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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Letter to Obama tells him to make a hasty exit
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September 22, 2010

How many more days does the country have to suffer under a Marxist usurper who has hidden his entire past from the public and seized major sectors of our economy?

Dear Editor: The following letter is being faxed to the White House:

Mr. Obama,

Since you are a champion of transparency, as you have told us this many times (although you have not been compelled to demonstrate this attribute yourself — all of your background records are sealed), I know you would want me to speak openly and honestly. So, here goes:

* You know you are an impostor, unconstitutionally installed
* Over 60% of Americans know you are an impostor and that percentage is growing daily
* Only those members of Congress who are stupid enough to think they will somehow miraculously survive the upcoming blood bath are still holding off exposing you
* Any self-respecting black person who considers himself to be an Americans rejects you
* You routinely violate the Constitution of the United States almost on a daily basis
* You openly fail to perform your basic responsibility to protect the rights and sovereignty of our states and our citizens.
* In direct violation of your oath, you encourage the government to wage war upon the citizens of the United States.
* Joe Wilson said it best: You lied!
* The kid from the UK made a good point
* The situation in Bell, California will soon spread to Washington
* Before the election you claimed you were Christian now it is pretty apparent you are a Muslim by supporting many of their endeavors

As an American patriot dedicated to follow the Constitution of the United States, I recommend you take the following advice seriously as it applies.


Ken and Arnie

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