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Thursday, August 23, 2012

What America Needs
by Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC, Retired

The campaigns have been in full swing, Mr. Romney has selected his running mate, and the incumbent is in full battle dress, coming out swinging. We have a curious situation, with our Nation having been altered dramatically in many ways in the past three plus years, with two completely different perspectives on this aspect.

Those who support obama despite his past, his affiliations, his communist alterations of our Nation’s form, are angry at him for failing to accomplish more. He suggested he had the ability to bring about a level of change he has simply failed to fulfill. Their anger is with him, but it will not work against him, he is still the only one with an open communist agenda.

On the other hand, Mr. Romney “the one who can beat obama” appears to be at a loss for words every time a statement about his past, as governor, as a husband, as a business man is made that charges him with crimes. He is being beat up on his taxes, because he hires a tax accountant to do them, but won’t simply say, “Hey, you hire an accountant and pay, that’s what I did.

He has had his history demanded of him, yet he won’t demand his opponent open his sealed history, with millions spent with lawyers to seal it up. Instead, he merely denies the demand, never representing the demand of Americans from day one.

Mr. Romney sought this election, he actively worked and spent his own money to pursue candidacy, yet while obama demonstrates his every intent to remain in his illegal seat, fighting with all vigor, Mr. Romney seems to be taking this election as if it were for a Scout Master position, something important to The Boys, but not all that important to himself.

Charged with being an elitist, having a horse, a barn for it, and the cost, he won’t take the lead, face his accusers, and challenge them with multiple sclerosis, and what they would do were it their wife or husband had it. He has a horse at least in part because his wife has a life long, ever increasingly imposing disease which is substantially held at bay by the physical therapy horse back riding is. If he won’t fight for his wife’s honor, what kind of Man is he?

Mr. Romney has been a capitalist, he has worked many jobs which were productive during his time, he has been the governor of a State, and has that for a record, in short, he has much with which to challenge the incumbent, and demonstrate his qualification to serve, and can easily demonstrate the failures of the present administration, yet he has failed to even appear on the field of battle.

I did not choose this man, he was never the vision I saw for the future, yet when it all comes down, we have a choice of flawed people from among which to choose, to hold office for the next four years.

I stand absolutely convicted, we cannot restore this nation piece-meal, but must literally halt it, take a careful inventory, and re-assert our full Sovereign Citizen’s Authority. We must rescind our consent to be governed by an illegal government. We must reconstitute the federal government, and return to having a “government which fits in a hat-box”. This is the only way to restore The Established Republic, and the freedoms and liberty that are ours by Endowment by our Creator.

It would be far easier a task if we had a strong willed chief executive who believes in the first principles of the Nation, and can articulate them, and will lead the actions of “cleaning house”, establishing independent investigators, and truly taking out the enemies of our National Principles..

If Mr. Romney is not up to an “animated contest”, he should resign, and open the door for someone who is willing to fight for our Nation. If he is not going to step aside, then it is high time he shows he understands the man he faces is a treasonous criminal; one who has done his best to destroy the founding principles which underlie every aspect of “a Sovereign People, ruling Our Nation, through elected representatives of Our Will”.

Those who support obama have been working at their goal for almost two centuries. Socialists moved in and started working to see their principles the foundation of a “national education system”, initiated in the 1830s. Karl Marx sent one of his most powerful followers in 1850 to lead the movement, because “a free and independent people” are the one people who have no possible need for the lie of Marxism.

America is the only nation which must be destroyed for communism to take control. We are the sole nation with a fixed foundation, principles which are either followed, or destroyed, and our form is the sole form which has ever allowed the common man to rule his own nation “by the quality and vigor of his own work.” We are the antithesis of socialism, and for that reason alone, our principles must be killed, buried, denied, as they are indeed “self evident in their truths”.

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