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Thursday, October 8, 2009

OBAMA truth REVEALED... new blog

To all recipients...

Some of y'all, I've known all my life,(born 1947),
some for decades, some for many years,
some I've just recently met and some of you...
I don't even know at all.

I've never
really ever been involved in "politics"
until just recently (Jan 19, 2009, to be exact).

However, there is way too much at stake,
to sit quietly by the wayside and see my/ our
by this usurper (
From Wikipedia,
the free encyclopedia: Usurper (lat. usurpare = to seize for use, to use)
is a derogatory term used to describe either an illegitimate or controversial
claimant to the throne in a monarchy, or a person who succeeds in
establishing himself as a monarch without inheriting the throne,
or any other person exercising authority unconstitutionally.
It may also be applied to an official acting ultra vires, outside his authority or jurisdiction.)

who claims to be our President and Commander
in Chief.
And besides, it's not about politics-
it's about ALL that's right... the Constitution,
our liberty, freedom, etc.

Heretofore, I have been involved in: prayer,
extensive research, support, limited dissemination
of information etc, but my mission has become
more clear... I am now committing
to do
"whatever it takes"
to defend our freedom and
liberty. To be truly free,
you must know the truth...
(And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32).

There is no way that I would expect anyone to spend
the amount of time
on this subject that I have in
the past
nine months; however, one cannot make
an intelligent
decision without knowing the facts.

So, until I learn how to create a blog
, I am claiming my
1st Amendment right of free speech via the internet
email system to educate y'all in truth regarding this subject.
You also can exercise your right by not reading
or deleting this information. Until I get a blog started,
if you do not wish to receive any of this information,
please send me an email stating such and I will do my best
to immediately stop any communication. Or you can just not
add my email address to your "white list".

You are receiving this introductory message through my
personal business email account of contacts, numbering in the
thousands, (, with which
most all of y'all are familiar... hopefully :)
I encourage you to check out my new blog.

There is a lot of information available on the internet...
most of it is false, fraudulent, and lies. The deception
started, and continues, with Obama. He apparently has a
lot to hide in his life. It is my goal to weed out the rumors
and give you the facts. Truth is always the truth. A partial
truth is a deception and is always a lie.

I want to educate you to the facts, so that you can think
for yourself, and decide what kind of action is required.

To that cause is the blog dedicated. May truth be revealed.


My blog will be "OBAMA truth REVEALED".

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