dismantling this chessboard that’s been overlaid on our Constitution as we can. All I’m saying is, focus on Pelosi, focus on Obama, because focusing on legislation right now isn’t going to do one thing. Not one thing.

SHARON: I have thought the same thing for a long time. People and organizations tend to go after one issue such as health care or Elena Kagan. It doesn’t matter. If Obama is a usurper, he doesn’t have the authority to do any of the things he’s doing.

DR. KATE: That’s what happened with our group. We have a “Stop Them Cold” discussion group on Webinar, and we all just got to the point, literally — it was almost at the same time — where we said, “Do not send me any more petitions,” because this is outrageous. Even with Kagan, who was the eligibility attorney as solicitor general on these cases — no one bothered to bring up the fact that she was the attorney on those cases, and this is an exact example of pay-to-play. This is where I call all of our representatives “elected cowards.” This worry about being called a racist, or a birther, or anything else, just shows the lack of courage they have, but also, how masterful that effort has been to destroy our very being. We can work to dismantle the Cloward-Piven strategy and target everything on Alinsky, but the bottom line is that we must remove the Usurper, and we have to educate Americans about it.

I have faith in Americans; I believe that if they found out that this is the truth, they would say, “He has to go.” He absolutely has to go. And that applies to black people, Hispanic people, Asian people…Americans would say he has to go. We can’t allow this.

So let me tell you just one other thing: We’ve been talking about, and everyone has been working on the birth certificate, or the concept of “natural born Citizen,” and it’s in some ways extremely difficult for the average American to get their arms around anything other than “born in the USA.” So in thinking about a letter to some of these congressmen and wanting them to get beyond the first paragraph and not dismiss it as another “birther” letter, so to speak (and I’m a proud “birther,” by the way; I’d rather be a “birther” than a treasonous traitor),we can present ourselves as constitutionalists.

The question that came to mind, as opposed to looking at the “natural born Citizen” status was, “Can a dual citizen be president?” and I think everyone will say “no.” Everyone’s gut reaction is “no.” U.S. law does not encourage dual citizenship. As opposed to saying, “You have to accept my understanding of ‘natural born Citizen,’” or “You have to accept this birth certificate as the only proof,” the real question is, “Can a dual citizen serve as president?”

SHARON: And the State Department has recently admitted that he was born a dual citizen.

DR. KATE: He was a dual citizen at birth, which is basically the problem. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Everyone admits that he has multiple citizenships. Very good, OK. Now, can a multiple citizen be President of the United States? The answer is no. And then we say, “Does he have any American in him?” I don’t know. He has to show his birth certificate. So it’s like turning the tables on this discussion. He needs to show his birth certificate only to prove that he’s an American, but the question is, “We have a dual citizen as president and I think that’s illegal.” That’s something that even Congress can get behind. They can even ask that question: Can a dual citizen be president?

I asked Attorney Mario Apuzzo, for whom I have enormous respect, as to whether or not this question would denigrate any of the other cases going on. And his answer was, “If the Congress and the courts don’t agree with the definition of ‘natural born Citizen,’ then there’s nothing more to fight about. But if you continue to raise the birth certificate issue, that’s still something that has to be proven: whether he ever was or is now an American citizen.” Does it allow anyone to simply dismiss the whole issue entirely? What do you think?

SHARON: I think the question is very appropriate because, as you said, he is a dual citizen, and the State Department has admitted that. Now what we have to say is, “If he was born a dual citizen, how does that reconcile with the ‘natural born Citizen’ clause in the Constitution (Article II, Section 1, clause 5)? And if Congress and the courts have different views, we would ultimately have to have the U.S. Supreme Court adjudicate the matter because it’s a constitutional issue. And even if the Supreme Court ruled that a dual citizen at birth could be considered a “natural born Citizen,” we would still have to see the birth certificate because there are many different ways in Hawaii to obtain a birth certificate. What if Obama’s alleged grandmother fraudulently registered his birth in Hawaii but he was actually born overseas, something which is still being researched extensively, which could mean that he might never have been entitled to U.S. citizenship? It would be different if both of his parents were U.S. citizens who were out of the country on diplomatic or military service; perhaps then he could qualify, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here. So looking at the birth certificate is important as well as all of his documentation. However, the State Department’s recent admission is huge, and in my opinion, it most likely disqualifies him.

DR. KATE: That’s right, because then it leads to that question: Can a dual citizen be president? And the answer is “no,” even on Wiki. Even when you ask Wiki that question, it says “No, you can’t be president.” So this is just extraordinarily important, and we would have to see the birth certificate. I would like to see everything else as well. I know right now he is trying to curry sympathy from the public, as in “What do I need to do? Do I need to paste the thing on my head?” Well, actually, you wouln’t have to “paste anything on your head” if you had put out the information in the first place. I’m not a psychiatrist, but sometimes Obama reminds me of a kid who wants to get caught, because somebody asked him about his faith on Sunday, and he responded by mentioning his birth certificate. Even the most dull individuals who hate the eligibility issue are going to stand up and say, “What? He was asked a question about his faith and his response is about his birth certificate? What’s that about?”

SHARON: Right after hearing the news, I wrote an editorial asking the same question. There is also the question of whether or not he became an Indonesian citizen in order to attend school there. Could he have been a triple citizen? I would like to know what was going through the mind of Brian Williams when Obama brought up the birth certificate issue.

DR. KATE: Yes, me, too. Again, all of these distractions from all of these things…we need to just go back to first principles here. He is a dual citizen. Regardless of all of this other stuff, can a dual citizen be president? So they’d have to investigate, because what we don’t know is if he has an American side. We believe we know everything else, but we don’t know about his American side. Frankly, the way he speaks and talks about America shows that he doesn’t know anything about America.

SHARON: It even makes one wonder if he ever had American citizenship. If not, then the State Department has made a false statement. What if he is a dual citizen of two foreign countries?

DR. KATE: That’s the frightening thing, and that’s what I think we’re going to find: he was not an American. What I’m afraid to find is that he’s a CIA agent. How else would you be growing up at age 6 and saying, “I’m going to be president”? if that wasn’t a plan from the beginning. I don’t want to go there, because then it seems that everything I’m about to do at the Usurpathon is useless. If it’s CIA, well, then, we could really be in trouble!

SHARON: It’s true that most kids at the age of 6 or so aren’t talking about being president. And of which country did he want to be president? He was allegedly in Indonesia at that time. There are also two differing reports about where he spent third grade.

DR. KATE: We have no idea about his background. The passport that was released was a diplomatic passport which every senator receives. That passport evidently expired in 2005 and was probably the first “American passport” that he ever had.

SHARON: I have read other reports that say there is no record of any U.S. passport for him before that time.

DR. KATE: And they couldn’t find it when they rifled the State Department files, and they couldn’t put something in, because if they had been able to put something in those files, that would have been released. So that was a botched operation. The other thing you have to think is that for this supposedly Harvard-educated lawyer (and I don’t think he even wrote his own materials), how stupid can you be not to legally change your name? That’s the other thing: we can’t find any record of name change, we can’t find any naturalization papers; we can’t find a birth certificate; we can’t find a passport. We have nothing on this guy. I have a border collie who has to show her papers every time she goes to a new kennel. Hello? And I have to have those papers with me all the time. I did not vote for any kind of dog to get up there, but I would like to have some information.

So this is what we hope to do in our first effort: switch the question around, get directly to the congressional representatives or even their staffs to get these letters there. I’m asking my own congressional representative to read my letter on the floor of the House. If that’s all they can do, then that sets the stage and again, the two questions that I’ve asked are:

1. Can a dual citizen be president? and

2. Was election fraud committed in 2008 to prevent the discussion of this question?

Those are the two things. We”re going after Pelosi, which is really the surprise. I think the more we focus on Obama, the easier it is for people to throw out the “racist” charge; we get cowed by that, and nobody wants to say that. So many intelligent people are saying, “Well, you’re just upset about Obama because of his skin color. Now get over it.” That is wrong. And there’s the whole state nullification effort, for example. When you start talking about nullification, you get accused of being a civil war person who wants slavery. Now how ridiculous is that? And these are intelligent people who are saying this.

So long story short, for me, this is a step in another direction. I’ve been writing and writing and writing, and I can’t stand it any more in the sense that we have to start doing something and never let this issue go. We’re not going for numbers; we want effect. We hope that there will be somebody covering it. We will make a YouTube video; but we’re going to be there.

The last thing I wanted to mention as a tactic is, because we can’t get on TV, we would recommend that everyone across the country make himself up a little sign that says “Usurper” or “Obama is illegal” or whatever, and any TV camera anywhere that’s filming anything – just simply walk across the screen with that sign. They can’t eliminate it all. We would call that guerilla TV, if you will. I think the time has also come for street theater to demonstrate the usurpation. When you think of the money-changers that Jesus chased out of the temple, boy, would I like to have a little whip and head into the House chamber and chase all those money-changers out of there.

SHARON: To me personally, the fact that they’ve chosen to carry on this charade for almost two years now is astounding. We’re talking about the shredding of the U.S. Constitution which the original 13 colonies agreed upon, along with the Bill of Rights, which have been cast aside and opens up the doors to foreigners always ruling us from this day onward.

DR. KATE: And how ironic that the first known usurper happens to be British? This is what troubles me to my soul: because we fought a war, and people died, and we created something out of nothing, and to have this Brit heading up our government is just – honestly, I’m surprised that we haven’t all been struck down by lightning already. So this is a turning point for me personally. When I get there, there might be only three or four people, but intent can be magnified, and I do believe that this is the right thing to do right now. We have to eliminate the foreign influence in the White House, and we have to get our country back. It’s going to take time, but these next two years are absolutely key; we cannot afford to lose; our margins have to be big, and we can’t let up on Obama and his eligibility. He is so constrained by his narcissism that keeping pressure on him will cause him to crack, to come up with his birth certificate when he’s asked a question about his faith. In my view, all of this, the Alinsky and Cloward-Piven tactics, all of the assault on the Constitution, all of the birth certificate obfuscations have been used to mask the islamification of America.

SHARON: He favors the Ground Zero mosque despite evidence that the imam in charge of the project has ties to terrorists. The imam has strong connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. How could a supposed president of this country back such a thing in the wake of 3,000 people having been killed that day by Islamic terrorists?

DR. KATE: There you go. I agree, and where people go with that is that it’s outrageous. What is so outrageous about this? The guy is a Muslim; he’s not an American, and he’s in our White House. What is outrageous about it? This is exactly what he wants to do. He’s also going to force taxpayers to pay for it. Again, poking in the eye…how ironic, now, that he’s been asked a question about his faith, which he would be stumbling on, and he brings up the birth certificate. So these two things work together for him, and what we have to do is see the eligibility aspect of both of those things. Because the only way we’re getting him out is to prove that he’s a foreign influence. We’re not going to get him out by repealing Obamacare, by dissing Elena Kagan, or by voting in Sharron Angle. We are not going to get him out that way. We must, like a laser, focus on the eligibility aspects of all of those things, because they don’t want us to do that. With the mosque and everything, it was suddenly, “OK, I got it.” This has been a whole cover for the Islamic infiltration. I don’t have many kind words for Hillary Clinton right now, who is spending our money supporting this imam going around the world. All of these things have been connected. I have to say, and I know this is sort-of unrelated, but I think the flyover of New York that happened last summer when Air Force One went down there, that was the mosque issue. He wanted to find the right site for the mosque so they would have a view of the terrorist planes. I swear, I bet somebody took footage of that site, and I bet they’re using that as a fundraiser around the world to show how great that mosque is going to be right there.

So we are serious trouble. It stems from the ineligibility of Obama and it is, right now, one of our only tools. I get slammed a lot; I got slammed the other evening by a bunch of people who said, “It will never happen.” Well, I’m not giving up because my grandkids are going to ask me, “What did you do during this time?” and I’m going to tell them, “I focused on the illegality of the president.”

SHARON: It’s a glaring constitutional issue, not policy or politics. It’s not about voting out the socialists, because we are not even guaranteed a vote in November. Obama has suspended Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the Constitution, so what’s to say that he won’t suspend constitutionally-mandated elections?

DR. KATE: That’s right. The Glenn Beck rally was interesting, and the Sharpton rally was there primarily to see if they could spark a conflict. The 9-12 rally will be the same; there will be some provacateurs in there, and then we bump up against October. I don’t want to jinx this, but I think we’re running out of time to suspend the election because we didn’t blow up as they thought we would. But having said that, I am not comfortable with the fact that the Democrats do not seem to be worried at all about the upcoming elections. So I have to assume that part of this distraction, including the birth certificate, is masking the fixing of the voting machines and so forth. What I am hoping for is large margins in November so that there is no chance of tying up anything in court, which the Democrats will do.

But Republicans and Democrats are both perfectly adept at stealing elections, so we really can’t trust anybody right now. The eligibility issue is to remind people, as they march toward squishing us, that there’s still a sign up there that says that the guy is illegal.

I don’t know if you read LameCherry or not, but he said a year and a half ago that once Americans got tired of Obama they would latch on to anything to get rid of him right away, and that happens to be the eligibility issue. So we have to force our congressmen to deal with this, because they are too politically-correct right now.

SHARON: I still find it astonishing that not one of them has stood up and said, “We didn’t take a good look at this,” because they’ve been shown a lot of evidence for the last year and a half, even two years, that there was a problem. Not even Dick Cheney, as president of the Senate, followed proper protocol for certifying the electoral vote count.

DR. KATE: The only way I’ve been able to get my arms around this is that there is a threat that has been pushed on everyone which says, “If you struggle with me on this particular issue, Muslims are coming right after you.” I don’t know if that has happened, but why else would they be so absolutely quiet? It’s as if they’ve all been threatened. And that’s part of our signage at the Usurpathon: “What threat has been used to shut you up?”

SHARON: What are your plans after the Usurpathon?

DR. KATE: Once I finish this last stint where I am now, which is a very huge job, probably the rest of my life is on the Constitution. This is the “thing that itches.” As I said, given my background working with Native Americans, the first Americans, for which I’m very grateful, it’s really a surprise to me.

SHARON: What’s really amazing through all of this is that so many people who are not natural born Citizens have stepped into this fray and spoken out and said, “This is not right.” A case in point is Hector Maldonado, who was a candidate for U.S. Senate from Missouri. He was also born in Mexico, and during his interview with me, he was quoting from and explaining various parts of the Constitution better than almost anyone I’ve ever heard. I think a lot of naturalized citizens are better-versed in the U.S. Constitution than natural born Citizens are. I find this very inspiring to those of us who are natural born, and it’s an honor to make their acquaintance.

DR. KATE: I don’t know what I was thinking at six years old, that I wanted to be president, but I’m struck by the fact that I knew it then. Somebody told me, “No, you can’t be, because you were born in Mexico and your father is Mexican.” I knew the term “dual citizen” even back then. I never gave it another thought after age 6 or 7 until two years ago.

SHARON: And supposedly Obama wrote an essay saying that he wanted to be president at about that age, too; we just don’t know of which country. And he’s in the White House, and we have no idea of his citizenship.

I meant to ask you, when did you first conceive the idea of the Usurpathon?

DR. KATE: I think it was a couple of months ago.

SHARON: Do you have any idea how many people will join you in Washington?

DR. KATE: I know for sure there will be three of us. I believe there are a couple of other people coming from across the country, and we’re going to recruit, because we know that there’s a lot of activity going on. So we’re going to try to bring as many people as we can. We hope that Rev. Manning will bring his staff and others; he is usually surrounded by a number of people. Our permits are set up for 100 people, and we just hope word of mouth will spread. We invite everyone to join us, but if you can’t come to DC, have something in your own state. We’re going to leave all of our signs for the 9-12-ers so they can carry them, and I’m going to try to do a Revolution Radio show pretty much every night that week so we can update everyone on our progress.

I have invited Capt. Neil Turner, Gen. Vallely, Cmdr. Kerchner; I’ve invited as many people as I can, although I think many people are not going to be able to come. However, our point was not numbers; our point is to get it out there. As Americans, I know we all want to do something, and if all I can do is drive to Washington and stand up there with a sign and hand-deliver a letter, then that’s what I’m going to do. We’re not trying to compete with anybody; we’re an advance force. We’re not letting this go; I’m not letting this eligibility issue go. I don’t care what anyone says; I could be crazy, but I just happen to think that we have to take them down. It’s going to be a death of 1,000 cuts; I’m one of those thousand, and everyone is doing everything possible, I know. I really hope that if people can’t be there that they will send us their prayers and intentions and help us magnify this event as much as they can.

We all know the New World Order is behind this thing, but I think one of the things they thought we would not notice. Thank God that some of us did. This might be our only salvation here. So I say, use Obama’s own admissions against him. “OK, you’re a dual citizen, now show me your birth certificate so that we can ascertain if that other part of the dual citizen is American or something else.”

SHARON: It would seem that things can’t go on like this.

DR. KATE: They really can’t. The Sergeant-at-Arms could close the doors of the House chamber and say, “You guys resolve this issue right now, and you don’t leave or do any other work until it is resolved,” because our country right now does not exist. We don’t exist. All of our money is being spent without our permission. This country does not exist with an ineligible president.

SHARON: And the military has no Commander-in-Chief. I don’t know what they have right now.

DR. KATE: And I would assume that parents of soldiers would be outraged because they could be accused of war crimes, and that can happen at any time, even if Obama is gone, because the rest of the world will say, “Well, this guy sent troops in to kill civilians with no authority.”

SHARON: And the troops are following his orders, with the exception of LTC Lakin.

DR. KATE: And who’s going to get nailed? It’s going to be the troops, not the guys who ordered them in there.

SHARON: It’s an extremely serious situation which some don’t seem to recognize.

DR. KATE: It brings to mind the John F. Kennedy statement: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” I just have no words for the outrage of what is going on here.

Critical mass is what’s going to happen, and by focusing on the issue, we’re going to make it. I thank all of the “birthers” out there who have never let this go. There may be only a few of us, but we’re standing hand-in-hand, and they can’t knock us all down.

SHARON: It seems that Obama is not that glib, smooth-talking politician of two years ago.

DR. KATE: No, he’s running.

SHARON: Maybe he’ll run a little farther right out of the White House.

DR. KATE: Yes, and again, we have to expect that he’s going be as mean as a snake that’s cornered. Filing this new suit against Arizona, what do you think that was about? Not even a week after Glenn Beck’s rally, he files another lawsuit because he didn’t get the violence he wanted?

SHARON: Since when has the occupant of the White House, the chief executive of the nation, sued a state for asserting its own sovereignty and right to protect its border with another country?

DR. KATE: And that should outrage every senator and congressman. They should impeach him right there for that. Now we get to see how John McCain behaves. He should be standing up defending his state, but he’s hanging out in the Bohemian Club with Obama. So they are all going to get exposed by this thing, and I suppose that’s one of the reasons they’re so quiet about it. But what the New World Order underestimated is that we’re Americans, and we can figure this out. We can get ourselves out of this. We will win this. It’s going to take longer than we thought, but we are perfectly capable of bringing our country back without a bloody revolution.

Congress keeps saying that if we do this, there will be riots in the streets. I think that’s a racist statement, because it’s assuming that black people don’t have a brain, that they’re seeing only skin color. The other question they never ask is, “What about the riots in the streets when you don’t deal with this issue?” It’s more than a ministerial duty; it’s fraud.

SHARON: Thank you for a wonderful interview, Dr. Kate.

DR. KATE: I want to thank you very much for this opportunity to share these thoughts with you.

SHARON: The pleasure was mine. Is there any closing remark you’d like to make?

DR. KATE: I would say that as Americans, we are all fighting the right battle here, and I am grateful for everyone who has stepped up to the plate. I only hope that my efforts match the others.


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